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Member since: 2002
Number of posts: 28,988

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NASCAR gets a clue: No more post-race height inspections!


One of the most popular inadvertently-violated rules in NASCAR is post-race height.

What the Hayul* I am talking about: It's no secret that NASCAR is very dictatorial about the design of a car. And up through the end of this season, they measured your car's roof height twice: once before the race, once after. (They hang a weight from a string at the specified height and push your car under it; your car must touch the weight.) Problem is, guys run soft springs to get better handling, and over the course of the race those can deform...when they do, you'll be a quarter-inch too low. There's no realistic way to intentionally violate this rule: you go straight from pre-race inspection to the starting grid, and there are so many NASCAR inspectors out there that if you were sitting there changing springs on pit road before the race someone will ask you what the Hayul you are doing.

For 2014 they finally got a clue: they're going to measure the car before the race and call it good.

* Hayul is where Southerners go when they've been bad people in life.

Worse than the Ted Cruz coloring book: Pigboy writes a historical fiction book


In it, Lard Ass Limbaugh takes on the role of a high school history teacher who teleports back in time to come to America with the Pilgrims. It's not as bad as you'd think; it's several orders of magnitude worse.

War on Christmas: Post stores opening on 12/25

A grocery store, Mitchell's Harvest Foods in Priest River, ID, will be open 12/25 from 8 am to 5 pm.

Post your Christmas-hating businesses in this thread!

In case you're wondering what the hell it is China banned imports of...

These are geoduck (pronounced "gooey duck" - don't ask, and no that's not what they eat) clams.

The results of the War on Christmas are in. Jesus lost.

Are you at the point where you just can't wait for Christmas to be over? Between Palin's whiny book, Megyn Kelly's Santy Claws Wuz a White Guy thing and the letter we printed where the letter writer can't have a festive Christmas b/c the word Christ isn't painted on all the store windows, I'm ready to have me a good old fashioned Jul or Krampusnacht.

How to mess with your fiance-to-be on 12/25

One of the local jewelers will give you a "free huge cardboard box to wrap it in" with any purchase of an engagement ring between now and Dec. 24.

Rebecca Black opens herself up for another round of abuse

Remember "Friday"?

(Don't click on this. Just don't.)

Now there's "Saturday"!

She's progressed in her career from "atrocity" to "no worse than the rest of the crap on the radio."

It takes a special kind of stupid to commit mail fraud FROM PRISON!


One Mark Anthony Brown, resident of one of Idaho's finer houses of correction for grand theft and burglary, fraudulently entered at least 22 class-action and bankruptcy cases. He submitted claim forms to the cases' administrators, received part of the settlements, and deposited same in his prison account.

"Sir Schreiber Court": Some people take things a bit too literally

There once lived a man named Bob Schreiber. He was the wrestling coach at Wallace (Idaho) High School. And the American Legion baseball coach. And the manager of the swimming pool. And a couple of other sports-coaching jobs, and a high school teacher...and anything else he could do to keep busy 24/7. When you met him, he always introduced himself the same way: "Call me Sir." And they did. People who left Wallace, became doctors and lawyers and returned to Wallace called him Sir. That's just what you did.

He died of cancer about a year ago. They decided to name the gym up there after him, and I just got the first picture of the court: written right on the paint in front of the free throw line is the inscription "In Loving Memory of Sir Schreiber."

Has anyone tried selling art online? Where's the best non-Etsy place?

I'm going to start selling my photos online after the first of the year. There are several attractive looking websites that let you do this; two that catch my eye are Saatchi Online and Artspan.

Anyone got experience with either?
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