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Profile Information

Name: Mister Rea
Gender: Male
Hometown: Houston
Home country: Moon
Current location: afk
Member since: 2002
Number of posts: 45,462

About Me

(2016 update) I teach 10th instead of 11th graders. I'm 52 now. My God, the changes time brings. Invisible Lines has put on about 10 shows in the past five years. Mostly they didn't suck. This is what I wrote about myself in 2011: I live in Houston, if you can call this living. I teach history to 11th graders. They don't appreciate my genius. I'm an active Democrat really only around election time (knock on doors, make a few phone calls, maybe donate a dollar or two if I think it'll do some good). I'm 48. I'm datin a real special gal right now, but if I don't watch my step I may have to edit out this sentence. I have pretensions toward being a director of performance art, although I've only put on one show (as of Dec 2011). I'm currently working on a second show. Our group is called Invisible Lines (www.invisiblelines.net). I mostly drink Shiner Bock beer because it's a mouth full of heaven. I'm a nut about George Washington, Martin Luther King Jr, and John Dewey. I've resisted for three years saying "I told ya so" about Barack Obama (but then again, I supported Biden in '08 so my room for complaining is minimal). That said, I'll certainly vote mediocre over evil any day of the week. I want Elizabeth Warren to run in 2016. And a pony. I totally want a pony.

Journal Archives

I was lured into the straight lifestyle by liberal Hollywood propaganda

I've never shared this in public before, but I first started experimenting with heterosexuality in the 6th grade. I mean, I always had these feelings, this inexplicable attraction to people of the opposite sex. But I'd never actually acted on those feelings before I was 12. Then, little by little, in clandestine meetings or in back yards during friends' parties, I would occasionally find a willing partner and we would, you know, explore what it was like to act out on these impulses. But did I choose this lifestyle? Or was I programmed into it by an unrelenting barrage of media hyperganda, seducing me into becoming a straight? I'll never know. I only know I'm now trapped in this heterosexual mindset. I don't think there's any hope of any church official deprogramming me out of feeling this way.


Pictures of plane wrecks that *everyone* aboard survived from.


"Photos of plane crashes where everyone aboard survived"

According to Baron Montesquieu, this country doesn't want to be a republic.

You should learn a lot about Charles-Louis, Baron de Brede et Montesquieu (Chucky for short). In your civics class, he's taught as the guy who identified the three basic functions of government--legislative, executive, and judicial--and who had a powerful pull on the Founding Conventioneers in Philadelphia in 1787. He's more important for the Constitution than John Locke is. Locke more inspired the Declaration, but it was Chucky who inspired both the three branches scheme and laid the philosophical groundwork for maintaining a federal, instead of a national, structure to the Old 13. However Chucky had some other, more pertinent observations about how men & their governments interact. He identified the governments of the world as falling into three types: Republic, Monarchy, or Despotism. Yes, he always thought in threes. Like any Frenchman, he spent a good deal of time worrying about how size matters. And Chucky didn't think a country, like ours, nearly the size of a continent was quite suited for republicanism. There are dangerous signs he was rights.

In his view, a true republic requires a public and culture that has a love of virtue, that is, a society in which people (particularly leaders) put their love of country and the welfare of the community above their own personal needs. Think about everything we revere George Washington for and now compare it to, say, Donald Trump, Mitch McConnell, that clown from Alaska, or Rand Paul. But this character must exist among a nation as well. When a people lose virtuousness, they begin to lose their republican form of government. We pause now for this important commercial message.

Now back to Bucky's rant.

We're in post-democratic America. According to ol' Chuck Montesquieu, it's not just the character of the people, but also the size of the state itself, that encourages or prevents certain forms of government. A small state tends toward Republic because the rich and poor are neighbors; they see each other at the market or one works for the other, person to person. There is shared commonwealth because they see one another's person & thus one another's rights. A medium sized nation tends toward monarchy; when you lose neighborliness with your fellow countrymen, you lose common-feeling. You need a strong man to enforce the law so that all have an equality of (now reduced) liberty as allowed by the unifying state. But a large nation, an empire--a Russia or a China--will never be a true democracy. The size of state itself requires a despot to hold united all the conflicting interests of a vast land. Even with elections, Putin is still a strong man, a crowd manipulator and a godfather to racketeers who kill inconvenient journalists for him. An iron grasp has always unified Russia; when Gorbachev loosened that grasp, the factions tore the nation apart.

But let's look at the mote in Uncle Sam's eye. For two generations we've bemoaned the imperial presidency--tho mostly when there's a Republican in office. On the other talon, our compatriots at RedState.com only seem to gin up their love of the non-Second Amendments during the Clinton and Obama presidencies. These are two nice data points of what losing one's virtue looks like. Not as pretty as losing one's virginity, is it? When it's not the president taking over legislative functions, it's the Congress thrusting legislative decisions onto his desk. Remember all those pass-the-buck sequestration proposals the Republican caucuses came up with? They were dodging their responsibilities (just like with fobbing on the debt extension votes) because experience showed the members of Congress lacked the discipline, the capacity to compromise, in a word, the virtue, to pass a budget that split their differences.

