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Anthony Weiner calls Sen. Warren's comments "overblown" and "petty"

Excerpt from column by Senator Warren on Huff Po:


Anthony Weiner and the Revolving Door
When former House Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-Va.) took a job with the investment bank Moelis & Co. earlier this month shortly after resigning his Congressional seat, he became the latest example of the tight-knit relationship between Wall Street and Washington. In an interview, I called this out for what it is: another sign that the revolving door still spins freely in Washington. Cantor had little experience in financial services, and the value of people like him to Wall Street firms is influence peddling, plain and simple.

Wall Street's outsized influence in our nation's capital is something I've talked about for a long time -- long before I even thought about running for office. But where I see a problem -- an infestation, really -- a lot of others in Washington, both Democrats and Republicans, seem to see government working just fine.

So when former Congressman Anthony Weiner -- a Democrat from New York -- dismissed my concerns, it was business as usual. Identifying himself as a liberal, Weiner called my criticism of the revolving door culture "overblown" and "petty."

Warren's HuffPo column procedes to decimate Weiner's position, chapter and verse.

I thought the deal was that Huma Abedin promised her boss, HRC to keep her husband, Anthony on the down low, i.e., out of the public eye until if & when Hillary got elected to that office for which she is not yet officially running. Did Weiner run that column past Huma/Hillary ahead of time? But here's Weiner calling Warren's criticism of the Wall Street revolving door "overblown" and "petty". Those 2 adjectives are better applied to the family jewels in the selfies Weiner posted.

Here's the link to the Business Insider web page where Weiner mouthed off. Hmmm. Perhaps Hillary & Huma are not as confident as HRC's supporters that Senator Warren will not be running for president.

Poll: Likely voters strongly back Wolf for Pa. gov

Source: Tribune-Review

PHILADELPHIA — A poll of voters likely to cast ballots in Pennsylvania's gubernatorial election shows they prefer Democrat Tom Wolf over Republican incumbent Tom Corbett by a 24-point margin.

The Quinnipiac University poll released Thursday shows Wolf, a wealthy businessman, is favored by 59 percent of likely voters compared with 35 percent for Corbett.

At least half said Wolf would do a better job handling the issues of jobs, education, government spending and taxes. Fifty-four percent said they believe Wolf is honest and trustworthy but they were tied at 43 percent over Corbett.

Quinnipiac culled the 1,161 likely voters from more than 1,500 registered voters, based on their stated intentions and voting records, in telephone interviews between Sept. 3 and 8. The sampling error margin is plus or minus 2.9

Read more: http://triblive.com/state/pennsylvania/6776768-74/voters-wolf-likely#axzz3Cvs3eS9M

Hoping Corbett's unpopularity within his own party will depress GOP turnout (it definitely did in the primary) and help dems capture some state legislative seats.

Long before Larry the Cable Guy there were The Beverly Hillbillies

Way back when that first aired, around 1962, I wrote (back then one wrote long letters to absent friends) to my former high school physics lab partner/good friend that I was disgusted by this program. She wrote back agreeing. We had gone through our teenage years watching the Golden Age of television in the 1950's: Yes the technology was primitive by today's standards, but the quality of writing, directing and acting on these programs was light years better than today's standard pap. The Beverly Hillbillies marked the strip mining of American Culture. How appropriate that the nouveau riches of the Clampets came from oil, i.e., Black Gold/Texas Tea.

Jethro from The Beverly Hillbillies seems to be the perfect role model of who the networks wanted to cater to with his "sixth-grade-educated-brain." Jethro was just smart enough to be able to read, willing to accept any media fads pushed at him, and had plenty of disposable income at hand. The perfect American television viewer.

Here are a couple of excerpts from a great article discussing the marvelous quality of the Golden Age of Television (and don't forget the underlying element of tension/excitement because these shows were brjoadcast live).

"As crucial as these elements were, perhaps the most important reason leading to the success of this nascent television art form was the high caliber of talent on both sides of the video camera. Whereas many well-known actors from the stage and screen participated in live television dramas as the 1950s progressed, it was the obscure but professionally trained theater personnel from summer stock and university theater programs like Yale's Drama School who launched the innovative teletheater broadcasts that we now refer to as television's "golden age."
. . . . . . . .

