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Given the precautions Drs. take, I'm concerned it may have gone airborne.

If doctors, and other medical care providers,acting on the belief that Ebola is spread through physical contact, and taking precautions based on that belief, are contracting the disease, then it should be considered that perhaps the disease has mutated to an airborne one.

The first Liberian doctor to die of the disease was identified as Samuel Brisbane. He was working as a consultant with the internal medicine unit at the country’s largest hospital, the John F. Kennedy Memorial Medical Center in Monrovia.

Brisbane, who once was a medical adviser to former Liberian President Charles Taylor, was taken to a treatment center on the outskirts of the capital after falling ill with Ebola and died there, said Tolbert Nyenswah, an assistant health minister.

He said another doctor who had been working in Liberia’s central Bong County also was being treated for Ebola at the same center where Brisbane died.

Then we have the two Americans working with aid organization, Samaritan's Purse who are receiving intensive care for Ebola
Kent Brantly, 33, an American doctor who has been working in Liberia since October for the North Carolina-based aid organization Samaritan’s Purse, is receiving intensive medical treatment after he was infected with Ebola, according to a spokeswoman for the group.

Melissa Strickland said Brantly, who is married and has two children, was talking with his doctors and working on his computer while being treated.

A second U.S. citizen, Nancy Writebol, also has tested positive for Ebola, Samaritan’s Purse said. Writebol is employed by mission group SIM in Liberia and was helping a joint SIM/Samaritan’s Purse team treating Ebola patients in Monrovia. Writebol is married with two children, the organization said.

On Friday, he said, Samaritan’s Purse staff saw 12 new Ebola cases; of those, eight were medical providers. He is urging the U.S., Canada and the European Union to pour resources into those countries to help them educate health care workers. “If Ebola is not fought and contained in West Africa, it will be fought somewhere else,” he said.

A Ugandan doctor working in Liberia, where an Ebola outbreak has killed 129 people, died earlier this month. The current outbreak has claimed the lives of 319 in Guinea and 224 in Sierra Leone.

Last week, the medical humanitarian organization Doctors Without Borders announced that the chief doctor leading the fight against the Ebola epidemic in Sierra Leone, Sheik Umar Khan, had contracted the disease. Three nurses who worked in the same Ebola treatment Center as Khan, 39, are believed to have died from the disease.

I'd really appreciate a direct link to this photo.

I can find all kinds of links to the quote, but I'd like to email/FB the poster itself.

The man in the picture reminds me so much of an Arab friend who is now deceased.
My dear friend (from grad school days) was a Christian Arab who attended Catholic schools in his native Haifa, Israel, got his first degree from Hebrew University, worked as a social worker in Jerusalem, married a Jewish-American social worker and moved to America. He had an insatiable thirst for education and eventually earned Ph.D.s from Univ. of Pittsburgh, and Univ. of Virginia, in addition to several master's degrees. The fact that the man got a Ph.D. from UVA tells you he was highly intelligent. He had initially wanted to be a physician but, at least at that time - the late 60's, Israel strictly limited admission of Arabs to its medical schools. He told me of having to take his driver's exam SIX TIMES in order to get his license - that was another standard way the Israelis harassed native Palestinians.

Fluent in Hebrew, Arabic and English and comfortable with French, he was an expert on the Middle East and international terrorism and was used to being interviewed by the media. He was a published author on American domestic and foreign policy, affirmative action and women's issues.

Neither black nor a veteran, he had served as adviser and political columnist for Eclipse, the magazine of the National Association of Black Veterans and helped organize a local chapter.

Because of his writings re the Middle East, he was never able to return to his homeland to visit his aging parents for fear that the Israelis would imprison him - a fear his Jewish wife shared. As a professor, he taught extra classes and channeled the added salary into a student fund he endowed at his university to honor his parents. All in all, one of the kindest, gentlest human beings I have ever known. He would be totally devastated at what has happened in Palestine & particularly Gaza in the years since his death.

