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Profile Information

Gender: Male
Hometown: Puyallup, Washington
Member since: 2001
Number of posts: 34,934

About Me

I truly believe that we will all live in peace and brotherhood someday. And so that I don't lose my faith in humanity, I will live my life as if that day had already happened.

Journal Archives

The hysterical hate-clowns have driven away another DU-er.

"Hysterical hate-clowns". Sounds like a really bad punk band playing to three drunks in a hole-in-the-wall dive bar somewhere.

I've started lurking here in March 2001, while we were still licking our wounds from sElection 2000. We were hurting, we were humiliated, and we were angry.

Skinner and the boys gave us a place to gather and find each other. So we would realize we were not alone. That in a country that was wall-to-wall with brain-dead flag-flailers, there was still some sanity left.

When I started here in March of 2001, I think we all knew the years ahead would be bad. But until September 11th of that year, I don't think any of us knew how bad it was going to get.

One week after that awful, horrible day, I became a member of DU, and I've been here ever since.

And despite the departure of another long-time member, I will remain.

Even though the hysterical hate-clowns mentioned above have made me the target of their unbridled, purposeless rage on more than one occasion, I will remain.

I just won't patronize their hellish circus, that's all. And when I see their smoking, sputtering little car coming my way, intent on disgorging a comically large army of senseless spewers, I'll just turn and walk the other way. I will remain.

I am stronger than they are.

I was born and raised in a Southern military family. I've lived all over the place. I've eaten foods the names of which I can't even pronounce. I played school football; in Texas, where football is less of a sport, and more of a religion. I swam competitively. I joined the Army and served as a tank crewman, including service in the Gulf in 1991. I enrolled in a high-stress, high-intensity course to learn Physician Assisting, and earned a license to practice clinical medicine. If anybody here wants to get rid of me, they're gonna need some kryptonite! I will remain.

And to all of my loyal friends at DU: I will remain. I will mourn the departure of old friends just like all of you. But I will remain.

And I'll close with two of my frequent refrains:

To the hysterical hate-clowns: Liberal till I DIE, motherfuckers!

To my DU friends: I love you all.

"Piano in the street!' Anybody else noticed this in war films?

In both "Saving Private Ryan" and in HBO's "Band of Brothers" there are scenes in embattled French towns in which a piano turns up in the street, and the soldiers have to fight their way around it. In fact, 'piano in the street' is featured prominently in the opening credits of "BoB".

I assume it is intended to symbolize the harsh disruption of daily life that occurs to civilians in the middle of armed conflict.

Has anyone noticed this in any films other than the ones above?

A new patient of mine competed in the 1976 Olympics!

Older gentleman. Competed in Track & Field for his nation in Montreal.

I will give no more details, since a quick trip to the almanac could breach his privacy.

It's sad, though, that after such an honor, he should come to the US and be homeless and on the streets...

One of my patients just registered for the ACA - Premium?: $0!

Things are starting to roll!

What's the latest on In_The_Wind?

Anybody know?

Resting at a wayside inn with Will Shakespeare. Ask us anything...

Okay, TONIGHT I can stay up a little later. Anybody want to hang out?

I had to hit it a little earlier than I expected last night. So my thanks to everyone who posted after 11pm or so.

I'm going to have a beer, hang out in the Lounge, and relax.

How is everyone tonight?

My cheeseburger is coming apart like a tissue-paper kite in a rainstorm...

Ecch! What a mess!

I know it's only Wednesday, but anybody want to stay up late and hang out?

Found myself in another cookie-cutter hotel room. Some company would be nice...

to all of my Lounge friends...

For my Lounge friends - "Green Hills Race For California" - Emerson Hart.

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