"In 1949, 24 year-old Marlon Brando starred in "I'm No Hero," produced by the Actors' Studio. Other young actors, such as Susan Strasberg (1953), Paul Newman (1954), and Steve McQueen, made noteworthy appearances on the Goodyear Playhouse. Among some of the most prominent writers of "golden age" dramas were Rod Serling, Paddy Chayevsky, Gore Vidal, Reginald Rose and Tad Mosel. Rod Serling stands out for special consideration here because in addition to winning the 1955 Emmy for "Best Original Teleplay Writing" ("Patterns" on Kraft Television Theater), Serling also won two teleplay Emmys for Playhouse 90 (1956 & 1957), and two "Outstanding Writing Achievement in Drama" Emmys for Twilight Zone (1959 and 1960) and for Chrysler Theater in 1963. Serling's six Emmys for four separate anthology programs over two networks unquestionably secures his position at the top of the golden age pantheon. For television, it was writers like Serling and Chayevsky who became the auteurs of its "golden-age." Gore Vidal sums up the opportunity that writing for television dramas represented in this way: "one can find better work oftener on the small grey screen than on Broadway." Chayevsky was more sanguine when he stated that television presented "the drama of introspection," and that "television, the scorned stepchild of drama, may well be the basic theater of our century."
. . . . . . .
"In addition to actors and writers, some of the most renowned Hollywood directors got their big breaks on television's anthology dramas. John Frankenheimer directed for the Kraft Television Theater, Robert Altman for Alfred Hitchcock Presents, Yul Brynner and Sidney Lumet for Studio One, Sidney Pollack for The Chrysler Theater (1965 Emmy for "Directoral Achievement in Drama") and Delbert Mann for NBC Television Playhouse. These are but a few major directors who honed their kills during television's "golden age."

Yes I'd feel the same if 6'4", 210 lb. woman sexually assaulted a 5'5",150 lb. man

who was peacefully jogging on a public trail AND/OR when learning that the target of her assault was a law officer, then attacked him again. But wait . . . wait. . . .that NEVER happens, does it?

And, no, I don't want to live in a world where violence is permissible and most women will lose "Badly". That was the whole point of this incident, you see. A really large man physically assaulted and then charged at a much smaller woman. This man is charged with previously assaulting another woman that day. Why we don't call that asshole the one indulging in "sexist hate", since he doesn't assault men, but only women.

Query: Is it fair to call what the federal marshal did "violence"?
Response: NO!
The legal definition of "violence" is the unlawful exercise of physical force or intimidation by the exhibition of such force.


She offered him the chance to stop running and surrender to a law enforcement officer. He responded by charging at her. Her further self defense was absolutely legal and proportional . . . . and also effective. Only HIS actions would qualify as legally violent.

You want to throw "sexist hate" into this discussion. Oh, I absolutely agree that sexism is involved and hatred is involved, and it is all on the side of the male assailants. Here's just one recent example from a major American city:

The Los Angeles Police Department says women shouldn't be walking alone in two popular public parks

Investigators say there have been five physical and sexual assaults in recent months.

All of them have happened during the day at Griffith Park and Debs Park in Montecito Heights.

Police say they're looking for two Latino men. One is between 20 and 25 years old with a slight build. The other guy is 5'7" and between 30 and 35 years old. Both were riding bikes at the time of the assaults.

Read more: http://www.kfiam640.com/onair/bill-handel-30603/los-angeles-park-sexual-assaults-12650914/#ixzz3CO1vDwR4
Golly gee! Do find me a report of men being assaulted by women in public parks.

So I'm not enjoying violence. I'm celebrating justice!

5'5" female Federal Marshal takes down 6'4" male who grabbed her ass while she was jogging.

This is a really sweet report. I mean it's SWEET! Did I say S-W-E-E-T ?

Yup - she ran him down and took him out.


A federal agent ran down the man she said yanked on her clothes and kicked him when he tried to charge her Tuesday in the North Side. Pittsburgh police charged Robert Flynn, 19, of Spring Garden with indecent assault, aggravated assault, escape and false identification to law enforcement. He is being held in the Allegheny County Jail in lieu of a $500,000 bond, online court records show.

The deputy U.S. marshal told police she was jogging along the river trail parallel to River Avenue near the 16th Street Bridge shortly after 5 p.m. and passed by a man, identified as Flynn. She said he ran up behind her and grabbed her running shorts, a criminal complaint said.

The marshal began to chase Flynn, telling pedestrians to call 911 and yelling for Flynn to stop, identifying herself as a federal marshal, the complaint said. The marshal, who police said is 5-feet, 5-inches tall and 150 pounds, cornered the 6-foot, 4-inch Flynn, who weighs 210 pounds.

Flynn tried to charge her and she kicked him, grabbed his shoulder and punched him in the face, the complaint said. The officer said in the complaint that Flynn “became somewhat compliant,” after that.

Based on the women's self-defense class I took while teaching night classes in Oakland, I can picture exactly where she kicked him, causing the 6'4" thug to bend over in acute pain, whereby this short woman could grab his shoulder and punch him in the face. Hint: it wasn't his shin.

