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I've noticed something about the Republicans; maybe you have too

The teabaggers and freepers, who right now are running the GOP, are so interested in nominating a "not a mainstream politician or a Washington insider" politician to run against Obama, that so far they've made a half-term governor (Palin), a former governor (Romney), a sitting governor (Perry), a sitting congresswoman (Bachmann), a lobbyist (Cain) and a former Speaker of the House (Gingrich) their choice to run in the general election. And of the lot, Bachmann, Perry, Romney and Gingrich are still in the fight.

With that bunch to choose from, when they have their brokered convention they'll probably wind up picking James Cayne, last CEO of Bear Stearns and the man who CNBC once described as "the worst CEO of all time," to run against Obama. Remember when Nixon resigned and said, famously, "I am not a crook"? James Cayne will have to say that in his acceptance speech.
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