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I don't know squat about Reddit or most of those other things.

Glad we have people like you here, who do!

I was pretty sure you'd pull him through!

Sounded like you were doing all the right things, and that you're a seasoned pro in cat-savvy.

They're mighty sturdy, these itty-bitties. Guess they kinda have to be, to make it to adulthood and independent survival. As Jeff Goldblum's character in "Jurassic Park" marveled - "life finds a way."

So stealing this!

Plopped it right on the top of my Facebook page!

Well, that's because you're aware, awake, and using your brain.

Struck this white woman the same way.

Hey, DSB, if I may be so brash... here's something you can do about it:

I wrote an extended (yeah, read: LONGWINDED!) OP about the same complaint, and some ideas I suggest as to how we the viewers can start fighting back, and putting the media folks on notice for their lazy biased "journalism".


I think we have to start fighting back, A LOT, and directly in their faces. I suggest using Twitter. Hey, if The Donald can stir up shitstorms with Twitter, why can't we?

Hey skylucy! Thanks!

I've spent the last several minutes tweeting both CNN's Martin Savidge - AND ALSO the "Reliable Sources" host, Brian Stelter - who's sometimes really excellent - A MASSIVE relief from that show's former host Howard Kurtz's ridiculous bias!

My beef this Saturday morning: A segment Savidge did, on the Trump/Pence intrusion into the Louisiana flood zone, defying a specific request from Louisiana Governor John Bel Edwards that pols STAY AWAY. The governor rightly pointed out that if all you're after is a photo op, then PLEASE DON'T COME! Because roads would have to be closed, they'd impede the work of the first responders, and divert desperately needed resources and manpower while it's still crunch time and they're still searching for what they hope are survivors. Okay? The GOVERNOR issued that public plea. Trump/Pence paid NO attention.


The whole segment, astoundingly, was focused on how wonderful this was, how "presidential" it made Trump look, oh what an improvement for dear ol' Donald, he's turning things around, and why didn't President Obama and Hillary Clinton show up? Where were they? (Message: Obama/Hillary BAAAAAD).

I think I probably sent a combined 10 tweets to both Savidge and Stelter, questioning this angle of coverage, why there was NO mention of the governor's specific request, why President Obama and HRC BOTH cooperated, didn't intrude, and the fact that Obama had a visit already arranged for NEXT WEEK when maybe some of the emergency and life-or-death urgency had died down a little. NO mention of that. NOR was there a mention that Hillary immediately got busy behind the scenes, working the phones, asking how to best help the flood victims, which she determined, and then made public, was SEND MONEY. NO mention of any of this, AT ALL.

He JUST NOW ran a clip of Trump being asked about his visit to the flood zone and Trump saying "oh, it was incredible, amazing, incredible" --- and --- NOTHING. Not even said but clearly messaged: "well, we'll just leave it there." NO challenge. NO question. NO fact-chasing OR fact-checking. Joy Reid wouldn't have "just left it there." Joy Reid wouldn't have stood for letting that be the last word.

Hey sheshe - did you see this?

"The Era of 'The Bitch' is Coming"...


Oh GOD, Arkansas Granny! I've been fuming about what's in your last paragraph - for years!

I used to be a broadcast journalist before I retired. Mostly radio, but some TV. It used to be almost an unspoken law that women in positions of on-air credibility, like news anchors and reporters, dressed the part. You needed authority and credibility and that meant you dressed like a legitimate business woman (not the kind of "business woman" that's slang for street-walker). I mean blazers and jackets. I mean demure necklines. I mean no flashes of skin whether it be shoulders, cleavage, or legs. NO tight skirts with high hemlines. No 4-6-inch stiletto "fuck-me" shoes. You could still be PLENTY attractive and alluring and elegant, and camera-ready, even while covering up a little. You didn't have to sling your long hair over one shoulder so the other side of your neck and most-often bare shoulder and collar bone were exposed, with one of your two jazzy cocktail party earrings on display. Your subliminal message was "listen to me". NOT "come hither."

