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Is that our dear friend from Breitbart and the tippy-top of the Trump campaign?


Elegant, articulate, brilliant, informed, and deft as can be. Skewered him with total class and finesse.

I was gonna say - skewered him in the heart with total class and finesse, but I'm not exactly convinced that he has one.

This is another thing I love about Hillary.

She's actually gotten down into the weeds of all these different topics and fine points and minutae that none of us have brushed up on or even know there's a subject or issue here to be talked about. Her familiarity AND expertise on topic after topic after topic, including some really obscure ones, is literally astounding.

I feel the same way, reading this, as I did after I read the L.A. Times interview with her during primary season. She got way down deep into details about a youngster with an ailment I'd never heard of - among many other topics about which she knew quite a bit. Not only did she know about the kid with the ailment, she knew all kinds of little details about it and its treatment. I had no idea. Had never even heard about it before. It was almost to the point of ridiculousness. I was quite incredulous. I thought "Shit - is there NOTHING this woman doesn't know?"

I want those brains in the Oval Office, dammit. Seated behind the Resolute Desk, dammit.

As my mother would have said -

"she's got more guts than the guy who ate the first oyster."


I bet that woman is one of many who thought they'd never live to see this day

when a woman would actually run, and have a realistic chance to WIN, the Presidency.

I have, too. LUV-LUV-LUV her sense of style.

There's one woman who may not have a "perfect" face or nose, and yet she's as glorious and glamorous as all-get-out.

Frankly, MOST of us women don't have a "perfect" face or nose, or much else. She also looks REAL, not airbrushed. We can't all be Gisele Bundchen. Sarah Jessica Parker is one for the rest of us.

Kooky Kellyanne.

I'm sorry. Very prejudiced here, and superficial as hell, but - Kellyanne? Seriously? A credible high-level political player named Kellyanne? And she expects to be taken seriously? Kellyanne sounds like somebody who should be a kindergarten teacher, or one of those sweet young girls who ride at the bow of the cute little boats floating you and the kids through the Storybook Land ride at Disneyland.

Why did you believe it, John Q. Public? Because snarky-ass op/ed people like Maureen Dowd

made it a household phrase. Being a wise-ass with a very prominent platform (the New York Times) and some cutesy, catchy wordplay. She thought she was so cool and her shit didn't stink and she somehow had it in for Al Gore. And unfortunately, when it's clever enough, the rest of the lemmings in the media pick it up and run with it.

You know what, Sophiegirl?

You. Are. AWESOME!!!

I'm convinced by now that LOTS of good-hearted and well-intentioned and sincere people who earnestly want better things for America and Americans just haven't learned the REAL truth about Hillary Clinton. All they've heard is the sloganeering and the constant shit-spewing and character assassination - that's gone on, relentlessly, for years. If they knew the real Hillary, they wouldn't think she's crooked, or corrupt, or a liar, or an ice queen, or any of those other "lovely" names and descriptions she's called. Frankly, I don't know how she even gets up out of bed in the morning, facing that kind of barrage and garbage every day.

I've been a big fan of hers since 1992, when I first discovered her on her husband's campaign trail. She had me at "I suppose I could have stayed home and baked cookies..." She totally had me. I was just completely owned.

Interestingly enough, I'd heard about her while I was still working, interviewing people like actress Mary Steenburgen and award-winning writer-producer Linda Bloodworth-Thomason, both women with roots in Arkansas, who knew Hillary when she was the First Lady of Arkansas. And they each independently raved about her.

Linda Bloodworth-Thomason was one of the brains behind "Designing Women" among other things. She also produced the "Man from Hope" mini-doc that was played at the 1992 Democratic Convention. Little tidbit here - Bloodworth-Thomason was about to launch a Burt Reynolds sitcom called "Evening Shade," about a football coach in a little town in Arkansas. When I interviewed her about it, we talked about the title, and she said they'd been looking for a unique and colorful name for the town in her show, something that would be kind of an interesting and unusual and down-home/charming little hook. She said they were friends with the governor, whose wife said - "hey, how about Evening Shade? It's an actual town here in Arkansas." And that's how the series got its name. That governor's wife was Hillary.

Btw - Bloodworth-Thomason, in a later interview, told me that as soon as she saw the Gennifer Flowers whoop-de-doo erupt in the press, she knew he was going to win the Presidency. She recalled watching the coverage and said she just knew. That was IT. He was absolutely gonna win. As I remember, she called it before anybody else did, including the political set.

No shit, my friend.

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