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Member since: 2002
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Good advice from others already

-- Vote anyway for down ballot races; Congress; statehouse, county courthouse, municipal posts, perhaps constitutional referenda (especially in CA where those are so powerful and binding as to law). Those offices in many ways are more directly related to you and your life than the White House.

-- As your presidential vote has no affect on whom California's Electoral College representatives will elect the president (just as mine in Texas will be equally meaningless) your conscience is clean to vote your progressive principles. There are in fact only seven states that are swingy at the moment.

I'm not telling you who to vote for...

... But a vote for presidential write-in candidate in CA's general election appears to be invalid, according to my understanding of the law from here and here (scroll all the way to the bottom at both links, and get some advice from a CA election law attorney if you have other questions). So don't write in Bernie's name in November; it won't count. You can skip the top race by leaving it blank (aka undervoting), but my personal POV is that is not a good way to send a message.

-- Stick around! You've got a hell of a Senate race going out there, and there will be others, like John McCain's close contest in AZ to monitor or help with in some way (like phonebanking or contributions or such).

-- Simply ignore the blame shaming, "Trump thanks you", "B-B-B-But SCOTUS" crap that will fly around here for the next six months (and forever after if Clinton snatches defeat from the jaws of victory). If Clinton loses, it won't be because you didn't vote for her in California or because I didn't in Texas.

In fact, with 247 EC votes already in the (virtual) can, if she loses it's all on HER. But that's a blame game for another day...

I won't be buying what they're selling

I live in a non-swing state. There are about forty of them this go-round.

I get to vote my principles with a clean conscience, without any of that nasty "Trump thanks you", SCOTUS bullshit sticking to my shoes.

Well perhaps he just should have sold his reforms a little harder

I still wouldn't be buying them, maybe others could.

6 Names You Can Call Me to Change My Mind About Not Ever Voting for Hillary Clinton

#3. Not a Democrat

Another brilliant one when you consider that Sanders relies on a pantload of support from independents. Itís why the Democratic machine is so keen on closed primaries and superdelegates. No, Iím not bitching about them here, Iím just saying that to ďinsultĒ me by saying Iím not a Democrat as if that will make me want to drop my principled stance and just take one for the team is kind of stupid on your part, if thatís how youíre talking to me. Iím not a Democrat. Iím an adult with a constitutionally-guaranteed right to waste my vote on Santa Claus if I want to. No, that doesnít make a child, it makes me an adult for pointing out the obvious to people who are acting like children.

ďBe on OUR team, youíre a LOSER!Ē No thanks. High school ended for me almost 20 years ago. The only political team Iím on is the ďVote for people you think will most help fix whatís broken and keep in place what isnít.Ē

#2. White, privileged male

Another brilliant one, isnít it? The fact is I am white, and I freely admit I have the privilege of voting in a way that maybe others donít. Thatís called ďnuance.Ē But the implication from this insult is that I donít care enough about minorities and the LGBT+ community or womenís health. How aboutÖfuck that? How about, I have spent more hours of my life writing thousands upon thousands of words in support of liberal causes, sharing them all over the Internet, and exposing myself to threats and insults to my loved ones, so you implying I suddenly donít give a fuck because I wonít get behind Hillary and toe the party is stupid and insulting and just plain WRONG? How about Iím a liberal because I challenge the status quo as a matter of fucking principle?

I donít suddenly become a racist, homophobe, xenophobe, bigot, or otherwise uncaring person because I vote for someone other than the pre-packaged, anointed, predestined Royal Queen of President Land. I just become someone who disagrees with your choice. for fuckís sake.

#1. I donít give a fuck

Itís probably pretty obvious by now, but since sarcasm is sometimes lost in translation on the Internet let me just be as concise as possible: I have zero fucks to give for your ad hominems, and even fewer fucks to give for your straw men and cliquey bullshit. I will vote with a very clean conscience in November, because I will know that Iím not wasting my vote by giving it to someone other than Hillary; giving it to Hillary would be a waste of my principles. Call me whatever the fuck you want to call me for that, thatís your right. Just like itís mine to ignore you.


False (in about 40 non-swing states)

Do you understand how the Electoral College works?

Beating people with the SCOTUS cudgel wasn't convincing enough for more than 300,000 registered Florida Democrats in 2000 (who voted for W). Argue with Jim Hightower about it, not me.


How much does the job pay?

Hand to heart

Last year, when this was just in the formative stages, I wanted him to run as a Green. But you are correct; he chose the right path. His appeal and his fundraising would have been... well, nascent, like Jill Stein's remains today. The media still ignored him for the most part until he became viable (about Iowa, I would say).

What Bernie taught us, among so many other important things, is that there is no progressive revolution possible within the Democratic Party. Historically that's long been the case; just ask Jesse Jackson or Dennis Kucinich or a slew of others, but damn if Bernie didn't almost pull it off anyway.

Where to from here, for him and most particularly his campaign network and infrastructure, is a question I simply cannot wait to see formally addressed.

Imagine how you'll feel if the nation elects him

I'm not adding any descriptors or qualifiers to that statement.


Conroe. About sixty miles north of the major city. With its own ordinances against dangerous animals. But you would know this if you had watched the video and not just responded to the headline.

Want to take another swing?

It makes me sick to my stomach.

More bellicose than the Republicans.

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