Hell, there are shows all over Pox Noise where you see one or more women splayed out on couches in front of clear lucite coffee tables, and ALL of them are dressed in tight sheaths with bare arms and shoulders and scooped or deep "V" necklines, and tight short skirts emphasizing long bare oiled legs, crossed at the knees, and the upper leg always extended straight out rather than downward close to the other one, angled toward the floor. All those legs wind up looking like open sets of fucking salad tongs. And of course, the shoes. Electric colors, wild striped and otherwise eye-catching patterns, 4-6-inch spike heels. So you can't help but gape at them. It's all over CNN and MSNBC, too. For Pete's Sake, sometimes I'd see Mika Brzezinski and wonder if she had an ongoing contest with herself as to how little she could have on, on any given morning, and still get away with it. Mika, for the Love of God, do you seriously NOT have ANYTHING in your wardrobe that at least has some sleeves?

I'm sick and tired of that prick-teasing peep-show shit and I find it irritating and nauseating and, in fact, insulting as HELL! Do we have to keep on aggressively selling sex on a NEWS show??? Seriously???? Don't we have all of prime time and late-night and daytime soaps and round-the-clock subtle commercials for that? Can't we get a break from that - at the very least, during The News, forcryingoutloud?????

Just watching her again this (Saturday) morning. She had on a Trump surrogate who was

African-American. He was a shameless apologist who ALSO tried to wiggle around and underneath her line of questioning, tried to change the subject, tried to deflect and divert and filibuster, tried to avoid the hot seat, tried to bob 'n' weave, tried to turn it back to "but Hillary Clinton ... " and she wouldn't let him get away with it, either. I couldn't grab a pen and paper fast enough to make a note of his name. She's done this again, and again, and again, and again. It seems to be a new skill that's becoming her hallmark. And it's BRILLIANT! It's FUCKING THRILLING to watch! Joy Reid is rapidly becoming my hero.

If I were her producer, I'd suggest maybe she consider adding ANOTHER weapon to her increasingly impressive arsenal of power-interview techniques: tell the obfuscater that if he/she continues to try to crowd her out vocally, tries to keep talking over her to get her to shut up and/or give up, tries to keep on filibustering and blocking and smoke-screening, that you will cut his/her mic. Message: Cooperate OR ELSE.

I'm starting to feel tempted to write a letter to NBC News/MSNBC Chairman Andrew Lack, suggesting that Joy Reid hold an in-house class on interviewing techniques. With mandatory attendance required of the likes of Chuck Todd and Andrea Mitchell. Yes. THEM. Them especially. I don't care what their professional "ranking" is or how long they've been in the business. They're way too smug and cozy and way too eager to let their subjects off easy and not force the issue. Maybe they're afraid of losing that precious "access" or something so they don't want to risk pissing anybody off. Well THERE'S one attitude that has to change, as we all learned the hard way during bush/cheney. And if the Trump campaign doesn't like it, and threatens to retaliate by yanking press credentials, SO BE IT. There are other ways to get the story and plenty of other voices crowded out, ignored, and denied exposure on these things who'd LOVE some face time for a change. And if your retaliation happens to enough news outlets, hey, pal, how'd ya like a NEWS BLACKOUT? How'd you like all that coverage and free publicity you've been getting for more than a year because we all fawn and bow and scrape and whore ourselves to you and hang on your every word - to disappear?

Yeah. Her. She's fairly new to the lineup.

And frankly, I don't know why. What I've seen of her so far is not terribly impressive. And I keep thinking - "okay, THIS gal has a morning-drive Monday-Friday show. Which is still fairly undistinguished, as she herself certainly seems to be. And the fearless and gutsy and un-rollable (if such be a word) Joy Reid is relegated to weekends and fill-ins? WTF?"
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