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Profile Information

Gender: Female
Home country: USA
Member since: 2002
Number of posts: 9,734

Journal Archives

Wow! This is like watching paper being removed to reveal the person hiding

beneath. The first thing revealed was an eye so life like, I could almoste believe it was actually seeing...

Heather Rooney pays tribute to Robin Williams.

The Street Store

A Righteous Rant: Ridiculing the Greater Good

The Way Kids See It...

This video is about kids thinking about and trying to solve world problems...


A carrot, a kitchen funnel and a saxophone mouth piece

This week so far has been sad and grim and scary and I was feeling really down. Then I ran across this gem and had to share. This guy made a fantastic sounding clarinet from a carrot, a kitchen funnel and a saxophone mouth piece.

Some People Just Get It

Watch: Jim owns a shoe store that's been open for 100 years, and he knows the importance of paying his employees a fair wage. http://ofa.bo/c0Ae

(Had to share!) Do You Wanna Drive My Tractor?

Koch(a) Kola ad....

"Inglorius" Fruits and Vegetables: fight against waste

The Beauty (and importance) of the Mangrove Forests

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