Netanyahu’s ‘Telegenically Dead’ Comment Is Grotesque but Not Original

(Note, this column refers to Netanyahu's comments on July 20.)

Benjamin Netanyahu, yesterday, on CNN, addressing worldwide sympathy for the civilian victims of Israeli violence in Gaza: "They want to pile up as many civilian dead as they can. They use telegenically dead Palestinians for their cause. They want the more dead, the better."

Joseph Goebbels, November 16, 1941, essay in Das Reich, addressing Germany sympathy for German Jews forced to wear yellow stars: "The Jews gradually are having to depend more and more on themselves, and have recently found a new trick. They knew the good-natured German Michael in us, always ready to shed sentimental tears for the injustice done to them. One suddenly has the impression that the Berlin Jewish population consists only of little babies whose childish helplessness might move us, or else fragile old ladies. The Jews send out the pitiable. They may confuse some harmless souls for a while, but not us. We know exactly what the situation is.

One can say many things about a military operation that results in more than 75 percent of the dead being civilians, many of them children, aimed at a population trapped in a tiny area with no escape. The claim that there is no intent to kill civilians but rather an intent to protect them is most assuredly not among them. Even stalwart Israel supporter Thomas Friedman has previously acknowledged that Israeli assaults on Lebanon, and possibly in Gaza, are intended ”to inflict substantial property damage and collateral casualties” because “the only long-term source of deterrence was to exact enough pain on the civilians” (which, to the extent it exists, is the classic definition of “terrorism”). The most generous claim one can make about what Israel is now doing in Gaza is that it is driven by complete recklessness toward the civilian population it is massacring, a form of intent under centuries of well-settled western law.
* * * * *

American journalism is frequently criticized with great justification, but there are a number of American journalists in Gaza, along with non-western ones, in order to tell the world about what is happening there. That reporting is incredibly brave and difficult, and those who are doing it merit the highest respect. Their work, along with the prevalence of social media and internet technology that allows Gazans themselves to document what is happening, has changed the way Israeli aggression is seen and understood this time around.

Israeli paper confirms Israeli drones can identify precisely who is being targeted.

It is difficult to believe Israel lacks the ability to avoid excessive civilian casualties. Amira Hass reports one example that confirms Israel's ability to identify, with precision, what and who, is being targeted. Miss Hass is the columnist for the Israeli daily paper Ha'aretz. Born in 1956 in Jerusalem, both of her parents were Holocaust survivors and her mother spent 9 months in the Bergen-Belsen camp during World War II. She attended the Hebrew University of Jerusalem where she studied history, but dropped out and went to work for an Israeli newspaper. She covered the Palestinian-Israeli conflict from Gaza and has received both criticism and praise for her critical attitude towards the Israeli government.
She writes:

"The armed Hamas operatives who emerged from the tunnel shaft on Kibbutz Nir Am on Monday were dressed as Israeli soldiers. Haaretz's Amos Harel writes that in the first moments, the field commanders were not sure whether they were soldiers or terrorists.

"'Finally, thanks to an aerial photograph taken by a drone, they were found to be Hamas operatives,' writes Harel. 'They were carrying Kalashnikov rifles, which the Israeli army does not use.' So the photographs taken by the drone can be very precise when its operators wish. It can discern whether there are children on the seashore or on the roof -- children who, even for the legal acrobats in the Justice Ministry and the army, are not a justifiable target for our bombs.

"The drone can also discern that a rescue team has arrived to pull out wounded people, that families are fleeing their homes. All this can be shown in a close-up photograph taken by a drone, at high enough resolution that the operators of the bombs and the shells have no reason to press the 'kill' button on their keyboards.

"But for some reason, the eye of the drone that can tell the difference between various makes of rifles cannot tell that this figure over here is a child, and that is a mother or a grandmother. Instead, all are given a death sentence."


Hitler called it "propagandistic casus belli".

For months before the 1939 invasion, German newspapers and politicians, including Adolf Hitler, accused Polish authorities of organizing or tolerating violent ethnic cleansing of ethnic Germans living in Poland.

