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Joy Reid had a big problem trying not to explode with laughter earlier today, too.

She almost couldn't help herself.

But hey, seems like it's appropriate.

Reminds me of the phrase I once saw in an article about the then-young Princess Diana. "Princesses are to look at."

Well, now, accordingly, "Trump is to laugh at."


But why am I not surprised?

I really love that photo of her.

She's actually quite a pretty lady. She's gotten even better-looking with age. Some women do.

This will totally REVOLUTIONIZE the world for women. From fashion to business to politics to face lifts (should I or shouldn't I?) and more. The whole aging question.

Harpers Bazaar has a regular feature called "Fabulous at every age." It ranges from the 20s to the 70s with apparel and accessories. The whole youth thing is gonna change, I suspect, when we have a WOMAN chief executive - who's near 70. It's gonna give women a whole new horizon. It will force the broadening of understanding, appreciation, and acceptance of women "of a certain age" - that life is FAR from over, and they're a LOOOOOOOOONG way from the "old folks home." It will be a new era of women - of any and all ages.

Meanwhile, I also expect to see Donald eventually jettison Melania, who's 46. He won't want to be seen with a 50-something. His first wife Ivana, and the mother of his three most high-profile children, was quite an attractive woman. And he threw her aside for a younger blonde.

I'd guess all he wants is the Presidential seal to plaster all over his golf courses and hotels

and anything else he's branded - from shirts to hats to ties. So he can make money off them.

He's looking at that as a way to enhance his brand, bigtime.

Well, aren't we just a hunka-hunka-burnin'-love...

Yeah, no shit. YUCK!!!

But then again, that vile schmuck Andrew Breitbart keeled over dead here in So Cal. I know the general area where it happened but not the specific spot. If I did, I'd take some sacred sage and do a brief smudging ceremony there, to purify any remaining bad vibes.

Meh, Melania is fast approaching her sell-by date.

I feel kinda bad for her, actually. She's 46. Close to aging out. Expect her to be dismissed soon. Certainly AFTER the general election. She may have another couple of years for so, but I doubt she'll go the distance.

Is that our dear friend from Breitbart and the tippy-top of the Trump campaign?


Elegant, articulate, brilliant, informed, and deft as can be. Skewered him with total class and finesse.

I was gonna say - skewered him in the heart with total class and finesse, but I'm not exactly convinced that he has one.

This is another thing I love about Hillary.

She's actually gotten down into the weeds of all these different topics and fine points and minutae that none of us have brushed up on or even know there's a subject or issue here to be talked about. Her familiarity AND expertise on topic after topic after topic, including some really obscure ones, is literally astounding.

I feel the same way, reading this, as I did after I read the L.A. Times interview with her during primary season. She got way down deep into details about a youngster with an ailment I'd never heard of - among many other topics about which she knew quite a bit. Not only did she know about the kid with the ailment, she knew all kinds of little details about it and its treatment. I had no idea. Had never even heard about it before. It was almost to the point of ridiculousness. I was quite incredulous. I thought "Shit - is there NOTHING this woman doesn't know?"

I want those brains in the Oval Office, dammit. Seated behind the Resolute Desk, dammit.
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