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And let US be vigilant and rain hellfire down on them with no let-up, FROM THE BEGINNING

if they try this shit again with HER.

But why only now?

I'm glad he's saying something, but the time to say something was about seven years ago. Once the pattern had begun to establish itself. BIG STINK should have been made about it starting back then.

Anybody remember how the Obamas reached out right at the beginning of his first term? There was news that they wanted to bring back the cocktail party. They wanted to host cocktail parties at the White House for their fellows in Washington DC. Where House and Senate folk could fraternize with the White House in an easier, less-formal social setting and get to know each other and maybe start forming possible alliances. No go. It failed. NOBODY came. It was a public embarrassment leveled at the White House from these selfish closed-minded, sore-loser assholes.

Anybody remember how the Obamas extended invitations to come to the White House for numerous occasions - watching the NCAA finals, watching Oscar screeners before Academy Awards night? NOBODY came. Invitations to state dinners with visiting VIPs and international celebrities and heads-of-state. Turned down. I vaguely recall somebody asking John Boehner about it after one of these and he responded with some pride that he had decided not to accept his invitation. On "principle."

They absolutely turned their backs to him. DELIBERATELY. From the time they all met in a secret huddle on Inauguration night when everybody else was partying at the various inaugural balls. These assholes, Mitch McConnell, Eric Cantor*, Dan Lundgren*, Kevin McCarthy, Jeb Hensarling, Pete Hoekstra*, Paul Ryan, Tom Coburn*, Jon Kyl, John Ensign*, Pete Sessions, Jim Demint*, Newt Gingrich, Frank Luntz, and Bob Corker. All sequestered together in this little coven-meeting, devising a strategy to say "no" to EVERYTHING President Obama put forward, even if it was something the CONS actually wanted. Objective: To make him a one-term President. These assholes were determined FROM THE START to ruin his Presidency. SO glad it failed. The names with * are those who aren't in Congress anymore, either because they were defeated or stepped down on their own - or in John Ensign's case, in disgrace. I printed out a list several years ago and it's taped to my bedroom wall with other notes and important stuff I don't want to forget.

On edit - I went back and BOLDED each of their names, because I don't want ANY of us to forget, either.

Well, Dr. Dean spoke up. I see on Twitter he's taking a bit of a beating.

I tweeted several things A) to have his back and B) because I'VE SEEN AND HEARD THAT SHIT, MYSELF. Trump may have had an allergy or a cold or maybe some gnat flew by (or up) his nose or something - but it was startling and really glaring.

I was watching that *SNIFF* debate Monday night and *SNIFF* immediately was taken back to the hallway I was walking through, where certain station personnel passed me by and *SNIFF* . At least one of these individuals was well known to partake of a little blow. The same kind of *SNIFF* that Trump was doing onstage. It was the FIRST thing that came to my mind, watching *SNIFF* Trump. Literally made me start seeing my early career flashing in front of my eyes!

Working in rock radio, one saw and heard this a lot. A LOT. Sometimes one even heard it on the air. I remember listening to one noontime anchor begin a newscast announcing the "Dooz at Dood" followed by lots of mouth and nose noises and clicks and weird sounds, and a *SNIFF* or two, from doing so much coke (like just a moment or two before stepping into the on-air booth for news time). This individual always sounded like that - on-air and off. Constantly so stuffed-up so as to barely articulate normally. And it WASN'T any chronic cold that was to blame.

This was in the late 70s when Studio 54 in Manhattan was THE thing and fast times were THE rule, and the stuff was EVERYWHERE, coast-to-coast, throughout the industry, and beyond, I'm sure. I knew people who kept a collection of those little white plastic coffee stirrers that McDonald's used to issue with coffee orders - the stirrers had tiny spoon configurations at one end - just perfect to dip into one of those tiny little screw-top vials in which so many people kept their cocaine. McDonald's discontinued those little "stirrers" as soon as this other "usage" for them was discovered. There were people who had one long pinkie fingernail, because that made a good little scoop, perfect size, to dip into the vial and "spoon" out just the right amount to bring up under the nostril. Hell, one Christmas, there was a station at which the entire air staff was gifted with special custom-made framed coke mirrors with the station's logo on them.

