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Man, I don't know, PatrickforO.

You ask a very important question in that last paragraph. One for all of us to think on for a long and serious time.

It could be that the job ahead is just too big, because it does indeed require an entire change of mindset, a pulling away from the worship of capitalism which always seems to turn predatory at the drop of a hat and with the most meager of excuses. It requires an entire change of mindset AWAY from anti-intellectualism. That would also probably imply an entire change of mindset away from the tendency to cling to religion. Those who claim the most strident religiosity also tend to cling to the thinking and mindset that you find in the collected works of the recognized Bible - especially the Old Testament, which, to too many self-proclaimed followers of Christ, actually overrides and trumps the New Testament (which comprised the earthly "Chronicles of the Christ" as we know it). It's as though you can't believe in science and facts and discover if you believe in Christianity. It's either/or. There's no room for both.

And in the future we face, seems to me, there HAS TO BE room for both. Personally, I believe that we HAVE to revere and encourage and emphasize the sciences if we're to survive as a species. I further believe, personally, that the only real future the human race has, long-term, will HAVE TO involve leaving the planet. If we don't believe in population control (and we sure don't seem to!), the only answer to the epidemic of runaway overpopulation of this planet is to colonize elsewhere. We already have more people on this planet than the planet can handle, what with the hunger, the poverty, the waste, the over-exploitation and tragic squandering of our natural resources, the soil, the water, the air, the other lifeforms that we wantonly kill off - ALL OF THAT HAS TO CHANGE.

I fear we have fouled our own nest, already, past the breaking point. And okay, that's another reason why there MUST be a Democratic victory in 2016, and a Democrat in the Oval Office for the next two terms at least, because the other side offers us nothing but ignorant ostriches with their heads in the sand, denying climate change, denying any need for conservation or wiser custodianship of our Earth. All they offer in that other tribe is recklessness and short-sightedness, and the selfishness and pigheadedness of armies of adult-size three-year-olds. And they see no reason to change. They revere the Pope and cling to his every word until he starts talking about this and then all of a sudden he's the enemy. They laughed and scoffed at Al Gore (whose "Inconvenient Truths" turned out to be more right - in the truer sense of that word - than they can ever wrap their little afflicted truncated brains around).

It's overcoming THAT. It's overcoming ALL of THAT. And seriously, I don't know if we're up to the challenge. We need to be. We need to get to that point - pronto! And I don't know if we can, or we have the will, or the objectivity, or the realistic view of our world. OR the courage.

I happen to believe that the survival and salvation of humankind rests primarily in space. Leaving this planet and seeding colonies elsewhere, whether it's Earth's moon, perhaps a grand space station or orbital space city in the asteroid belt, or the colonization of Mars, or Titan, or some such other moon. Takes money and science and all the objective brainpower we've got. And as America dumbs down, I find myself losing hope. Maybe I've been watching too much "Star Trek," but I find myself hoping and praying that humankind reaches THAT point someday. Where money's not the thing. Where it doesn't matter what color of humanoid or type of alien species is sitting next to you in the interplanetary shuttle or on the transport pad. I dream of getting there. Don't know if it's possible, but it's certainly a dream I have.

Oddly enough, it takes me to the ONE point in which I wholeheartedly agree with ronald reagan. He once mused, aloud, about how the one way to get everybody on Earth together in total unity would be if there was some alien invasion from outer space. We'd ALL have a common enemy, and man-oh-man would that bond us together into one shoulder-to-shoulder human monolith. We have to start thinking of ourselves as One, Big, Giant, All-Encompassing COLLECTIVE. And that doesn't flow well with the "every man for himself," "sovereign citizen," "IGMFU" priorities that dominate the basic mentality of this country.

We don't think in terms of "WE." We think only in terms of "I, Me, and Mine." THAT is what has to change more than anything else about us as humans. And it's an awfully tall order to have to fill.

Oh MAN, Cha! Ouch, Ouch, Ouch, and OUCH!

