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Member since: 2001
Number of posts: 35,386

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Another DUzy! Grizzly but hey, whatever!

Maybe this one's a DEEEUUUUUUWWW-zy...

Wouldn't surprise me in the least.

That side GOES AFTER people. Bloodthirsty they are.

And it does sound like a threat he's making. Subtle, but very much there.

If I were on that grand jury, it would leave me feeling most disquieted hearing that from my governor - who's already on record (his followers too - and he's done nothing to discourage that) to demean and attempt to diminish and otherwise cast aspersions on the grand jury.

Because there's ALWAYS somebody who's just gotta pee in the pickle barrel.

Because... I dunno... Benghazi...

Hah! Makes me want to do it, too, just to spite them!

Back atcha, sweetie!

This. ^^^^

True enough. In MANY respects.

DU: !!!

Well, those others also. They were DUIs too, and just as capable of reckless killing.

But they weren't threatened or leaned on - to resign. Ol ricky boy probably just snickered and gave 'em the "boys will be boys" treatment. To her, not so much.

And then, of course, there's this, too:

And as it just so happens, Ms. Lehmberg was investigating Perry’s office for possible corruption charges during the time of her DUI. Which is where the real heart of this entire story lies. Because had she resigned from her position at the TCPI, Rick Perry would have been the person who chose her replacement.

Makes a whole lotta difference, doesn't it? Installing one of his little pals in her place might make it awfully easy to turn that corruption probe into a little puff of smoke just vaporizing into the air and vanishing without a trace...

NICE. Thanks for bringing that up, Playinghardball! What a great story - about a great man.

I hope it becomes more widely known, because that might inspire others of his peers (and others just in general) to do likewise. USE YOUR GIFTS. Use them for good. USE them for the greater good. Then we all become richer.
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