Judges, too, demonstrate at least a check-and-balancing expression of despotism. Activist judges on the left and right assume more and more power... but this mostly happens when the most representative branch of the people, the legislative, fails to handle its core responsibilities. It is a failure of republican governance (small-r), demonstrating a failure of public virtue. Congress doesn't deliver it because the people don't demand it. And the people don't demand it because they want their MTV more than they want their communities serviced by their public servants.

We've not lost our republicanism yet. We may never lose it in full, but against Ben Franklin's possibly apocryphal advice, we're not really keeping it up lately.

A cartoon that isn't funny

See? No punchline. Not unless we get our shit together, that is.

In fact, life is a broccoli eating contest, but they don't tell you that.

When you die and go to heaven, St. Peter doesn't review a video of all you sins with you. He just has a big ledger with your name and a list of all the times you could have eaten broccoli but didn't. Then yall watch a video, and it's on BetaMax because that's where they've all gone and not because "VCR had better marketing" or some crap like that, and you and St. Peter watch you turning your nose up at broccoli when you were like 3 or 4 years old and you mom was only worried about your vitamin intake, and then when you get to the part where you gag on the first forkfull and throw the plate of broccoli onto the floor and scream "I want cake!" St. Peter says, "You know what, I'm not gonna sit through this shit any longer; you know what you did." and he turns the BetaMax off and kicks your ass down to hell.

That is the point in life. You should have listened to your mother.

Is it Francis or Francis the 1st?

What's this "Francis the First" business? I mean, we don't know for a fact that's there's gonna be any other Francii, right? He could turn out to be a crappy pope, or maybe he never even has any sons, or he has a son and doesn't name the kid after himself, but gives the kid a normal name like Fred or Tivo. So the next Pope would be Pope Tivo, not Pope Francis the 2nd. Right? It's not like they call the first pope Peter the 1st. It's just Peter, or "The Rock" as Jesus called him, cause Jesus could totally smell what was cooking.

as a present to you, here's an animated gif that might look better on a slow load

(that was your mind)

Mimes are unstable

They start off like this....

But then they end up like this...

It gets confusing for Americans when the German Commies denounce "Social Democracy"

Anyone confused enough to fall for the BS that Naziism was leftist because it was "national socialism" isn't going to get the nuances of Weimer Republic extremism, let alone have the patience to sit through three whole minutes of silent newsreel footage.

If you wanna blow up the minds of dittoheads, point them over to the Nazis' 1938 German Weapons Act. The Nazis, far from wanting to round up the guns in society, were actually strongly in favor of gun ownership by ordinary citizens. The Nazis loosened gun laws, ended registration of long-barreled firearms, stopped the regulation of ammunition, and even allowed private citizens to own machine guns.

Sound familiar? It's the NRA's agenda. Not that the NRA are Nazis, just that their talk about Hitler rounding up the guns in Germany is bullshit. Now, I'm sure Hitler did round up guns in Czechoslovakia, Poland, and France -- non-German nations that he invaded. But he never took over his own people by denying them gun rights. Rather, he demagogued the firearms regulation issue in order to manipulate the public over to his side.

Now, he did deny gun rights to people he vilified as non-German: Jews, Roma, Communists... Again, this is a rightwing tactic. How many times have you heard Republicans & conservatives snark that liberals aren't real Americans or argue that "McCain would've been starting his second term by now, if Obama hadn't gotten all those minority votes."

But this is more about keeping the bedazzled majority neurotically militarized, rather than wanting to avoid shooting it out with a "well-armed citizenry". Fantasies about apocalyptic shoot-outs with the evil elements of society are hallmarks of extremists--left and right. It happened in real life in Germany in 1919. The Marxist Spartan League and the rightwing predecessors of the Nazis actually did shoot it out in the streets of Berlin (which serves the Germans right for having unleashed Lenin & Leninism on Russia two years earlier). But the only people talking about taking arms against fellow citizens or against the government we have all elected are the people on the Right. The Alex Joneses and Wayne LaPierres and Ted Nugents of the world love talking about taking up guns against an oppressive government--which in reality would mean getting into firefights with the BATF, the FBI, and (I suppose) park rangers at Yosemite. The only arms us lefties fantasize about are the ones we'd like to hug our trees with.

Nope, when the wingnuts start comparing liberalism to fascism, it's the same old "Clint Eastwood vs. the chair" dynamic. Unable to sustain an honest argument, the super-conservatives have resorted once again to inventing a make-belief supervillain that they can feel comfortable about vanquishing, even if only in the privacy of their own imaginations.

Musical intelligence is different than intellectual intelligence.

Many people are music smart, or math smart, or athletic smart, or art smart, or politics smart but life stupid, or physics smart but emotionally stupid. This can explain the Republicans who are compassion smart but economics stupid and so we end up with uncles from Albuquerque who volunteer at the annual clothing drive but vote for candidates who promise to cut welfare programs. My take on Zappa (and this is just me) is that he was musically genius, but only verbally clever, and had a mean streak of socially dumb in him that green lit every impulse he had to climb up on his preaching to the "dumbwashed" masses.

Like many geniuses in the arts, he encouraged in his fans a self-defeating contempt for any of his critics. This leads to polarizing sentiments like "My favorite artist X is a goddamn genius, genius I tell you, even if none of you bozos are hep enough to 'get it'." Kinda like how I am about Lady Gaga.
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