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Well shit, that's how he looks to me, every day.



Shit - I shoulda taken the time to look these over yesterday. I was in such a lousy mood all day. I needed this then.

Oh well - I'll take it now!

That flamingo photo is seriously cool!

I find them utterly fascinating!

Even so, I'm glad to see her career going full speed ahead!

I would hope that the damages the police department was forced to pay - were NOT modest.

The only way to make any impression on some of these people is to hit them HARD in the wallet. If it costs them new police cars and the new facilities they were planning to build, and the expensive new equipment they needed, well, maybe it might be a motivating force for good.

Well, it certainly has mine!

I hope she's exposed for every phony pile of bullshit she squats out from here til the end of her ill-gotten SINGLE term in the Senate.

That's a really great summary, surrealAmerican.

Someone else needs to lose so YOU can win. There's no such thing as - we can all help each other and win together. Predatory. Lizard brain. Selfish as sin. IGMFU (I-Got-Mine, F-U).

And all the while, they'll be the same ones who loudly and proudly boast about how much more "Christian" they are than the rest of you are.

Remember, too, these are the same nice folks who declared, after the Supreme Court gutted

the Civil Rights Act - "don't worry - we'll fix it. Some of those things that were taken out, we can put them back in..." And blah-blah-blah.

So guess what happened when they got into positions to be able to do that?

"Oh, no, not now - we've gotta deal with abortion! Later maybe... well, NEVER MIND. Move along! Nothing to see here! Um - what did you say your problem was?"

What I REALLY hate is all those gullible idiots who believe the first part. And trust them. And fall for it. And KEEP falling for it, election cycle after election cycle! And are just SURE they'll be true to their word and fix it and try to help people. Doesn't anyone keep track? Doesn't anyone pay attention? Doesn't anyone LEARN???? Election cycle after election cycle the voters fall for it. Again and again. They never get it.

These republi-CONS are the "other priorities" people. Just like their pal the dick cheney.

They're the "IGMFU" people. "I-Got-Mine, F-U!"

They're the "Sucks to be You" people. They don't want to help you. They figure they're not there to help you, in the first place. In their philosophy, YOU are on your own.

That "personal responsibility" stuff. That alleged "get the government off your back" stuff. It's all a load of bullshit. It's just fancy talk for SCREW YOU - you're not rich so who needs YOU? Go away and figure it out for yourself. I don't want to help you and who says I have to? As their hero Cain (the one they REALLY worship, after all) once said - "Am I my brother's keeper"? They'd rather not have to bother with you anyway. You're just in the way. Your sniveling little "needs" and "problems" take time away from their need to fellate and otherwise service the super-rich.

That's basically it. The GOP is NOT wired to think about doing things to help people.

They're all about money, greed, and entitlement, and pulling up the ladder behind them after they've used it to climb up to higher levels - so YOU can't follow and get some, too. They just aren't wired to think about helping others. They're simply not. It's not what they're about. At least not anymore.

LOVE IT! I shared this on Facebook!

They SHOULD be defensive. Would you do that to YOUR mother, you cad?!?!?!?!?!?!?

Shaming is a good thing. We should have more of it. In EVERY language! I love this woman!!!
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