No, you're the one with the conflict because you're in financial services.

Nobody mentioned religion/ethnicity but you. I appreciate your honesty in your DU profile - it helps to evaluate someone's post to know where their personal interests lie. If you were the Michael Goldman who was a VP at Chemical Bank/now J.P. Morgan, you're not going to like the comments about Big Banking on DU, but I certainly understand why you support corporatist Hillary/Goldman-Sachs/Clinton for President.

Real name: Michael Goldman
Gender: Male
Hometown: Manhattan-NY, NY
Home country: USA
Current location: Upper East Side of Manhattan
About 3rdwaydem
I am a life-long resident of New York. I work in the financial services industry. I am a moderate Democrat.
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Member since: Mon Aug 25, 2014, 07:33 PM I am a life-long resident of New York. I work in the financial services industry. I am a moderate Democrat.

"Give'em hell, Tom" - From Terry Madonna's "Politically Uncorrected Column"

Political science professor, G. Terry Madonna, has been the well-respected guru of political polling in Pennsylvania since the early 90's. Politicians in both parties take his work deadly seriously. But in today's Trib-Review, there's a report that GOP Gov. Corbett's campaign team is desperately accusing Madonna of fudging the statistics in the latest Franklin-Marshall poll, which shows Corbett trailing challenger Wolf by 25 points.

“It's typical of what happens,” Madonna said. “Pollsters get attacked if the campaign's not doing well.”

Madonna has a track record of accuracy in showing which candidate is in the lead – including the polls running up to Corbett's 2010 gubernatorial win.

Madonna has gone through this before. In 2012, former U.S. Sen. Rick Santorum called him a “Democratic hack” when Franklin & Marshall polls showed Santorum trailing Mitt Romney in the GOP presidential primary.

“They're not interested in objective; they're trying to win an election,” said Madonna.

Read more: http://triblive.com/state/pennsylvania/6700387-74/madonna-barley-campaign#ixzz3BsEEWI5u
Follow us: @triblive on Twitter | triblive on Facebook

Checking up on Madonna, I came across an absolute jewel of a website for detailed analysis of Pennsylvania politics, i.e., Madonna's Politically Uncorrected Column. Here are excerpts from one of the most recent columns, titled "Give 'em Hell, Tom" which analyzes Corbett's pathetic attempt to run against Harrisburg when he's been governor for 4 years, and both chambers of the legislature are controlled by Republicans.

Consequently, Tom Corbett, after four years in office, has little to show for it – unless you count mounting frustration, growing animosities, a divided legislative leadership, and failure to enact most of his major agenda. So Corbett, making a virtue out of a necessity, is becoming the first gubernatorial candidate in history to run against Harrisburg for a second term.

So far, so good. Actually, running against Harrisburg has not just been a favorite strategy in state politics; it has also been a successful strategy. In modern times, going back to Gov. Milton Shapp in the 1970s, at least four governors, including Corbett, have earned a first term sticking it to the “Harrisburg culture.”

Moreover, one could argue that “Harrisburg,” with its cliques, obstructionist tactics, recurring corrupt behavior and anti-reform ethos really is the problem. Democratic President Harry Truman, also trailing badly in the polls, made something like this work for him in his classic 1948 comeback, running against a “do nothing” Republican Congress. However, unlike Corbett's situation, Truman's party didn't control Congress, which made Truman's strategy credible. Still, why can’t Tom Corbett do the same?

Give 'em hell, Tom. Or not.


The entire article is a good read, as are other columns on the blog. IMHO, Madonna truly understands the history and culture of Harrisburg and politics in the state and within each party, and writes about them in a very accurate, yet also entertaining way. I'll be eagerly following this blog between now and November.

Not nearly at the rates all the Clintons are collecting.

Which are in hope and anticipation of HRC in the Oval Office. Cheney only gets $50,000, and he did as much as Clinton for the MIC. And when you think about it, if you are right about these fees being payoffs for past favors, what does it say about whose interests Bill Clinton was promoting if he can collect up to $750, 000 for a single gig. Corporate giants don't squander 3/4 of a million dollars to reminisce about the good old days. At this point the Clintons are so bought and paid for by so many One Percent special interest groups and corporate sources of One Percenters' income, that her biggest problem as president would be in prioritizing which sponsor to reward first.

Re Bill Clinton's fees:
The most lucrative was a November speech in Hong Kong to Swedish-based telecom giant Ericsson -- $750,000. Clinton also earned $700,000 for a March speech to a local newspaper publishing company in Lagos, Nigeria, and $550,000 for a November speech to a business forum in Shanghai, China. He earned $500,000 apiece for three events in Austria and Holland in May and in the United Arab Emirates in December.