"...when you whined and complained about Obama for six years not giving you your 'hope and change' cookies as you define them. You know why you don't get that cookie? Because nonwhite Americans saw your dreadful behavior toward Obama all these years..."

Holy Cannoli! It always has left me totally bewildered to see people on OUR side of the aisle, supposedly fellow Democrats, who just trashed our President from stem to stern, from limb to limb, up one side of the room and down the other - the kind of treatment one would expect him to get from the bad guys. So WHY must there be people on our side so eager to chew him up and spit him out. I guess that's why I still feel personally bruised by the nearly unforgivable SOB-used-car-salesman insult. CRIMINY, people! That kind of crap comes out of the yapper of limbaugh and alex jones and those jerks. That shit is NOT supposed to be coming from those of us supposedly on the same side as OUR President. Dear God! After eight long miserable years of bush/cheney, I would think finally getting a good one from OUR camp in there - for two terms - we'd have, and show, some appreciation.

Really makes me wonder - who-the-hell's side are we on, anyway? That shit that too many on OUR side spewed upon OUR President - Jesus, Mary, and Joseph. The use of the terms "uncalled-for" or "ridiculously inappropriate" doesn't even begin to describe it. It just leaves me aghast.

No wonder the BLM camp feels the way it does. I know how I feel toward those who are supposedly on our side doing that to President Obama, and shit, I'm almost as white as the average commode!

Most of the "chattering class" seems to like marco rubio.

As to WHY, I have no idea. I kept looking at him and watching him and wondering if he'd even started shaving yet. NO gravitas. NOTHING Presidential. No heft. Nothing. Tremendously underwhelming. I cannot envision him on ANY kind of world stage. He reeks of rookie.

rand paul kept reminding me of this annoying little yappy and ill-tempered Chihuahua that one of the neighbors down the street owns. Whenever it gets out, it starts trying to corner you and bite you in the ankles. Nasty little rat dog! Yep, that pretty much sums up rand paul for me. Neither of them earned a slot in the "Not Ready for 'The Not Ready for Prime Time Players'."

Welcome to DU, msrizzo!

Haven't done that (welcoming anybody) in awhile, but then again, I'm not around much these days. Your point is a good one, though. One certainly wouldn't see an OP like this in many other places around DU, outside the Hillary Group. We are sorely outnumbered - at least here on this board.

I visited one thread today that was quite long and well-attended. And post after post after post after post had a Bernie-in-the-sig-line. And it wasn't even strictly speaking a thread about Bernie Sanders!

Art major here (college). This is hilarious!

We actually had a few gonzo people in the art department, and it was some of the silliest random fun I've ever had! Some of those crazies did stuff like this. Process pieces. That was all the rage! Back when we were young and foolish.

As far as religious art, I went to Catholic school, so we were steeped in it. I loved it all. Loved the cherubs and billowing fabric and gnarled fingers and toes and musculature and looks of rhapsodic adoration. There was always gore, whether it was the many different interpretations of Crucifixion scenes or portraits of the Martyrs. Maybe it was their version of horror movies. Still love that stuff. So compelling. Can't choose just one of these as the best.


I've actually heard some of them calling in on hate radio.

Wish we had more people like her in the world. Thanks for posting this, Judi Lynn!

Excellent news! Plame and Wilson would be great additions to the campaign!

Valerie Plame Wilson has certainly seen enough to know. Adds heft and credibility galore.


GREAT post, bvar22!

Shackled to the F-35 project is the whole bullshit notion we're still clinging to - of 20th Century warfare. Hey, we're in the 21st Century now. Warfare is now being fought guerrilla-style, whether it's ISIS or Anonymous or rogue hackers. If we're clinging to old shit like the F-35 which IS completely unsustainable and nonsensical to spend the time, energy, and money to keep the damned thing (that doesn't even work) propped up, we are NOT equipping ourselves to fight wars in the 21st Century. OR we have to get really serious about waging peace. Disarming as many of us as possible. (Yeah, I know. I know.) Maybe we need to start pushing in earnest on both fronts. Decreased demand. Plus smarter more sustainable supply for the demand you can't quite wipe out yet.
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