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GREAT work, Nance!

Well, who's "embraced the hate" in this campaign?

I've never seen the kind of vicious vitriol like what has manifested itself during this insane campaign! And it's all coming from THEIR corner! The radical right that erupted so horridly after Obama was elected for the first time that they were cited by an early government report on the rise of violent extremism. Remember what a hissy fit they threw? HOW DARE YOU ACCUSE US!!!! Well, SHEESH!!! They raged so loud and long that the report, while 100% true, was eventually retracted. This, mind you, WHILE the Secret Service reported that threats against the life of the new President had increased by 400% or so. And gee whiz, who'd be hating so hard that they'd threaten the First Black President in American History? Gee - wonder who that could possibly be...

But it seems to be noticeable. The guitarist in my kid's band was talking about it just today. He remarked about all the fistfights that broke out - and how it ALWAYS happened at Trump rallies. There were none at rallies for any of the other GOP hopefuls. There weren't any at the Bernie rallies. And you never saw any at Hillary's rallies, either! It's never happened among the Dems - as far back as I can remember. Maybe it's that we tend to lead with our brains instead of our fists? Maybe it's because we're neither afraid nor ashamed of empathy and compassion? Too much testosterone overload?

It just doesn't seem to be what we do.

Welcome to DU, BallardWA!

VERY much looking forward to the "Buh-bye" part!

Welcome to DU, Rorey!

He and Chris Christie both! I bet Chris Christie was betting on becoming Attorney General in a Trump administration as his way out of any Bridgegate problems! No wonder he played the loyal fawning manservant so faithfully for awhile there.

May your last sentence come true!

I hope to Heaven that they ebb back out to sea like storm surges do. I EARNESTLY hope so every time I hear or see or read another something that involves a threat of "revolution" or "torches and pitchforks" or "overthrow" or the violence that's being insinuated WAY too frequently lately. MAN! They are REALLY acting out!

This is absurd! Totally absurd.

Welcome to DU, Opbrg!

If that's what they plan to do (vote down ballot), maybe they might just not feel like showing up at all? Just a thought.

I remain at a loss to understand why there's so much hatred. I have my suspicions.

When CNN first got started, others in the industry called it Chicken Noodle News.

These days I'd only say it was the Clinton News Network because of the amount of time they spend obsessing on how horrible she is and how many "scandals" she's supposedly drowning in.


This isn't The Onion?

That's terrific, MarianJack!

Excellent work!
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