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Skip Intro

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And I prove you full of shit right now:

You said this about me:

You have an agenda. You think abortion is bad and brings guilt to women who have them. "Moment if birth" is typical pro-lie propaganda wording; terminating a pregnancy at the point of birth IS birth.

Yet you can't point to any quote from me, from the other thread or this one, that backs up your bullshit assertions.

Go ahead, point out one quote that proves I have some agenda, I'm out to shame women, I'm out to destroy the right to abortion - point it out to me - quote me - do it.

Back up your bullshit accusations with quotes.

Do it.

You won't, because you can't, because it isn't there.



Like night and day. This isn't about Paul, this is about an establishment that thinks it, not voters

should decide who will be president.

The knee-jerk Paul haters here and in the establishment parties, and indeed every American, should pay attention to this.

The link between the political parties and the media is laid bare here, and to act as blind puppets, so easily led and manipulated by this blatant and clearly hypocritical establishment machine, is the true danger to our nation and our freedom.
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