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Member since: 2002
Number of posts: 28,743

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Add four more stores to your Thanksgiving "bad list"

Dick's Sporting Goods opens at 8 pm Thanksgiving


and Sports Authority opens at 6 pm Thanksgiving


as does Office Depot (8 pm)


and Kohl's (8 pm)


A thread for people who think Obamacare should be perfect, right now, or it should die

I will admit, this thread is a gamble: almost all the people who think Obamacare should be eliminated because it didn't start out totally perfect - or, for that matter, who'd think it should be eliminated even if it was flawless right now - are on a different site, or not on the internets at all. But what the hell...

Walmart is the biggest private employer in the world. Five years after its founding, Walmart had 24 stores, all in the state of Arkansas, and generated less than $13 million in total annual sales. (By way of comparison, a single large Walmart of today will do that much business in a month.)

The Miami Heat are the defending NBA Champions and have won the title three times. In their first eight seasons, they made the playoffs twice, were eliminated in the first round both times, and were considered the worst team in professional basketball.

This is Honda's first car. Enough said!

The point: things take time to get right, and there are some things about Obamacare, as it stands right now, that are a quantum leap over what we had - allowing people to keep their kids on their policies through their college years comes to mind immediately. To use a metaphor, condemning Obamacare right now before it's even been fully implemented (and after three years of Republican attacks and defunding) is a bit like going to the store, picking up an onion, pointing at your spouse, and screaming at the top of your lungs, "this is terrible spaghetti sauce! What makes you think you can cook!?" Give Obamacare a little time to simmer before you decide it's unsalvageable.

They already tried that

We have an art community but the only "accepted" art forms here are plein air painting and abstract oils. I used to date an artist who did jewelry and paper art and couldn't give her work away in town. (She has good results from Etsy tho.)

Does anyone need A LOT of pulverized glass?

I happen to know where there are 60 18-gallon totes full of pulverized glass sorted by color, and there's a story in that: A couple moved to Coeur d'Alene, Idaho, and learned you can't recycle glass here. So...they did what every good upstanding liberal with a cause and enough cash to back it up does: They bought a glass pulverizing machine, set it up in a warehouse, and formed a club that picks up and pulverizes glass.

Then they learned WHY you can't recycle glass here: no one in North Idaho deals in pulverized glass. So now they have a cubic shitload of glass and are considering getting out of the business.

If anyone wants it, and can come pick it up, send me a message and I'll hook you up with my editor who will hook you up with the people who have the glass.

Why I dislike Veterans Day

As a vet I should think this a great day. Problem is, the right wing trolls who love to make veterans also love to complain about spending money on them. It is not, according to the RWNJ contingent, their responsibility to pay for medical card, education, home loan guarantees, disability pensions, any of it.

Another reason Jurassic Park failed: Lazy geneticists!

John Hammond (who we have already determined to be a Republican, hence the fences that could be turned off) hired these guys to analyze DNA strands. They analyzed one set of chromosomes, found holes in the strands, and patched them with "the DNA of a frog." Which of course allowed the most violent dinosaurs to breed.

A NON-lazy geneticist might have thought, "if we analyze ten sets of chromosomes from the same mosquito the holes will probably be in different places, and we can fill in the gaps by comparing the strands."

Guns: the porn of 3-d printing

Until 3-d printing came along, the proof every technology had "finally arrived" is someone figured out how to produce either a picture of a nude woman or a depiction of two people having sex with it. There are galleries online with naked women people created on Model 19 Teletypes; Mod 19s are so ancient they can't print lowercase characters, but people printed naked women on them.

Now we have 3-d printers...and no one cares about printing nudes on them. The big thing now is trying to build a working handgun. So far it's mostly been the modern equivalent of a zipgun, but today's news brings word of a metal .45 automatic.

Somehow I liked the nudes printed with Baudot characters better. All they killed was your account balance.

So, how'd your local races turn out?

We had four: mayor and half the city council. All the candidates endorsed by our loudest local right-wing group lost, in no case by less than 15 percent.

Bobcat kitten!

This little guy showed up in downtown Coeur d'Alene, ID, sometime before noon. He eventually got picked up by the Department of Fish and Game, who sent him to a cooperative rehabilitation facility. He'll be released back into the wild.

There are more pictures:


The Cooch is currently taking out a contract on Robert Sarvis

Without Sarvis, the Cooch would be sitting on an insurmountable 100,000-plus lead. With him, the Cooch is going to be sitting on his La-z-boy wondering why God hates him.
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