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Weird thought about pharm commercials

They tell us, "don't take this if you're allergic to it or any of its ingredients."

But they don't tell you, at least in the commercial or the website, what is in it, and how are you supposed to know you're allergic to it if you don't take any?

Is there a health insurance company anywhere that never uses computers?

One of the papers I print is the Teabagger Times - all hard right, all the time. These guys have hard-right barbershop ads. They printed 20 pages yesterday, 19 of them had at least one right-wing thing on them, and the 20th page was a tire ad that couldn't have any political content because they use an agency that deals with every paper west of Rapid City and they don't want to piss off either Moses Lake teabaggers or Berkeley granola fans. (The tire store manager runs an ad of his own explaining the government is the evil bunch responsible for making your tire change more expensive if you have tire pressure monitoring. I wonder if they know who wrote that law.)

Yesterday's edition contained a front-page attack on Obamacare from two local insurance agents. One of them said he tried doing a policy on the exchange but stopped just before hitting send because he was worried about the security of the customer's personal information. He decided to do a paper application and mail it in instead.

The rest of it was the standard tea party crap about high deductibles and the like, followed by the standard "repeal is the only way to fix this" line. The part about the paper application was a bit strange: last I checked, any insurance company operating today does everything on computers. If the guy's information is vulnerable to data thieves when input from the exchange it will also be vulnerable when input from the insurance company's document scanner.

Sarah Palin is going straight to hell. No lie.

I was a bit bored, so I checked the Amazon page for Sarah Palin's War on Christmas book, which is at


As of 8:12 pm December 2, 2013, the Amazon Best Sellers Rank for Mrs. Palin's Insulation Fetus is #666 in Books.

Fundies and facial recognition: Why I don't like Google Glass

IIRC it was a year ago that someone who taught at a Christian school took a vacation in Europe, some pictures of her having wine made it to Facebook, and the teacher was subsequently fired. Recently, a basketball coach at an Idaho high school was canned after a picture of her fiancÚ touching her chest made it to Facebook. In both cases, the pictures were on the fired individuals' own FB pages and were brought to the attention of school officials by enraged parents.

Jump forward a few months from now. Facial recognition is a mature software technology. Webcrawling is a mature software technology. And we are about to be inundated by people wearing camera-equipped eyeglasses, glasses in which the cameras will be blended in so well you can't see them if you don't know exactly what you're looking for.

There really isn't anything preventing the talibornagains and RWNJs from welding together these three technologies to create the ultimate leash on employees. I know and you know that most of these Glasses will be used to upload streaming video to the Internet, and it'll wind up on the users' YouTube pages. Someone will create watchmyminions.com or something similar, that for a fee will search the web for photos of your workers and send you any they find. You can even create categories of evil: went into a business that sells something the employer doesn't like, partook of entertainment the employer doesn't like, went to kinds of healthcare providers the employer doesn't like.

The Question of the Day: Will Fred Phelps picket Paul Crouch's funeral?

Phelps loves picketing the funerals of preachers deemed not sufficiently godly - remember, he picketed Jerry Falwell's funeral. So...when will Phelps announce he's gonna picket Paul Crouch?

Microsoft's "Pawn Stars" commercial is the most disgusting running this season

I happened to run across this spot on Thursday.

To start out, does anyone really think "how much am I gonna be able to hock this for?" when making a buying decision?

I just had a frightening thought re. the Macy's Parade

They have actors from the musicals currently running on Broadway doing songs in front of Macy's.

Imagine what would happen if "Springtime for Hitler" was currently running.

In Idaho, children's creative writing is different than in your area

Most smaller newspapers run a "how to cook a turkey" feature, where a first-grade class gives such charming directions as "cook at one million degrees for one minute."

Today I got one of those in...sixteen first graders wrote on how to cook a turkey; half of their recipes start with "get a gun and a truck and hunt for a turkey."

Beware the Jury Duty Scam and tell all the old people you know

This has been happening in North Idaho for a couple of weeks; tell your mom so she doesn't fall for it when it comes to a town near you.

The scammer calls you, tells you they're from the sheriff's office, and informs you that you failed to report for jury duty. They then tell you a warrant for your arrest will be served unless you pay $2000. You are to buy a Green Dot card, then call back (they give an out-of-area number) with the card number.

They seem to focus on people over 80 years old, so this seems to be the new Grandpa Scam.

Spaghetti: the GOP healthcare plan

Many of the members of this fine website have wondered what the Republicans plan to replace Obamacare with if they ever manage to repeal it. Some of us say they don't have one.

That's not exactly true. They have one. It involves spaghetti.

If you go to small towns and read their weeklies, you'll find frequent references to Medical Fundraising Dinners. "Jane Doe was recently diagnosed with advanced lung cancer from a lifetime of living in a mining town. She needs $2 million to pay her medical bills, so a fundraising dinner will be held at Fourth Street Holiness Church on Thursday at 6 p.m. Spaghetti will be served."

Spaghetti is always served.

With full implementation of Pastacare, you won't ever need to cook again. We the People can just go to fundraising meals three times a day...soon there will be Pancakecare, raising money over buckwheats and coffee, and Tunacare, raising money over fish sammies at noon.

Republicans are famed for lack of forethought, and so it is with Pastacare. Three questions come to mind.

The first is, how much spaghetti does one need to sell to pay for a heart valve? Does that much exist?

Second is, what happens when people can not stand to eat another strand?

And the most important: isn't health insurance better?
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