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Has that "Moms with Guns" creepette had a visit from the Secret Service yet?

She should. That's inciting violence and, literally, assassination against the Commander-in-Chief.

OMG!!! Me too, although I never liked liver to begin with!

That last paragraph just NAILS it!

NAILS it, kiva! Still second-class all the way for us women, isn't it. Second-place. Ironic that in all the other groups asserting or gaining more rights - probably at least half of them are female. Just statistical stuff, that's all.

It is NOT true that an expansion or further protection of one group's rights automatically somehow equals the diminishment or dismissal of some other group's rights. WHY is that myth still perpetuated? Why are there significant (although CLEARLY in the minority) groups who feel they're thus somehow aggrieved? I guess that's the "Zombie Lies" that Bill Maher talked about last Friday night...


However, it is important, also, that we use the women's/feminists' story as instructive, a cautionary tale if you will, to other groups. Because I definitely DO worry about these new rights and freedoms and protections that the gay community has fought so hard to win. That's where WE were, back in the '70s. Fighting like hell for the ERA and for the rights and freedoms that we finally won with Roe v Wade. And we came up short with the ERA (I still don't understand why that fight was so quickly given up! WHY did we concede that point??? WHY???????) and I guess too many of us felt that the Supreme Court of that time ruled the way it did on Roe v Wade, that was that. Fixed. Problem solved. Done. Time to relax and let down our guard. Let's all go back to sleep. THAT WAS MISTAKE #1!!! I hope to God the LGBT community has learned from that utterly STUPID and SENSELESS move on our part. DO NOT EVER assume it's done, that the law is settled, the issue is decided, the fight is over and we won. Because the opposition doesn't see it that way. And if we're to prevail, ultimately, over that opposition, unfortunately we have to see it the way THEY see it - which is - it's NOT done. This is NOT the last word, we're gonna KEEP fighting til we reverse it and take your rights away from you. Period. They kept up against our rights and now they have Roe v Wade on the ropes.

Dear LGBT folks - DO NOT let that happen to you! Because YOUR opposition is not done with YOU, either. They won't accept your victory or concede defeat. And they WILL be back. In more ways than you can imagine. Trying to figure out ANY way to strip those rights away from you, or whittle them down so that they're nothing - so that they're so small they're like that big bar of soap you left in the soap dish in the shower and didn't move, and after the shower water runs for long enough, that big bar of soap is just a sliver that breaks as soon as you try to pick it up - or it's just a little pile of goo at the bottom of the soap dish. That's where women's rights are now.

DO NOT let that happen to you! Because that's what ABSOLUTELY WILL happen to you if you do not remain vigilant!!! Because those folks against you will NEVER go away and they certainly won't concede defeat, and they will NEVER admit that you won, or that you were correct on the issue, or that maybe God might actually have been on YOUR side this time.

Welcome to DU, TBR!

Good to have you with us! Ahhh... the early days of Howard Dean! My absolute favorite. My heart STILL belongs to "Hollerin' Howard"! I hope Plaid comes back!

Welcome to DU, CaptainTruth!

Glad you're here! I remember Plaid Adder too! Enjoyed reading her stuff a LOT. What happened to her?

Shit! You remind me of this comment from the late author Jacqueline Susann.

She the woman who wrote "Valley of the Dolls" back in the 60s. She was a HUGE success and a pop culture figure because of that book that was a lurid tale of celebrities, Hollywood sex symbols, and pills and booze. She was asked about one of her fellow popular fiction authors, Philip Roth, who had his own HUGE success with his novel "Portnoy's Complaint" - in which masturbation played a key role, shall we say. (We all read these books in high school, usually with another book's cover on them so we could sneak. One of my friends put a Bible cover over it - Catholic school dontchaknow!) Anyway, I believe Jacqueline Susann was asked whether she'd like to meet Philip Roth. She said something to the effect of "yes, but I wouldn't want to shake hands with him."

Well, there's that ol' "American Exceptionalism" talking!

Exceptionally naive, gullible, stupid, ignorant, and willfully uninformed. PROUDLY uninformed. God told them so, I guess.

Not exactly on topic but this just made me think of something: Instead of "cleanliness is next to godliness," with the GOP it's "KLAN-liness is next to godliness."

Him AGAIN???

Nobody booking these shows ever seems to get tired of their favorite "regular". Never mind that the rest of us do - and already have.

Last time I looked, there were 100 Senators. There were actually some Democrats in there, too! Did you know that? You wouldn't have any idea if all your information came from these Sunday shows. The Senate actually, MUCH to my surprise, has other Senators in there besides just john mccain! Wow!

Then why is he the only one we consistently get force-fed?


Sums it up!

KICKING, Dammit!

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