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Member since: 2002
Number of posts: 29,564

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If they don't repeal Obamacare by July of this year, they'll never repeal Obamacare

Which goes without saying because the guy who signed Obamacare into law will still be president in July, but set that aside for a second.

In August, millions of American families - around 17 million - will participate in the American ritual called Sending Their Child Off To College. And for a very long time, part of this ritual involved paying out the nose for a healthcare policy for their student. By allowing parents to keep their kids on their healthcare policies until they turn 26, this part gets to go away.

Put twenty or thirty Koch-paid talking heads screaming about how Obamacare Will Destroy America against seventeen million people whose college costs just went down by the $2500 per year one of these Student Policies cost and see what you get.

You gotta be kidding: Jerry Sandusky seeks reinstatement of pension


We all know Jerry Sandusky.

When he got convicted of doing all the things he did, the Pennsylvania state employees' retirement system cancelled his pension. Now he's trying to get it back.

Who thinks more about gay sex - gay people or homophobes?

There's a thread about some sort of "constitutional militia" that's going to overthrow the Utah government if they don't stop gay marriage, and some fool starving to death over it...I swear, the panic over something that absolutely Does Not Affect these people in any way would be unbelievable if it hadn't happened a million times before.

How fucked is Auburn on Monday night?

I say Florida State by 14.

How long before Golden Triangle Tactical gets evicted from Parkdale Mall?

In another GD thread we learn that Derek Poe, the right-wing moran who owns a teabagger porn store (aka a "tactical equipment store") in a mall in Beaumont, Texas, was charged with disorderly conduct for walking around with an AR-15 slung across his back.

I think the mall owners won't want this kind of publicity for their establishment and will tell him to move out.

Both drivers in two-car accident were driving drunk


A couple days ago we had a non-fatality two-car accident...after field sobriety tests, both drivers were booked for DWI.

I guess if you're gonna drive drunk and run into someone, it's best if the person you hit is also driving drunk. Call it karma.

Public service announcement: Starting tomorrow, write 2014 on your checks!

I am worried: Cornered Republicans are at their most dangerous

This is a bad time to be a Republican. The two things they planned to campaign on, Benghazi and Obamacare, are blowing up in their faces. We're starting to see Obamacare's problems are almost all due to Republican obstructionism: if they hadn't told the business community not to worry their pretty litthe heads because Congress would repeal it and the USSC would declare it unconstitutional and the president would kill it to keep the gov't from shutting down and maybe put a hundredth the effort into helping people comply with the law that they put into buying the army things the army doesn't want, Obamacare would be a sparkling success. As it is, it's like making Usain Bolt drag a car behind him in a race then complaining when he only comes in third.

And now we find out Benghazi really was because of that video.

Republicans don't take utter defeat lightly: they still have ten months to devastate America and blame it on: progressives, Democrats, women, gays, union members, minorities, men who like high heels, imported-beer drinkers, children of single-parent homes, ACORN even though it's been gone for years, non-Protestant religions, people who like different porn than they do...

There are exactly two ways to get rich

Way Number 1: be born into a rich family who can afford to bootstrap you.

Way Number 2: have rich friends who can find you a shitload of startup capital.

There is not one rich person in the world who doesn't fall into one of those two categories. It doesn't matter how wonderful your idea is, if you can't afford to exploit that idea it will remain an idea. Turning ideas into reality requires a shitload of money, always has and always will.

The Parable of the Talents updated for modern times

There was once a Republican man who had three sons. Before going on a journey he distributed money to them - five talents to one, three to the second and one to the third. Five years later he demanded an accounting.

"Father," said the first, "I invested your money in speculative real estate. When the bubble burst I was left penniless."
"Fine, my son, I'll call the senator I own and get you bailed out. We'll be better off than before."

"Dear father," said the second, "I invested your money in a hedge fund that turned out to be a ponzi scheme. Not only am I penniless but I spent a year in jail for bringing other investors to it."
"Ouch! Sorry about the jail time, but we own a couple of congressmen. They'll bail you out."

"Dad," said the third, "the people who run those frauds won't talk to you if you only have one talent, so I started making microloans at five percent interest. Since I was careful about creditworthiness I got it all back. Here's your talent."
"You fool!" said his father. "If you would have given your talent to one of your brothers, they could have lost it for you and the government would have bailed you out. How can I show my face at the country club again if I have a do-gooder son? Begone from my sight!"
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