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Your link led me to a great page with lots of photos of green flashes at the end of a sunset.


Amazing! I thought it was a myth. I had a friend once who said she'd seen it, too, and she believed it was a signal of personal enlightenment - that those who couldn't see it had bad karma of some sort that prevented them from seeing it.

Welcome to DU, concreteblue!

Good to have you with us! Uppity. Ahhh... that word. I consider it a badge of honor. "Uppity" could apply to me as well. If somebody calls me "uppity" I see that as a backhanded begrudging compliment because it strongly suggests I'm bothering and picking at the scabs of their antiquated out-of-date, obsolete, moldy-oldie mindset.

I sometimes chuckle to myself about the stereotypes and loaded words that, unfortunately for the Troglodyte contingent in this country, have now been shoved forcibly down their throats. They've now had their slanderous insulting "uppity" in the White House for six years and they'll just have to get over it for another two years (even though we know they won't). Well, like it or not, Hillary's coming, as the likely candidate of the Dems, AND/OR the winner of the General Election. That OTHER "Uppity." HAVE SOME MORE "Uppity", assholes! DEAL with it. And GET OVER it. Sometimes a SECOND dose is needed. The doctor prescribes TWO big fat loaded hypodermics for your disease. In a ROW! You're gonna get over it because maybe we're just gonna have to MAKE YOU get over it. We're just gonna have to drag you idiot Bronze-Age-mentality bubble-dwellers kicking and screaming into the 21st Century where realistic people with a solid grip on reality (and the progress that the march of time brings) live. Because THAT is the right thing to do, and while we're at it, we're taking back the word "right." So it can mean correct and accurate again, and the so-called "right" wing doesn't own it anymore. Their claiming it as THEIR word has totally perverted its meaning. "Right" now means WRONG.

Welcome to DU, Laser102!

Glad you're here! Mixed feelings here because I believe, like you, that Hillary has the biggest momentum, and yeah, money, to go the distance, plus she has the let's-FINALLY-break-that-last-glass-ceiling, it's-ABOUT-DAMN-TIME thing for many women (full disclosure - VERY MUCH including ME!) going for her.

But I have long been an admirer of Bernie Sanders. I hope rather ardently that his presence will galvanize the progressives - and the progressive mindset - in this country, and bring OUR issues directly to the FRONT of the line, to the CENTER of the stage, to the MIDDLE of the spotlight. Our side has been scoffed at and sneered at and belittled and demeaned and diminished - for 30 or 40 YEARS now. (Thank you Powell Memo. See my sig line for the link.) It's ABOUT DAMN TIME the left rises again. And takes over again. Because we've been forced down a radical CON path and it HASN'T WORKED! Rights being rolled back - in many cases seriously hard-fought and hard-won rights, like women's rights, the mere right to vote, the quest to open up health care for EVERYONE, the quest to be able to marry whom you LOVE, ALL this stuff is under fire!!!! ALL OF THESE GAINS are under fire, under SEIGE!!! The efforts to drag us all back by the hair into the past - have gained FAR too much momentum.

And that's just in the civil liberties arena. The very idea that "personhood" extends to artificial constructs too, that cold hard cash is equal to free speech - you wanna talk abortion? THAT'S an abortion, folks. An abortion of principles. An abortion of rights.

So if Bernie Sanders can shift that momentum, turn that shit around, and unstick the pendulum from where it's been forcibly fastened to the far "right" - if Bernie Sanders can help push us back toward the left, if Bernie Sanders can push Hillary Clinton and others on our side of the aisle BACK TOWARD THE LEFT, then my prayers will be answered.

My ideal ticket, actually, would be Clinton/Sanders. That'd throw the so-called right for a loop! It'd encourage full-on unity among us Dems. And I think it would have some really broad appeal to everybody else. It would also solidify the Bernie Sanders agenda at the very top of the ziggurat. With Elizabeth Warren and hopefully an emboldened Sherrod Brown and Sheldon Whitehouse and whoever's gonna replace Barbara Boxer (probably Kamala Harris) and hopefully a return for Russ Feingold to the Senate - where he belongs, maybe we can finally shift the momentum back where it belongs. ON THE LEFT.

I don't think he has what it takes to win - especially financially. But if he and Hillary were to team up, I think they'd be a COLOSSUS. I think they'd be King Kong AND Godzilla, joined at the hip. And ALL we'd be talking about as a nation would be a LEFTWARD-LEANING agenda.

Oh boy...

...or girl?

Awwww... Too cute!

Doesn't quite know what to make of it!

Well then we'd know where to start looking for perpetrators.

Threats like that are liable to have a backspin.

That was like a manifesto. WONDERFUL!!!

It felt almost like a torch has been passed. I thought she was magnificent. Sure sounds like she knows her stuff.

That's really lovely news. And what an honor for you!

I'm so sorry about your losing your sister. But I know you'll be SPLENDID in her honor!!!



Oh. My. Sweet. God...

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