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Aha! I did not know that either. Thanks, malaise!

And yeah, MAN is there EVER a bunch of Monday Morning QuarterBacking on this one.

Btw, HERE. From the Huffington Post story:


There wasn't any reporting in the rest of the press corps, there was stenography. The administration would make an assertion, people would make an assertion, people would write it down as if it were true, and put it in the newspaper or on television.

Welcome to DU, erlewyne!

Glad you're here! MAN you said it! I am enraged every time I hear jeb bush and the rest of 'em say - with everything we knew... everybody would have done it. I loved the "well HILLARY woulda done it too..." What is he? A FIVE-YEAR-OLD??? Just got caught stealing crayons from the class crayon bin and all he can say is "well so-n-so woulda done it TOO!"

Besides, that's a baldfaced steaming pile of LIE. That's NOT TRUE that this was the only intel anybody got. THERE WERE TONS AND TONS of info that never got spoken about, never got aired on TV, never got considered, never got taken into consideration. ANY voices agitating AGAINST the war were shut out. Silenced. Muzzled. No photographs of the returning dead were allowed. People got FIRED for trying to take those photos. People got FIRED for trying to write or report the truth. The Knight-Ridder papers actually called it - and they got NO attention.


The many UN inspectors, the many experts on Iraq and the Middle East, the multitudes of credible voices who said this was a bad idea AND had plenty of solid evidence to back up that assertion - all summarily IGNORED. IGNORED!!! This was deliberate, too. There was PLENTY of information to lead to the opposite conclusion. PLENTY. And what makes me mad, yes, at Hillary, too (who, in my opinion was smart enough to have seen through this shit or at least to have looked at other input) is that - WE knew. WE had this info out in the public arena. WE knew. And we were ignored. Silenced. Dismissed. Demeaned. Called "Saddam lovers" and "Osama lovers" and traitors and "why do you hate America?" At one point I remember dubya even saying - "well, gimme the benefit of the doubt!" And with a track record of idiocy and recklessness like he had throughout his life, NOBODY should have given him the benefit of ANY doubt. Everyone should have known better. And they just blindly went along, while the media was utterly and intimately complicit. All you got was RAH RAH RAH for the war. That's all that was allowed. Phil Donahue lost his show on MSNBC because he actually did invite knowledgeable and credible war opponents on. The network brass got rid of him because of that. Oh NO! Can't have programming like THAT on the air! It was a complete hose job.

That's probably why you still get these sniveling pols from jebbie on down, trying to dance around it now. NOBODY likes to admit they were wrong, or worse - that they've been suckered. That they've been HAD. And in this case, bush/cheney HAD them alright. At the end of a fork.

And you better believe people remember. We all do, here and elsewhere all over the liberal/progressive landscape. And WE have to make SURE they don't forget.

My all-time favorite movie. Should be required viewing in all journalism classes

and recent American history classes, too.

It's all just ...a college of corporations, inexorably determined by the immutable bylaws of business...

And I guess what we're all trying to do is meddle with the primal forces of nature...

I'll bet Paddy Chayefsky didn't even realize how prescient he was when he wrote this script.

The older I get the more I realize how freakin' BRILLIANT this movie was, and what a crystal ball it was on what we're living in now.


Such a pretty name - were you named for the Fleetwood Mac song?

I am loving this - getting a chance to share a thread that's a break-in-the-action from all the battles we're forced to fight in the political realm. THIS, on the other hand, is just pure enjoyment for me! Like taking a small vacation! I just appreciate everybody so much for all this great help! Grammys for ALL of you! At least from my heart, that is!


I'm so glad you like it, City Lights!

I realize there's quite a spread here on DU of people who prefer other music, people who like rock, people like classic rock, so ACIDIC's music is not gonna be to every last individual's taste here. I happen to like it. But I'm biased as all hell! Even so, I think I'd still like it even if I had no relation to or involvement with the band.

BTW - if you'd like to preview the album, go here:


This is iTunes. you can sample all the songs if you just hover over each one with your cursor, and then click. It won't play the whole thing but you'll get a good idea of what each song sounds like.

I'd recommend Track 11, "Miles from Home," because I think it's the prettiest song on the album. It's a ballad, definitely a "chick song," and I'd guess ANYBODY of any stripe and any music preference would find it acceptable - from preschoolers at nap time to Great Grandma and Great Grandpa.

Yeah, I know what you mean. All of a sudden, Goldie's black muzzle is now salt 'n' pepper.

We don't know how old she is. Neither did the animal shelter people. They figured because her teeth were good she had to be on the young side. So that might make her nine or ten now. Crazy old girl. Still capable of playing like a puppy!

You ROCK, Terra Alta!

Okay, so here's my problem. And as problems go, this is a seriously fantastic "problem" to have.

Let's just say this is yet another reason why I love DU.

There are so many posts here that I don't like the idea of just saying "Thank You" or some other brief little comments. I find myself wanting to put more into it. To honor every response with a personal message. This is all so anonymous, this board and other such online communities. We all inter-relate via computer keyboards, not face-to-face or even at some meeting or organized get-together (which I'd love to see happen, especially here in SoCal. So I find myself wanting to reach out just a wee bit more, and make it a little more personal. Cuz just a simple thank-you or one line that starts sounding kinda trite after awhile because I momentarily can't think of a different way to put it - simply doesn't do justice to how important this is to me. I can't tell you how much I've learned and about which I've been educated since I first found this place. I want to give back. I want to say thank you. I want to let you know how much I appreciate this. Whether it was discovering that there were other people who felt the same way I did about bush/cheney stealing the election from Al Gore, or how many people kept me company after my mom died, or how many people were so enthusiastic and eager to contribute to the discussion when I posted about finding my biological siblings. I just appreciate this - AND you - so much. And the fact that you're coming out like this for my kid - blows my mind.

Indeed? Your kid has a band?

What's the band's name? What kind of music do they play?

When I hear this, I immediately go to - Hmmmmmm... where are they located? Do they have a fan base? What kind of band are they? Do they tour? Hmmmmm...

We're always on the lookout for friend-bands. Where they're established versus where we're established and how could we help each other and all that...

Anyway - THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!! Another band passed us but now I see we're creeping back up and gaining on them a little bit.

THANKS SO MUCH, Blue_In_AK! I wanna hear more about your kid's band.

That's true about Seymour Hersh. The last big "expose" he turned out, as I vaguely recall,

went over like the proverbial lead balloon.

That will certainly be the "tell," won't it! If all it did was portray this President in a bad light

then they WOULD be all over it. Precisely and absolutely.
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