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Profile Information

Gender: Male
Hometown: Puyallup, Washington
Member since: 2001
Number of posts: 38,096

About Me

I truly believe that we will all live in peace and brotherhood someday. And so that I don't lose my faith in humanity, I will live my life as if that day had already happened.

Journal Archives

Anti-government conservatives may finally be getting their wish. Only not in the manner they sought.

It's a long-understood trope that conservative Republicans hate government, and want to abolish it at the Federal level, and proceed with only state governments.

It looks like many people across the country are starting to support this idea. Just not for the reasons anti-everybody right-wingers planned.

With Trump fomenting every sort of legislation aimed at attacking the civil rights of women, minorities, Muslims, LGBTQ, etc. cities and states across the nation are starting to draft laws, or at least resolutions, refuting the aims of the Trump Presidency. San Francisco and other municipalities are declaring themselves sanctuary cities for undocumented immigrants, LGBTQ, etc. Pittsburgh looks like it is going to join other cities and states in banning 'gay-conversion therapy'.

If Trump or his motley collection of cronies protest this at all, one would be wise to mention 'states-rights' and watch them sputter helplessly when confronted with their own tactics.

I'm starting back at Healthcare For The Homeless today!

Long-time DU-ers know that for the first four years I was in practice, I worked at a clinic that serves our homeless community. It's the most rewarding work I've ever done. But we were providing care under contract to the civic organization that operated the facility we worked in.

In December, 2014, they refused to renew our contract, and instead hired their own medical provider. I went to work at our mainstream clinic instead. I had the opportunity to serve some wonderful patients, and work with some extraordinary, dedicated medical professionals. But it just wasn't the same as working with the homeless. The sense of mission, the feeling of making a difference, it just wasn't there.

Well, we took matters into our own hands, and have opened a brand new clinic reserved solely for the homeless, and the doors just officially opened three minutes ago.

It will probably be slow for the first few days. But I'm so happy to be back where I belong, and I wanted to share this with you.

I love you all...

Relaxing on a Tuesday night. Stop by and say 'hi'.

Drank the last of the vodka...

Completely tanked seems like the best way to spend the next four years.

But one has responsibilities.

Anyway, I'm off work tomorrow, so I'm getting sloshed...

Friday Night Vodka-Buzz. I'm on my second Moscow Mule. Nobody flirt with me.

My inhibitions are not up to snuff...

What's a good website for up-to-the-minute coverage of Election Day?

Please no right-wing sites.

Mrs. Aristus, the Republican, posted her ballot tonight with a vote for Hillary Clinton.

A staunch Eisenhower-style Republican, she voted for Hillary without a qualm. She then researched Washington State Republicans on the ballot to see if they publicly supported Trump, and voted against every one who did.

She voted against Governor Jay Inslee because his opponent, Bill Somebody, opposed Trump's candidacy. I suppose that was his only virtue. I'm pretty sure Inslee will be re-elected, so I'm cool with that.

My son-in-law allowed my nine year-old granddaughter fill in 'Clinton-Kaine' on his ballot.

That was wonderful. He wanted her to have the experience of "voting" for a female candidate. A full nine years before she will legally be allowed to vote.

Anybody remember Park Overall?

The sassy Southern nurse on Empty Nest ?

I had a huge crush on her back in the 80's.

And it turns out: she's a liberal! She's a Hillary Clinton supporter, and an outspoken environmental activist, and advocate for women's rights!

Now I love her even more!...

Friday Night Vodka-Buzz.

Talk to me...

I love you all...
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