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Welcome to DU, MohRokTah!

Glad you're here! I don't know what else can be said in a post to top what NYC_SKP posted upthread a little. I cannot even begin to count the ways that this imaging of Jesus is FREAKIN' SHRIEKIN' BRILLIANT!!!!!!

But let me just say that YOUR post is also brilliant in its simplicity and total hit-one-outta-the-ballpark truth!
Matthew 25:40
New International Version (NIV)
40 “The King will reply, ‘Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.’


Yeah? Well, neither did Hank Aaron OR Babe Ruth -

when they merely picked up their bats for the first time. They didn't go far enough either - when they first stepped up to the plate.

But once they got started, THEY MADE IT TO HOME enough times to get into the freakin' HISTORY BOOKS!!!!!

Of course. Work comes first.

But educating us all about what your job is like - is a NOT-so-distant second!

Thanks, IronGate! I look forward to reading your posts! We have a good - no, make that treasured friend who's a firefighter, currently out on disability, but he's been a firefighter for 20 years and has lived to tell the tale! I have so much respect for this guy I can hardly express it. Firefighters literally put their lives on the line every day that they walk into the fire station. Hell, they're firefighters whether they're in the fire station or NOT. Seems to me a first responder is ALWAYS gonna be a first responder because that's what they've been rigorously trained to do, and that's what their agenda is. Hell, it's not even fair to call it an agenda. It's a mission. A quest. To some it's quite sacred. I believe it and take it seriously. We're lucky as a society that these selfless everyday heroes are out there in every community. And they're to be honored, cherished, protected, and defended, and respected. And NEVER nickel-and-dimed!

Welcome to DU, LW1977!

Good to have you with us! I hope that's true, but I don't have a whole lot of faith in the bagger states. They're feeling threatened and backed into a corner because the world they believe in, and the "reality" they believe in, is repeatedly not able to stand up to these weird things called FACTS.

The world they believe in, the "America" they want "back" - is a fiction. They learned all they think they need to know or remember from "Leave it to Beaver" and "Father Knows Best" and "Ozzie and Harriet." And those were fucking SITCOMS! They were MADE UP! They were INVENTIONS! OF FICTION! They were NOT real. And they didn't reflect the reality of the time. Things weren't perfect with the perfect (white, king-of-the-castle) dad and the perfect (white, compliant, stay-at-home) mom and the perfect (white, fun-loving, innocent, and mostly-obedient) kids and the station wagon and the perfect (affordable nothing-bad-ever-happens-in-this) house with the perfect white picket fence. Where the weather was never a problem. Where there weren't any black people. And there really weren't any "Mexicans" either. Where everything was blissful and innocent and harmless and All-American-Perfect-Suburbia, and maybe there was an occasional Chinese guy who ran the local laundry or Chinese restaurant, but that was it. Everything else was white as driven snow. And upstanding and Protestant and ordered and nice. And nobody got drunk. Nobody beat their wives. No girls ever got raped. No girls even had to worry about going to work to support themselves or their fatherless children - because we all knew they were merely working toward their "MRS degree."

And CRIMINY! That is an illusion! That WAS an illusion even back then! But let's (literally) whitewash it all and decorate it in pastels and soft fuzzy focus, and that'll make it all better. And America can sleep peacefully at night. And see? It's on TV every night in prime time with all our favorite TV stars! And you know they couldn't say that or show that on TV if it weren't true!

Welcome to DU, doxydad!

Glad you're here too! Back in 2001 when those of us who objected to the phony "victory" of bush/cheney, having to run sniveling like spoiled six-year-olds to the Supreme Court to "MAKE THEM GIMME THAT TOY, MOMMY!!!!!", they shouted us down and bullied us and hounded us to "Get Over It."

Well, cruz and the other mooks need to GET OVER IT. Period. Not deal with it. Not cope with it - since we all know what they really would like to do as far as "dealing" with it or "coping" with it - GET OVER IT. And I think we all know they will refuse to do so. Which is unfortunate indeed.

Welcome to DU, Timez Squarez!

Glad you're here. I'm assuming you're being sarcastic here. I'm NOT so sure Texas is waiting with baited breath to get cruz out of there in '16. Any state that can send a louie gohmert to Congress, or any of the other jerks there now who are openly kicking around the idea of impeaching the President or denying climate change or any of the other bozo-idiot "ideas" they embrace - well, I have grave doubts that they're anxious to kick cruz outta there.

I listen to this individual with as much objectivity as I can muster, and I'm still left slack-jawed and asking - "WHO THE HELL THINKS THIS GUY IS WORTH SENDING TO WASHINGTON?????" "WHO THE HELL THINKS THIS GUY MAKES ANY SENSE AT ALL AND IS WORTH GETTING BEHIND????" And I come up with nothing as far as answers. I come up with no way to figure that out. I can't see it in a million years - how a guy like ted cruz can fool so many people with his phony "eloquence" (mainly by inserting frequent "pregnant" pauses in his speechifying, probably a device he learned in debate class. That little bit of dead air will grab people's attention. It's a device that has been used in music and on radio for an awfully long time). I don't see the appeal of this guy at all. Audibly OR visually OR philosophically. Just don't see it. Mainly because it's not there, period! But he sure can fool a lot of people.

ted cruz is as phony as a plastic Jesus, and struck me that way from the very beginning.

I've gotta admit - it really makes me question the intelligence and discernment - and the agenda - of people who vote divisive schmucks like him into office. You can't really take a politician to task if you don't first look at the people who choose to elevate politicians like that into power. It starts with THEM.

The brainwashing, it seems, is complete.

NO Freakin' KIDDING!!!!

Thank you for posting this! I know how it is to give something up for Lent!

I hope people are feeling encouraged! Hopefully they stay motivated and VOTE! And bring a friend or two while they're at it!

Sorry, "Carnival cruz"! NO you're NOT!

How 'bout WE repeal every single word of YOURS?

So do I! Vehemently.

To all detractors, I'd say - "oh yeah? Well let's see what YOU got?" They usually have nothing but hot air and gas giants in their bag o' tricks.
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