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The reason rockets explode

I direct your attention to this NASA historical document on the F-1 engine they used on the Saturn V...http://history.msfc.nasa.gov/saturn_apollo/documents/F-1_Engine.pdf

This is a bigger engine than Orbital Sciences is running, but this will give you the idea. Look at a few items:

Fuel Pump
The fuel pump supplies fuel to the thrust chamber and gas generator at a flowrate of 15,471 gallons per minute.

Oxidizer Pump
The oxidizer pump supplies oxidizer to the thrust chamber and gas generator at a flowrate of 24,811 gallons per minute.

The turbine, producing 55,000 brake horsepower, drives the fuel and oxidizer pumps.

If you look at the attached document you'll notice the fuel and oxidizer lines are about two feet in diameter.

Rocket scientists live on the horns of a dilemma. On one hand, the rocket must be strong enough not to break when you pump 15,000 gallons per minute of kerosene into it. On the other, every pound of material used to ensure the rocket WON'T break when you pump 15,000 gpm's worth of kerosene into it is a pound of cargo you won't be paid to lift with your engine. Hence, the art of rocketry is the ability to be able to make a rocket that's exactly strong enough to not blow up.

And also strong enough to survive being stored in a cave in Siberia for the past fifty years.

Easy and irrefutable proof of evolution over less than 70 years

The contemporary Russian woman completely blows creationists' claims out of the water.

This is what Russian women looked like before World War II.

This is what they look like now.

Since the collapse of the Soviet Union the Russian woman has gained unparalleled access to beauty products and has fallen in love with same, but makeup alone won't turn the women of the top photo into the one in the bottom one. World War II made this happen - namely WWII Soviet Red Army combat fatalities. I've tried to pin down a good accurate number of Red Army KIAs, but it's proven impossible. Every tabulator uses a different method, propaganda got in the way of some of them, heightened secrecy...also, rest assured there are companies who were wiped completely off the face of the earth who had no idea how many troops were actually in them before they went downrange. Simply put, we have no fucking idea how many soldiers were really in the Red Army, nor do we know how many of them died - but all the rough estimates put it at between 8 and 15 million dead troops, and a total of between 20 and 30 million dead Soviets of all stripes. This created a buyer's market, so to speak, for men seeking wives and, as men everywhere do, they gravitated toward the prettier ones. It took several generations to level out the balance of the sexes, and while it was happening the less attractive members of Soviet womanhood were denied the opportunity to reproduce.

Next time some creationist tells you God put people on earth fully realized, show them this.

Recommended new MLB rule for the 2015 season

"Anyone who blows singing the National Anthem out his ass as badly as Aaron Lewis did gets beat to death with a baseball bat before the top of the first inning."

I've got the Steelers-Colts game on

Is there a reason they dressed the Pittsburgh team in prison uniforms?

Walmart sells ALL kinds of religious books

Including this one:


Hey folks, I got the weirdest call today

I got woken up by the ring of my landline. (It's hard to buy DSL if you don't have one.) "Call (a company you owe money to, name redacted) at (toll-free number)."

So I called them up at that number; it was someone trying to sell me a cruise.

I hung up and tried the number again - maybe I misdialed it. Nope. Still someone trying to sell me a cruise.

I called the company it was supposed to be... "No, we didn't try contacting you. That's really strange you'd get called like that."

Not Florida: High school seniors to be allowed to pose with guns in yearbook photos


Students at a high school in Nebraska will now be allowed to pose with guns in their senior portraits.

The Broken Bow School Board made the decision to allow guns in school photos this week after a student asked to be photographed with a gun last year but was denied the option, according to local outlet KOLN-TV. The school board voted 6-0 to allow the guns in photos as long as the images are tasteful, the Omaha World-Herald reported.

Broken Bow Public Schools Superintendent Mark Sievering told the Omaha World-Herald that the school was initially afraid that allowing students to pose with guns would promote violence. However, the board decided to allow it because hunting is a big part of the local community.

I have a follow-up to the "citizen stops unmarked cop car" story

A few days ago there was much wailing and gnashing of teeth because a self-described "liberty speaker" named Gavin Seim pulled over a Grant County, Washington, sheriff's car that was unmarked and read the deputy inside the riot act because the car didn't have Grant County Sheriff's Office markings. He threatened to arrest the deputy if the deputy made any arrests while driving this car.

I'll freely admit I don't like this man. He pulls a lot of stupid stunts based on his erroneous readings of the law. Example: sometime before the primary election he was in, he went to the Grant County Courthouse to protest the fact there was no lockbox at the front door to the facility for people to deposit guns in. They had one, but it was in the sheriff's office down the hall - if you are one of those guys who can't be without a gun for even a second you give it to the nice lady at the door, she takes it to the sheriff's room, and when you get ready to leave they give it back. It worked for everyone else and it was legal, but Seim made such a stink they wound up moving the lockbox out by the door to please him.

(By way of comparison, they do not have similar lockboxes in Idaho; you leave your gun in your locked car, and bringing a gun into the courthouse building if you're not a sworn law officer is a misdemeanor.)

This is from the Columbia Basin Herald, who doesn't post things like this on their website.

According to Sheriff Tom Jones, the section of the Revised Code of Washington dealing with vehicle marking is not a civil or criminal statute. It is one "that would be handled internally by an agency head." The car Seim pulled over was new. It arrived at the county motor pool before the vinyl to mark it, which had been ordered before this incident happened, did (which has been installed, BTW), and the sheriff decided the public safety would be best served by using the car.

For Halloween: Read the Calvin version of The Raven

To make a proper tin foil hat, you must have proper tin foil

Fortunately, it's still available:

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