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And me!

Welcome to DU, joet67!

One thing concerns me - is that Mike Pence is pretty slick. He's playing this like a wide-eyed "innocent." Heck, he's done everything but bat his eyelashes. He does have that swooning look that Nancy Reagan had, every time she looked at her Ronnie. A wide-eyed face that came to be known as the "worshipful gaze." And I've seen Mike Pence adopt that same look, that same "worshipful gaze", every time he looks at The Donald. If he weren't such a homophobe, I'd find myself wondering if maybe he had some sort of crush on The Donald. During their two-in-one "60 Minutes" appearance back during the campaign, sometimes Pence gazed at The Donald with such a sickly-sweet, downright swooning expression on his face that I almost felt like I needed to go check my blood sugar levels.

Then again, there have been wives who've served as little more than beards for their gay husbands to keep up the "proper appearances" - like Rock Hudson had.

Welcome to DU, MedusaX!

DEFINITELY a Useful Idiot - he's the ideal cardboard cut-out that Grover Norquist had wet dreams about. Norquist not only said one of the most memorable quotes in politics, about starving the government to the point where you "shrink it down so small you can drown it in the bathtub." He also said, more recently, that all republi-CONS needed in a "president" was someone who could hold a pen. Someone who'd simply take that pen and use it to sign whatever paperwork his handlers put in front of him.

Welcome to DU, Shell_Seas!

Yep. As of yet, nothing meaningful.

But at the rate we're going, it wouldn't surprise me if critical mass is reached before too long. I suspect the CONS in both houses of Congress will be able to stomach only so much before even they have to give up. I imagine The Donald and all his little pals have the ability to keep stinking up the joint til the smell becomes unbearable and un-ignorable any longer.

When enough of them see that HE'S damaging THEM, he's a goner. They won't be able to keep up the pretences forever. Soon it will be impossible to accept that there's nothing to see here.

Besides, it looks as though the intel community is determined to get us all there.


Yep. They used to call them "Iron Curtain Countries."

We have a puppet installed in OUR White House by a hostile foreign power. trump is a RUSSIAN PUPPET.

That's why he's absolutely and irrefutably ILLEGITIMATE.

Damn well better be!

"Suspended", 'eh? Should be flat-out REVOKED. He's not in that job anymore. Is he not out, completely, now? There is no reason or rationale for him to continue to have that level of clearance.

This almost makes it sound like this is temporary, as though he's been shown to some penalty box for a little while, til the heat dies down or somebody thinks up another "title" for him.

Or maybe "... and you're okay with this?"

As this drags on - "and you're STILL okay with this, right?"


What's that phrase I keep seeing in the comments sections? "Shit just got real."

You do NOT want the intelligence committee working against you.

Welcome to DU, BruceWane!

Sounds like that ol' World's Biggest Entitlement Program" at work.

The World's Biggest Entitlement Program is the GOP/CONservatives' presumed "divine right" to rule. And they'll be happy to explain it to you. It's: "Because."

My bet's on another 9/11.

Nothing like a "terrorist strike" on the actual "homeland" to force all the factions to come together, muzzle and manipulate the press, and silence ALL critics (whom you can then libel and slander as "enemy sympathizers").
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