On the day following the Gleiwitz attack, 1 September 1939, Germany launched the Fall Weiss operation — the invasion of Poland — initiating World War II in Europe. On the same day, in a speech in the Reichstag, Adolf Hitler cited the border incidents, with three of them called very serious, as justification for Germany's invasion of Poland. Just a few days earlier, on 22 August, he had told his generals, "I will provide a propagandistic casus belli. Its credibility doesn't matter. The victor will not be asked whether he told the truth.

from Wikipedia link above.

Casus belli - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Casus belli is a Latin expression meaning "An act or event that provokes or is used to justify war"

Anyone recall the Nazis' use of a false flag operation to justify invading Poland?

Thus started WW II. If social media had been on their asses, their lies/propaganda would have been promptly exposed and doubtless motivated immediate opposition from the get go.

The Gleiwitz incident (German: Überfall auf den Sender Gleiwitz; Polish: Prowokacja gliwicka) was a false flag operation by Nazi forces posing as Poles on 31 August 1939, against the German radio station Sender Gleiwitz in Gleiwitz, Upper Silesia, Germany (since 1945: Gliwice, Poland) on the eve of World War II in Europe. The goal was to use the staged attack as a pretext on the basis of which to invade Poland.

This provocation was the best-known of several actions in Operation Himmler, a series of unconventional operations undertaken by the SS in order to serve specific propaganda goals of Nazi Germany at the outbreak of the war. It was intended to create the appearance of Polish aggression against Germany in order to justify the subsequent invasion of Poland.

Much of what is known about the Gleiwitz incident comes from the affidavit of Alfred Naujocks at the Nuremberg Trials. In his testimony, he states that he organized the incident under orders from Reinhard Heydrich and Heinrich Müller, chief of the Gestapo.

On the night of 31 August 1939, a small group of German operatives, dressed in Polish uniforms and led by Naujocks, seized the Gleiwitz station and broadcast a short anti-German message in Polish (sources vary on the content of the message). The Germans' goal was to make the attack and the broadcast look like the work of anti-German Polish saboteurs.

To make the attack seem more convincing, the Germans brought in Franciszek Honiok, a German Silesian known for sympathizing with the Poles, who had been arrested the previous day by the Gestapo. Honiok was dressed to look like a saboteur; then killed by lethal injection, given gunshot wounds, and left dead at the scene, so that he appeared to have been killed while attacking the station. His corpse was subsequently presented as proof of the attack to the police and press.

In addition to Honiok, several other prisoners from the Dachau concentration camp were kept available for this purpose. The Germans referred to them by the code phrase "Konserve" ("canned goods"). For this reason, some sources incorrectly refer to the incident as "Operation Canned Goods." In an oral testimony at the trials, Erwin von Lahousen stated that his division of the Abwehr was one of two that were given the task of providing Polish uniforms, equipment and identification cards, and that he was later told by Wilhelm Canaris that people from concentration camps had been disguised in these uniforms and ordered to attack the radio stations.

Children in Gaza live in a hell beyond our imagining.

And that hell is bought and paid for to a substantial extent by our US tax dollars.

Look at the maps showing how the Israelis have continuously and voraciously appropriated more and more Palestinian lands over the decades. Look at the gross disproportionality of the weapons, attacks, wounded and killed. Listen to Netanyahu arrogantly stating he will never agree to a two state solution. Consider the Israelis' illegal sea blockade of Gaza.

Genocide by any other name, by any religious or political "justification" remains genocide.

Yet another example of HRC's baggage.

Yes, this Mother Jones article is from 2007, but have no doubt MJ will update it when HRC declares her next candidacy. And be sure to catch her position on immigration - in stark contrast to her currently stated position on sending the Central American children back to their countries.

It was an elegant example of the Clinton style, a rhetorical maneuver subtle, bold, and banal all at once. During a Democratic candidate forum in June, hosted by the liberal evangelical group Sojourners, Hillary Clinton fielded a softball query about Bill's infidelity: How had her faith gotten her through the Lewinsky scandal?

