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Member since: 2002
Number of posts: 35,490

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How does the NFL pick the band for the Super Bowl halftime show?

Coldplay is who you get when Nickelback is too obvious. "Uhh...I know, let's pick the band whose greatest hit is this orchestral-sounding thing about a deposed monarch!" Come on guys, next year get someone who at least has fun songs...Jimmy Buffett would probably do it.

Do Bernie's fans know we EXPECTED to lose NH?

Worse, do they know we expected to lose by about that much?

Let's put this in NASCAR terms: Dale Earnhardt led, at one time or another in his career, every lap in the Daytona 500. No one remembers the year he led lap 43.

Everyone remembers the year he led lap 200.

Bernie just led lap 43. Hillary will lead lap 200.

I am SERIOUSLY unhappy with the NH results I'm seeing

Trump is so far in front no one is going to catch him. If you thought he was unbearable NOW, wait till he wins a primary!

ARE there transcripts for every speech she's ever given?

The government could seize Shkreli's $2M Wu-Tang album


Shkreli was arrested for allegedly fraudulently taking $65 million. If the government finds he used any of that money to buy Once Upon a Time in Shaolin, the infamous one-off Wu-Tang Clan album he paid $2 million for, they are entitled to seize and auction it.

I would do something a tiny bit different: stream it once, charge a dollar admission, figure out some constitutional pretext to hold Shkreli for a couple of hours so he can't hear it, then enshrine it in the FBI Museum.

One small problem with Bernie's healthcare plan

This is a Harvoni tablet. It cures Hep C, if you take 84 of them over 12 weeks.

They cost $1125 each. That's not a misprint: over a thousand dollars for one pill.

Insurance companies are routinely denying coverage for this drug, and a lot of other high-cost treatments. They can't afford it.

Now...if Bernie's plan is going to cover things like thousand-dollar-per-dose pharmaceuticals that you take for twelve weeks in a row, the $3 trillion the current healthcare regime costs the US will look like a drop in the bucket.

Is a Valentine's Day sale at a mattress store just a bit too...well, OBVIOUS?

Bernie Underground is already predicting "fraud" on Tuesday

Because as we all know, the only way anyone could beat the Wise and Benevolent Senator Sanders is by screwing with the vote totals.

This is a question every Bernie Sanders supporter must answer

"Bernie Sanders is currently the beneficiary of an anti-Hillary Clinton ratfucking assault that would make Donald Segretti cringe. How can you possibly say he has clean hands in this matter?"
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