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The better to wreak her revenge, my sweet!

You know, the woman who's Enemies List goes back to her years in Arkansas? And at the end of her 2008 failed campaign had that list upgraded, spreadsheeted and downloaded? It is comprised of fellow Democrats, of course.

Danger, Will Robinson!
Her administration would be like a Grimm fairy tale, writ large!

If revenge is a dish best served cold, than the Clintons are in a subzero frenzy of anticipation at the thought of gaining the power of the presidency.

Francis Bacon coined this 'revenge' proverb:

- A man that studieth revenge keeps his own wounds green.

The Godfather, 1969: Don Corleone nodded. "Revenge is a dish that tastes best when it is cold," he said.

Star Trek II, The Wrath of Kahn, 1982: Kirk, old friend, do you know the Klingon proverb, "Revenge is a dish best served cold"?

This Atlantic article from 2014 documents Hillary's thirst and need for revenge.

In the waning days of her 2008 campaign, staffers for Hillary Clinton put the final touches on a list of people they thought betrayed the candidate, and then ranked their level of betrayal. The problem with losing, however, is that its hard to exact any revenge.

In an excerpt from HRC: State Secrets and the Rebirth of Hillary Clinton, Politico's Jonathan Allen and Amie Parnes outline the Clintons' tabulation of all of the campaign's many, many betrayals. Hillary's "Hit List," Politico calls it — an Excel spreadsheet delineating those people most and least loyal to Clinton as she unsuccessfully tried to hold off Barack Obama. According to the Politico excerpt, the Clinton camp was gleeful about the fate of some of those who'd failed to see the practical wisdom of endorsing her.

Years later, they would joke among themselves in harsh terms about the fates of folks they felt had betrayed them. “Bill Richardson: investigated; John Edwards: disgraced by scandal; Chris Dodd: stepped down,” one said to another. “Ted Kennedy,” the aide continued, lowering his voice to a whisper for the punch line, “dead.”

Those three are the exception. Allen and Parnes describe a ranking of loyalty from 1 to 7, with 1 being those most loyal to Hillary Clinton during the campaign. The 7s, those people who the Clintons felt betrayed her the most, were added to what "a Clintonworld source" "wouldn’t, of course, call … an enemies list." Regardless of what it's called, none of them seems to have suffered much from being given that low designation.


Absolutely - they avoid flash (like the braggart's Maserati)

Vance Packard's study of the habits of really old money found that they served bowls of salted peanuts at their parties (as opposed to catered selections of elaborate hors d'oeuvres), furnished their vacation "cabins" with sturdy Ethan Allen pieces, and prided themselves on getting "value for the money". The women don't get new wardrobes every season, but rather wore simple, well-made styles (albeit Chanel) which they kept and wore for years.
"That's a nice color on you, Anne." "So kind of you to say - I got this 20 years ago in Paris."

My "Value for the Money" experience.

I lucked into spending an afternoon with some titled Brits at a race meeting in Kent. I took the train down from London to go to the races on a chilly March day. As a crowd of us walked from the train station to the racetrack, I politely asked one elderly gent (in a very lovely camel's hair topcoat) if he could tell me which was the Club House entrance. (You pay more for entrance than to the regular track, but the club area is heated, with a bar and comfy seats, along with big windows overlooking the race course.) He told me. I thanked him and went my solo way - always being careful not to be a pushy American. After watching a few races at trackside, I went indoors to warm up. He came up to me and said, "I've had a spot of luck. Can I buy you an ale?" I accepted, albeit ordered something non-alcoholic.

We talked briefly. He asked me what part of America I was from and how I happened to decide to come to the Kent races. Then I went back outside to watch more races. When next I came back inside, a lovely woman who looked and sounded like Diana Rigg, and her equally elegant husband came up to me and introduced themselves to me. "You must be Nancy, from Pittsburgh." There were about 30 "regulars" in the Club House and I was the only stranger, so they'd all asked Hugh who I was. They were so gracious to me, and we talked thoroughbreds and racing. At another point, "Diana" brought a man up and was waiting to introduce us until I finished talking to someone else.

Being an attorney trained to multitask my listening skills, I heard her describe me: "She's not your typical American. She's got balls!" (this because I had made a last minute, solo trip to London - only my second trip abroad, and enjoyed racing so much I had figured out how to get to the Kent races on my own). She introduced him to me as one of the trainers.

At the end of the afternoon, there were chauffered Bentleys and the like waiting to pick up these folks. The old fellow I'd initially met (whose wife wasn't there because she was at a board meeting for the Royal Ballet) turned down a proffered ride, saying he wanted to take the train back to make sure I got off to London all right (the train only stopped at the Folkestone station on race days.) He got off several stations before mine in London, and gave me a tip for a lovely little restaurant discreetly tucked into a back alley in the Covent Garden (theatre district) area. "Tell the maitre-d that Hugh and Inga sent you. He'll take good care of you. And it's good value for the money."

And I did go to that restaurant, after I went to a matinee of Miss Saigon, and I was taken care of by the maitre'd, and it was very good value for the money. It was really a great afternoon, and a great trip. But the only winner I had at the races that day was from my hunch bet on Jemimah Puddleduck - a character from the stories I used to read to my kids.

Oh, and p.s. - not a one of them ever bragged even remotely about their wealth or status. That, my friends, is class.

He's definitely NOT of superior breeding stock, i.e., old wealth.

Old wealth is mortified at any conspicuous display of one's wealth. I've heard how old wealth describes people like the poster in question. The shorthand phrase is NOKD, which stands for Not Our Kind, Dear!

Social climbers can afford to join private clubs, but they never get asked to serve on boards of same. They swan into the dining rooms and try glad-handing people . . . are met with polite smiles but never asked to "sit down and join us". Why do you think this joker is at DU bragging? Can't find anyone else to hang out with.

