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Gender: Female
Hometown: Florida
Member since: 2002
Number of posts: 84,880

About Me

Retired teacher who sees much harm to public education from the "reforms" being pushed by corporations. Privatizing education is the wrong way to go. Children can not be treated as products, thought of in terms of profit and loss.

Journal Archives

Florida charter school shuts down during school day. No buses to get kids home.

Even the website was down. The students were in the middle of testing. The same charter company closed another school one day later.

But here's the kicker...there is no law to keep them from taking even more public money from public schools and opening another charter school.

Fred Grimm: Failed charter schools can always come back for more

Two weeks ago, the kids who attend Acclaim Academy in Jacksonville discovered that their charter school no longer existed.

The Florida Times-Union described how classes had come to an abrupt and unexpected end, no matter that the 250 students were in the midst of end-of-school year testing. The children came to class to discover school employees were packing up supplies. The school website was down. There were no buses to transport pupils home that afternoon.

Another ignoble experiment in Florida’s barely regulated charter school education had gone kaput, leaving 250 students in the lurch. Apparently the charter operator didn’t have enough money budgeted to finish out the school year. To hell with the kids.

One day later, the same operator shut down another Acclaim Academy, this one housed in a former Target store outside Orlando, leaving 181 kids on the outs with just three weeks left in the school year.

The article points out that local districts were left with the mess, though they had no say in any of it. Imagine having to watch these charter schools waste the money that is taken from district public schools.

And another shocker is who owns these schools.

Both schools were run by Corey Alston, the former city manager of South Bay in Palm Beach County, who just happened to plead guilty to grand theft last year for running up personal charges on his city-issued credit card (Alton received six years probation). His criminal record has no bearing on whether he can run a charter school operation. Not in Florida.

Taxpayer money is being given to someone with a known criminal history. It doesn't matter if he wants to run a charter school in Florida.

Jill and Jessa say parents put locks on bedroom doors to keep Josh out. Unreal.

That is just so outrageous to read. The interview posted tonight by Time also says that DHS bragged on what an amazing job the parents were doing.

Wasn't there anyone who cared enough about right and wrong to do something before the statute of limitations ran out?

Picture is from the original interview at People Magazine

I'm not buying those tears from Jill.

Jill Dillard and Jessa Seewald: Our Parents ‘Put Locks on the Doors’

Jessa Seewald and Jill Dillard say their parents used “safeguards” to protect them from their brother, Josh Duggar, after he molested them as well as two of their sisters when they were young.

....Their parents put “locks on the doors,” said Jill. “You know, everybody’s in bed. Girls in the girls’ room. Boys in the boys’ room … as a mother now I look back, and I think, you know, my parents did such an amazing job for me. Even when we went through the DHS investigation they complimented my parents on what an amazing job they did through that process.”

Jim Bob told Kelly on Wednesday that after Josh confessed at 14 that he had “improperly touched his sisters” while they were sleeping,” that he and his wife put “safeguards” into place to try to prevent him from doing it again.

Jessa, 22, said she and her sister wanted to come forward to talk about what their brother had done to them. “This is something we chose to do – nobody asked us to do this,” said Jessa about speaking out for the first time since police reports revealed that the eldest of the Duggar children was investigated in 2006 for molesting five underage girls as a teen.

Sounds like terms they were coached to use in their excuse of Josh's behavior.

“Josh was a boy, a young boy in puberty and a little too curious about girls,” says Jessa. “And that got him into some trouble. And he made some bad choices, but, really, the extent of it was mild – inappropriate touching on fully clothed victims, most of it while girls were sleeping.

Locks on the doors when they went to bed? That's just pathetic.

Seems like those who were supposed to be the watchmen were in actuality the enablers of this cultish behavior.

If I ever get banned, please don't celebrate openly. That would be painful to read for sure.

I have seen so many friends have to leave here. I have stayed in touch with many, wonder about the rest quite often.

I take pride that I have never had a post hidden at DU3. Oh, yeah, I some threads locked during the 04 primary wars. Not usually because of my posts but because of the ugliness that ensued. Primaries get ugly here.

When NYC_SKP was moderator at the other DU we had some differences. The good part was that I could send him a message and we could discuss it. I believe he was one of the most fair mods we ever had.

The last few months have meant lots of medical problems. He posted in The DU Lounge in March about them.

Do you know what an SAH is?

Subarachnoid hemorrhage ( SAH) - Mayfield Clinic

Subarachnoid hemorrhage (SAH) is a serious, life-threatening type of stroke caused by bleeding into the space surrounding the brain.

Here is some of the aftermath he posted in the Lounge. I hope he doesn't mind my posting.

Some of you might remember that last May I suffered a SAH, was airlifted to Stanford, had a seizure and surgery and totally dodged a fatal bullet.

