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Welcome to DU, I hate liars!

Glad you're here! Thanks for joining my thread, too. I called my two Senators and then picked a third one at random - Senator Sherrod Brown. Used one of the TOLL FREE Capitol Hill switchboard numbers in my sig line. Called my two at their local offices after leaving messages suggesting this in their voicemail.

That one time I inadvertently planted the contradicta seed - in honor of her Sovietologist self (in an era after the Soviet Union ceased to exist), I never expected that it would REALLY happen - that something I planted would spread like that. But when that staffer told me "that's hilarious! That's all over the Hill now!" I knew I had drawn some blood somewhere. Don't forget human nature! People gossip!!! Use that to your advantage (and ours)! And if you can destabilize the enemy even just a little, you might make it more likely that they'll make a mistake.

Just let word get around. What's that called? Playing "Post Office"?

Just plant some seeds. The law of averages suggests that at least ONE of 'em will take root somewhere. It's really just psyops. Mind-fucking, to be coarse. Perception management. Surround them with a sense of uncertainty. Make 'em squirm. Might not be too long afterwards that you "make 'em squeal," as Mme. hog-castrator would say. Disrupt. Make 'em have to grope across the nightstand for the Maalox bottle, first thing in the morning. Destabilize the enemy. Besides, they think we're naive do-gooders and chumps. They laugh at playing by the rules. They won't expect guerrilla tactics. That and their own tendency to overreach will inevitably trip them up.

BTW, I never met anybody who actually knew what playing "Post Office" meant, or had done it. But it seems EVERYBODY's heard about it!

I did not know the names of either one. Finally found siblings.

I know half the story now - having found my birth mother, or rather, her other kids by the man she eventually married. Her husband was not my biological father. My biological mother is long dead. Nobody knows where my biological father is, and I have a name but I'm not sure it's for sure, since we're relying on the memory of my biological aunt, who's quite elderly - but remembers her older sister needing to get bigger clothes, and looking like she put on weight, and then she and their mom disappearing for about a week without giving any details.

Do you mean HIPAA? I'm against that where it applies to adoptees. What about the adoptee who needs a transfusion, or a transplant, or bone marrow donation? I think it's your birthright - to know literally what you're made of, to know what your biological heritage is. It could mean the difference between life and death. My recently-discovered siblings told me, straight out, that there was cancer in the family. And strangely enough, I was VERY glad to hear that! At least it was SOMETHING. It's the KNOWING. If you're lucky enough to have lived your life knowing where you came from (and from whom), then be glad. Be glad you have that sense of connection and continuity. You really won't know what it's like not to have that, because you probably take that linkage for granted.

I remember when I went back east to meet them all (my siblings). They held a party for me, and all their friends and neighbors came and wanted to see us together and hear my story, and how I found them. I actually related that particular anecdote about hearing there was cancer in the family and that incomprehensibly enough, it made me really happy to get that information. And you should have seen their faces! They were shocked. Some probably bewildered, others horrified! This was something they could not believe they just heard ("she's GLAD to hear about all those cancer situations?!?!?!?!?!?) And YIKES!!!! I had to jump in IMMEDIATELY and apologize and try to explain - "But Wait! You don't understand! It's not that I'm glad to hear all these extended family members had cancer! It's just so good FINALLY TO KNOW!!!!! It's the KNOWING after living my whole life up til then having no clue! I never had an inkling. I had no idea what might be in store. YOU probably take for granted that you know, for example, that your uncle has diabetes and your mom and grandma both had breast cancer, or there's mental illness in your family, or there's heart disease in your family or you've noticed that most of your relatives have high blood pressure, or the tendency toward osteoporosis runs through several generations of the women in your family, or whatever it is. You know that and it's just part of you and you don't really have to guess too much, and you know how to eat to avoid things and what to get tested for as you get older. You KNOW. You KNOW this stuff. You were born to it and some of it was as plain as the nose shapes on your family's faces that have repeated from generation to generation that you may not even take note of anymore.

Much to my relief, I saw their frowns and looks of shock start to relax and disappear. Suddenly, they got it - as far as where I was coming from. It's something they'd never really thought of before. And why should they? It simply wasn't their reality. They were born into all that. It was always just all around them all the time. Every family dinner. Every Christmas or Thanksgiving. Every Easter. Every birthday party with cousins your age and stuff. Some families go out on summer vacation together, or spent winter at the resort in the nearby mountains or whatever. And when that's your world, that's what you know. That's your template against which you compare everything else. How could you know any other way it might be?

For me personally, as an adoptee, I think I have a right to know. Heavens, seems to me, at least, that this is about as basic a human right as there is. But that's just me. If my biological mother had been alive, and had not wanted to meet me, I absolutely would have honored that. But I'm glad I know stuff now. As I watched both my parents struggle with some tremendously ferocious illnesses, every day I wondered "is that what's ahead for me? Should I be trying to change some dietary behavior or take supplements to ward off or delay a possible problem, and other questions. This starts to become increasingly important as one ages (she said, looking at "Year 62" coming up in a little bit). I hope your kids can be told at some point about the Parkinson's Disease. Seems to me they need to know what might be ahead for themselves - when they're old enough, that is. Don't know how old they are but certainly at the point they were ready to become parents themselves. If you know and know what to look for if there's an onset, you can forestall what's more likely than not your biological inheritance. It's like - if there's a history of lung cancer and pulmonary disease in your family, realizing that just might be what finally convinces you to give up smoking. "My mom and grandpa and Aunt Jeanie all had skin cancer. I better stay out of the sun." "I've had five uncles and two grandparents and a great aunt who were alcoholics. I'm NOT gonna drink!" Or possibly even "Parkinson's Disease in my family? What should I know now?"