Prior to 2011, the most Clinton had earned from a single event was $525,000 for a 2008 speech in Edmonton, Alberta. Those astronomical speaking fees will be Gone With the Wind, should Hillary announce she's not running.
Here's one set of ranges, from 2012:
$5,000 – $10,000. This would be the typical range for top keynote speakers – people who have given numerous keynote speeches in the past and/or have serious career accomplishments.
$10,000 – $20,000. Most of the major conferences pay their keynote speakers something within this range. Even for some of the more well-known keynote speakers, this is no fee to sneeze at; and if it is, keynoting the conference is probably an honor in itself as well.
$20,000 – $50,000. This is the range for most celebrity speakers. When I say celebrity speakers, I mean actual celebrities that are household names or alternatively, category experts that are such big draws that it simply makes economic sense to pay this fee.
$50,000 – $100,000. The top celebrity speakers’ fees are in this ballpark. There are only a few dozen folks that would be priced above this range. Typically, an organization paying a fee like this one can do so because the keynote speaker is such a big draw that ticket sales far exceed the amount of the speaker fee.
$100,000+. Interested in hiring Bill Clinton? Richard Branson? Donald Trump? You’ve found your range.
- See more at: http://evanbailyn.com/keynotespeakers/the-ultimate-guide-to-keynote-speaker-fees/#sthash.tQFe3jv1.dpuf

The minute HRC announces she is NOT running - if that comes to pass, all the Clintons' fees will drop like stones and the phone will stop ringing in their agent's offices.

Hysterically funny article trashing Corbett's campaign hopes & in the Tribune Review!

It's amazing to me that the Tribune-Review would trash a GOP Governor like this. And although the piece went on line at 11 p.m. last night, not a single rabid conservative reader has come to Corbett's defense in the comments section. With his approval ratings down to 24% in the latest poll, combined with a voter turnout that will likely be under 30%, one hopes for a REALLY low GOP turnout, resulting in the most epic loss ever in a PA. Governor's race, and boost to Democrats running down-ticket from Wolf.

Rubber, Corbett expected to hit road as polls show likely loss in governor's race

Thursday, Aug. 28, 2014, 11:06 p.m.
Updated 13 hours ago

The smell of burning rubber is wafting through Pennsylvania. It is the scent that results when the accelerator is floored, but the vehicle remains in park with its tires squealing. It is the scent of Gov. Tom Corbett's re-election campaign.

Despite there being more than two months before Election Day, a sense of inevitability is pooling under the Governor's Mansion like leaking oil collecting beneath an aging Chevy. Corbett faces nearly insurmountable odds in defeating Democratic challenger Tom Wolf in November.

After his abysmal polling numbers in late spring, Corbett needed to gain considerable ground on Wolf over the summer. Instead of moving forward, the governor was pushed off the spring line of scrimmage as easily as a lightweight offensive lineman with an eating disorder.

In June, a Franklin & Marshall University poll had Wolf in the lead, 47 percent to 25 percent with 27 percent of respondents undecided. The latest Franklin & Marshall poll released on Thursday had Wolf ahead 49 percent to 24 percent, with 25 percent undecided. There's more. Corbett's favorability declined to 24 percent in the latest poll, down from 27 percent in June. Corbett's unfavorability increased to 56 percent, up from 49. Corbett's unlikely path to victory seems clear at this point: Somehow persuade the entire undecided demographic to vote for him, while maintaining hope that a small percentage of Wolf supporters tragically perish in a rare autumnal avalanche in Colorado.

Read m
ore: http://triblive.com/opinion/ericheyl/6661449-74/corbett-percent-wolf#ixzz3Bnf44vt3
Follow us: @triblive on Twitter | triblive on Facebook

Hmmm. Women raised Republican have low self-esteem.

That could explain HRC's choice to stay with Bill. Raised by a domineering Republican father to have low self esteem, combined with identifying one's worth as a woman to being married, and one's husband's status.

But I'm of her generation & when hubby cheated on me (I forgave him the first time, not the second), I kicked his sorry, executive, MBA-d ass out the door, enrolled myself in law school & successfully raised 3 kids all on my own. To me, any woman who stays with a serially adulterous husband, is seriously lacking in self-esteem - unless she realistically sees herself as totally unable to make a decent living on her own & she & the kids would be financially destitute. However, a woman who has a Harvard law degree, and when her husband was Governor, was making more money than him at a major law firm? And don't anyone come up with that garbage of staying for the children's sake. What a role model for kids! Daddies can cheat and lie and waste family resources on the bimbo du jour and expose Mommies to STDs - funny I never heard any true feminist promoting this role model for marriage and parenthood.
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