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I think the most convenient answer is

she is not a progressive. But it's also true that the Democratic establishment (which includes Howard Dean and Al Franken) is rapidly coalescing behind her -- before she has declared, before she enunciated much at all in the way of policy -- and has always taken the progressive wing of the Democratic Party for granted.

She's already in general election campaign mode IMHO (running to the center-right).

Here's two articles I read recently that support the contentions above (I think they've already both been posted on DU).



The headline is wrong

The bill has not failed yet. We're two weeks into a six-month legislative session, and the rookie LG -- the most batshit TeaBagger any of you outside Texas can imagine -- just stepped in a steaming pile by saying he didn't think it would pass. He's going to be "corrected" shortly.

Don't get enthused about this bill being ultimately voted down, either. We're in deep shit down here, it's getting worse, and it's coming to your state very soon.

Sorry to piss on anybody's parade.

The challengers will not be Sanders or Warren

I'll make book on it. O'Malley, Jim Webb, and maybe Joe Biden. Those will be the secondary options. Maybe others, none well-known.

I was on the call

I previously had the impression -- which he reinforced-- that he is not going to run.

Neither he nor Elizabeth Warren are polling anywhere close to Clinton.



Handicapping the race this early is sort of like predicting the Kentucky Derby winner (in May). Horse racing analogies aside, the HGLBT Caucus, one of the most influential groups in the city in municipal cycles, is already screening candidates for endorsement soon. See, the filing deadline isn't until August, but all of this early momentum is meant to marginalize all but the most "approved" contestants (identified by endorsement or by fundraising).

As The Notorious Ruth Bader Ginsberg has said: "Why should elections be determined by how much a candidate can spend and why should candidates spend most of their time these days raising the funds so that they will prevail in the next election?"

Handicapping the race for mayor of Houston

Some local inside political baseball FWIW.


Let's get the Lege those panic buttons stat

This isn't a place to organize Democrats.

Forget the "herding cats" analogy. If people were looking for a way to help, they'd be contacting their local party organization. If they really wanted to feel powerful and still do as little as possible, they would sign one of the online petition requests that come by the ton to their inbox.

Here? We play in the lounge and argue with each other. DU is what it is.

Chris Christie is a starfucker.

He stands no chance of being the GOP nominee, FWIW. The South is going to drive that decision this go-round, and they're rolling with either Ted Cruz or Mike Huckabee. Oh, Rand will have his fifteen minutes, and Jeb may very well tamp down the Tea Party flames, but like Gingrich and Santorum four years ago, there's going to be one crazy left standing against the establishment's choice.

Christie will have to be content with a fat lobbyist contract when he leaves the governor's office.

That's accurate.

Across the board.

People think '24' is a documentary. And there are too many people who vote for Democrats among that number. We are NOT the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave any longer.
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