Lucky me, my surgeon is the best in the country, maybe the world, Gary Steinberg. He invented modern brain surgery.

In June they determined there was infection and opened me up and then later in November they went in again and removed the bone flap, which was necroptic and septic and icky, they tell me.

On March 31 the will insert a bone flap made of polyetheretherketone. I hope this will be my last surgery. The post-op pics of staples and stitches and such are not pretty but this pic is COOL, I got it on Monday!

DU has a history of being kind to its members with health problems. That is what makes one forum more special than others.

So it's primary time again, and there will be rough times ahead. It saddens me to see it start this way.

So if I get banned at least pretend to be a little upset.

Editing because I think everyone who thinks that many posts and a good reputation will keep one from being gone in the blink of an eye should read Ida Briggs post right now.

Ark. senator said he might seek criminal charges against chief who released Duggar police report.

Somehow I missed this before. After the pathetic interview last night with the Duggars, reading this was a surprise.

Looks like even Megyn Kelly is trying to blame the messenger.

Duggars To Megyn Kelly: “There’s An Agenda”

“I think they knew they needed to speak to somebody and get their story out,” Kelly added — their story being that the information about their son and daughters was “released without their consent.”

To that end, Kelly says she’s particularly interested to learn more about the police chief who gave the redacted report to In Touch.

“It’s a little suspicious how it went down,” Kelly said adding, “Very clearly she had no business releasing” the police report.

(Arkansas state Sen. Bart Hester (R) would appear to agree, having recently told a local radio station he believes Springdale Police Chief Kathy O’Kelly compromised the identities of Josh’s Duggar’s alleged victims when she released the police report to In Touch. Hester said he anticipated criminal charges being brought against O’Kelly, who is set to retire at the end of this month.

But the mayor, Doug Sprouse, told the radio station O’Kelly had consulted with Springdale’s city attorney when the publication set out to get the report via a Freedom of Information Act. According to Sprouse, O’Kelly consulted with the city attorney, concluding together that the police report had to be released in accordance with the law.)

They all seem so totally clueless about the fact that people with fewer offenses than Josh Duggar had been sentenced to prison time.

They all seem so clueless about the real world. Megyn Kelly did them no favor with this interview, and IMO she made herself look bad.

Police report makes it clear the Duggars waited 16 months, 5-7 abuse events before reporting it.

Newly Released Police Report Details How Duggar Parents Waited 16 Months Before Going to Police

More light has been shed on the ongoing Duggar family controversy, this time with a newly released police report detailing how Josh Duggar's parents waited 16 months before telling authorities about their son's actions.

In the 2006 report obtained by In Touch, through the Freedom of Information Act, Jim Bob Duggar told police that his son admitted on three separate occasions to molesting underage girls.

The star of 19 Kids and Counting explained that Josh confessed to him in March and July of 2002, and then March of 2003, before taking him to meet with elder members of their church.

According to the police report, Jim Bob explained that "they all agreed" at the time that Josh "needed to be put into a treatment program."

...Several members of the church suggested sending Josh to Piney Ridge Treatment Center at Vista Hospital in Little Rock, however, Jim Bob "had concerns about the program" over what Josh may "be exposed to."

Wait. Jim Bob was concerned about what Josh might "be exposed to" at Piney Ridge center?

What about concerns over what Josh did 3 different times to underage girls??

Sanders on Rachel tonight. Wants to debate GOPers to call them out on their words.

Published on Jun 2, 2015

Senator Bernie Sanders is trying to push for debates between the Democratic and Republican presidential candidates now, because, he says, the GOP is “getting away with murder” and they need to be called out on that.

Sanders is pushing for more Democratic debates, as well as cross-party debates, which would be unheard of in the modern era of presidential campaigning. Rachel Maddow asked Sanders tonight why he would want to do that.

Sanders explained, “In a sense, the Republicans get away with murder. They have an absolutely reactionary agenda.”

He argued that a cross-party debate would be a great opportunity to cut out the “political gossip” and honestly confront each other on the issues.

So will any Republicans actually go for this? (Spoiler: most likely no.)
Posted by madfloridian | Wed Jun 3, 2015, 12:16 AM (6 replies)

Voice told the "Family" founder to bust unions. And Jesus said minister to members of "elite:...

instead of to the down and out to minister to the up and out.

When I read these two paragraphs my very first thought was that this movement that started in the 1930s was relevant to how the 1% have come into power.

It appears to be relevant to the constant efforts to cut programs to the poor, needy, and elderly while all the while enriching the coffers of the very rich.

From The Week:

DC's 'invisible army' for Christ

What does the Family believe?

