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GREAT one!

I like that.

Isn't it amazing how our animals touch us?

I'm a complete mess when we lose one. You think - yeah, yeah, yeah, it's just a cat, or it's just a dog, or it's just a bird, or it's just a horse... But never mind that! It's something you LOVE (and that loves you back).


It's a worthy question. Especially since he's still a sitting Senator.

It might be gratifying - and unifying - to see him stand up and join in on this. It would be a most welcome gesture of unity and reconciliation with his fellow Dems (after all, he did finally join last year, didn't he?). Seems to me that ought to be a top priority of his, as of now. It would also be a way he could reach out to those of us who balked at supporting him because of his earlier preference for protecting gun manufacturers and dealers, particularly when, to some of us, it feels like he's demanding that WE reach out to him. I've gotta admit, his stand on that issue bothered me, big-time.

He could singlehandedly do a LOT to bring us all back together.

Kicking, simply because of the TOLL FREE Capitol Hill switchboard numbers in my sig line.

Use 'em! Weigh in. Let the Dems know you have their back! And if you have the misfortune to be "represented" by some CON, even better! They, too, need to know that they're on the wrong side here. They need to know there's a tsunami bearing down on them. Some of the Senate CONS who are up for reelection are already destabilized, like kirk, and ayotte, and are painfully aware that the tsunami may well wash their Senate seats away.

They're already feeling the hot gusts from a raging fire. (Hey, I could keep up with the metaphors all day!)

Congressional CONS need to hear this, too.

If they think you don't care, they won't, either!

Welcome to DU, nwlorax.

Many of us are searching for that Spirit, too. And not just right now, either.

SUPERB! Sure speaks for me.

Had enough YET, America???

And wasn't it Chris Rock who suggested that guns remain affordable, but

bullets cost $5000 EACH.

Oh, maybe a few minutes less than FOREVER!

There is NO justification for military-grade assault weapons to be in civilian hands. NONE.

I will NOT be ruled by paranoiacs. Seems to me that's NOT what our country is about. Or maybe more accurately - what it used to be about.

I'd suspect it's to get every last penny there is from every last sucker there is.

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