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Let's Not Use CBS News Links

They just can't be trusted.

Alex Jones Calls Napolitano A Sack of Shit, Lesbian

He called Janet Napolitano all sorts of names.

Jones: “Why is Janet Napolitano, why is he, as a Man, so bold to even admit that to Congress. …”
Jones: “You know, Janet Napolitano, he says he doesn’t like being criticized by us.”
Jones: “He’s a man, he can take it.”
Jones: “What kind of person to you think Mr. Napolitano is?”
Chapman: “I’d rather not say, because I know what you know, and I’m not going to put it on the air.”
Jones: “I mean, Mr. Napolitano”
Chapman: “Spies everywhere”
Jones: “I’m convinced that Mr. Napolitano is a guy masquerading as a woman, and not doing a very good job of it.”
Chapman: “Ah… You’re probably right, because you’re right about most things.”
Jones: “Hold on a second, Jaren was saying something about Mr. Napolitano; what was that?”
Jones: “Alright, I don’t usually stoop to humor, but at a certain point, I’m getting tired of it.”

It doesn't take a scholar to know this 23 year old kid was a fan of the fanatical and disgusting Alex Jones.

Jones is an accessory to murder.

What Do Boys Do When They Find a Real Gun?

Objectives. To determine how boys behave when they find a handgun in a presumably safe environment and to compare parental expectations of their child's interest in real guns with this observed behavior.

Methods. A convenience sample of 8- to 12-year-old boys was recruited from families that completed a survey on firearm ownership, storage practices, and parental perceptions. Parents were asked to rate their child's interest in real guns on a scale from 1 to 5: 1–2 = low interest, 3 = moderate interest, and 4–5 = high interest. Parents of an eligible child were asked to bring to the exercise 1 of their son's playmates and/or a sibling in the same age range. After informed parental consent was obtained, each pair or trio of boys was placed in a room with a 1-way mirror and observed for up to 15 minutes. Two water pistols and an actual .380 caliber handgun were concealed in separate drawers. The handgun contained a radio transmitter that activated a light whenever the trigger was depressed with sufficient force to discharge the firearm. After the exercise, each boy was asked whether he thought that the pistol was real or a toy. Before leaving, each child was counseled about safe behavior around guns.

Results. Twenty-nine groups of boys (n= 64) took part in the study. The mean age of participants was 9.8 years. Twenty-one of the groups (72%) discovered the handgun (n = 48 boys); 16 groups (76%) handled it (n = 30 boys). One or more members in 10 of the groups (48%) pulled the trigger (n = 16 boys). Approximately half of the 48 boys who found the gun thought that it was a toy or were unsure whether it was real. Parental estimates of their child's interest in guns did not predict actual behavior on finding the handgun. Boys who were believed to have a low interest in real guns were as likely to handle the handgun or pull the trigger as boys who were perceived to have a moderate or high interest in guns. More than 90% of the boys who handled the gun or pulled the trigger reported that they had previously received some sort of gun safety instruction.


POTUS Speaking Live


"There were multiple people firing off various guns" CO Springs Last Night

At least four people were hurt during a shooting in Colorado Springs early Sunday morning.

Colorado Springs Police say the shooting happened at around 1 a.m. on Sunday, officers say four people were hit by gunfire. It happened on the 1500-block of South Nevada Avenue. Investigators on scene said it appears somebody started shooting and then multiple other people also started firing guns. As of Sunday morning how the shooting started remains a mystery.

"There were multiple people firing off various guns, we have at least four calibers involved so we're curious as to what happened and why it happened," said Sgt. Jim Jeffcoat of the Colorado Springs Police Department.

None of the people hit suffered life-threatening injuries, at least two other people suffered wounds from an assault.http://www.koaa.com/news/at-least-four-hit-by-gunfire-during-shooting-in-colorado-springs/

24 Year Old Seeking Help Shot By Police

It never ends

Charlotte-Mecklenburg police say a man who apparently had wrecked his car and may have been seeking help from a homeowner at 2:30 a.m. Saturday was later shot and killed by an officer after running toward police.

The man was identified as 24-year-old Jonathan A. Ferrell.

Police Chief Rodney Monroe said officers received a call shortly after 2:30 a.m. about an attempted breaking-and-entering at a residence in the 7500 block of Reedy Creek Road in northeast Charlotte.

Three officers who responded to the scene came across a man matching the description of the possible suspect, and surrounded him, Monroe said at a press conference at CMPD headquarters. Monroe said the man “immediately charged” at the officers, and one of the them fired at him.

Read more here: http://www.charlotteobserver.com/2013/09/14/4313045/cmpd-chief-to-hold-press-conference.html#.UjSUr2Rgbpk#storylink=cpy

John Morse & Angela Giron Conceeds

Colorado Springs and Pueblo are Dead to me.
Fuck em...I'll never visit either districts as long as I live in CO

American's Don't Care About Dead Foreigners

Shit, we don't care about the thousands who die from guns every year here.
Kids..pregnant mothers, teens, teachers, meh....

Proof CO recall elections.

More Racism & ODS in NM Outhouse Labeled ‘Obama's Presidential Library’

I don't want to post a link to any of the wingnut sites so here's the Google search


The Man Is Burning


It's almost over, should have posted 20 minutes ago.

Stream goes in and out on occasions.
What a fireworks show.

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