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Thank you for posting this! I know how it is to give something up for Lent!

I hope people are feeling encouraged! Hopefully they stay motivated and VOTE! And bring a friend or two while they're at it!

Sorry, "Carnival cruz"! NO you're NOT!

How 'bout WE repeal every single word of YOURS?

So do I! Vehemently.

To all detractors, I'd say - "oh yeah? Well let's see what YOU got?" They usually have nothing but hot air and gas giants in their bag o' tricks.

Hey, good to know. Thanks, Zorra!

Wow - a sister! I was married in 1976 and didn't change my name, either.

My husband suggested it - saying he didn't think I should have to, because he didn't want to have to change his name if we got married. I liked that mentality and thought I should grab him! The first apartment we tried to rent after our honeymoon didn't want to rent to us. The woman (!) in the rental office couldn't accept that we were married. I had a different name, so she just couldn't get herself there. Even looking at our wedding rings.

I'm not a Mrs. anything either. I'm ME. Funny thing, though - because I was on the radio, MANY people simply assumed that my husband was Mr. ME, and addressed him as such. He thought that was hilarious! I have a VERY liberated man!

And it does help if you're a youngish blonde with slender arms and legs and

you wear skimpy arm-baring tops and tight skirts. That does seem to be the uniform all the females wear over there most of the time. Wonder if it was a stiletto she threw?


Holy Cow!!! It's rick scott!!!!

And as I recall, Beaver and Wally went to public school.

So did Ricky Nelson on "Ozzie and Harriet." I believe it was Public high school and college. Ditto Dobie Gillis and friends - a show in which Dobie's Mom was hardly even seen, much less playing any role on the show. If anything it was Dobie's dad you saw, at the family grocery store. Hell, the running joke about "Ozzie and Harriet" and beyond was - just what exactly did Ozzie do for a living? He was always a fixture around the house!

Excellent point, HeiressofBickworth! Sadly, the people who mewl and whine and sob "I want MY America BACK!!!" are looking backwards through rose-colored glasses whose lenses are seriously fogged up. They only remember how it appeared to be from all those 50's family sitcoms.

That's why the Norman Lear stuff that came later, like "All in the Family"(working-class white - GASP!), "Sanford & Son," "Good Times," "The Jeffersons,"(working-class African-American families! GASP!) "Maude,"(uppity "women's lib" woman! GASP!) and "One Day at a Time"(single mom! GASP!) were all regarded as mold-breaking and, in varying degrees, socially controversial. It was no longer the standard lily-white suburban Dad-goes-to-a-decent-paying-job-at-the-office/Mom-stays-home-in-the-kitchen-and-living-room-with-her-trusty-vacuum-cleaner/irrepressible-school-age-kids/white-bread-neighbors format.

Hell, I remember when every mom hoped for a new vacuum cleaner for Christmas, my mom included.

I'd swear she was out there hoping to attract the attention of Pox Noise.

Probably thinks she has what it takes to be an "anchor" - blonde, dressed in skimpy clothing showing off her bare arms. What a way to get noticed, 'eh?

What? No bill kristol? No john mccain?

MAN, david gregory must be slipping. Either that or he's desperate to keep his job.
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