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Isn't it astonishing? Dumbfounding. I can't believe this is the 21st Century and we're still

dealing with this shit. We haven't learned a thing. Or grown an inch.


It's damned embarrassing.

I think some Democrat in that state, if there are any left in the state legislature, should get loud and noisy and talk up a possible bill allowing Indiana taxpayers to deduct a certain percent if they're from the LGBT community, or the African American community, or the Latino community. After all, all of EVERYBODY's tax money, and the local fees too, cover things like keeping the roads passable and potholes to a minimum, keep the grid going, the water works and everything else that supports the entire community - residential/commercial/industrial - humming along. Our tax money funds first responders and teachers and what public schools the GOP hasn't been able to get rid of - across the country.

What if we taxpayers - those in Indiana and us nationally (my federal taxes contribute to stuff in EVERY state) - started making some noise about deducting a percentage of what the state of Indiana would derive from various federal programs and grants? Why should I have to help pay for that discriminatory shit? For example, I'm in California but I pay state AND federal income taxes. A small percentage of that goes toward programs benefiting the other 49 states as well as mine. So that includes Indiana. What if I were to say I don't want to pay for Indiana anymore, because of this shit? Granted it'd be almost impossible to do. But what if we started making noise about it? Started a movement? Or a drumbeat? What if we start talking about it and the idea spreads? And suddenly a lot of people are mumbling about it?

Maybe some "end times" for them, though.

At least the rest of us DO gain Salvation - since these nuts have been taken into custody and OFF the streets!

Ahhh... Arkansas. Proud producer of both Bill Clinton and Tehran tom the Traitor Tot!

Wow - talk about a broad spectrum there...

I think it was both. The nutcases were fired up and wouldn't have missed it. Those we REALLY NEEDED to show up at the polls, the good lefties as you say, stayed home. Well, in the case of the latter of those two mentioned in my Reply title - was doing so worth it? Wonder if those who gave up and stayed home are happy now?

Honestly, I can't for the life of me imagine that they're satisfied with the result.

YES I KNOW IT'S DISCOURAGING!!!! It's discouraging as all-get-out! YES!!! And those who assert this - YES, They Are Correct!

But there are consequences for that! Look what happened. Look what Arkansas got for itself. Look who Arkansas got to represent them in the Senate and, as we've seen, the whole world! That guy with the big block letters "TRAITOR" on the front of the New York Daily News - that's YOUR guy, Arkansas. That's YOU. He represents YOU. He's doing this shit in YOUR name. And it's gone all over the world and he's being labeled a traitor everywhere! YOUR Mr. Arkansas. Making YOU look like shit. Even those of you who stayed home because the choice you had with a "D" on it wasn't as perfect as you wanted.

And YES, you who didn't vote and stayed home for that reason, you who also look like shit all over the world because he's carrying YOUR good name around with him on his traitorous "crusade" ALSO, yes, YOU have a point, too. You wanted something better to vote FOR. You wanted someONE better to vote FOR. I wish you'd had that. Then WE, the rest of us who don't want him, would have better, as well. But instead, you stayed home, his team showed up and voted, and WE ALL are cursed with him. Happy now? Hoping if it Just... Gets... Really... Abominably... Bad, there will be some revolution and extreme corrective action because the people will have finally had a bellyful and revolt and change things. It'll take things getting THAT BAD for us to bring about the change we want? ralph nader thought so, too, during Campaign 2000, and look what happened there.

It's not gonna get that bad that people will be driven to revolt. Yes, it WILL get all kinds of really freakin' bad, but nobody's gonna bother. The opposite will happen, and HAS happened. People have grown despondent. Discouraged. They've lost hope. They've lost even being willing to dream about hope. So they say the hell with EVERYTHING, it's no use, they're all the same, and they stay home. It seems as though human nature nowadays is NOT to get fired up and grab the torches and pitchforks. They curl up and stay home and get in OUT of the bad ol' world. Well, THAT doesn't do much toward solving ANYTHING!

Makes me think of that movie from 1980 - "The Competition," with Amy Irving and Richard Dreyfuss as then-young piano prodigies in a bigtime, career-making international piano competition. Lee Remick played Amy Irving's teacher and mentor. She had the greatest line! The scene was (spoiler alert) in a side room off a larger grand salon where a party was underway. The competition was over and Amy's character had won. But she was not happy. She'd become lovers with Richard Dreyfuss's character - who was the runner-up the year before and this was probably his last shot at winning. She beat him. He came in second. And she was moping in this side room away from the revelry where she was ostensibly the guest of honor. So Lee Remick approaches her, knowing the whole back story and the romance that's now presumably on the critical list. She tells her young student - "it's going to take at least 100 years for Nature to evolve the kind of man you have in mind. Until that happens, GET OUT THERE AND DANCE WITH WHAT THERE IS!!!"

