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Nobody tells her what to do - this is like her Whitewater billing records

She was subpoenaed by Ken Starr to produce her billing records from the Rose law firm in Arkansas. Various high level Democratic leaders advised her to just produce them. She stonewalled and lied that she couldn't find them for TWO YEARS, when mirabile dictu! they were found in the family quarters of the White House. As it turns out, those records did not hurt her, but her stalling kept Ken Starr's investigation active long enough for Monica Lewinsky to come on the scene. And the rest is impeachment history. Bill says, Thanks, Hillary!

Classic Clinton duck, dodge, weave and prevaricate:

Later, in another sworn statement, Mrs Clinton said, quote, 'It is possible that I did once know something more that would be responsive to these interrogatories, but if I did, I do not recall it now.'

CHRIS BURY: The first lady has conceded her answers have often been too lawyerly, but Mrs Clinton has not acknowledged how her own instinct for evasiveness may have contributed to a pattern of stonewalling and possible perjury among her loyal allies at the White House.


Bill & Hillary: The Audacity of Opacity
The Post story notes that during a Jan. 15, 1996, interview on Diane Rehm's WAMU-FM radio talk show, Rehm asked Hillary Clinton, “In the last few days, it's been reported a number of times that early on in the administration, David Gergen, adviser to President Clinton, advised you both to go to the Washington Post, lay out all the documents and just put it all out on the table. Number one, did he advise you that? And number two, do you now think maybe that would have been a good idea?”

“Yes, David did,’’ she answered, “and I certainly understand why he gave us that advice and I have a very high regard for him. David was not with us in the '92 campaign. We actually did that with the New York Times. We took every document we had, which again I have to say were not many. We laid them all out, but the New York Times was getting many documents; they were getting many stories. They were getting, you know, accusations from other people. So when they would ask us a follow-up question, we'd have to say, we don't know anything about that, and then they would say, well, then, maybe you can't answer our question.”

“But her answer to Rehm was inaccurate,’’ according to the Post:
The Clintons had not, as she had claimed, taken “every document” they had and “laid them all out” when questions first arose about Whitewater. Five days after the Rehm interview, the White House issued a clarification which said the first lady "mistakenly suggested that the New York Times was provided access to all of the Whitewater-related documents in the possession of the 1992 campaign. According to the statement, Hillary Clinton "believed that the campaign had turned over all the documents in its possession" but had since learned that some records were withheld.”

Nearly 20 years later, has she learned that David Gergen’s advice was worth following? The appearance of “we know better” secrecy is so much more damaging than anything we know the Clintons to have done in connection with Whitewater or any number of other controversies that that’s even more worrying than the security of her personal email account.


What does one do when caught in a bald-faced lie? Simple. Just "issue a clarification."

I forgot the Wal-Mart lobbyist/Mexican fund-raising for her!


Clinton Campaign to Host Fundraisers in Mexico

The former secretary of state will not herself take part in the two events, which are slated to be held in Mexico City one day after the New Hampshire primary vote, The Hill reported Tuesday. Her campaign treasurer, Jose Villarreal, will instead host the events.

Ivan Zapien, a Wal-Mart lobbyist who relocated to Mexico along with the company in 2015, will also be present to co-host the fundraising dinner. Alejandra Rangel Smith, an academic from Mexico, will be in charge of the fundraising breakfast at her house.

According to the Hill, Mexico City is not “a common destination” for hopefuls interested in overseas fundraisers. The donors are required to assert that they are US citizens.

Another Clinton fundraiser is reportedly set to be held thousands of miles away in London by Clinton’s daughter, Chelsea, and fashion editor Anna Wintour.


Sending Bill to Saudi Arabia next?

HRC holding multiple fundraisers in London for 1 % expats!

Come on gang, book that private jet and let's toddle over to jolly olde London! Hill's got a whole lotta fund-raising goin on! Party hearty with the Big Banksters and Corporate hierarchy ex-pats! Leave your cares and worries behind.

In the world of the one percenters, life is beautiful! The bonuses are beautiful! The stock options are beautiful! The board memberships are beautiful! The quid pro quos are beautiful! No worries, mate! A $2700 campaign contribution? That's chump change!

Pip! Pip! Toodles!

(I googled info on the various hosts; invite y'all to track down one or more of the sponsors! and add that info to this thread.)

