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Gender: Female
Home country: USA
Member since: 2002
Number of posts: 9,900

Journal Archives

Just found this wonderful graphic. Now I just need an oppourtunity to use it!

Should I toddle off to GD?

Tipping question:

A friend and business associate of mine and I had lunch together the other day. Since we had a lot to discuss, we stayed close to an hour and a half.

Since I knew that the waitress could probably have had another seating at the table in the time she served us, I left her a ten dollar tip on a $30 ticket (including tax) which came to about a 35% gratutity.

Was it enough? Or should I have left more?

Bet you have to smile. Goose Parade!

High school robotics team helps a kitten walk again.

I believe in applied sciences for all school kids. They can learn by innovation at the same time they are improving life for others.


Acts of Random Kindess:

Your mission for the day is to go out and do one act of random kindess to better the world for someone. It doesn't have to be as expensive as buying new tires; small kindnesses sometimes cause huge results.

(found on Wimp.com)

Shark Week sheet Music: A must...

Shark Week is coming! To those who are slower swimmers than I am:

Cool Dad!!!

If doctors told Senator McConnell he had a kidney stone...

I REALLY REALLY like Allison Grimes. She makes me laugh! BTW, what rhymes with Mitch?

A book commits suicide...

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