As big donors, he & his wife may be invited to the gated estates for a HRC fundraiser, but they'll never be invited back for purely social functions. Probably a similar braggart on the golf course so doesn't have a regular foursome! Amiright, Verne?

Hey kiddo! Take your conspiracy name calling

and stuff it. I worked for the Dem. caucus in my state legislature for 10 years and am not so politically gullible as to fall for any or all of these DNC sponsored: "Tell RBG you support her" type ads. I know they are simply fishing for contact info to add to their fund-raising lists. That is why I make my political contributions directly to candidates. If I want someone to vote a certain way, or I object to something they have voted for, I am quite capable and willing to phone their offices and tell them directly. And THAT does not require giving out my email addy. Given the timing, and the large number of Bernie donors contacted by the Clinton campaign after the first data breach, not to mention the reputation of Clinton & her campaign tactics from 2008, a reasonable person can conclude Hill & Deb have been up to their old tricks again.

If, as you posit, it is so damn easy-peasy for a political candidate to get names, why would a straight arrow man like Bernie rip-off names from a server and then self-report. You are deep in denial about reality and are projecting on to others the "conspiracy" charges that you worry are at the heart of the relationship between Debbie, Hill and the DNC.

Hillary has practiced situational ethics her entire professional career, going back to her sneaky behavior of hiding legal opinions when she was a researcher for the Watergate committee, to her over-the-top, bully-the-12-year-old-rape-victim, voluntary, unpaid defense of a man she believed (and laughed to an interviewer about) guilty of the rape, to her creation and direction of the Bimbo Eruption Squad to threaten Bill's victims.

You can continue supporting her and trashing a decent man like Bernie Sanders until the cows come home. She and Debbie jumped a Great White this time around and it will cost her the primary election.

I've documented all of these facts in earlier posts. Go to my journal if you want to read about them at the links.

And seriously, consider coming over to the light side - it feels terrific to support an ethical, honest candidate.

Not about $$$, but revealing HRC/DNC/DWS/IT vendor dirty dealings

Discovery allows discovery of all communications/meetings/agreements between and among
this bunch. Now Hillary, albeit a graduate of Yale Law, has a problem with complying with court orders and subpoenas. If she had produced her billing records from her time at the Rose Law Firm during the Ken Starr Whitewater investigation, as ordered to by the courts, Starr would have ended his investigation many months before Monica Lewinsky & Linda Tripp came upon the scene. Instead, and against the advice of several high-ranking Democrats, including David Gergen, to just turn over the damn records, she refused and claimed they were "lost" for two years. After 2 years of stalling, said records miraculously turned up on a table in the White House family quarters.
If she had simply produced the documents when they were subpoenaed she would have spared her husband, and the country the whole hot mess of the impeachment.

An HRC administration would be 1 Chinese fire drill FUBAR after another!

This hot mess is a preview of what we'd get if Hill made it to the Oval Office.

There she'd be, basically living alone in the family quarters while Bill swans around to private islands for private parties with his private jet set buddies, and she broods over her decades long revenge list.

I can see her roaming the darkened halls of the White House, night after lonely night, conversing with the portraits of past presidents - for you young'uns, that's what President Richard Nixon used to do - although he at least had a loving spouse in residence to console him.

Shakespeare'd write a tragedy trilogy about the Clintons

Both Hill & Bill's parents were dysfunctional (Bill has yet to take the trouble to meet his older half-sister); then you have Hill & Bill; then you have Chelsea marrying the hedge fund owner/son of two grifters: a convicted felon who stills owes some $10 million to his victims and the woman whose bankruptcy judge found her testimony so unbelievable, her bankruptcy petition was thrown out of court.

Beauty!No time 4 HRC to focus group test her debate answers

Good grief! Hillary, through Debbie, has eggregiously overplayed her hand yet again. She just never learns! And there's no time for her to focus group test her positions and responses to the inevitable questions on this constantly developing topic which will be part of tomorrow's debate! HAH!

She can't improvise for shit! Never has been able to. What's a Hillary to do without her script?!?!?!?

An HRC administration would be 1 Chinese firedrill FUBAR after another!

This hot mess is a preview of what we'd get if Hill made it to the Oval Office.

There she'd be, basically living alone in the family quarters while Bill swans around to private islands for private parties with his jet set guy friends in their private jets, while she broods over her decades long revenge list.

I can see her roaming the darkened halls of the White House, night after lonely night, conversing with the portraits of past presidents - for you younguns, that's what President Richard Nixon used to do - although he at least had a loving spouse in residence to console him.

Fired Sanders aide: I wasn't peeking at Clinton Data Files

Source: WMUR

(CNN) —The Bernie Sanders campaign staffer who was fired for accessing data unique to the Hillary Clinton campaign's vote file, told CNN on Friday that he was only trying to "understand how badly the Sanders campaign's data was exposed" and not attempting to take data from the Clinton campaign.

"We knew there was a security breach in the data, and we were just trying to understand it and what was happening," said Josh Uretsky, reached by phone on Friday morning, a day after the campaign let him go. He added, "To the best of my knowledge, nobody took anything that would have given the (Sanders) campaign any benefit."

Uretsky, who is experienced with the NGP-VAN system used by the DNC and has administered it before, said he first noticed the data breach on Wednesday morning.

"We investigated it for a short period of time to see the scope of the Sanders campaign's exposure and then the breach was shut down presumably by the vendor," he said. "We did not gain any material benefit."

Read more: http://www.wmur.com/politics/fired-sanders-aide-i-wasnt-peeking-at-clinton-data-files/37026958#comments

Very, very wise observations!

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