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Yes. We were here.

I still can't believe I've lived to see this! In my lifetime! And believe me, I've had my doubts.

No kidding. I was transfixed.

I can't imagine going through that.

I hope people see and listen to these stories. You'll get a different picture of Hillary - a larger picture - than you had before.

Welcome to DU, helmedon1974.

Good points here.

Good points all over this thread. I will say this about her vote on that Resolution - I'd bet whoever we've supported, we all can agree on the sheer audacious in-yer-face and rather insulting irony from those other guys. We have an opposition nominee whose running mate cast the same vote - but in HIS case, it's okay. And the other nominee even says so, shamelessly. It's the most flagrant card-carrying double-standard sexism on glaring display that I can remember seeing, in a long time. And I'm old.

Welcome to DU bekkilyn!

WUNNNNderful day to be here! I'm a longtime Hillary supporter. But look how much we have in common already, besides kicking this terrific OP! I bet you and I were both crying at some really beautiful moments last night - AND today - at the same time. I bet there were plenty of others here doing likewise.

:groupcry: (!)

Very proud to give you the 100th rec, Boo!

What a great essay! Superb! We've seen some amazing times, and dealt with some earth-shaking events, haven't we!

Thank You so much for posting this for us. A day I hoped I'd live to see, but wasn't sure would ever come. It finally happened TODAY. What an afternoon! I'm still in a state of disbelief.

Welcome to DU, Beantighe!

What an astounding day. "...I think we have to sit and think about that for a minute..." - Eugene Robinson on with Rachel Maddow and Brian Williams. What an gobsmacking day. "And how far the nation has come in that time. It's just extraordinary." - Eugene Robinson again.

Aw... thanks, sweetie.

That means TONS!

I cried off and on throughout the vote counting.

I can't believe I've lived to see this day.

I just can't believe it. I hoped for it but wasn't sure it'd actually happen in my lifetime.

I'm pleasantly surprised that this historic day is actually getting media attention for what it is - a VERY historic day. Nice they finally got around to it.

There's kinda no other choice in a case like this.

There are some people who deserve the exalted ground. You don't boo John Lewis. You just don't. Doesn't matter what your cause is, or your grievance, or your issue, worthy as it may be. You simply don't boo John Lewis.

This is just stunning!

We're watching history being made! HERstory!

I'm barely breathing. My heart's in my throat. I can't believe what I'm finally witnessing. I'm 63 this year. I can't believe my eyes! I can't believe my ears! My heart can't believe it either! All I can think of is my daughter.

I'm crying like an infant.
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