Later in my career, that chapter had ended, but Lordy Lordy, in rock radio in the 70s, it was EVERYWHERE. To the point where it was at times actual "currency" in various promotional campaigns.

I went to one Radio & Records conference (R&R was a major industry trade journal back then, that EVERYBODY on the staff waited for, hungrily, to come in the mail every week) where cocaine was everywhere. The Blues Brothers were the entertainment at the big banquet that was the conference finale. They were really new and hot at that moment and this was, as Joe Biden would say, "a big fucking deal". The hospitality suite in the hotel that the Blues Brothers' record label hosted was so packed with people wanting to see and be seen with Belushi & Aykroyd that you could barely get in. There was a coffee table in the living room of the suite - and its top was covered with a mound of cocaine - free for any and all to enjoy. Belushi had already made quite a name for himself as an afficionado - which, sadly, eventually contributed to his death. Obviously everybody thought it was first-class "hospitality"! You couldn't move in that room. Heaven forbid you'd need to go to the bathroom! Of course, in a scene like that, at an event like that, I would suspect more-of-the-same, piled-higher-and-deeper would be going on in the bathroom, too, and you probably wouldn't be able to get in there, either.

Anyway, that's an era LONG gone. But I absolutely do remember all the cocaine usage I saw, among coworkers and other associates and colleagues and friends in rock radio. And the *SNIFFS* I heard. Out loud and big and noisy and sustained like Trump's were, during the debate. I tried it myself back then, because it literally was everywhere in the industry and you never had to look far to find it (like maybe to the person standing next to you at any given time). Everybody around me was into it, so why not? I tried it a few times. Turns out I didn't like it. I soon realized that - shit, for the kind of money cocaine cost, I could get the same effect for free simply by sucking on an ice cube! All it ever did, for me, was freeze my front teeth and stuff up my nose so I couldn't breathe. Who the hell needs that? Besides, I rather enjoy breathing. Whatever cocaine was supposed to have done that was so great? Never happened for me. So I didn't go further with it. I never did discover what the appeal was. And I was QUITE content with that. Relieved, actually! I think there were some stations where I worked where I may have been the only one who didn't indulge. Now ... weed, on the other hand ... uh ...

Me too!

Same here! I would LOVE to see her back on Monday through Friday. Any daypart except overnights. Prime time would be fabulous, and she'd only get better and gain clout. I suspect the reason she was tapped for the Chris Matthews panel following the Williams/Maddow debate coverage was that there's been substantial favorable viewer reaction to her.

Notice that more of her colleagues and some of those on CNN are now STOPPING the CON motormouths mid-sentence when they spew nonsense or deliberate lies. More of them now get checked, at least modestly, when they butt in on somebody else's time, than before she came back on and was a ballsy interviewer who didn't let anybody get away with anything.

Samantha Bee also correctly observed they're the same folks who traded their balls for ratings!

MAN did they ever!

They ran a whole weekend of Star Trek to celebrate the 50th anniversary.

DAYUM that was wonderful! Saved me having to tune around to avoid Guy Fieri...

(Won't tell! I still protect my sources!)

Uh-oh... now I've got that little ditty stuck in my ear...

"Shimmy-shimmy-shimmy-shimmy HRC!"

I hope you're right!

I had a long lunch meeting so I got home 15 minutes before it ended. Hadn't planned to watch it anyway, though. I know enough about them to know never to vote for them. I don't trust Libertarians. Too many times I've discovered that someone who tells me he/she is a Libertarian is actually still a republi-CON, just ashamed to admit it out loud.


I did notice, though, that along the right-hand column a headline that said they preferred

Arpaio's opponent during the AZ primary a month ago. He won that one but his opponent in the general is evidently seen as a bigger challenge.


Results (from 8/30/16):

An independent poll in Arizona has Democratic challenger Paul Penzone up 3 percentage points on Arpaio. When undecided voters were asked to choose one of the two, they overwhelmingly sided with Penzone.

“It appears that the ‘toughest sheriff’ in America, Joe Arpaio, is in the toughest race of his career,” said Nathan Sproul, managing director of Lincoln Strategy Group, in a message accompanying the July 22 poll results.

“The voters may be saying it’s finally time for a change. He still has plenty of time to right the ship, but needs to define Penzone quickly or it may be too late.”

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