2 events, back-to-back on March 6 featuring Madeleine Albright; and 2 more on March 13, featuring "policy advisor" Jake Sullivan.
Madeleine's hosts are Bob McCarthy ($250-$2700 for 1 hour event )
and Ida Levine ($2700 - 90 minutes including dinner)

Ida Levine/Director of European Public Affairs at Capital Group, London, United Kingdom
Financial Services/Current: Capital Group
Previous: J.P. Morgan, Jones Day, O'Melveny & Myers LLP

Mr. Robert McCarthy, Jr., also known as Bob, serves as an Investment Advisor at Spinnaker Capital Group. Mr. McCarthy sources and manages distressed investments for the Spinnaker Capital funds. Mr. McCarthy was a Founding Director of the emerging markets division at Morgan Grenfell in 1990. Thereafter he became a Director at Deutsche Morgan Grenfell and managed the debt backbook of the emerging markets division, and served as a Director at Deutsche Bank he ran the illiquid debt proprietary trading book of the emerging markets proprietary trading division until the spring of 1999. He serves as a Director of Pacnet Services Corporation Ltd and Pacnet Limited. Mr. McCarthy traded Latin American bank loans at Libra Bank in New York.
Corporate Headquarters - 6 Grosvenor Street, London, -- W1K 3HU

Monday, 7 March 2016, 18:30 - 19:30
Hosted by Noelle Doumar, Susan Gilmer, Matt Grinnell, Kate Grussing, Paige Jernigan, Carl Leiderman,
Adelaide Scardino Lopez, Audrey Mandela, Susan Schoenfeld Harrington
Home of Bob McCarthy, London, United Kingdom Address provided upon RSVP

Monday, 7 March 2016, 20:00 - 21:30, Hosted by Noelle Dourmar, Susan Gilmer, Matt Grinnell,
Kate Grussing, Paige Jernigan, Carl Liederman, Adelaide Scardino Lopez, Audrey Mandela,
Susan Schoenfeld Harrington
Home of Ida Levine, London, United Kingdom,Address provided upon RSVP

One week later, 2 more events:
Hosts are (1) Nader Mousavizadeh. He is Partner and Co-Founder of Macro Advisory Partners LLP. Mr. Mousavizadeh served as the Chief Executive Officer of Oxford Analytica, Ltd. Previously an investment banker at Goldman Sachs from 2004-2009, he worked in the Financial Institutions M&A group in New York, and was latterly based in Europe with a number of global client relationships. and (2) Joe and Sara Cerrell, London, United Kingdom, Address provided upon RSVP
You guys know good old Joe? He's Bill Gates' main man in London


Sunday, 13 March 2016, 7:30 pm - 9:00 pm
$1500-$2700 "contribution"
Co-Hosted by Josh Berger, Mark Bergman, Eric Beinhocker, Tabitha Claydon, Joe and Sara Cerrell, Garvin Brown and Ruthie Rogers
Home of Nader Mousavizadeh, London, United Kingdom
Address provided upon RSVP

OR: for as little as $100 - https://www.hillaryclinton.com/ticketed-events/conversation-sullivan-mar-13-1/?raiser=25709

Evening with Jake Sullivan, Senior Policy Advisor
Sunday, 13 March 2016, 5:30 pm - 7:30 pm
Co-Hosted by Josh Berger, Eric Beinhocker, Mark Bergman, Tabitha Claydon, Nader Mousavizadeh,
Garvin Brown and Ruthie Rogers
Home of Joe and Sara Cerrell, London, United Kingdom, Address provided upon RSVP

Gov. Wolf's DEP - still undermanned and underequipped

Undermanned and underequipped, it took PA state regulators years to finally discover the 44 violations reported yesterday from just one fracking company for failing to clean up their drilling sites within 9 months.

The worst part? The violations were triggered by the company's response to a question asked last summer – not through actual inspection of the sites.

As I learned in the Navy, you can only “expect what you inspect.” Our leaders continue to ignore this dictum, and it’s part of the reason why I have supported a moratorium on fracking.

Please watch the below video from the first debate of this election, where Sestak explained why he is still in favor of a moratorium on fracking – then please contribute what you can so that he can protect the people’s land, water, air, and health in the U.S. Senate.


All lifelong Dems, all politically involved, all 45 or older

A GS-13 federal employee; an MBA/senior VP at a major national bank; an elected local government level Dem. w/ a J.D.; a full professor (physicist/robotics) at a major university, a retired physician and his wife.

By "politically astute", I meant well-educated people with long-standing, well-informed and discerning understandings of U.S. politics. Although they are not in the Clintons' multi, multi, multi millionaire class, they are all comfortable financially. HRC's expected pro-corporate, pro-Big Finance/Wall Street, militaristic actions as president would not harm them personally - their jobs will not be off-shored; they can afford to send their children and grandchildren to university and graduate schools; their children/grand children will never be conned into enlisting in the military to fight for corporate interests.

But they are concerned for the well-being of the United States as a whole, about the transfer of wealth and for the fates of the non-one-percenters and future generations. They are each anti-fracking, anti Trans Pacific Partnership Free Trade Agreements; are not spooked by the term Democratic Socialist; understand the cause and effect relationship between the US/CIA's decades of political machinations and arms supplies to central American countries and the flood of political refugees and parents desperately trying to smuggle their children to the relative safety of the U.S.

In short, they are old-school, traditional liberals - not 3rd Way pro-oligarchy "democrats".

My post did not claim to be any kind of poll or statistic. I referred to individuals from 3 states. I have long-standing friendships with each. I note from your profile that you live in D.C. If you are a government employee, a lobbyist or have some kind of employment involving either the current Democratic administration or relating to an elected official of either party, I doubt that the people with whom you work would risk publicly admitting to you whether they are considering voting for Trump. My friends/relatives each expressed surprise, i.e., some version of "I never thought I'd say this, but . . . " at coming to the conclusion re Trump v. Hillary.

