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Gender: Male
Hometown: Puyallup, Washington
Member since: 2001
Number of posts: 35,381

About Me

I truly believe that we will all live in peace and brotherhood someday. And so that I don't lose my faith in humanity, I will live my life as if that day had already happened.

Journal Archives

7 Things No One Tells You About Being Homeless - Cracked.com


I can attest to the truth of what the author writes. Many of my patients are represented by all seven criteria.

Cracked is a humor website. But this article is the plain cold truth, and reminds me of a line from Lord Byron's Don Juan: "And if I laugh at any mortal thing, 'tis that I may not weep."

How can I access my very first posts here?

I didn't start bookmarking posts until 2 or 3 years after joining.


Friday night drinks & dinner with Will Shakespeare.

Ask us anything.

Our security guard was in the lunchroom the other day, bad-mouthing the Canadian health care system.

We need some security, since the clinic is in a bad part of town.

And I know a lot of right-wingers gravitate to the security industry. This guy is nice enough, but he's a John Wayne worshiper. ( )

And he is so in the wrong place to be coming down on national health insurance.

It was the usual bullshit: "Canadians are dying of cancer because they can't get to an oncologist in time to be treated" - shit like that.

I didn't say anything to him, although I fancy I'm better qualified to determine better than he how efficacious a broad-based system of affordable health care can be. I just don't know what to say to people whose outlook is: "Well, the solution isn't perfect, so let's just not bother trying to solve the problem..."

Had to do a tricky skin excision this morning in clinic.

It was on the patient's penis.

It was just a skin tag, completely benign; but for cosmetic reasons, obviously, the patient wanted it removed. Turned out to be not much trouble. But if the guy felt any apprehension, I could identify with that. Not a place you want sharp things close to.

2006's "Casino Royale" on the DVD makes a terrific soundtrack for a punishing

cardio and free-weights workout!


Saturday, November 2nd. The Weekend Edition of William Shakespeare's Thought For The Day.

"How ill white hairs becomes a fool and a jester!"

Henry IV, Part 2, Act V, Scene 5, Line 48.

Hanging' with Will Shakespeare, cooking up tomorrow's edition of WSTFTD

Ask us anything.

After years of studying the operas of Richard Wagner, I've finally figured out the character, Wotan:

He's a corporate CEO! - He acts like a god, wants to rule the world, hires other people to do his work for him, refuses to pay them, and then gets outraged and indignant when they demand that he pay them what they've earned.

- He steals the wealth belonging to someone else (who also stole it from its rightful owners, by the way) assuring everyone that he, at least, will put it to good use, and then clumsily loses the wealth because he values it more than people

- He sires succeeding generations to help him regain the lost fortune, ignores the warnings of a powerful regulatory agency, becomes an absentee father, viciously punishes family members who insist that he do the right thing, and after years of struggle, and after failing to attain the elusive treasure he covets the most, declares that he doesn't really want it anymore, and then sets the building on fire.

- There! 14 hours of opera distilled into three paragraphs!

Late night at the clinic, catching up on paperwork. How's everybody doing?

Rough couple of days...
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