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Cooley Hurd

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Member since: 2002
Number of posts: 25,269

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Chipotle's Twitter Account Hacked - offensive tweets about President Obama


Chipotle’s Twitter feed took an unsavory turn early Sunday when hackers seized control of the account and tweeted a string of slur- and profanity-laced messages.

The hackers changed the Mexican restaurant chain’s avatar to a swastika and sent out offensive tweets calling President Obama the N-word and targeting U.S. government agencies, according to The Daily Dot.

Another now-deleted tweet claimed that burrito chain could be closing all of its restaurants by the end of 2015 because Twitter user @TheCeltic666 “poisoned” the meat supply.

The @ChipotleTweets bio was changed to “The official Twitter account of @TUGFeds and @TheCeltic666,” according to NBC Bay Area. Both accounts mentioned have been suspended.


Joe B Mauldin of (Buddy Holly &) the Crickets Dead at 74


Buddy Holly and The Crickets (top to bottom: Jerry Allison, Buddy Holly and Joe B Mauldin), 1957

By Sarah Rafique

Crickets drummer Jerry “J.I.” Allison glanced over at bassist Joe B. Mauldin as they stood on top of Brooklyn’s Paramount Theater and watched 1957 turn into 1958 during a New Year’s Eve performance.

“Joe B. and I were really having fun in New York,” said Allison, who is now the last original Cricket who is still alive. “We had a lot of — I’m sort of at a loss, but that was a great time and Joe B. and I said, ‘Wow, look at this.’ That was something special that I will remember forever.”

The Crickets continued touring up until about two years ago, when traveling just wasn’t fun anymore, Allison said. But, the duo remained friends, even in Mauldin’s final days.

Allison received a call from Mauldin’s wife about 8:20 a.m. Saturday letting him know about his former bandmate’s death in Nashville. Mauldin was 74. He was born July 8, 1940, in Lubbock.

Allison visited Mauldin two days before he died and said he had been suffering from cancer.


Cross gently, Joe.

For those in the path of the latest snowstorm....



In the midst of heavy winter blizzards, digging yourself out of the drifts can be both an inconvenient chore and a dangerous task linked to fatigue and heart attacks. Here are some safety tips to keep in mind while shoveling snow:

Before heading outside to shovel, do your best to reverse the 40 years of poor health choices that have put you at high risk for getting a heart attack.

Taking a few minutes to stretch before shoveling is a great way to unnecessarily prolong an already unpleasant chore.

Bending from the back can damage your spine; always damage your knees instead.

Prevent snow from sticking to your shovel by coating both sides in a layer of butter.

SU Men's Basketball self-imposes sanctions over ongoing NCAA investigation - no post-season play


SYRACUSE -- In response to an NCAA investigation, Syracuse University has announced a self-imposed post season ban on its men's basketball team.

You can read below the press release from the school:

“Syracuse University today announced that it previously notified the NCAA that it has instituted a self-imposed post-season ban for the men’s basketball 2014-15 season as part of its case pending before the NCAA Committee on Infractions.

The University initiated the case when it self-reported potential violations within the Athletics Department to the NCAA in 2007. Much of the conduct involved in the case occurred long ago and none occurred after 2012. No current student-athlete is involved. In addition, beginning in 2007, the University took a series of actions to reform and strengthen existing policies and procedures, implement a series of best practices, and realign and improve a range of student-athlete support services.

The University appeared before the NCAA Committee on Infractions in October 2014 and has continued to cooperatively engage with the Committee. As a further means of acknowledging past mistakes, the University notified the NCAA that it will be voluntarily withholding the men’s basketball team from post-season competition following the current 2014-15 season. This one-year ban includes the ACC Tournament and any additional post-season tournaments such as the NCAA Men’s Division I Basketball Tournament and the National Invitational Tournament (NIT). This action is accompanied by other self-imposed penalties the University also instituted and which the NCAA Committee on Infractions will make public when it issues its final report.



Here's some fun; 1974 PSA-equal pay for women w/ 1966 Batman cast

Fun fact: it was only Adam West who didn't reprise his roll as Batman. In his place is Dick Gautier...

Longtime broadcaster Joe Franklin dead at 88


(CNN)Longtime New York City radio and television personality Joe Franklin has died. He was 88.

"Joe went unexpectedly and passed away Saturday night," friend and former producer Steve Garrin said.

Franklin was a fixture on late-night radio and TV in New York, working at WJZ and WOR, and recently at the Bloomberg Radio Network.

