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Just a little younger than you, trof, but I have never seen anything like this.

I was one year old at the time. Read all about it and watched clips. That's what this strikes me as mirroring.

I see Sheila Jackson Lee seated in the back, visible over Hillary's right shoulder, btw. I have a feeling that Democrats will be standing even prouder tonight than they were when this week opened.

All these CONs are merely making themselves look like petty, partisan little piss-ants. Sore Losermen ALL. Adam Schiff is doing a great job now (as I write this).

She's been at this for what? NINE hours so far? It was already on when we woke up this morning about 7:30 or so, Pacific time. Now, it's after 5PM, Pacific time, and it's STILL going on. Stunning. Just STUNNING. And she's still poised and composed and cool as a cucumber. The CONs at this inquisition are wasting our time and our tax money. Adam Schiff just now noted how they're all STILL looking for the "gotcha" question that will make one or the other of them BIG stars! And they're not gonna find it even if they continue this empaneled persecution through this time TOMORROW night!

This is a tour de force on her part. And yes, she looks mighty presidential today. ALL DAY today. Proud of her I am!

Could very well be!

Over and over all day from various observers I've seen and heard the term "presidential" applied to her. I've read it online, heard it from people on the phone and in the neighborhood. And I must salute and thank those numerous Bernie supporters who've noted similar things. She's not their choice, but they're noticing what-all she brings to the table. My fiercely republi-CON friend can't stop commenting about her stamina - and in glowing terms, too.

I'd guess it's more like "They are TRYING to get her tired"...

Or, maybe it's "they THINK they are getting her tired."

It's certainly tiresome. I wonder if they're gonna go til midnight? I'm writing this at 4:52pm Pacific time, while watching the hearings that have gone on ALL DAY. They were on when we woke up this morning and turned on the TV at about 7:30 or so. Wonder how long they think they can drag this out?

Cuz they're gonna go and go and go and go and go and go and they're still asking the same crap-ass questions and attempted "gotcha" questions and anything they can come up with, and they're still coming up with nothing. How long do they think they can drag this out?

Completely ridiculous! THEY'RE the ones looking bad, seems to me! The longer they drag this out, the worse and the more petty and more piss-ant they're making THEMSELVES look.


Just love her so much...


Zippy the Pinhead!

Or at least that's what my mind always wanders over to, whenever he's on camera.

Probably because she's eaten hors d'oeuvres bigger than him for lunch.

Thanks, onehandle!

Good stuff!

My favorite quip so far - by Hillary:

"I'm sorry it doesn't fit your narrative, Congressman."

Can't help it, I CANNOT look at trey gowdy and NOT see Zippy the Pinhead.

"I'm sorry it doesn't fit your narrative, Congressman."

LOVE it!

And thank you everybody on this thread!

She does indeed ROCK!

"I'm sorry it doesn't fit your narrative, Congressman."

OUCH!!!! OUCHEZ-VOUS!!!! Punch it, Hillary! AND she got the last word with that little putz, too.

That's my Hillary!

So am I. Kinda like it used to be.

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