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Welcome to DU, Dreamer3!

MAN, this one cuts deep, doesn't it!

I have a friend with whom I get along fine until we start talking politics. Then we're on opposite sides of the planet. She wailed to me via text today - "not at all who I expected!" CRIMINY!!!

I'm not at all surprised. This asshole has whored himself to Putin. Thinks he can "do business" with him and that he's just a right-fine type of dude. Let's make DEALS! DEALS! This just does not surprise me. He's a narcissistic sucker being led around by his ego, which the VERY sly and devious Vladimir deeply and clearly understands. I can only guess what Putin has on him. And frankly, I wonder if his idiot minions and other deplorables will even care.

But - just exactly how stupid and naive are these republi-CONS, anyway? george w. bush thought he could gaze into Putin's eyes and see his soul. Probably the years of boozing, in his case. And now trump. He Who Is About To Get Owned (if indeed he hasn't gotten there already).

We will officially become a Russian satellite nation in a week-and-a-half. With a Russian puppet installed in the White House.


Somehow this does NOT surprise me at all.

Gotta say, I KNEW something was up when these stories kept coming out about Hillary's emails and DNC hacks and all these cyber-attacks against what appeared to be Dems-ONLY. Didn't that seem just a wee bit fishy to anybody? Sure did seem that way to me. I started tweeting to every and any news anchor and reporter I could think of, MONTHS AGO. Anybody think they might have started smelling a rat somewhere, back then? And then to start connecting the dots - from Paul Manafort and Carter Page and Roger Stone and others on the trump team who had deep and longstanding connections to Russia. And then how kissy-kissy trump was toward Vladimir Putin. Something just didn't feel right!

Whaddya bet he calls off tomorrow's news conference?

Welcome to DU, Ghost Of Trotsky!

Good Grief this is getting ickier and ickier.

And here I thought it was just how deeply Putin and the Russian banks are into him, and how much of his sorry white ass they own (probably all of it).


And Putin looks to have much longer fingers.

I would bet on that. I suspect it explains why he refuses to release his tax returns.

We'd know just how deep into him Russia, and Russian banks, are. And perhaps even Putin himself.

Superb! That's how I feel, too!

It has indeed affected my opinion of some people I know - and not in a positive way. I can't dismiss, ignore, or in any way get around how they voted, and what that tells me about how they feel about the issues. It's a "tell." What we learned in Catholic school as "an outward sign."

Okay. Thanks! I'm really biased on this here, so I appreciate your observations.

I know how I felt but I'm awfully negatively predisposed, already. Thanks for the second opinion! Sounds like you watched the same show I did. I, too, felt like I'd just wasted an hour. I could have been outside pulling weeds, or changing the cat box. Either option would have been far more rewarding! I think I even thought "gee, there's an hour of my life I can't get back..."

I also noted her comments in the press - "give me a chance!" Well, as I recall the context, she was addressing her Pox Noise constituency. WHY WAS SHE NOT ADDRESSING THAT APPEAL TO HER PROSPECTIVE NEW AUDIENCE??? Aren't WE the MSNBC viewers the ones she should be trying to appeal to? NOT a case of - "well, let's transplant the stuff I did over there to over here now! Let's give them 'another view'!" That always irritates me, those who claim we should include all the CON viewpoints and let them in, because, well, because. "Don't you want to hear another view on that?" "Shouldn't we open it up and consider other sides to the issue?" Answer: NO! If I wanted the other side, I know where I could easily find it. I can go watch Pox Noise. I watch MSNBC to GET AWAY from that shit. I watch MSNBC BECAUSE of the liberal slant - which certainly doesn't get a fair hearing from those same "don't-you-want-to-hear-a-different-view?" folks. I watch MSNBC because it's a "home" for my liberal views where they're supported and validated, NOT attacked. So why does it seem like they're trying to force-transplant it over here into MY "home"? I don't want it!

There was NOTHING there. She brought NOTHING to the table. Totally underwhelming. Seemed like she just transported her Pox Noise show over to MSNBC and figured that'd be enough. And okay, a segment from Brett Favre, calling in to massage her ego? Oh whoop-de-doo. Stop the presses. More like - STOP THIS SHOW that's already stillborn, and bring in somebody who really matters - whose presentation really matters: Joy Reid.

She also waited and hunkered down around the periphery while other Poxettes actually took a risk

and stuck their necks out about the sexual predator Roger Ailes. She stayed mum while Gretchen Carlson came forward and took the flack and took the risks and put herself on the firing line. I'm NO fan of Gretchen Carlson, but I will say in her favor that she went up against the bad guys, and went first. Where was Megyn? Answer? Nowhere. Other women braved the expected attacks and criticism and came forward. They came forward and verified - and brought into the light their own experiences on that, and put THEIR necks on the line, too. And again, where was Megyn? Answer? Nowhere to be found. She stayed nice 'n' quiet til most of the shouting had been done and most of the names had been named and most of the accusations had been made public. And only THEN did she peek out of her protective shell to join the chorus. Last in line. With her elevated status there, she could have led the way and been a true heroine. And evidently since she had her own episodes with Roger Ailes, she SHOULD have.

She's from Pox Noise. She stayed quiet, not making any accusations or filing any complaints or going public, and nice 'n' safe away from the firing line while other women on staff took the risk and the flack. I tend not to trust ANYONE who's been at Pox Noise - particularly one who had her prominence and length of service. So I will not trust her now. Just because she threw trump a challenging question doesn't absolve her from those years she put in, in that den of vermin, immersed in that mindset for all those years. That has an impact, over time. I don't trust her AT ALL.

Merely switching cable TV networks will NOT be sufficient to wash that stain away, or sweeten her little hand.

Anything that enables the destruction of the CON majority would be WAY OKAY with me!

Be careful what you wish for, CONS.
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