"The last two weeks were the first time he ever missed a broadcast in over 60 years" Garrin said.

Though he never broke onto the national scene, Franklin was "in many ways, the pioneer of the modern TV talk show format," according to his website, which says he interviewed more than 300,000 guests.

He's interviewed many famous guests. From his Wikipedia page:

Franklin's guests included (sometimes on the same panel) Charlie Chaplin, John Wayne, Marilyn Monroe (with whom Franklin co-authored "The Marilyn Monroe Story" in 1953), Jayne Mansfield, Cary Grant, Andy Warhol, Salvador Dali, Rudy Vallee, Jimmy Durante, Madonna, John Lennon and Yoko Ono, Bing Crosby, The Ramones, Captain Lou Albano, and five U.S. Presidents juxtaposed with countless unknown local performers, fringe bands, balloon-folders, self-published authors, celebrity impersonators and lounge singers, all of whom gave the show a surreal atmosphere.

Franklin never employed a co-host however his producer, Richie Ornstein, worked side-by-side with Franklin for decades and was a standard feature on the Joe Franklin Show to interact with guests and to discuss trivia.

Many well known talents such as Woody Allen, Andy Kaufman, Liza Minnelli, Barbra Streisand, Julia Roberts, Bruce Springsteen, Robin Williams, John Belushi and Richard Pryor got their first television exposure on The Joe Franklin Show. Others, notoriously shy of live interviews, made frequent appearances on Franklin's programs: Frank Sinatra, for instance, appeared four times.

In 1999, Joe Franklin partnered with Riese Restaurants to open "Joe Franklin's Memory Lane Restaurant" in Manhattan's Theater District, where Franklin appeared frequently and even conducted live, in-person interviews with entertainers such as Billy Crystal, who famously impersonated Franklin on Saturday Night Live.

Cross gently, Joe...

Iowa Foot Locker...

Paris mayor: We intend to sue Fox News

Source: kspr

Paris Mayor Anne Hidalgo told CNN Tuesday she intends to sue Fox News in the wake of the channel's coverage of supposed "no go" zones for non-Muslims.

She said the channel "insulted" her city.

"When we're insulted, and when we've had an image, then I think we'll have to sue, I think we'll have to go to court, in order to have these words removed," Hidalgo told CNN's Christiane Amanpour. "The image of Paris has been prejudiced, and the honor of Paris has been prejudiced."

Hidalgo's remarks came after a series of statements made on Fox that portrayed Muslims in a negative light and were widely challenged as inaccurate.


Read more: http://www.kspr.com/life/money/paris-mayor-we-intend-to-sue-fox-news/21052342_30814426

Dr King 1963.

Senator John McCain Launches New Attack on ‘Antiquated’ Jones Act


Senator John McCain (R-AZ) has once again launched an attack on the Jones Act, announcing Tuesday that he has filed an amendment to a bill to approve the Keystone XL Pipeline that would repeal the Merchant Marine Act of 1920, aka the Jones Act, requiring that all goods shipped between ports of the United States be carried by vessels built in the United States and owned and operated by Americans.

“I have long advocated for a full repeal of The Jones Act, an antiquated law that has for too long hindered free trade, made U.S. industry less competitive and raised prices for American consumers,” said Senator John McCain in a press release issued Tuesday. “The amendment I am introducing again today would eliminate this unnecessary, protectionist restriction.


Responding to Senator McCain’s new attack, the American Maritime Partnership, representing the voice of the U.S. domestic maritime, has issued the following statement obviously opposing McCain’s latest actions:

WASHINGTON, DC – American Maritime Partnership (AMP), the voice of the domestic maritime industry, today released the following statement on Senator John McCain’s recent measure to eliminate the U.S. shipbuilding industry, which is critical to supporting America’s military power and defense needs, employs hundreds of thousands of Americans, and pumps tens of billions of dollars into the U.S. economy.

“The McCain amendment would gut the nation’s shipbuilding capacity, outsource our U.S. Naval shipbuilding to foreign builders, and cost hundreds of thousands of family-wage jobs across this country,” said AMP Chairman Tom Allegretti. “The shipbuilding requirement, which Senator McCain seeks to eliminate, is in place to ensure that the United States maintains the industrial capacity to build its own ships, so as to protect and defend the American homeland. It is hard to believe that the Congress would endorse a change to the law that would outsource U.S. jobs and reduce national security by effectively creating dependence on foreign countries to build our ships.”


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