I wish we had the perfect candidates to vote for, everywhere! I wish everyone in every Congressional and state assembly district, every city, state, and county, and nationally did. I want that, too. But we don't. This is reality and it's not always what we have in mind. Sometimes it's not even close. And I fervently, ardently wish that we could vote FOR somebody rather than AGAINST the other guy. But sometimes that's all we have to dance with. I wish we had Elizabeth Warren running for President, too. But all the wishing and lobbying and advocating and pressuring don't seem anywhere close to making it so. But we still may wind up having to dance with what there is. Well, so be it. Better than letting the worse choice get in by omission from our side - because we did nothing to stop it. You want THEIR guy picking the next one or two Associate Justices of the Supreme Court?

GodOffalParty! Oh MAN, Thespian2 - that's gotta be the best one I've seen!

We have many times indulged in "What Do the Letters "G-O-P" Stand For?" threads. Usually you see some pretty great ones anyway. Greedy Old Pirates. Grab Our Pensions. Gouge Old People. People have come up with some very memorable ones! But this one is the best BY FAR!!!


Yes. Taking names and NAMING names.

Drag 'em into the public square so everybody can see and know.


This is one of those times when I wonder if "an eye for an eye" might not be a wise choice for punishment for this beastly individual. What if he were to be sentenced to the same treatment he imposed upon that child? That poor baby. Three months old - OMG. What did he do? Cry too loudly? Dear God!!!!!!!!!!!

I swear - sometimes I think one ought to get a license to become a parent - and go through emotional and psychological testing. People like this monster have no business being NEAR tiny children, much less fathering one.

The only problem is that a lot of those "good people of Indiana" VOTED for this asshole.

Either they were simply taken in by the platitudes and the soothing campaign rhetoric, or maybe some of 'em aren't such "good people" after all. mike pence didn't get to the governor's office all by his little self.

Well, Haele, your last paragraph pretty well explains specimens like marsha blackburn,

cathy mcmorris rodgers, michele bachmann (fortunately, no longer there!), renee ellmers and that gawd-awful virginia foxx, and more. Beats the hell outta me why ANY woman would ever want to vote republi-CON, much less run as one of them. They are against everything that we believe in, everything we know helps people, everything we know that helps women in particular, EVERYTHING that makes sense for our children and our planet and the future of all life forms on it. It just makes no sense. And neither do they. Sheesh - renee ellmers claims to be a doctor. WTF??? And she sides with THAT side? SHAME on her!!! Where'd she get that MD degree? The same place she buys her lottery tickets? That they can side with that bunch of backward, racist, misogynistic, proudly-ignorant "great 6th Century minds of our time" is beyond me.

I try, every so often, to imagine being part of the GOP. Just as an exercise. And I can't. Turns out to be just an exercise in futility. It just doesn't work. Makes NO sense. There's nothing there for me. There's no platform plank there for me. There's no thinking there for me (hell, there's no thinking there - AT ALL), There's no philosophical argument there for me. There's not even the most miniscule aspect of a world view that is there for me. They got NOTHIN'. There's NOTHING for me there. Being as objective as I can possibly be. NOTHIN'. The cupboard is BARE.

As far as the first part of your post - I'd listen to the ones with compassion. TRUE compassion. NOT the "well, it's nobody's business but God's... BUT..." or that lovely "well, rape is a terrible thing, BUT God WANTED you to get knocked up, and that baby is sacred and blah-blah-blah..." THAT is NOT COMPASSION! That's just more doublespeak and bullshit. Especially since the same kind of simpering bullshit is gonna get into office (or try to) and then proceed to cut away from you ANY possibility of being able to support, feed, clothe, shelter, raise, protect, or educate that eventual baby. I wouldn't listen to those women. I'd listen to the ones who'd had the real world hard time. Who had to abort for all the reasons that a woman in serious need or serious predicament might seriously have to. They think it's such a casual thing. They dismiss it. They assume we're just using abortion as a lazy-ass birth control. Wonder if any one of them emerged from a hot and heavy love embrace only to discover that the rubber broke? Wonder if any one of them took the pill on schedule or followed all the instructions and did everything right, and it was just one of those flukes where it didn't work? Wonder if any of 'em had an unplanned pregnancy after they already had three or four kids they could barely afford to feed on their meager salary, with no help, no child care, no mother or mother-in-law to step in, no man to shoulder half the responsibility, and what does one do then? Wonder how many of them were impregnated during rape?

I would pay no attention to any republi-CON woman who claims she had an abortion but ... but ... but ... They're ALWAYS going to come up with a justification for why it was bad and they regret it and so now they're hellbent on making sure nobody else can ever get one, regardless of the reason. They speak with forked tongues and no credibility whatsoever. And CERTAINLY without compassion!!!!

Just always keep one thing in mind: WHO's the one who sneers at empathy? WHICH party is the one that does that? WHICH is the bunch whose inside motto is "it sucks to be YOU!"? WHICH one is the IGMFU gang (I Got Mine, F-U)? It sure as hell isn't OURS! Because compassion would inform - and compel - a different view on this issue than the one they so ardently embrace.

Look for the compassion. Follow your heart. Should be easy. We humans are literally built for it. The human heart hangs to the LEFT.


I am ABSOLUTELY for "taste of their own medicine. See how they like it."

I'm sure I've totally bored people here with how often I've posted that.

As though adding the word "American" or the words "Civil Rights" or "Family"

is enough to excuse or claim to justify what you're really about. Or wash the blood off this little hand...
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