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Member since: 2002
Number of posts: 27,202

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Regarding the Philadelphia building collapse, I have been thinking...

does the fact that Sean Benschop, the excavator operator, was Smoking Reefers before the collapse negate the facts that...

(1) there were people not directly associated with the work in a place where the building could fall on them, and

(2) the building being demolished was not fitted with supports to reduce the odds that it would fall on the people who weren't supposed to be close enough to it to get hit by it?

What is up with all these "National Food Item Days"?

There are advantages to working for a newspaper...

Like when a Black Widow Spider comes down from the ceiling and lands on top of your computer, like happened to me about thirty seconds ago, the exact tool you need to squash the fucker flat is sitting right on your desk.

Could Michele Bachmann have been the source of the NSA leak?

The facts of the case are not in dispute: Fort Meade has been data-mining phone records since Bush's second term under a Top Secret no-foreign-dissemination FISA warrant that required renewal four times per year.(IOW this thing has come up for renewal 27 times already.)

Because Bush pulled most of Congress' security clearances (only the speaker, senate majority leader, minority leaders in both houses and members of the intelligence committees are still cleared) and because this warrant is so highly classified, my bet is the leaker is someone on an intelligence committee with significant animus toward the president and who will not run for reelection so he or she has nothing to lose by being unmasked. The only member of Congress who meets all three is Michele Bachmann.

Question for people who live in towns that have ordinances barring discrimination against gays

Since your ordinance has passed, has there been an upswing in pedophiles dressing in drag and hanging out in ladies' rooms?

The reason I ask is my town is thinking about passing one of these ordinances, and my paper is getting letters like this:

A couple weeks ago we got an even better letter: if we pass this ordinance Your Daughters will find guys with beards wearing dresses into the ladies' room and the city won't be able to do anything to stop it. I mean, come on...

Local tea party group folds in face of IRS scrutiny, no one notices

I've told you about all the far, far-right groups in Kootenai County Idaho. We have the Kootenai County Republican Central Committee for people who think Benito Mussolini was too liberal. We have the Reagan Republicans for people who think KCRCC is too liberal. We have Rally Right for people who think Reagan Republicans is too liberal. There are three groups to the right of Rally Right. The only thing they hate worse than Democrats is the Judean People's Front.

Anyway, someone (according to my paper; check cdapress.com) started a Tea Party group. Their first act was to apply for what they call a political tax exemption. When the IRS sent them a questionnaire they shut down the group rather than send the form back. That a political tax exemption doesn't exist is immaterial to them.

Why do fundies adore Leviticus 18.22...

...but ignore the demand of Leviticus 20.9?

18.22, we all know what that is - Fred Phelps' favorite passage and the guiding light of the GOP. Lev.18.22 orders you to kill your children for cursing you.

If any fundamentalist who believes every word of the King James Bible is the literal word of God, except for the seven hundred references to wine because we know that's the only mistranslated word in the whole Bible, and obeys every single word in the Bible, hasn't killed at least half his children then he is a Pharisee and will never enter the Kingdom of God.

Thus it is written.

Really Really Reaching 101: Gibson Raid Foretold IRS Teabagger Scrutiny

Now the extreme right is tying the 2009 raids on Gibson Guitars for illegally importing Madagascar rosewood to the 2012 IRS scrutiny of the teabaggers as "proof" Obama is using the government to go after his enemies. See, Gibson donates to Republicans so obviously a government with a Democratic president taking any action against them for...well, BREAKING THE LAW!!!...is a political attack. Take a look at http://hotair.com/archives/2013/05/26/does-that-gibson-guitar-raid-make-more-sense-now/ ...

HR 3 is the GOP's attempt to overthrow the government

It is the bill that says a presidential license isn't required to build the Keystone pipeline.

If the Republicans can get this shit through, why couldn't they also slip a clause into a critical bill declaring presidential approval isn't necessary to repeal bills, or requiring all laws sunset and require reapproval by Congress...which would mean the end of every agency and program the GOP hates - and since they hate everything but the Defense Department and the Border Patrol...

The president has no choice but to slap this thing down hard, and to start questioning the patriotism of the communist legislators who hate America so much they would attempt to destroy her this way.

Idaho sheriff plans to drop Boy Scout charter over BSA gay decision

Just saw this today, sorry...


On Thursday the National Boy Scout Council voted to allow openly gay boys to participate as Scouts. In response, Kootenai County, Idaho, Sheriff Ben Wolfinger said on Friday that he is compelled to drop the department's Boy Scouts of America charter because the organization is promoting a lifestyle that is against state law. (Which of course shows how up-to-date our sheriff is; the Supreme Court overturned every sodomy law in the United States ten years ago.)

The strange thing is, the Boy Scouts are very strongly against scouts having sex of any kind...the Boy Scout Handbook used to contain warnings against masturbation, and so far as I know it still does.
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