And, of course, their first choice for the presidency is Bernie Sanders, who speaks directly to their values and concerns for the future of this country.

Admiral (ret.)/Senate candidate Sestak speaking at Pitt Law School/Oakland

tomorrow/Feb. 24th/ at 12 noon. Room 111

Today, I begin another 2-day 7-city tour of Pennsylvania, this time discussing my Plan for Securing America in the 21st Century, a foreign policy document that charts a course for American national security in the modern day – and a follow-on to my domestic issues tour from January.

In the plan, I explain how over the next few years, national security challenges will continue to grow, from defeating ISIS and handling Iran, to addressing China and halting Russian aggression, to the drought and famine caused by climate change that our military says will bring about intensified conflict and crises throughout the world.

As the most senior military officer ever elected to Congress, I’ve been blessed with a depth of experience that is singular among those running for the U.S. Senate in Pennsylvania and the nation – and even in the Senate. My experience has given me an awareness that, while our military can stop a problem, it cannot fix a problem (look at Iraq, today.)

I want to serve as a proponent of a strong national defense, but with an understanding that we best shape the world for our mutual betterment by leading with the other elements of our power – diplomatic, economic, and our ideals – without using our military unnecessarily, or unwisely. While our military is on the table, it is on the back of the table.

If ever I wanted to time travel, it's to see how history treats the Clintons

The doctoral theses which will be written about their lifetimes of deepening greed, grifting and self-dealing; the psychoanalyses of their respective personalities and how they fed off of and enabled each other; revelations of the intricate and exploitative connections between corporations and the Clinton Family Foundation - with Haiti being the textbook example/Harvard Business School case study; the future Shakespeare who will write a chilling tragedy/trilogy about the Clintons and Medvinskys - what a cast of complex supporting characters.

Paging Dr. Who and the Tardis!

Sanders' Flint campaign office delivering free water


The campaign office in Flint was the first location opened by the campaign in Michigan and the only site by a presidential candidate in the city.

"We've had people coming in from around the state and the country," said Hughes, with residents looking for volunteer opportunities, as well as dropping off bottled water donations for residents to pick up.

Check out the comments following this article for photos of campaign office and yuuuuge stacks of water
being given for free and/or delivered for free.


Bring your own water!

Brand Strong

@MFan Actually, we did... and we pass it out, WITHOUT ASKING QUESTIONS or REQUIRING ID. If you live in Flint and want to come in, the HQ is located on Harrison and Third in downtown Flint, across from the bus station.

A friend of mine brought a half pallet, the rest he will bring next week. We deliver water to people who cannot make it to downtown. If you or someone you know are in that situation, message me on facebook and I will drive some water to you.

New Ted Cruz ad spoofs "Office Space"in Clinton Server Attack

The ad will air during Saturday Night Live the week before the South Carolina primary.

The timing is very interesting. What motivates Cruz? I'm sure HRC boosters would argue Cruz attacks Clinton because he would rather run against Bernie in the general. But I suggest that Cruz understands that a well-timed, nationally televised attack of Hillary will boost his standing among the masses of voraciously rabid GOP Clinton-haters and motivate them, boosting turnout to the South Carolina polls to vote for him and not his Republican opponents.

And if this works in So. Carolina, we can expect the other GOP candidates to follow suit in subsequent primaries by outdoing each other in attacks on Hillary Clinton. We Sanders supporters have been warning that HRC as the primary candidate will depress voter turnout of younger voters, progressives and independents, and boost turnout of the accurately named Clinton-haters in the GOP. This move by Cruz will test that hypothesis.

The video of the ad and lyrics are available at the link.

New Ted Cruz Ad Spoofs "Office Space" In Clinton Server Attack
Posted on February 12, 2016
Ted Cruz mocks Hillary Clinton over her wiped personal email server in this new ad spoofing the scene in the 1999 comedy Office Space where the office workers destroy their hated fax machine.


An ad popped up on my Comcast email page

Big head and shoulders photo of Hillary in bright red jacket -

"Say you're with Hillary

We have to take on gun violence in America. Sign up if you agree! "

and requesting your name, zip code and email address.

What was really interesting? Look who's on the "joint fundraising committee of the Hillary Victory Fund, which paid for the ad.

Paid for by Hillary Victory Fund, a joint fundraising committee authorized by Hillary for America, the Democratic National Committee and the State Democratic Parties in these states: AK, AR, CO, FL, GA, ID, IN, KY, LA, ME, MA, MI, MN, MS, MO, MT, NV, NH, NC, OH, OK, OR, PA, RI, SC, TN, TX, UT, VA, WV, WI, and WY.

I wasn't aware that my state democratic committee (PA) had endorsed Hillary, but looks like they have.

So when the Hill fans post that she raised $5 million for state Democrats, are they talking about these state Dem. parties, which turn around and spend the money promoting her and collecting email addresses for her? How slick! How Clintonesque!
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