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It's called "Public SERVICE." You win an election? That makes you a public SERVANT.

I think the GOP forgets that. Ivanka Trump embodies that attitude, btw. It's only about making money. When I was fresh from listening to her speech - and, full disclosure, I was pretty impressed with her - but then later it was revealed that she tweeted - "Shop Ivana's look from the Republican Convention!" And the website for her dress and her shoes and her accessories that she designed...


J.A.M. Just Another Mercenary

Brains over brawn - BRAINS win, EVERY time.

But then again, I like nerds. During the late 60s when the first "Star Trek" series was on, with Team Kirk versus Team Spock? I was FIRMLY with Team Spock (lol)! I even married a nerd!

"The Mark of the Jesuits".

He's going to be a FUCKING OUTSTANDING Vice President!

There's just no comparison. I mean it!

BEYOND impressive. Especially compared to what we had to endure at the CONvention.

Anybody who somehow STILL thinks there's no difference between the parties - better go find a psychiatrist.

Watching/listening to both of them now - I'm crying.

I'm actually crying.

We're going to have the FEMALE of the species, and THAT mindset, and THAT worldview, and THAT consciousness - in the Oval Office.

For even if only four years - we're going to have a seismic shift in this country. Even if only for that long, we will be a matriarchy. I'd like to try that out. Leaning toward the feminine (nurturer) as opposed to the quintessential male (read macho).

OMG we need this mindset in the White House - and Tim Kaine there by her side! Shit. I. Am. Impressed. Didn't know a whole lot about Tim Kaine. He's got "the mark of the Jesuits" on him. I'm a lifelong Catholic. Catholic school from pre-K through senior year high school. Jesuits were in the periphery of my childhood and teens all the time. Jerry Brown has that "mark of the Jesuits" on him. Know who else is a Jesuit? Pope Francis. Jesuits are about open minds, all things considered, objective knowledge and understanding. The FACTS. REALITY. And Kaine's Hillary's VP pick. DAYUM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If Cecile Richards gives him her blessing, then that's all I need to hear.

It's always a colossal concern for me - when I hear someone is not pro-choice. But as long as he (and it's often a man) keeps his personal opinions to himself and doesn't try to shove them into lawmaking or policy-making, I can live with it. A politician can have his or her own personal views about it, but dammit - stay OUT of my bedroom AND my doctor's office!!!

Plus points for his Spanish fluency, AND his exposure to the Jesuit mindset. Two of the men in public whom I admire most have that: my governor, Jerry Brown; and Pope Francis. The Jesuits are all about thinkers, study, education, learning, wisdom, and compassion.

Also - his "F" grade from the NRA speaks loudly in his favor to me.

If Cecile Richards is okay with him, so am I.

And she's very okay with him. Said so on the record this evening, interviewed on MSNBC.

Besides, she doesn't need a tour around the place, or a tutorial about how to get there.

She's behaved with great class and elegance, throughout. AND she's setting up another template. She's broken ground for how a woman runs for President, because she's already gone farther along that road than any other woman.

I feel like OUR folks are the real adults in the room, and that will be proven yet again, and rather glaringly, in the way the Democratic convention is organized and staged and run. They're the seasoned pros. They're the REAL grown-ups in the room, with the cool heads and the mature, respectable behavior. They're the ones who take this stuff seriously. Hillary and Bernie are perfect to show how former opponents get along together when it really counts. I mean - look at the example the other guys gave us, to which we can compare how Hillary and Bernie will be a united front next week. Watching the pissy mess between Ted Cruz and Donald Trump - and how the "winner" there is behaving like a five-year-old, we can watch next week and enjoy, and feel proud as can be. (With apologies to real five-year-olds everywhere.)

Actually, watching that crazy display Wednesday and yesterday, it makes me appreciate Bernie just that much more.


I would imagine that there will always be dedicated supporters of Bernie Sanders.

But their hearts are big enough to make some room for Hillary Clinton now, too. And for that, I'm very grateful. Thrilled to have him in the family, and grateful to his supporters as well!

We're gonna need all hands on deck to keep the White House in Democratic hands, and maybe flip the Senate. Every word Bernie will utter at the convention next week will be campaign gold.

This was a really good read! A keeper.

Well worth bookmarking.

My husband and I were both struck by the statements of Tony Schwartz, the ghostwriter of Trump's "The Art of the Deal." Which Tony Schwartz asserts he himself wrote - that Donald didn't write it, and that his (Schwartz's) months of trying to work with Trump and tag along with him and come to understand him resulted in his own terrible frustration and, now, flat-out horror. Schwartz said he found Trump to have "no attention span" and the behavior of a nine-year-old with ADD, if I remember his comment correctly. Schwartz also declared that he's terrified about the idea of Donald Trump as President, fearing that if Trump has the nuclear codes, that could mean "the end of civilization." I heard him say that twice.

Andy Borowitz!!!!!

“There was one sentence toward the beginning that had traces of humanity and rational thought,” Manafort said. “Fortunately, we caught it in time.”

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