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Profile Information

Name: Mister Rea
Gender: Male
Hometown: Houston
Home country: Moon
Current location: afk
Member since: 2002
Number of posts: 46,398

About Me

(2016 update) I teach 10th instead of 11th graders. I'm 52 now. My God, the changes time brings. Invisible Lines has put on about 10 shows in the past five years. Mostly they didn't suck. This is what I wrote about myself in 2011: I live in Houston, if you can call this living. I teach history to 11th graders. They don't appreciate my genius. I'm an active Democrat really only around election time (knock on doors, make a few phone calls, maybe donate a dollar or two if I think it'll do some good). I'm 48. I'm datin a real special gal right now, but if I don't watch my step I may have to edit out this sentence. I have pretensions toward being a director of performance art, although I've only put on one show (as of Dec 2011). I'm currently working on a second show. Our group is called Invisible Lines (www.invisiblelines.net). I mostly drink Shiner Bock beer because it's a mouth full of heaven. I'm a nut about George Washington, Martin Luther King Jr, and John Dewey. I've resisted for three years saying "I told ya so" about Barack Obama (but then again, I supported Biden in '08 so my room for complaining is minimal). That said, I'll certainly vote mediocre over evil any day of the week. I want Elizabeth Warren to run in 2016. And a pony. I totally want a pony.

Journal Archives

Meetings Make You Dumber

Meetings Make You Dumber

(Newser) If you've ever felt that a work meeting sucked IQ points right out of your skull, you might be right. A new study finds that group interactions can actually lower your intelligence, the Daily Mail reports. Scientists in Virginia matched groups according to IQ, ranked members' performance on cognitive tasks against the others, and then revealed the rankings. When group members were told how others had performed, "we saw dramatic drops in the ability of some study subjects to solve problems," explains the lead researcher. "The social feedback had a significant effect."

Basically, that implies that feeling like you're not as smart as others may actually have an impact on your brain and make you less able to solve problems. The scientists used MRI to discover the results. Women are particularly vulnerable to the effect, the study finds. Adds the lead author, "Our study highlights the unexpected and dramatic consequences even subtle social signals in group settings may have on individual cognitive functioning."

When I see "SOPA-PIPA" I keep thinking of sopapillas


If Romney gives Santorum his VP nom... it'll be a Man-on-Dog-on-Roof ticket in 2012.

The Republicans always have the darnedest priorities
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