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Bernie Sanders’s Early Online Haul: $8.3 Million JUNE 26, 2015

The day Bernie announced his candidacy, April 30, he raised in excess of $1 million through ActBlue. On May 3, he raised $1.6 million. Except for those 2 days, his supporters donated an average $177,598 to Act Blue for Mr. Sanders each day between May 4 and June 17.
And that $8.3 Million is only the money raised by Act Blue - the article speculates the final number raised by June 30 will be in excess of $9 million.

The Upshot
Campaign Finance
Bernie Sanders’s Early Online Haul: $8.3 Million

JUNE 26, 2015
Derek Willis

The enthusiastic crowds that have been greeting Bernie Sanders on the campaign trail have been matched by online donor excitement. Mr. Sanders, the socialist Vermont senator running for the Democratic presidential nomination, has raised at least $8.3 million online through June 17, according to Federal Election Commission records. His campaign won’t file its initial report until July 15, but filings by ActBlue, the online fund-raising committee that serves as a conduit for Democratic campaigns, show that Mr. Sanders has brought in more money in May and the first half of June than any other Democratic candidate using ActBlue.

It’s likely that Mr. Sanders will report more than $9 million raised as of June 30, the deadline for midyear F.E.C. reports. That amount is larger than any Republican not named Mitt Romney raised in the first half of 2011.

His total is greater than that of Martin O’Malley, the former Maryland governor who also uses ActBlue and has collected more than $331,000 in his first month of online fund-raising. But Mr. Sanders’s online success is likely to be eclipsed in the first set of filings by Hillary Rodham Clinton, who has a larger network of donors and more time to raise money. (ActBlue is not Mrs. Clinton’s primary online fund-raising vehicle; she has received at least $43,000 through ActBlue users between April 20 and June 17).

Without the support of a “super PAC,” Mr. Sanders’s total may seem small compared with some of the other 2016 candidates, but anywhere close to $10 million would be a very respectable total for a candidate who raised a total of $6.2 million for his 2012 Senate race. One question is whether this initial flood of donations represents the high-water mark or can be sustained.


Link to a ton of Bernie/timeline photos - suitable for FB posts.

I post one of these a day, or a link to a positive report on Bernie's activities/speeches/etc.
And I'm getting positive responses from FB friends who are typically apolitical. Example:

"He is so right about so many things!!!"


International NY Times: Sanders in statistical dead heat with Clinton

I know this poll was reported from other sources, but to me it's big news that the International New York Times is featuring the report AND that the Int. NYT report is popping up on the Facebook feed.


New Hampshire Poll Shows Bernie Sanders in Dead Heat With Hillary Clinton

The next time Hillary Rodham Clinton visits New Hampshire, she need not look over her shoulder to find Bernie Sanders; the Vermont Senator is running right alongside her in a statistical dead heat for the 2016 Democratic presidential nomination, according to a CNN/WMUR poll released on Thursday.

While Mrs. Clinton has been popular in New Hampshire, her favorable ratings have dropped since February, while Mr. Sanders’s have been climbing. And his negatives are lower than hers. So their net favorability ratings (favorable minus unfavorable) are now equal, at 55 percent. The poll shows Mrs. Clinton drawing 43 percent of likely Democratic primary voters compared to 35 percent for Mr. Sanders, but with a margin of sampling error of plus or minus five percentage points, the race is a statistical tie.

While Mrs. Clinton has been enormously popular in New Hampshire, her favorable ratings have dropped almost 20 points since February, while Mr. Sanders’s have been climbing. And his negatives are lower than hers. So their net favorability ratings (favorable minus unfavorable) are now equal, at 55 percent. Working against her is the hefty 28 percent who view her as the “least honest.”

Working to Mr. Sanders’s advantage: Most voters believe he “best represents Democrats like yourself” and “cares the most about people like you.” The one issue that voters said he was better able to handle than Mrs. Clinton was dealing with “big banks and corporations.”

Hey, Hillary! Pay Your Interns

As the high school girl who slept in a Hillary for President T-shirt for most of 2007, cried when she conceded to Barack Obama, railed at Congress during the Benghazi hearings and was an early follower of Texts from Hillary, I took heart from the 18 million cracks in the glass ceiling Hillary Clinton's 2008 presidential campaign had created.

When Hillary announced her second run for the White House, I felt my passion for politics reignite. I quickly applied for and was offered a position as a Hillary for America fellow to work on the campaign. I couldn't have been more excited — until I was told I'd have to move to Nevada and work full time on my own dime.

I couldn't believe my ears. I did not apply as a routine volunteer but as a fellow. Its application process with an elaborate screening and interview process was now revealed to be an ugly lie. If Hillary hopes to inspire young people, to prove she understands our interests she should offer substance to earn our votes.

