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I have a question about the ordering of the Constitution

A Second Amendment absolutist once told me the Founding Fathers put the Bill of Rights in the Constitution in order of importance.

Okay then, if this is so, why are the rights to privacy (Fourth Amendment), protection against self-incrimination (Fifth), speedy and public trials (Sixth), juries of your peers (Seventh) and to not be sentenced to cruel and unusual punishment (Eighth) less important than the right to not have your house turned into an army barracks against your will?

Are there any trained cryptologists here? I need help deciphering this

We ran this letter a few days ago:

According to my understanding, God is the potter; we’re the clay. He says a dog chases the cat. The devil in his pride said the equivalent of the cat should chase the dog. All babies are born asexual and sexuality is taught. I think not long ago we handled hermaphrodites as female by surgically removing the penis. Being married myself for most of my life, my sexuality does not get aired publicly. Public displays of affection are muted compared to the truth found in the Bible. In the book of Romans, it is noted that as a whole, societies like the LGBT are out to recruit or at least find acceptance by force for a lifestyle that is after what? Sexuality in public. This is not OK in the heterosexual community and the same should be for non-traditional unions. Marriage is from our Creator, and as created beings, life works better when we act in our place.


Mr. Phelps, your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to tell me just what the hell this man is trying to say.

Taxes filed 1-27, federal refund received 2-4

So, nine days.

If you owe additional money, waiting til 4-15 is fine. If they owe you a refund, get that return in!

Actual sheriff's report: The goblins stole my scissors

On January 25, 2015, at 10:35 pm, a man in Plummer, Idaho, called in this report to the Benewah County Sheriff: his scissors are missing and he thought it's the goblins because they didn't leave footprints in the snow.

Posted without much comment: Pro-Life Groups Blame Abortion, Medical Research, Vaccine Makers For Measles


The Disneyland measles outbreak has grown exponentially and is spreading across the country, and finger-pointing is almost as viral. Called out for their role in the spread, anti-vaxxers have blamed immigrants and vaccine supporters. Now, two pro-life groups claim that the fault lies with Merck, the company that manufactures the MMR vaccine. Also included in their blame are the medical research behind the Rubella vaccine, and abortions that took place in 1964-1965.

They say that because Merck won’t make a measles-and-mumps vaccine without the Rubella vaccine included, and because the Rubella vaccine was developed on strains obtained from aborted fetuses, many people have no choice but to abstain from the MMR vaccine. They say that these objectors have no objections to the vaccines for measles and mumps, and that if Merck would just offer these separately, the children these pro-life groups represent could be saved.

Go get 'em, guys.

Make Crack the Idaho State Recreational Drug...immediately if not sooner


The Idaho Giant Salamander. What can be said about this noble beast?

Well, it's a salamander...t's really big for a salamander (average size is 8 inches)...it lives in Idaho...and it separates the adults from the Republicans in our state legislature, and not just because most Republicans' slime coats are thicker than the one on any salamander.

On the 19th of January in the Year of Our Ford Twenty and Fifteen, one Ilah Hickman, Boise junior high student, traveled the fog-shrouded wasteland that is our state capital to plead for this magnificent creature to be named Idaho's State Amphibian.

By a basically party-line vote of 10-6, the assembled worthies in our legislature said no.

Reason? "Federal overreach." The slimier-than-a-salamander Repukes we sent to Boise to do the people's work decided labeling these salamanders - these plentiful salamanders, I must add - as an official state symbol would inevitably lead to the federal government taking over the state.

Therefore, I urge - nay, I plead - the Idaho state legislature to declare Crack the Official Recreational Drug of the State of Idaho, since so many of our elected officials are on it.

I e-filed today; will report when my refund arrives

Screw the "rapid refund" loansharks.

Is Shake Shack's IPO a good thing?

Tomorrow Shake Shack will go public. (Shake Shack, for those of us who don't keep up with the East Coast, is a very small chain of very small hamburger restaurants known for good food and extremely long lines.)

My feeling is, this isn't such a great thing. Here's why:

1) No first-mover advantage. There are a LOT of these kinds of places on the market already.
2) New Yorkers and Bostonians will stand in line for an hour for a hamburger. People in Ohio or Minnesota probably will not.
3) Their food might be "fast food" priced in New York City, but in Montana that's sit-down money.
4) There is NO guarantee McDonald's won't create a "hamburger boutique" chain within their own system. They've got the supply chain and - more important - the huge amount of money it would take to build a better-burger brand. (No, it wouldn't be "Mickey D's serves fancier food. They tried that shit and it didn't work. This would be a whole new label.)

America's greatest sniper vs. America's most famous sociopath

Gunnery Sergeant Carlos Hathcock was America's finest sniper. (This is the guy who put a round down the barrel of another sniper's scope, and also the guy who made a 2500-yard shot with a .50-caliber machine gun firing standard ammunition.) Don't believe raw numbers: when Gunny Hathcock was active, a kill wasn't official unless it was observed by a commissioned officer. He estimates he killed at least 300 enemy soldiers.

Chris Kyle you already know.

In Kyle's book, he claims to have enjoyed killing people.

Gunny Hathcock said he never enjoyed killing people; it was a job he did to protect his fellow Marines. MOST combat arms troops feel the same way.

The NFL will probably supply game balls next year

Brady was one of the instigators of the "each team provides its own footballs" rule, and this is how his team repays the league?

My feeling is, next season Wilson will be directed to ship 24 "lightly scuffed" (throw 24 balls and 1000 lbs sand in a cement mixer and tumble for five minutes) balls to each game under the same shipping regime as kicking balls are shipped, and both sides will use the same ball.
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