Its theology is vague, elastic, and focused on power. The basic precepts came to Vereide in a vision in 1935, according to the group’s literature. Living in Seattle, he came to believe that union organizing in the city was communist-inspired. Jesus appeared to him in the form of the president of U.S. Steel, who told him to gather “key men”—prominent businessmen and political leaders—to beat back the unions in His name. Vereide’s recruiting efforts spread eastward, and in 1941 he arrived in Washington, where he began cultivating friendships with powerful people and setting up prayer groups. By then, Vereide was convinced that conventional Christianity had it backwards: Instead of ministering to the down-and-out, Jesus wanted believers to tend to the “up-and-out”—members of America’s elite who lacked intimacy with Jesus. In Vereide’s worldview, free-market capitalism is divinely ordained, and unions and regulations are a form of blasphemy.

There's more from In These Times:

Scandal-linked “The Family” Says: Jesus Wants You to Bust Unions

One night, while lying in bed fretting about socialists, Wobblies, and a Swedish Communist who, he was sure, planned to bring Seattle under the control of Moscow, Vereide received a visitation: a voice, and a light in the dark, bright and blinding. The next day he met a friend, a wealthy businessman and former major, and the two men agreed upon a spiritual plan. They enlisted nineteen business executives in a weekly breakfast meeting and together they prayed, convinced that Jesus alone could redeem Seattle and crush the radical unions. They wanted to give Jesus a vessel, and so they asked God to raise up a leader. One of their number, a city councilman named Arthur Langlie, stood and said, “I am ready to let God use me.” Langlie was made first mayor and later governor, backed in both campaigns by money and muscle from his prayer-breakfast friends, whose number had rapidly multiplied.

Some shocking views of the group known as The Family or the Fellowship.

There are reasons why some have concerns about their goals.

Interestingly enough the group was founded as an anti-union movement.

While 700 plus policemen patrolled the 1934 union strikes, The Family founder prayed with the elite.

These are a couple of paragraphs I transcribed from Jeff Sharlet's book The Family.

This part showed a sharp contrast between the wealthy and the workers. They seemed to take the efforts of the unions to gain power very personally...or as Sharlet once said Abram Vereides considered it a challenge to God's sovereignty. From page 104 about the 1934 union strikes:

From page 104 about the 1934 union strikes:

Seven hundred policemen in dark blue patrolled the waterfront on foot and in black cars and on high chestnut horses. Twice that number and more picketed and searched for strikebreakers. The middle class began contemplating last minute vacations. The wives of the wealthy bunkered up at the Union Club, where Abram led prayer meetings for businessmen. As the blue tear gas sent tendrils up the hill, they must have felt frustrated by his optimistic lessons in biblical capitalism. Scripture has much to say about honest dealing and even more about handling the heathen, but not once does it mention organized labor.

From page 108:

The strike went on, but the shippers were defeated by the time the coffins went into the ground. Their old beliefs could not compete. Management-capital-would require a new faith if it was to survive.

The strike of 1934 scared Abram into launching the movement that would become the vanguard of elite fundamentalism, and elite fundamentalism took as its first challenge the destruction of militant labor. Destruction was not the word Christians used however. They called it cooperation.

Abram Vereides was given much power by the end of WW II.

In 1944, Vereide had foreseen what he called 'the new world order.' 'Upon the termination of the war there will be many men available to carry on,' Vereide wrote in a letter to his wife. 'Now the ground-work must be laid and our leadership brought to face God in humility, prayer and obedience.' He began organizing prayer meetings for delegates to the United Nations, at which he would instruct them in God's plan for rebuilding from the wreckage of the war. Donald Stone, a high-ranking administrator of the Marshall Plan, joined the directorship of Vereide's organization. In an undated letter, he wrote Vereide that he would 'soon begin a tour around the world for the (Marshall Plan), combining with this a spiritual mission.'

In 1946, Vereide, too, toured the world, traveling with letters of introduction from a half dozen senators and representatives, and from Paul G. Hoffman, the director of the Marshall Plan. He traveled also with a mandate from General John Hildring, assistant secretary of state, to oversee the creation of a list of good Germans of 'the predictable type' (many of whom, Vereide believed, were being held for having 'the faintest connection' with the Nazi regime), who could be released from prison 'to be used, according to their ability in the tremendous task of reconstruction.' Vereides met with Jewish survivors and listened to their stories, but he nevertheless considered ex-Nazis well suited for the demands of 'strong' government, so long as they were willing to worship Christ as they had Hitler.

More from a Salon article in 2009.