But it doesn't bode well that a campaign seeking younger voters would callously overlook my generation's biggest struggle: employment. Nearly 14% of us are unemployed. After two straight years of unemployment, I thought things were looking up with a potential Hillary victory. Internships, once a prestigious foot-in-the-door experience, have increasingly been shown to be an abusive way for employers to gain free labor. I had bad experiences at unpaid internships in California and New York. I promised myself when I graduated two years ago to never let anyone do that to me again.

As as been pointed out in repeated articles about Hillary's unpaid campaign "fellows", only young people from wealthy families can afford to work for her campaign.

Meanwhile, Hillary's campaign just hired journalist/Fusion host and Univision news anchor Jorge Ramos' daughter. http://www.adweek.com/tvnewser/jorge-ramos-announces-his-daughter-will-work-for-clinton/265511 "I am disclosing that my daughter, Paola, has accepted a position working with Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign.”

So here's the big question, Is SHE being paid? If so, was she hired and given preferential treatment, i.e, being paid, because of her father's influential position as a news anchor? Or because according to Time magazine, "Jorge Ramos is one of the most influential men in the world." http://www.mediamoves.com/2015/04/jorge-ramos-makes-times-100-influential-list.html

If she (who just graduated from Harvard last month) like other Clinton campaign workers is not being paid, then who's picking up her relocation, cost of living, medical insurance expenses? Reasonably, one would expect it's her father/family. This is the father who states he still talks to her on the phone everyday, but protests he can maintain his journalistic integrity, impartiality, fairness, etc. http://www.latintimes.com/jorge-ramos-letter-daughter-paola-will-melt-your-heart-318583

The reality is that whomever actually subsidizes all the expenses and costs of living for unpaid campaign workers is indirectly contributing to the Clinton campaign, and doubtless in excess of the legal limits on campaign contributions. What stinks about this? Pretty SLICK, huh?


Seattle Icebreaker Heads for North Pole

Source: KUOW Seattle

The Shell Oil rig that left Elliott Bay last week isn't the only big vessel heading to the Arctic from Seattle. A Coast Guard icebreaker heads to Alaska on Wednesday. The Seattle-based ship will help a multinational team of scientists explore pollution at the North Pole.

Climate change has fueled competition at the top of the world, where shipping and resource extraction are becoming feasible for the first time. With a tiny fleet of icebreakers (the Coast Guard has just two in operation), the U.S. lags behind other nations. At last count, Russia has 41 icebreakers.

KUOW's John Ryan reports.
"It's a beehive of activity on the docks at the Coast Guard station in South Seattle. Crew members and scientists are loading crate after crate on board the Healy. It's a 420-foot long ice breaker.

"This is historic, the fact that all these nations are working together. It's historic just from that point of view. They will be getting a pan-arctic picture of the chemistry of the Arctic Ocean. This will generate data that will be used for decades to come."

Read more: http://kuow.org/post/seattle-icebreaker-heads-north-pole

In a rare example of cooperation between Democrats and Republicans, Washington Democrat Maria Cantwell and Alaska Republican Lisa Murkowski have introduced legislation to add as many six ice breakers to the U.S. Coast Guard fleet, which currently only has 2, as compared to Russia's more than 40 icebreakers.
Climate change has been shrinking the northern ice cap about 10 percent each decade. Polar shipping and mining are becoming feasible where they never were before. Nations have been jockeying for territory and resources at the top of the planet.

Cantwell: "The Chinese, the Russians are already aggressive in their resource development in the Arctic. I found out this morning even India is building an icebreaker."

The Coast Guard estimates new ice breakers could cost nearly a billion dollars each. Cantwell says it'll be worth it as shrinking ice makes the Arctic grow in economic importance, if not ecological health, in the years ahead.

Tuxedo cats-strong, stoic, sweet survivors. (& Magical Mister Mistoffelees)

My best cat ever - out of many rescues - was a large male tuxedo/16 lbs. - whom I fed outdoors for over a year, through a Pennsylvania winter. In addition to dry food, I roasted a whole chicken a week for him and mixed it in w/dry food to keep him nourished. Finally tempted him through the kitchen door (more roast chicken), swept him up in a big beach towel, took him to the vet's where he required just over a thousand dollars of treatment/3 broken eye teeth; torn and bleeding tear duct; v-shaped wound in his back (maybe from the neighborhood hawk); plus testing for feline HIV, neutering & inoculations - all the while not knowing whether he'd accept being an indoor cat or I'd have to release him back into the woods. He never struggled with the vet or me - just froze when we touched him. Took him home & the 3rd day I put him in my lap to put medicine on his back, he started out frozen immobile, then gave a huge sigh, relaxed, started purring like a motor boat, and snuggling - first under one arm, then my other arm, then up under my chin. He enjoyed napping and sunning on my 2nd floor deck, from which he could watch the woods, but never made any effort to leave my house. He'd sleep in various comfy spots around the house, but at some point every night, he'd jump up onto my bed, crawl under my arm and sleep until morning. He was my Best Boy for 10 very good years. I have two newer rescues, but I still miss him.

