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Gender: Female
Home country: USA
Member since: 2002
Number of posts: 11,007

Journal Archives

Your feel good, prank it forward video of the day...

TED-Ed: How playing an instrument benefits your brain

I have a friend who suffered from a traumatic brain injury. She was a musician before the accident and was so injured that she had to relearn how to talk, feed herself, walk, and everything else. She was told her music career was over. She was encouraged to start playing again by a relative, against all other advice. She did and her recovery was miraculous after that.

Same as it ever was...

"All lives matter."

Found this posted on YouTube tonight... I get the feeling the spirit of the '60s is


Truth, Justice, Monsanto, and the American Way: It never hurts to be reminded.

"They can see that there is hope and things get better."

Songs of Freedom

Redemption Song.

How To Stop An Oil And Gas Pipeline: The Unist'ot'en Camp Resistance

"When girls say 'No,' they don't really mean 'no." So I was sitting with a group of

seven or eight high school junior and senior boys today when one of them came out with that gem.

I immediately piped up with, "That kind of thinking will get you five to ten or ten to twenty. When a girl says "No," you'd better act like she means "no" even if you don't believe it. If she doen't mean "no," she will let you know."

"Oh we were only joking, ma'am."

"Don't even joke about it because it is not funny!" I mentioned the Rolling Stone article about the Unversity of Virginia in the latest issue and told them to be careful that they didn't do something now that they would come to regret later.

I don't know if I made any real impression or not, but I hope I at least gave them something to think about.

Part of the problem of the rape culture is that boys really seem to believe that "girls don't really mean "no."

Grandmas smoking weed for the first time...

No Grandmas were harmed during the filming of this video...

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