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Member since: 2001
Number of posts: 35,708

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Welcome to DU, ncjustice80!

Glad you're here! How cool is it for me! I get to kick another Elizabeth Warren thread AND say hello and welcome to YOU! And I couldn't agree more with what you posted. The GOP needs to be shoved OUT of power. Locally, Regionally, and CERTAINLY Nationally!

I keep thinking back to a schmuck named justin dart. He was a Southern California industrialist/robber baron, and served under the radar in ronald reagan's Godforsaken administration. justin dart was a member of the infamous "Kitchen Cabinet," this cutesy, VERY exclusive, off-the-books, unofficial, just-ronnie's-pals-at-play gathering of L.A.-based tycoons and business big-shots and other high-rollers and economic predators that advised him on his merry way taking America down the road to Hell. justin dart is the fiend who suggested that, for the sake of the lumber and strip-mining and oil drilling industries and other grand-scale polluters and rapists of our natural wild lands and forests and national parks and other such treasures, we should set aside a mere 100 acres of redwoods - "for the kids." Well, I've got a good corollary to that: we should spare about a 100 acres of republi-CONS. And maybe put them on display. You know, like the man said. For the kids.

Gee, I used to like geoffrey zacarian.

No longer. FUCK YOU asshole!

And the only way they consider bipartisanship acceptable is if both sides do it THEIR way.

It is your right and your civic duty, your obligation as one of the "fees" you pay for citizenship.

It's part of your civic obligation as a loyal patriotic American. It's a right - at least as long as the GOP does NOT hold all the cards - either locally, regionally, OR nationally. If they ever do, many of us will no longer enjoy that right. And I say that as a white woman slowly moving into the older demos. I have two counts against me - advancing age and my gender. Oops - make that THREE. I always vote Dem. I wouldn't put it past them to be looking at a voter like me and trying to figure out how to keep ME from voting in the future. Hell, there ALREADY ARE people on their side of the aisle NOW (including GOP women, forcryingoutloud!!!!) who think women don't deserve, and shouldn't have, the right to vote.

Dementia must be having its effects.

Your taste is in your mouth, mccain. Or maybe up your ass. And we all remember how you hugged up that fucker after his campaign smeared AND slandered you, your WIFE, and your ADOPTED DAUGHTER, who was under-age at the time, and happens to have darker skin than you do. I believe that innocent young girl was from Bangladesh. And what they said about her on behalf of the bush/cheney campaign, was utterly criminal. Even worse was the idiot voters who swallowed that shit whole!

And, btw, HOW MANY fighter jets did you crash with your recklessness back in the day? HOW MUCH have you cost the taxpayers?

LOVE this!!!

"When you see the reactions of the passengers, that really is amazing." That's so cool!

Keep it coming, Brad! Shine a bright light on these cockroaches!

Keep 'em scattered. Keep 'em on defense. Keep 'em on the run! And KEEP BLOWING THE WHISTLE ON 'EM!!!!!

And remember, it's only "Voter" Fraud if a GOPer does it. Otherwise, it's more properly referred to as "Election Fraud." And the GOP does THAT, too. SPECIALIZES in it, as a matter of fact.

Like this!

President Obama is NOT perfect. But he's still one HELLUVA lot better than the alternative. You'd prefer a President romney maybe? How 'bout President mccain and his five-wars-at-a-time hard-on for war, and his cute little side-kick Vice President Snowdrift Snooki? And no I am NOT happy that we're back on war footing. Even so, if we have to go there, I'd rather have Barack Obama's hand on the steering wheel at a time like this.

Welcome to DU, Thespian2!

Glad you're here! I'm assuming you mean the dick cheney? His first name, richard, shortens nicely and rather fittingly, dontchathink?

I hope you go vote ANYWAY. Just to spite the other side. They WANT you not-fired-up.


I hate it, too. I don't want to go through this again. I feel only slightly less horrible about it because it's not some fucking neocon or bill kristol type, or somebody needing to prove he's macho because he weaseled out of the draft awhile back, who's steering it this time. But there shouldn't even BE a "this time."

But dammit, I'm gonna get out and vote ANYWAY. Because I want to and I insist on it. Especially since I know I'm one of those voters they'd love to see staying home in some state of disgust or frustration. NOT gonna hand the bad guys an easy win, regardless!!!! Don't you do it, either!
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