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FINALLY!!! SOMEONE in broadcasting shows good sense.

FINALLY!!!! Rachel Maddow first posed this - "WHY do we feel compelled to invite the Flat-Earth Society to sit at the table and have the same weight of voice and attention when we're talking about something regarding NASA or space science?" Because that gives THAT side the same weight. The same level of credibility and recognition. A seat at the table - positioning them as equals, when their "ideas" and "theories" are nothing but complete and total bullshit and deserve NO attention or elevation whatsoever.

It's like with the so-called "Rapture." I call it "Crapture." Because it's nothing more or less than a concept somebody simply MADE UP, extrapolating one passage out of the Biblical curb-side out to the level of the ridiculous and fantastical (as in FANTASY) during the 1800s.

This is also an attempt by the Dark Siders to legitimize some of their bullshit bunk into something that seems to deserve equal standing with REAL scientists and REAL scientific findings and studies and theories - based on informed logic and investigation that doesn't have an under-agenda of reinforcing religious beliefs.

Science doesn't take anything on faith. Faith is something separate and, if you will, "Other." Faith isn't part of this discussion and has no influence here. Faith doesn't enter into it anywhere here. Faith is BESIDE THE POINT - IRRELEVANT, HERE. In THIS Case. Maybe that's why the Bible-thumpers reject science. Because there's nothing faith-based about it. Science believes in TESTING. Testing theories, seeing if you can match the conclusions somebody else tested out and attempted to prove. Seeing if you get the same results separately, which would reinforce the conclusions somebody else test-drove and verified.

And what about Hobby Lobby? Dealing with China to save a few bucks and foist

cheap-ass shit on consumers? Sticking it to American manufacturers who could provide those same things. SO WHAT if it costs a little more? That's merely a surface approach. If you look at the larger picture, it costs a little MORE. Because if you're buying from China, you're not buying American-made. So you're not reinforcing American companies and manufacturers and small businesses too. You're not supporting American workers and American jobs. So you wind up having more of your taxes (and yeah, Hobby Lobby, too) going to picking up the tab for coverage that more unemployed Americans need - from affordable insurance coverage to such life-supporting BASICS as freakin' FOOD. Okay???? In the long run it doesn't save you, me, or anybody else a single penny to buy and import cheap-ass shit from China.

I'm one of those who believes that - in ALL the universe, so big, so vast, so greatly UN-explored

as of yet - I keep coming back to: "do you mean to tell me that there's NO life ANYWHERE out there? With ALL THAT out there? ALL those stars, ALL those planets, how many zeroes are we talking about, after the arbitrary number one, in describing distance, numbers of galaxies, etc. All that infinity-level stuff. You mean to tell me there's NOTHING ELSE out there - amidst ALL OF THAT? NONE? NO possibility of extraterrestrial life ANYWHERE?"

I think just the plain ol' law of averages dictates that there, indeed, IS. I find it really hard to believe or accept that in ALL OF THAT out there, including everything we don't know and haven't seen and haven't discovered and haven't tried to analyze yet - that there couldn't be SOMETHING ELSE out there that qualifies as life, and yes, INTELLIGENT life. I just can't believe there isn't. Even if we ourselves and everything on this planet are mere happenstance, a mere lucky roll of the dice, a mere fluke, one of those "happy accidents" in which the molecules just suddenly combined in a whole new and life-sparking way, I find it hard to believe that in the vastness of the universe there could NOT be something similar that happened elsewhere. How could it be that, in all the galaxies (with all those stars that are or could theoretically be similar to our sun, with planets orbiting around them or "solar systems" of their own, some inevitably occurring in that "Goldilocks zone" where the temperature is not too hot and not too cold but just right) there could not be at least one or two or a handful of others that could potentially support life as we know it. The probability is just too suggestive, seems to me. And I'm no scientist either, but I got good grades in science class and loved the whole subject to pieces! Married a guy who studies that very same stuff - rather religiously - to this very day and is an amateur scientist himself, and knows a great deal about astronomy, climatology, physics, mathematics, and probability.

Seems to me there just has to be. It doesn't make much sense that there wouldn't be.

Well, this template for "sincerely-held beliefs" - can't that be challenged or at least fucked with?