After a glancing shot at Republican "pharisees," Clinton explained that, of course, her "very serious" grounding in faith had helped her weather the affair. But she had also relied on the "extended faith family" that came to her aid, "people whom I knew who were literally praying for me in prayer chains, who were prayer warriors for me."

Such references to spiritual warfare—prayer as battle against Satan, evil, and sin—might seem like heavy evangelical rhetoric for the senator from New York, but they went over well with the Sojourners audience, as did her call to "inject faith into policy." It was language that recalled Clinton's Jesus moment a year earlier, when she'd summoned the Bible to decry a Republican anti-immigrant initiative that she said would "criminalize the good Samaritan...and even Jesus himself." Liberal Christians crowed ("Hillary Clinton Shows the Way Democrats Can Use the Bible," declared a blogger at TPMCafe) while conservative pundits cried foul, accusing Clinton of scoring points with a faith not really her own.

Through all of her years in Washington, Clinton has been an active participant in conservative Bible study and prayer circles that are part of a secretive Capitol Hill group known as the Fellowship. Her collaborations with right-wingers such as Senator Sam Brownback (R-Kan.) and former Senator Rick Santorum (R-Pa.) grow in part from that connection. "A lot of evangelicals would see that as just cynical exploitation," says the Reverend Rob Schenck, a former leader of the militant anti-abortion group Operation Rescue who now ministers to decision makers in Washington. "I don't....there is a real good that is infected in people when they are around Jesus talk, and open Bibles, and prayer."

NYC anti-frack.billionaire to spend money in PA gubernatorial campaign

July 19, 2014 12:15 AM
Max Radwin / The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Billionaire Tom Steyer and his Super PAC, NextGen Climate, are making big moves in Pennsylvania this year.

The organization aims to call out elected officials who deny the existence of climate change while working with those who are fighting to stop it. In Pennsylvania, it has its eyes on the gubernatorial race between Republican Gov. Tom Corbett and Democratic challenger Tom Wolf.

During a 2011 budget speech, Mr. Corbett said he wanted to make Pennsylvania “the Texas of the natural gas boom.” In May, during an interview with StateImpact — an NPR-affiliated policy news site — he said the reality of climate change was “up for debate.”

A spokeswoman for NextGen Climate said it is working to show voters how Mr. Corbett “stood up for powerful energy companies (who are significant contributors to his campaign) at the expense of Pennsylvania voters’‍ best interests.” Last week, NextGen sent a Right-to-Know request for all correspondence between Mr. Corbett and oil and gas companies, plus campaign finance records.

Read more: http://www.post-gazette.com/news/politics-state/2014/07/19/NYC-billionaire-to-spend-money-in-Pennsylvania-gubernatorial-campaign/stories/201407160044#ixzz380OXKFPp

Democrats expect gains in state Senate

Party hopes lead in governor’s race will bring majority
July 19, 2014 11:08 PM
By James O'Toole / Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Republicans have controlled the state Senate in Harrisburg for two decades.

But some Senate Democrats, buoyed by the polling lead of their candidate for governor and their own gains in the 2012 elections, contend they are on the verge of reclaiming the majority that has eluded them for a political generation.

Republicans held a dominant majority in the chamber going into the 2012 presidential election, with a lead of 29 to 20. But Democrats trimmed that edge to 27 to 23, picking off seats opened by GOP retirements. If they could flip just two seats in November, and if, as polls currently suggest is likely, the Democrats were also to capture the governor's mansion, they would control a tied chamber with their lieutenant governor wielding the tie-breaking gavel.

In an election in which half the seats are on the ballot, analysts see control being determined by the outcomes of the races in three open seats and a handful of GOP seats in the Philadelphia suburbs in which veteran Republican incumbents have so far prevailed against increasing Democratic strength in that corner of the state.

Read more: http://www.post-gazette.com/news/politics-state/2014/07/20/Democrats-expect-gains-in-state-Senate/stories/201407200171#ixzz380NNep8I

See the article for a more detailed analysis of each seat considered to be up for grabs.
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