Understand and sympathize with your honoring your husband's wishes. Sounds like he's doing okay - especially if no one knows about it unless they're specifically told. I hope that's how things stay for a LONG time! Yet I still do hope he changes his mind someday. With something as profound as Parkinson's Disease (in my opinion only), the kids eventually need to know.

Thank you, F4lconF16! Glad to be part of this!

With the exception of two pregnancies, I've smoked the noble weed consistently since age 19.

TOLL FREE Capitol Hill switchboard numbers conveniently located in my sig line!

I'm an adoptee, too. And I could not agree with you MORE!!!

I was born in a closed state - where it was a feeding frenzy for young girls "in trouble," to come in, have the baby, sign some papers, leave it behind, and it was a virtual No-Tell-Motel. Records Sealed. Locked. Files Closed. You're not allowed to know. To spare somebody else's shame. YOU'RE not allowed your very BIRTHRIGHT because they have to hide it to cover up somebody else's shame.

Well, I call BULLSHIT. In my case, that "somebody else's shame" was DECADES ago, and as I later found out, through an unfortunately expensive search, had been dead for years. But I finally found stuff out. And I still feel a great deal of resentment that all that information - ABOUT ME - was kept from me. Forcibly and legally withheld from me. That I couldn't know. Oh the law was relaxed just the teeniest bit - so you could MAYBE find out your biological heritage. Like, wouldn't it be nice to know if your blood lines meant you were susceptible to conditions like cancer, diabetes, heart trouble, even Alzheimers? Wouldn't it be nice, at least, to KNOW? Just to KNOW!!!!!!!! That's really all I wanted to know, especially after I had children myself. What could I tell them? I felt like a loaded gun walking around.

You have EVERY RIGHT to that information. There is no reason on EARTH that I find good enough to withhold that information from you. It's your birthright, dammit.

Kicking like a Rockette!

That'd be good, too, but I'd rather have this start spreading as "talk."

"People are talking." That's what Nancy Reagan told don regan, whom she did not like as White House Chief of Staff to her precious ronnie. She thought he was provoking a lot of negative publicity and making her hubby look bad, and she wanted him removed, or at least to get him to quit. She had a LOT of power, most of it below-the-radar, and some of it involved stirring up discontent through chatter. Putting a bug in people's ear, and an itch on their skin that they feel compelled to scratch. She was VERY shrewd. And she usually got her way, too. She sure got rid of donald regan. Get people talking. Or insinuate it. As in - "hey, some SHIT's starting to circulate about you. You're in deep doo-doo."

If a whispering campaign starts, it's gonna get around. Especially if staffers for these people, AND others (like the Dems) start talking. And it's absolutely gonna drain the blood from the faces of some of the CONS. They'd give Barack Obama head on their knees amidst fruits and flowers and burning incense before they'd let anything happen to their precious dickie and dubya.

I posted about this once. I enjoyed referring to bush2's little backstage girl as contradicta. I mentioned this in a call to some Dem's office in DC. Staffer took my comment and that was that. A few days later, I called in again. Same office, different staffer. It just happened to come up. "contradicta." Here's what happened next:

Staffer: "HAH! contradicta (chuckles)! That's great! Somebody called in and said that just the other day!" Chuckled again.

Me: "Hmmm... that was me. Glad you like it! I kinda like it, too. I thought that one up myself!"

Staffer: "HAH! That was YOU? God, that's a GREAT one! That's all over the Hill now!"

I swear this is true! These people TALK. They hang out together and go lunch in the lunch room together and go out for a drink after work together and compare notes and gossip. GOSSIP! Make it work FOR you! Spread some gossip! Stir things up! Manipulate! Psy-ops. Mind-fuck 'em. It WORKS. Make it work FOR you!!! MESS with 'em. MESS with 'em BIGTIME.

I'll bet this would make the bad guys grab for the Maalox bottle!

I just did something evil. IDEA for getting the GOP to approve Loretta Lynch at LIGHTSPEED.

Consider: who do the CONS hate almost as much as President Obama? Answer: Eric Holder! They'd LOVE to get rid of him. But they're holding off on "principle" or some such rot.

Weeellllllllll... what if word got around that Eric Holder was going to start a war crimes investigation against bush/cheney?

I bet they'd approve a ham sandwich to head up the Justice Department in that case! I bet they'd drop everything and break all land speed records to rush to vote to approve Loretta Lynch!

After all, they ARE stuck with the "hated" Eric Holder until his replacement is seated.

Even if this subject was merely brought up, I bet that'd make their sphincters tighten up so bad that they wouldn't be able to pass anything for a month!

Call your reps! Start spreading it! Even just the very IDEA of it oughta scare some of those schmucks!

Whaddya think? File it under the "... just sayin'...."

So people like me know whom to avoid.

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