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Member since: 2001
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Yep! Now it's the DU LOLcats!

MAKES my Sunday, every Sunday!

Fragile hold on sanity?

I'm afraid that particular horse is already outta the barn. And running around somewhere in the next country.

Or, GOD Forbid, jeb bush.

If jeb bush gets the CON nomination, SERIOUSLY everybody, I'm sorry, but you have to step up and vote. Sorry. Not much choice here when you consider the alternative. You REALLY want not to be counted - and have paul fucking wolfowitz back in power???

You REALLY want another Middle East war?

Because that's what you're gonna guarantee that WE ALL get.

And we don't want it either.

I hate to scold. But that's where we are.

There are some world-class quotes in this thread, for sure.

Thank you for posting this and getting it started, bigtree.

I'm a 61 year old white woman and you took the words right outta my mouth.

I think it is just the BIGGEST DAMN DISGRACE EVER!!! EVER!!!!! I cannot believe the disrespect that has been heaped upon this President. I'm just incredulous. Stupified! Shit - if we did that to one of theirs, they'd be dragging us out of our homes and throwing us in prison! How dare they?

It's just a damn shame. All it comes down to (and I find it embarrassing even to think this - but I DO) is that there's a black guy in the Oval Office and he isn't the janitor. And they can't frickin' stand it.

We've seen a lot of the same things, tavernier. And you put it so succinctly -

"I'm both encouraged by our progress,and yet saddened by the ugliness that has followed.

I truly thought that we were way beyond that. I t truly thought that our constitution defined us as being created equal. I never realized that only some of us believed it."

I'll bet you felt so good on Election Night 2008 - for the same reason I did. I thought the election of Barack Obama to the Presidency signified the turning of a BIG page - that we were finally over it. That we'd finally gotten past the racism that has just crippled this country - a huge scar across our history. I thought it meant that wound had finally healed over. But no. It was actually an open, oozing mess. I'm ashamed of so many of my fellow Americans. I can't believe what they're doing and saying! I'm appalled. I want to go up to each and every one of them and say "SHAME ON YOU." And hint around how they could be flirting with treason charges - for attempting this kind of thing against the Commander-in-Chief - during wartime. Which this IS. The US still has active battle engagements going on, still has hot zones. We still have plenty of active-duty fellow citizens out there in harm's way as of this writing. And even if it doesn't technically fit the definition of treason - I'd STILL throw it at 'em. Because THIS is what's Un-American. How the CONS and other GOP extremist vermin are behaving toward our President.

Whether those assholes like it or not, he's THEIR President, too. That calls for a show of respect.

You make a good point there, handmade34!

We can take comfort in that, at least. But we've also gotta make sure everybody who can vote - does. Including the young people.

THIS ^^^^^^

Who would we like to have picking the next round of Supreme Court nominees? A Dem or a CON?

Totally. And they all walk free, to this very hour.

Collecting their honorary degrees and big-ticket speakers' fees and publishing deals and talking-head appointments.

They have not paid for what they've done. Brian Williams gets sent to the deep freeze for six months without pay for padding and embroidering the truth. But his misrepresentations didn't get anybody killed. Unlike this band of thugs, liars, cheats, and remote-control murderers.

The best thing about this list is - it's gotta knock jim demint's nose out of joint!

He's not even on it! Just one more thing about which you can whine and complain and play victim, jimmy ol' boy!

Color me surprised... NOT!!!!!!!

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