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"Neither of our candidates are the least bit racist in views or actions."

Indeed! And I hope people notice - NEITHER of our candidates (well, neither of our two top candidates, although there are others in the running but without as much traction) is badmouthing the other. Not Bernie at Hillary. Not Hillary at Bernie. They are both being VERY professional and cordial and rather elegant and, IN PARTICULAR, NOT divisive!!!!!!

So if OUR two preferred leading candidates aren't going there, WHY SHOULD WE???????????

I will vote for Hillary in the primary. I will vote for the one who wins the nomination. Whether she beats him to it, or he beats her to it.

Because I'M voting for the Supreme Court picker. We ALL will be voting (or I suppose pouting against) the one who will be picking the next Supreme Court justices. I think from what happened today we can all see what an advantage it is when we have justices we can count on. We need to fortify what we saw today and make sure a 6-3 ruling in the good direction is typical, and not the occasional lucky fluke or pleasant surprise.

UPDATE - BIRDIES! Or more accurately - Bye-Bye, Birdies... (for now anyway)

Well, it started here, this time...


But there's been some stuff to catch you up on.

Today (6/25), about an hour ago, shortly before noon, I went out and saw - an empty nest.

Fifteen minutes earlier, I saw ONE birdie.

An hour earlier, I saw TWO birdies.

Much earlier this morning when we were starting our day - there were three. I think. I think at one point there were four, but they moved around in there so much I never got a good shot.

So it went from Sunday June 7th when I first heard 'em to today - Thursday June 25th, when the last one flew off. This time, I did not see anybody's departure - which had been the case every time up til now. But they all looked big and fluffy and grown up enough in the past couple of days. I was sure the end was near.

So now, we're back to this:

They're all off on their own now. There are birdies gettin' down with the pile of birdseed I leave out there every day. But the hatchlings are off 'n' running. I haven't seen any really little ones with short stubby tail feathers yet. Seems the tail feathers lengthen with maturity and probably just the active nature of becoming old enough to start flying. This was undoubtedly the noisiest bunch we've had. FOUR hatchings in three years. And this was the first year we had TWO separate sets.

Amazing! Maybe they're all off flapping and zooming and partying over the ACA ruling in the Supreme Court this morning? Perhaps they just couldn't contain themselves any longer. After all, they hatch in a FIRMLY Democratic hosts' home!

Oh man, I remember when a friend of ours got revenge on her husband and sons

for being generally kinda asshole-y at one point. They had a little cabin out in the desert - at least a two-hour drive from their L.A. home. They insisted on going for the weekend and she couldn't. So she decided to get revenge. She offered to make them food - for them to eat before they hit the road, and then take more with them for on-the-way. It was a nice big savory pot of beans and onions. She shared some of the nice soft tasty protein-y beans with the dogs (who were going to go out to the desert with the guys). It was cold and rainy and they were going to have to drive with the windows closed.

And as you might guess - they had a long, miserable, and rather odiferous drive that night! And she stayed home and laughed all weekend!

Moral of the story: Do NOT mess with Mama and her nasty vicious bean pot!

Fuck 'em.

Just FUCK 'em.

That's all I've got (for THEM, anyway)!

Kind of hard to file them away where the sun doesn't shine - or anywhere else.

Since they don't exist.

And never have.

And never will.

Let's just be honest here. The GOP does NOT want to help people. They don't want to help you. And they don't want to have to be compelled to help you because they're too cheapskate and mean-spirited and selfish to do it on their own. If it REALLY meant something to them, if this issue was THAT important to them, it'd be solved by now. They'd have had answers. They own it all, on Capitol Hill. They own it all, at the state level, with a majority of governorships and state legislatures now abysmally stuck in CON hands. They could have gotten this job done EASILY with the numbers they've finagled into positions of power.



That should tell you all you need to know. When WE ran the table and owned the whole thing and Dems were in control of the House, the Senate, AND the White House, we got this done. DONE. Just in those first two years of the Obama administration. DONE. Then the bad guys grabbed control and look what's happened? A whole lotta NOTHING.

FUCK 'em.

Probably seriously concerned about his own legacy.

Unless he's been living in a concrete lockbox, I'd bet he's got to be painfully aware of the horrendous damage that some of his rulings have done to this country. Like Citizens United and gutting the Civil Rights Act. He's the Chief Justice. So those lovely rulings have HIS name on it.

Welcome to DU, Chicago1980!

Glad you're here! It's Celebration Day for sure around here! Our Day of Jubilee! What's bad for the baggers is good for all the rest of us! And ironically, those stupid thoughtless selfish jerks don't even realize - the ACA helps THEM, TOO!!!!!!!!

WOW, malaise. You really called it. DAYUM!


Wait - you mean there really is a "compassionate conservative" walking the earth

somewhere out there? Seriously? Astonishing! And DEEPLY gratifying!!!!!

The really funny thing is - those even more relieved than we are? The CONS themselves! Because they knew they were gonna be left holding the bag if they managed to see to it that the ACA was torn down, this way. They were gonna be left holding the bag - which had NOTHING in it. NOTHING. They only wanted to see the ACA destroyed, taken down, dismantled, done away with. This bullshit they were flinging about "repeal and replace" - BULLSHIT. PURE BULLSHIT. They were only EVER going to go halfway on that. They were eager to tackle the "repeal" part. Couldn't wait! But the "...and replace" part? Fuck it. There was NEVER any way they were EVER going to find time to get to that part of it. NEVER. Something else was ALWAYS, VERY conveniently, going to get in the way and they were going to be sure NEVER to get for it. They never EVER intended to figure out something to replace the ACA with to help people. Because they don't want to help people. They're the "yer on yer own" party. They're the "Sucks to be You" party. They're the "IGMFU" party - "I Got Mine, F-U."

And the public WAS gonna be screwed and left high and dry. Thrown to the wolves. Just the way the CONS like it. Because when you get down to the basics of it, THEY DON'T WANT TO HELP ANYBODY. And they SURE as hell don't want to HAVE TO help anybody. They don't want to be compelled to have to help somebody. They're the Party of Cain. Cue the WAAAAAAMbulance - "WAH! Am I my brother's keeper? Do I HAVE TO be????? I don't wannna!!!!!"

Funniest thing of all is, LET 'em call the WAAAAAAAAMbulance. The ACA will probably help them pay for it!

Welcome to DU, Andy Carr!

Glad you're here! This will be a Day of Jubilee here - no better time to weigh in. It's been very contentious at times around DU, now that we're in election season again. But every now and then, we have a REALLY wonderful day here together and united and in lockstep together. Rare, but true! And then we dutifully go back to the herding-cats department.
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