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Member since: 2001
Number of posts: 35,612

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Yeah, I bet you will! I realized long ago that this is no mere website or discussion board.

DU is a veritable THINK TANK. I can't even count all the ways I've learned and grown and expanded, and the topics on which I have become so much better-educated, with a broader perspective and appreciation and understanding. BECAUSE I CAME HERE. You read, you absorb, you kick it around in your mind, maybe you change your mind on something. Or maybe you become more informed and more articulate in your conviction about it, and perhaps you're better able to defend it in an argument with a CONservative - or even go on offense.

It's done me personally a world of good! Made me far better-educated on so many of the issues. And sometimes it's really great just sitting back and reading the posts as others here argue over something. It helps to understand the different points of view and you're very likely to find somebody's post that articulates a point so brilliantly it clarifies a BOATLOAD of stuff for you, and becomes the perfect takeaway for YOU to use, yourself. This is the way you can win arguments around the dinner table with weird Uncle Art who only watches Pox Noise and knows only what they force-feed him.

And sometimes, all it's about, here - is simple solidarity. That's probably the first thing I personally learned after I stumbled upon this site back in early 2001. I was SO upset and feeling so alone and isolated, surrounded by this bush/cheney idolatry in the media and elsewhere - the whole "GET OVER IT" and "SORE LOSERMAN" thing. We were told to sit down and shut up. Our protests and objections were not heard - indeed they were summarily IGNORED. Michael Moore's taking some heat around here at the moment, but it was HIS "Fahrenheit 911" film that was the ONLY place I ever saw coverage of the protests along the bush/cheney inauguration parade route. Did you know that there were so many protesters out there, objecting to the stolen election, that they actually stopped the (p)residential motorcade? Stopped it in the middle of the street. Anybody remember seeing ANY of that on the "Nightly News"? We were muzzled and suppressed and silenced and told to "get over it" and "move on." And I found this site after scrounging around, and suddenly discovered that I was NOT alone in how I felt. There were others who agreed and felt the exact same way about being utterly robbed, about how this was in effect a freakin' COUP D'ETAT. There were MANY others who realized that truth as well. And I found comfort, comradeship, and solidarity here. It convinced me that I wasn't alone, I wasn't crazy, I wasn't unpatriotic, I DIDN'T "hate America," and that on the other hand - that I was RIGHT (in the TRUE sense of that word, not what the so-called "right" wing says it is). This place LITERALLY kept me from losing my freakin' mind during those horrible years. Because we fought back as hard as we could all through that time and weren't able to get those bastards impeached and removed and our country rescued from this literal CON-zombie hostage hold. But we had each other and the mutual support and solidarity, and information. We had truth, and we had the ability to share it and spread it. And DU grew, accordingly.

You're part of that now, too, and you will learn, expand, and benefit greatly. I think it's the best political site on the internet. It's my daily go-to. My daily must-see. It's made me a better progressive, a stronger and prouder liberal, and a more effective activist. I'm glad you're here! And even when we get ornery around here, even so, you'll be glad, too.


And YES, I'm SHOUTING!!!!!!

This essay is FABULOUS!!! Another kind of American manifesto. Those who whined and wailed "I Want MY A-MARE-ica BACK!!! "YOUR America?" Which America was that? The one you saw Beaver Cleaver living in, on TV every week? The one you grew up believing in - that Ozzie and Harriet and Jim and Margaret Anderson lived in, with their perfect kids Dave and Little Ricky, and Princess, Kitten, and Bud? THAT America? I often enjoy pointing out that THAT America, back in the 50s and early 60s, where good ol' Jim Anderson went off with his hat and his briefcase to work every morning - just might have been a union member. Because back then, UNIONS made it possible for Dad to go off to work and leave Mom at home, because Dad brought home a paycheck that could support a family of four (or five, in the case of "Father Knows Best") in a nice house in a nice suburb where every other Dad in the neighborhood could leave Mom at home when he went to work in the morning - earning HIS paycheck that supported HIS family just fine, by itself. And even if they weren't in a union themselves, unions around them made for a COLLECTIVE rising tide that EVERYBODY was able to enjoy. Unions provided a DECENT minimum income, WITH benefits and pensions and weekends off and safe and reasonable working conditions and time-and-a-half if you had to put in overtime. God they HATE it when that particular and inconvenient FACT gets pushed in their faces. Doesn't conform to the current narrative about how lousy and shitty and icky unions supposedly are.

I LOVE this essay! It is Truth Incarnate! NO, assholes. If THAT is the "America" you yearn for, then your heads are up your collective asses. THAT "America" deserves to be buried deeply in the moldy, musty, moth-eaten past, and FORGOTTEN.

Pour me a raktajino. Extra sweet.

Or tea. Earl Grey. Hot.

Welcome to DU, Old Crow!

Good to have you with us! What a racket. No wonder so many Americans are so cynical. This American sure is. The old cliche that comes to mind with these people is something about how "we know what you are, now we're just quibbling about the price."

Welcome to DU, TheVisitor!

Glad you're here! That's a pretty slick operation your CO had going. Why am I not surprised... Yes, did indeed enjoy your story. Thank you for your service.

"A billion here, a billion there, and pretty soon, you're talking real money." - attributed to the late Senator Everett Dirksen.

OMG! Must have missed that one!

"Snowbank Snookie"!!!! That one's FABULOUS!!!! Another poster offered "Buffoon Barbie" too. MAN, she is an inspiration, isn't she?!

Found another one: "Queen of the Iquitarod."

DAMN! STOP IT!!! I might actually start liking the Tundra Tart (or "tundra twat" as some other poster offered!) for all the comedy gold she inspires!!!!

And farther down, THIS:

"lol of course Sarah thought the Bush Doctrine was a European Gynecologist : )"

We better watch out. She's apt to start trying to charge us for using her as stand-up material!

Welcome to DU, Catch2.2!

Glad you're here! We're ALL hoping for that one! I've read in some of the accounts of the melee that she was allegedly going around trying to buy people's cell phones so she could lock down any possibly embarrassing video. I'd bet some of these folks know that what they've got in their phones might be enough to pay off their mortgages, so they're probably holding out for the best checkbook journalism.

Half-Baked Alaskan! OMG! DUzy!

I must say the thing I'm enjoying watching about sarah palin the most - watching age slowly begin to rob her of her looks. Her looks is how she got ANYWHERE. And that's what had the idiot rich lowry panting and hyperventilating about how she was surely winking at him from that debate podium back during the '08 campaign, and bill kristol slobbering over her as he brought her resume to john mccain for consideration as his running mate. Anyone who started their adult life vying to be a beauty contest winner is all about their looks. These pageants that claim they're "scholarship competitions" are just kidding themselves. No not-necessarily-that-beautiful contestants has a snowball's chance in hell of winning said "scholarship." Not EVER. You're NEVER gonna see a homely Miss America winner because she proved to be the sharpest knife in the drawer during the pageant. All that's required is - how does she look in a bathing suit and how does she look walking around in a sexy evening gown? The average or homely girls never even get off the starting block.

Looks - that's all she has. She photographs well. For now. But gravity's bigger and more powerful than your biggest rifle will EVER be, sarah dear. Just sittin' here watching your jowls descend! What WILL you do, girlfriend, when your looks are no longer considered bankable? And plastic surgery only gets you so far.


DAYUM that's GREAT, crazylikeafox! "The Whore of Babble On"!

Utter perfection!!! MAN does that ever nail that woman.
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