Sauce for the goose, sauce for the gander. Why can't WE take that approach? Aren't OURS "sincerely-held beliefs"? Can't an argument be made in some way? Or some other challenge that can be mounted based on religious beliefs? Let's look at this. This is a weapon that can be used and exploited by OUR side, too, isn't it? Let's have an American Muslim challenge that operates on this law. Let's shake up the opposition so they start realizing What They've Done. I think there's a myopia in these opponents of ours that the world is not only flat but it stops at the edge of Christianity and everything else falls off. Well, that's NOT the way it is!!! There are OTHER religions. How about the Sihks? I would say Wicca but that would fail because it's not widely acknowledged or accepted. But Sihks are a widely-recognized religion, however begrudgingly. So is Islam. So is Judaism. What if the NON-Christians start making use of it?

Yes, that's kind of a sideways view of it - doesn't address the problem we all agree we have as a result of this, specific to access to contraceptives. But look at it this way: if you're stuck in a rip-tide, what do they tell you to do? Go sideways. Don't try to reach shore directly. Don't aim in. Go sideways. Swim ALONG THE SHORELINE til you move beyond the current that's keeping you stranded, and then get back to shore that way. You may wind up somewhat downrange, but your feet will be on dry land again.

Because the overriding objective, I think, is to weaken and dismantle this religious protection business. To start chipping away at it, JUST THE SAME WAY THE OPPOSITION HAS RELENTLESSLY CHIPPED AWAY AT OUR RIGHTS AND PROTECTIONS. Let's take a page from that book and use it against them the way they've used it against us. Those religious protections apply to more than just Christianity or extremist "Christianity."

We have to go about it creatively. We have to do what kkkarl rove always likes to do: Attack them at their strength. Let's challenge their very religious beliefs. Let's challenge their claim that they're Christian. First of all, you can't be "pro-life" if you're pro-execution. Let's establish THAT truth. Start spreading that around. Start fucking with their resolve. Start fucking with their belief system. Find the cracks and the hypocrisies in it and exploit them. The effort to draw attention to Hobby Lobby's business dealings with China - where abortion is as available as free candy - THAT needs to be pounded into the national consciousness, with people talking about it and well-aware of it and hopefully outraged about it. That can be a strike against Hobby Lobby - I'm sure they save all kinds of money buying cheap-ass shit from China when more expensive supplies from elsewhere would bite into their profit margins.

Let's think.

Let's use this.

Let's turn this around so it bites THEM in the ass.

Who knows? Maybe THEY will be the ones to undo this stringent religious protection - if that side suddenly realizes Islam benefits from this, what do you think they might do? At least, this will fuck with 'em badly and shake the ground underneath. We want their resolve shaken, too. We want them confused, confounded, and in disarray, their plans messed with and their objectives confused.

That's the one! Mitch Miller!

Ahhh, back in the day! I was very young. Barely remember, but that one I remember.

...and Here!

And I, too, am proud of it and I don't mind saying so.

I believe and have observed that what liberals have espoused and instituted and brought to the national consciousness, and it has been consistently beneficial - in the interest of promoting the greater good. Good ideas. Creative approaches. Inclusive. Helpful. Motivating. Logical. Compassionate. Flexible. Adaptable. Cooperative. Economically beneficial. Community-building. Life-saving.

Anybody remember "A Day in the Life of Joe Republican"? Worth a revisit. It's not a negative - being a Democrat, Or, especially, a LIBERAL. That's no scarlet letter. It's a beautiful bright blue gem of a letter "L" - kinda like that little blue dot in the cosmos. It's pretty damn GREAT!


Seems to me that may be the only way to ensure the survival of humans.

It may become necessary to leave the planet, particularly if it becomes too poisoned to sustain life reasonably. I think as a species it's something we kinda need to do. We have this explorers' bone or gene or some such imbedded spark that makes us curious about the environment around us - how we fit into it and tame it and manage it (or mismanage it as the case may be).

It's not just romanticism. At present, this is all we've got. This Planet Earth. And I'm not convinced we're doing what's best for its longterm survival. We may need to establish colonies on other worlds. The moon? Mars? One of Jupiter's or Saturn's moons? Some extraordinarily large asteroid? Some space station orbiting - wherever, Earth, Mars, something, just letting my mind wander here. I think it's something we are going to have to do some day.

Awww... little pillow dogs!


Happy 4th, MoonRiver! Nice!

They have a history of pushing the envelope WAAAAAAY too far.

They've been stirring things up for awhile now.


Scroll down to the "Sex for Sam" topic. 2002. Ay-yi-yi.

Oh man, DUzy!!!!

If I'm not a U.S. citien, then what am I? Feedom-lover doesn't seem to fit, either... Hmmm...

Love this thread! It's hilarious! At the moment I'm just focusing on the ridiculous, and not the discouraging.
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