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I saw it pretty much wall-to-wall.

Not only the sexist shit where Mike Pence gets a pass for the same vote she cast, but no pass for her. I kept wondering during the whole Melania thing, what would have happened if Hillary had done that? She would have been CRUCIFIED.

I think it's because Hillary Clinton has the nerve NOT to know "her proper place" - which is: stay home, walk two steps behind your man, keep your mouth shut, and your legs open. I think they view her as "Mrs. Who-the-hell-does-she-think-she-is".

It's a high-tech witch burning, for absolute sure. In the 21st Century no less.

Even though Meredith McIver fell on her sword, my husband STILL thinks Trump did it.

Wouldn't surprise me, either.

Yeah, stay classy, GOP.

Beat me to it, Skittles.

I am certain that some of them want that and want it very badly. Some of them pray for it every day. We've already seen too many news stories verifying that. I'd bet some of 'em are standing in that convention center and roaring "Lock Her Up" this very week.

That contingent has wished for, and prayed for, bad things if all kinds to befall both of the Clintons - AND some of 'em have already wished that on Chelsea Clinton, too.

Anybody remember john derbyshire, who used to write for the National Review? He once actually wrote a column calling for someone to murder Chelsea Clinton because - Heaven forbid - someday when she grows up, she might want to get into politics. That bastard doesn't write for the National Review anymore. That column stunk up the joint so bad even they couldn't stand behind it. They had to disavow it - and him.

who actually IS a traitor.

He's the pipsqueak who circulated that letter that the Senate CONS all sugned - to the Iranians, telling them not to negotiate with John Kerry & Co. on the nuclear deal


The NY Daily News cover on March 10th had his photo right there with mitch mcconnell, rand paul, and ted cruz - and the word TRAITORS in big bold black letters.

Well, we actually do have a religious fanatic ON THE TICKET.

THAT is scary to me.

This is a high-tech witch burning, for sure. Chris Christie proved it last night.

It REALLY IS a high-tech witch burning.

Wow - and they were talking about jumping the shark tonight on MSNBC.

Chris Matthews brought that up this evening, posing the question about where that expression came from. Answer: a water-skiing scene featuring Fonzie, on "Happy Days." Executive producer, Garry Marshall.

He sure had a great career. Launched a ton of big-time careers.

I'm starting to suspect The Donald Himself did it.

As the story says - Trump himself has been awfully quiet on the Twitter scene. Usually he's all over it, with tweet after tweet after rude or accusatory or insulting or smart-ass tweet. We've heard and/or seen NOTHING on this from him.

Further, if it went through speechwriter Matthew Scully without any of the plagiarized paragraphs in it, and high-level campaign staffers, too...

"In other words, the upper echelon of the campaign staff wanted to make sure the public knew that the changes werenít made by the guy they hired or by the staff themselves. Without saying it, the clear implication was that Melania Trump herself, or another member of the Trump family, was responsible for inserting the stolen passages into the speech at the last minute."

...and another member of the Trump family is now quietly "suspected," I'd say it's Donald himself. If it were one of his kids, he'd be issuing screaming tweets all over everywhere, defending them.

After all, isn't he the "You're Fired!" guy? He's made that as much of a signature line as Arnold Schwarzenegger did with "I'll be back." And hasn't the campaign already stated that no one's getting fired over this? WHILE the high-level staffers seem to be making sure to make proof available that they're not at fault? Kinda hard to fire the boss, especially when he's running for President...

And where is he? Hunkered down in the Trump Tower in New York. Communicating to the world, and the convention, from his "bunker" by video. He's not out yapping and flinging blame around and insults and putdowns the way he usually would. His behavior may be speaking for him this time.

AHA! I found it!

About halfway through the nominating process, MSNBC cut away to field reporter Hallie Jackson, who reported that the Melania Trump speech had been written by professional speech writer Matthew Scully. She reported that high level sources within the campaign had provided a draft of the speech that Scully had submitted to the campaign, and that it didnít include any of the passages which had been plagiarized from a 2008 speech by Michelle Obama.


Matthew Scully is the guy.

This story's kinda been bigfooted by the whole parade-of-states thing and The Donald's victorious number-nailing. But this is a detail well worth remembering. We still don't know what happened between the time Scully handed in his final draft of the speech and the time Melania saw it on the teleprompter. I hope the news cycle hasn't decided to jump on a different runaway train - the Diversion Express.
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