Sex and power inside “the C Street House”

The Family likes to call itself a “Christian Mafia,” but it began 74 years ago as an anti-New Deal coalition of businessmen convinced that organized labor was under the sway of Satan. The Great Depression, they believed, was a punishment from God for what they viewed as FDR’s socialism. The Family’s goal was the “consecration” of America to God, first through the repeal of New Deal reforms, then through the aggressive expansion of American power during the Cold War. They called this a “Worldwide Spiritual Offensive,” but in Washington, it amounted to the nation’s first fundamentalist lobby. Early participants included Southern Sens. Strom Thurmond, Herman Talmadge and Absalom Willis Robertson — Pat Robertson’s father. Membership lists stored in the Family’s archive at the Billy Graham Center at evangelical Wheaton College in Illinois show active participation at any given time over the years by dozens of congressmen.

Today’s roll call is just as impressive: Men under the Family’s religio-political counsel include, in addition to Ensign, Coburn and Pickering, Sens. Chuck Grassley, R-Iowa, and Jim DeMint and Lindsey Graham, both R-S.C.; James Inhofe, R-Okla., John Thune, R-S.D., and recent senators and high officials such as John Ashcroft, Ed Meese, Pete Domenici and Don Nickles. Over in the House there’s Joe Pitts, R-Penn., Frank Wolf, R-Va., Zach Wamp, R-Tenn., Robert Aderholt, R-Ala., Ander Crenshaw, R-Fla., Todd Tiahrt, R-Kan., Marsha Blackburn, R-Tenn., Jo Ann Emerson, R-Mo., and John R. Carter, R-Texas. Historically, the Family has been strongly Republican, but it includes Democrats, too. There’s Mike McIntyre of North Carolina, for instance, a vocal defender of putting the Ten Commandments in public places, and Sen. Mark Pryor, the pro-war Arkansas Democrat responsible for scuttling Obama’s labor agenda. Sen. Pryor explained to me the meaning of bipartisanship he’d learned through the Family: “Jesus didn’t come to take sides. He came to take over.” And by Jesus, the Family means the Family.

In 2007 the Miami Herald quoted Grace Nelson, wife of Florida's Senator Bill Nelson.

Mother Jones, the progressive politics magazine, delves into Dem prez contender Hillary Clinton's religious and political life - and among the few in her inner circle who would talk for the story was Grace Nelson, wife of Florida Sen. Bill Nelson.

Nelson, the magazine notes, was one of Clinton's "cell mates" in the DC-based Fellowship, described by the magazine as "a network of sex-segregated cells of political, business and military leaders dedicated to 'spiritual war' on behalf of Christ."

The magazine quotes Nelson - whom it describes as "a piety broker in Florida politics" because of her role as organizer of the Governor's Prayer Breakfast - as cautioning that she's not "at liberty" to reveal much.

Here's what the story says:

"Clinton's prayer cell was tight-knit, according to Nelson, who recalled that one of her conservative prayer partners was at first loath to pray for the first lady, but learned to 'love Hillary as much as any of us love Hillary.' Cells like these, Nelson added, exist in 'parliaments all over the world,' with all welcome so long as they submit to 'the person of Jesus' as the source of their power."

There are two more shocking statements from the Salon article. The statement by the son of the present head of The Family is especially shocking in light of recent news stories.

But David Coe, Doug Coe’s son and heir apparent, calls himself simply a friend to men such as John Ensign, whom he guided through the coverup of his affair. I met the younger Coe when I lived for several weeks as a member of the Family. He’s a surprising source of counsel, spiritual or otherwise. Attempting to explain what it means to be chosen for leadership like King David was — or Mark Sanford, according to his own estimate — he asked a young man who’d put himself, body and soul, under the Family’s authority, “Let’s say I hear you raped three little girls. What would I think of you?” The man guessed that Coe would probably think that he was a monster. “No,” answered Coe, “I wouldn’t.” Why? Because, as a member of the Family, he’s among what Family leaders refer to as the “new chosen.” If you’re chosen, the normal rules don’t apply.

Their support of dictators around the world who commit atrocities is also a shocking stance, and it seems to prove the point about the group being about power....not about religion.

If the Family men who stood over John Ensign as he wrote a baldly insincere breakup letter to his mistress were naive about hearts that want what they want, they don’t claim ignorance about the strongmen with whom they build bonds of prayer and foreign aid. They admire them. Counseling Rep. Tiahrt, Doug Coe offered Pol Pot and Osama bin Laden as men whose commitment to their causes is to be emulated. Preaching on the meaning of Christ’s words, he says, “You know Jesus said ‘You got to put Him before mother-father-brother sister? Hitler, Lenin, Mao, that’s what they taught the kids. Mao even had the kids killing their own mother and father. But it wasn’t murder. It was for building the new nation. The new kingdom.”

Arguing with climate change deniers. Cartoon says it well.

I grew up Southern Baptist, and I must have been a really obnoxious teen. We had been made to believe we were right, everyone else was wrong.

As the saying still goes today among fundamentalists:

The Bible says it. I believe it. That settles it.

This cartoon reminded me.

When I hear Ray Comfort's name...I think of....


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