In popular culture

In the United Kingdom, the tuxedo cat became depicted as the "Jellicle cat" in the fictional tribe of nocturnal black and white cats described by T. S. Eliot in Old Possum's Book of Practical Cats, which was first published in 1939. In its derivative musical, Cats, the tuxedo cat is exemplified by the character of the magical Mr. Mistoffelees, who is portrayed as a stage magician wearing a lacy ruff and bow tie. The musical differed from the book in that the characters included cats with many different coat colors, rather than just bicolor cats, but it retains the repeated assertion that "Jellicle cats are black and white." Cats with these markings also played a starring role in the drawings illustrating The Unadulterated Cat, a book written by Terry Pratchett, with cartoons by Gray Jolliffe.

Other well known cartoon bicolor cats include Krazy Kat, Felix the Cat, Tom Cat from Tom and Jerry, Jess from Postman Pat, Kitty Softpaws from the Shrek spin-off Puss in Boots, Figaro, Beans, Sebastian the cat from Josie and the Pussycats and Sylvester. A bicolor cat named Mittens is one of the main characters in the 2008 Disney animated film Bolt. Aldwyn from The Familiars is a tuxedo cat, while Meowrice (voiced by Paul Frees) from Gay Purr-ee is a bicolor. A tuxedo cat is also the protagonist of the popular children's book Tip-Top Cat.


Love that he NEVER has that huge fake smile plastered on his face

let alone combines the fake smile with pointing at some anonymous distant member of an audience with the extreme raised eyebrows as if to say, "Oh my god, it's my old college roommate I haven't seen in 40 years."
HRC and Bill aren't the only politicians who do it of course, but they are masters of it and it's gotten to be way too exaggerated and phony.

Ruh-roh! HRC's internal polling not lookin' good for her chances?

She will hang on to the bitter end, to keep adding $$$ to her campaign fund - which she gets to keep if she drops out of the race - subject to some spending restrictions (which are variably enforced) but still quite useful.

From HRC's hard-working, UNPAID interns per chance?

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton today rolled out a series of programs designed to reduce the youth unemployment rate, but Clinton, herself, is building out a portion of her campaign with unpaid labor.

Clinton’s campaign is establishing a network of grassroots trainees, called “Organizing Fellows,” who are being signed on full-time to work for free. Some, even those who are young professionals with experience in politics, are reportedly being told they need to work without pay for at least the summer months.


CLASSIC HILLARY - WORDS NOT DEEDS - "ooh, ooh, it's so baaaad not to pay student interns, except when they're interning for MY family "charity" or MY campaign!" And CLASSIC Clinton Foundation allocation of those millions in donations - private jets & 5 star presidential suite accomodations at glittering, celebrity filled "meetings", but squat all for new graduates with student loans - although the received wisdom is that only young people of independent means and without student loan debt can afford to "volunteer" for HRC OR the Clinton Foundation.

Hillary Doesn't Like Unpaid Internships, but Clinton Foundation Sure Does
The charity spent $30 million on salaries last year but not one cent on interns, unlike the Ford or Gates Foundations. What gives?

Hillary Clinton may be running for president as a champion for the middle class, but the Clinton Foundation’s interns do not get paid. “Businesses have taken advantage of unpaid internships to an extent that it is blocking the opportunities for young people to move on into paid employment,” Clinton said at UCLA in 2013. “More businesses need to move their so-called interns to employees.”

That doesn’t happen at her own business, the Clinton Foundation that Bill started in 2001.
The foundation goes through about 100 interns each summer, with slightly less during the school year. Summer interns volunteer 30 to 40 hours a week, while interns who work during a college semester may work 25 hours. The most some interns receive is a $2,000 stipend for a four-month period, and that depends on financial need.

Paying them all New York’s minimum wage of $8.75, for instance, would cost a fraction of the foundation’s budget, which spent $29.9 million (PDF) on employee salaries, compensation, and benefits for about 2,000 employees worldwide in 2013.

“There is no section of the Labor Law that exempts ‘interns’ at not-for-profit organizations from the minimum wage requirements,” a New York Department of Labor handout clarifies (PDF). Unlike for-profit corporations, nonprofits in New York are allowed to employ unpaid volunteers. Unpaid volunteers can’t be required to work certain hours though (Foundation interns are), and they cannot be compensated in any way except for reimbursement for expenses (some Foundation interns get stipends).



The chock-a-block crowded field of extreme & bizarre candidates on the GOP side will self-destruct in their primary.

Whomever is the Democratic candidate will win, going away.

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