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Is there a Mainer here who knows how caucus results are reported?

I keep seeing this stuff about half-mile-long lines, 40,000 caucusers etc, but the results sites are all reporting that Sanders pulled 2231 votes to Clinton's 1232. (I also ran the numbers on the GOP caucuses...a total of 18,382 votes are reported.)

This is weird though: in Vermont the breakage was 86 percent Sanders/14 percent Clinton. Which you'd expect. In Maine the breakage was 64 percent Sanders/36 percent Clinton. Should they be concerned that a lower percentage of Mainers are feeling the burn than Vermonters are?

Kansas isn't actually feeling the burn

If you go into Bernie Underground you get the impression, from reading all the "Bernie! Fuck yeah!" threads about the Kansas caucus, that Sanders just swept California. Did he?

Well...by reading the title of this thread you can pretty much figure the truth is ugly. This is how bad.

According to NBC News, Bernie had 26,450 people standing for him. The population of Kansas is 2.904 million, so only 0.91 percent of the total population of Kansas is feeling the Bern.

However, we ARE talking about Kansas here. You know Kansas. It's the state that reelected Sam Brownback. The state that spawned Fred Phelps. People tune their radios to Rush Limbaugh and throw away the knob. Kansas has been redder than the side of a fire truck since the day it achieved statehood and nothing's ever going to change that. (As a matter of reference, Ted Cruz came within four thousand votes of Bernie's and Hillary's COMBINED totals...and he only took 48 percent of the Republican vote.)

Then I thought, who is Bernie's core constituency? Of course! College students, right? Kansas has a few of those. If you add up the student bodies of Kansas' seven four-year public universities you find there are 100,804 college students there. Let's subtract the people who were recruited from out of state to play sports and the thousands who flock to Kansas universities from around the world to study the things no one does better - like agronomy and grain science - and we'll say there are 90,000 people enrolled in Kansas universities who are eligible to vote in Kansas elections. Of those few people, he only got 29.38 percent.

Which leads to the critical question: if Bernie can't even get the people who love him to the polls to support him, how are they going to convince the rest of us to go?

Anyone want to see the REAL reason Hillary maintained a private email server at State?

Chelsea Manning stole, among other things, 250,000 State Department cables while stationed in Iraq. If Chelsea Manning could do this, probably a lot of OTHER people did as well.


In short, if you were the Secretary of State you would have to be out of your fucking mind to put your sensitive data on a system accessible to SIPRnet. Which is why Secretaries Powell, Rice and Clinton didn't.

Today's tip for living

Find the wingnuttiest, loopiest, most Obama-loathing radio station you can possibly locate on your radio dial, and tune your clock radio to it.

I needed to go out of town Thursday, and rented a room for one night. When I get to a hotel somewhere I always move the alarm clock to the other side of the room, so I can't just turn it off then go back to sleep. Unbeknownst to me, the previous tenant of the room - who nearly destroyed the poor thing...housekeeping started cleaning it at noon, and when I got there at 5 pm they still weren't done - had rolled up a wingnut radio station on the alarm clock. This morning, the radio clicked on with "This is (call letters of the radio station) with The Best In Conservative Talk!" My ass was out of the fart sack and on the way over to shut that shit off so fast and violently I probably left dents in the subfloor.

Colorado just posted some numbers - HRC +6

As of 6:42 pm we have three undecided states:

Colorado: HRC +6
Mass: HRC +5
Minnesota hasn't announced any numbers

Called states:
HRC: AL (HRC +61), AR (HRC +45), GA (HRC +45), TN (HRC +31), TX (HRC +37), VA (HRC +30)
BS: OK (BS +12), VT (BS +74)

Alabama is the REAL prize of the night for Hillary

It's one of the smallest delegate count states...but it broke (according to the New York Times) 82-14...which is within five percent of Bernie numbers in Vermont.

NBC's "four issues" show Bernie's biggest problem

This is the result of NBC's polling of the South Carolina primary: http://www.nbcnews.com/politics/2016-election/primaries/SC

What I'd like you to do is to go there and scroll down to the question, "which one of these four issues is the most important facing the country?" They give four choices: health care, jobs and economy, terrorism, income inequality. Of the four, three - all but terrorism - are Bernie's platform in a nutshell. Respondents were to pick one issue, then choose the candidate he or she felt would be best at dealing with it.

After the first three primaries, terrorism didn't get any responses; since terror is largely a coastal concern and this was the first coastal-state primary, I can understand that. But of the other three, until Saturday Hillary was seen as the best choice on health care and on the economy, and Bernie on income inequality. In South Carolina, Hillary also picked up the nod on income inequality.

In other words, Bernie has lost control of his message - when all you have are three planks in your platform and your opponent bests you on all of them, you have an insurmountable problem.

Just so there's no confusion here...

The spouse of a female head of state is "First Gentleman."

This is what they look like:


I would have been happy with just a little more margin than Sanders got in NH

It is 4:40 pm Pacific time. NBC is claiming a 56 percent Clinton victory margin.

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