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Member since: 2001
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Welcome to DU, Grizzled Ol Granddad!

Don't worry about it! I haven't changed out of my jammies because I've been working on a research project all day. ALL DAY! And at the moment, the MSNBC evening lineup is only about half-finished. (Wonder if that's what trump's status is getting to be, too? About half-finished? They're finding evidence of TREASON? HoooooooEeeeeeee, let's hope so!)

Yep! That is pretty doggone brilliant, alright.

More please!




From Adam Schiff's Twitter page:

Adam Schiff Retweeted
Meet the Press‏Verified account @MeetThePress 2h2 hours ago
.@RepAdamSchiff on Trump/Russia connection: "There is more than circumstantial evidence now...and is very much worthy of investigation."


As he once said on SNL - "this is the Al Franken Decade."

It could finally be underway! For real!

Welcome to DU, shedevil1111!

Obama did it.

Hillary did it.

"...but Hillary..."

"...but, but, but, EMAILS!"

I'll stick with my preferred LEFT-wing talking point that sums up what the GOP is at its "heart" and "soul":


Who's yer daddy, Devin?

I think we can guess.

Thank You, Sweet Lady Maxine!

You are Da Bomb!

Still on the payroll, dude?

Wouldn't surprise me one bit. Not much surprises me about these people anymore.

Wouldn't surprise me. And that Zippy the Pinhead was part of it doesn't surprise me either.

I suspect he's the one who was trying to plant stories with Michael S. Schmidt of the New York Times - about Hillary facing a CRIMINAL investigation (which DIDN'T exist). And of course Schmidt, thinking he had a fabulous inside "source" ran with it, and it made the front page, and he was invited onto all kinds of news shows to talk it up. Only to have it all fall apart within the next couple of days.

And little ol' Michael S. Schmidt didn't show his face - OR his byline - for awhile.

I've seen him resurface, with two other reporters, in front page stories that haven't been as friendly to Gowdy's pals. Maybe he learned his lesson? MAYBE. He was hungry to make the front page. Visions of Pulitzers probably danced in his head, along with his own show on some cable network or something, and the fame and fortune and book deals and bragging rights and pecking order and all that.

FAIL. He trusted Gowdy, and it smacked him in the ass.

Yeah, I hear ya. It shouldn't be that way.

But since they play such ridiculous games, seems to me we have to outplay them, and out-game them.
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