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I just thought of another one: "First Floozy."

As I've already read in multiple places: she's the first "First Lady" we've seen naked. And it wasn't inadvertent, either, like the side boob long-distance shots the Enquirer runs of Kate Middleton in a mis-aligned bikini. She posed naked. Willingly. And got paid to do it. Modeling jobs dontchaknow.

Good Grief, that voice...

And she has what's sometimes referred to in voice-over circles as "mush-mouth." Doesn't speak clearly, runs her words together (Chris Matthews is also an offender) to where you wind up with half-words mushed together like faux "contractions". The tone and timbre of it is grating as can be. No softness to it whatsoever. It's really a rough one on the ears, I must say.

I'm no certified expert, but I did spend a quarter century on the air full-time, another several years part-time after I switched to full-time mothering, I took a long series of professional voice-over workshops while I was still working, and also sang in multiple church choirs. So that makes me feel comfortable weighing in as a voice critic. On top of that, a very close friend of mine is a professional voice-over specialist/actor/coach. Criminy! Man, do I hear a boatload of complaints about less-than-lovely voices growling and kvetching from that direction!

Small correction needed.

For those of us who are pretty damn anal-compulsive, anyway...

It's spelled "Dianne." Political Wire should correct that.


Welcome to DU, Bengus81!

Remember how Alan Grayson cut through their bullshit.

The CONS' idea of affordable health care is -

#1: Don't get sick.

#2: If you do get sick, DIE QUICKLY.

Lapdogs, not watchdogs.

This is good stuff. Even while not likely to succeed.

STILL. It's fighting back! It's making a stand. It's taking a stand. It's saying "ENOUGH!" It's fighting in every conceivable way, from every and any angle possible. The other side sure doesn't hesitate. They find every imaginable way to screw things up and block and interfere and otherwise ruin and wreck. Why can't we do that?

Seriously. Why can't we do that?

Why do we have to be nice?

Nice gets you rolled.

Nice gets you played like a cheap violin.

I don't wanna be nice anymore.

Welcome to DU, dalton99a!

Quite a few intriguing "solutions" here, to asshole encounters like this.

Let the consequences begin!

Welcome to DU, jack69!

Or maybe if not a big stick, how 'bout a good swift knee to the groin?

EXCELLENT resource material!

Good to have! The numbers don't lie. The trump effect. Liar, sexual predator/"role model'. Fuck! I hope women get militant from coast to coast!

Thanks for posting these, WhiteTara. I made a copy of them.

Best interviewer on the air.

I LOVE how she suffers no fools.
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