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skip fox

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Member since: 2002
Number of posts: 14,587

About Me

I'm an old professor, having taught at the university level in Louisiana for over 30 years. I've written 4 chapbooks and 5 full-sized books (all listed as poetrythough many include other genres as well), including _Sheer Indefinite: Selected Poems, 1991-2012 (Univ. of New Orleans Press, 2012). I've also written a 500+ page bibliography of three contemporary poets: Robert Creeley, Ed Dorn, and Robert Duncan. My first vote for President of the United States was for Dick Gregory in 1968 (Bowling Green, Ohio). Favorite quote: "It's easy to be an idealist if you don't have to mind the evidence, but no one said it was supposed to be easy" (Richard LaPauvre).

Journal Archives

Gary Byrne: "What I saw would blind the Pope." . . . Please come CAPTION Sean Hannity!!!

Sean ("My head is filled with gunpowder") Hannity is saying: "Gary, you say you are absolutely certain that Hillary and Bill held unspeakable orgies in the White House basement where human sacrifices were performed to Satan. . . . Yet the Secret Service claims you are making all of this up, . . but as we know: they're working for Obama. . . . Your story has the hard, clear ring of truth to me!!! . . Especially the part about Satan and Hillary."


Above CAPTION based on the following Media Matters story:


"I'm one-million-and-ten precent American!" . . . Please come CAPTION Donald Trump!!!!

Donald ("Daffy used to give me the creeps") Trump: "I'm not asking for a purity test, Bill, far from it. . . . I want everyone to say what they want. . . . I'm just saying that anyone who doesn't endorse me shouldn't be able speak at the convention. . . . Not even to reporters."


Above CAPTION based on the following story:


"That's what I'm hearing." . . . Please come CAPTION Donald Trump!!!

Donald (Bottom-Feeder) Trump is saying: "On the contrary, Lester, Hillary's e-mail server definitely was hacked! . . . And right now the Russians know all her dirty, crooked, twisted, little secrets. . . . So what do you think they're going to do with them? . . . Did you ever hear of blackmail? . . . People have a right to know. . . . Voting for Hillary is just like voting for Benedict Arnold for President! . . . Lester, Lester, . . . easy now. . . . This is all for real. . . . It's exactly what I'm hearing."


Above CAPTION (only slightly exaggerated) is based on the following interview with Lester Holt mixed with the implications in his 6.22.16 speech on Hillary Clinton:



This is from the transcript of his speech (link above):

Then there are the 33,000 emails she deleted.

While we may not know what is in those deleted emails, our enemies probably do.

So they probably now have a blackmail file over someone who wants to be President of the United States.

This fact alone disqualifies her from the Presidency.

"Trump is like Saul falling out of his golden stretch-limo." . . . Come CAPTION Dr, James Dobson!!!

Dr. James ("I've got God on speed-dial") Dobson is saying: "Despite the fact that he doesn't know any Christian principles; or hasn't seemed to have followed any Christian values especially in terms of marriage, personal acquisition, or sexual propriety; or doesn't show any indication of knowing or wishing to know what faith can actually do in a person's life and the profound spiritual difference belief can bring to the soul, after a phone call with Mr. Trump I'm convinced he has been born again, washed in our Savior's blood. . . . I could tell in his voice."


Above CAPTION based on the following DU posting by Cali:


"Hillary was napping with her lesbian lover when Benghazi blew up!" . . Come CAPTION Donald Trump!!!

Donald ("Sentimental as a stone") Trump is saying: "Lester, Lester, . . Ah, excuse me! . . . Lester. . . . I wasn't wrong when I said Hillary was asleep when Benghazi blew up. . . . Of course, I knew it happened in the middle of the afternoon Washington time. . . . Everybody knows that. . . . But literal sleeping doesn't only have to mean sleeping. . . . And what my sources told me is that she was literaly sleeping. . . . So you see, it hinges on what 'literally' literally means. . . . In other words, I was right on the money!"


Above CAPTION based on the 2.23.16 One-On-One interview with Lester Holt, a clip from which is on Crooks and Liars:


"For the Fatherland!" . . . Please come CAPTION Donald Trump!!!

Donald ("A wall with a gigantic mote, and. . . ") Trump is saying: " . . . and I have a lot of German friends who loved their country, adored their country, there wasn't anything they wouldn't do for heir country, etc., and now they feel over-run by foreigners. . . . What are they supposed to do? . . . I mean these are people who where real, strong, unwavering, hard-core Germans, Germany-Forever types, lovely people who now feel their country has been overrun. . . . What can I do? I just tell them to do what they think best.


Above CAPTION inspired by Trumps pro-German nationalism in his 2.24.16 speech (around 15:50) from Scotland:


"Boy, those were the days. I could still rise to the occasion." Please come CAPTION Donald Trump!!!

Donald ("My soul is in escrow") Trump is thinking: "Thirteen-years old. . . So what? . . . She was great. . . . Better than most of Epstine's other girls. . . .That was some weekend. . . . It would make most people sick. . . . In fact, even when I think about it sometimes . . . well, . . . But that's because I got a great conscience. . . . The best! . . . Of course only honorable way to deal with her accusations is to deny them categorically."


Above CAPTION based on the following David Pakman clip posted yesterday here at good old DU:


"Even in the shower I'm packin'." . . . Please come CAPTION NRA's finest: Cam Edwards!!!

Cam ("I snort cordite") Edwards is saying: "The Democratic lawmakers who staged a sit-in at the House overnight to protest the lack of votes on gun laws are just like terrorists. . . . Not only are they flaunting House rules on occupancy and filming, like maniacs they're criminally holding the House hostage, shooting innocent proposals down one by one, cold heartedly slaughtering the people's will in cold blood. . . . I don't think it's giving into hyperbole to call for their immediate prosecution under anti-terrorist laws. . . . Far, far from it."


Above CAPTION based on the following Huffington Post story with a clip:


"They call me The New American Intellectual!" . . . Please come CAPTION Fox's Bernard McGuirk!!!!

Bernard ("I pay people to slap me several times a day") McGuirk is saying: "To accept the idea of 'white privilege,' Bill, you first have to buy into the idea that whites are prejudiced against blacks. . . . But there's no evidence for that. . . . Rather, blacks are in the lowest earning group because they sleep all day, spend their nights drinking, rolling dice, shooting cocaine, pimping out their baby mamas, hijacking cars, and/or shooting up their neighborhoods. . . . So they shouldn't blame our supposed prejudice for their miscreant behavior. . . . That should be obvious."


Above CAPTION Based on the following News Hounds story with a clip:


"I really, really believe, but just to make sure. . . ." Please come CAPTION Ben Carson!!!

Ben ("I've go *ss-kissing down to an art") Carson is saying: "Wolff, I telling you like it is, getting more conservative justices on the Supreme Court is a lot more important that how many wives someone has had, or what someone really believes, or if he believes anything at all, or if he's made a few dollars in an underhanded manner, or if he has paid people to lie in court, or if he pays a little hush money to keep people from testifying, or if he pays attorney generals not to prosecute him. . . . Like I said, for evangelicals faith and belief are of supreme importance, but you gotta wake up at some point and . . ."
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