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Member since: 2001
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Welcome to DU, MojoWrkn!

That's a very good reminder. The death toll under this asshole has already begun.

Already wasted us one VERY important and valuable asset in that lost Navy Seal. Who's next?

How about all three?

Reckless, incompetent, and thoroughly corrupt.

And hey, no reason to confine it to those, either.

Welcome to DU, Jayster84!

Yep. Fouled on a technicality. Bigtime criminal and they got him on tax evasion charges.

That wouldn't surprise me a bit.

Makes perfect sense. One thing the CONS do really well is hold grudges. I remember during the impeachment persecution of Bill Clinton, every so often I'd hear someone hiss - "payback for Nixon!"

What's that saying about "an elephant never forgets"?

Yeah, no shit.

Welcome to DU, Nevermypresident!

I would suspect there are big and little Deep Throats all over the place now. They're leaking because they want to make sure this stuff gets out into the public arena.

This sure makes me think of Watergate, only piled higher and deeper. I was in college while that was spinning out of control. GLUED to the TV. That was when I was really starting to waking up.

It was a week ago (the 8th) when I felt compelled to make a note. The chair of the Congressional Black Caucus, Cedric Richmond of Louisiana, uttered the first mention of "high crimes and misdemeanors" on camera (at least that I had heard). He said it TWICE. He was on Chris Hayes's show on MSNBC. I felt it was significant enough to make a note of it because it seemed like something worth remembering, and referencing. Maybe the start of a timeline?

Or, as Brian Williams said last night (the 13th) on his show, "the meter is now running."

I made a lot of notes last night about the next moment of significance: when the talking heads started quoting an epic quote - indeed, one of the signature quotes from the Watergate era - "what did the president know, and when did he know it?" Criminy, seems like that one was on EVERYBODY'S lips last night, once news brook about Mike Flynn's departure and people really started digging down into it.

Makes me wonder how soon we'll hear "there is a cancer on the presidency," which he testified was growing bigger and "more deadly every day." Who will be the first to utter it? And under what circumstances?

Shit - it's one big fat deja vu all over again. My kids now get to witness this one play out at approximately the same age that I was back then. It's just that this is developing a WHOLE LOT faster than Watergate did. It came to full flower halfway through Nixon's second term. That's roughly six years. Shit - THIS asshole has only been in office for three-and-a-half WEEKS!

All our animals are rescues. SOOOO worth it!

Same here, m'dear.

I CANNOT get around this one stark reality: that we now have a puppet installed in OUR White House by a hostile foreign power.

trump "won" that election by ONE vote: Vladimir Putin's.

Does anybody NOT think that tRump himself is in bed with the Russians??

I certainly think he is.

It explains a lot.

"Dolt 45"? Oh man, that's epic!

Just choice! VERY clever!
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