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Good point, Ilsa. He DID destabilize the Middle East, which certainly has given a whole new meaning

to the term "trickle down."

What really shocked me were the reports I've seen this morning about how many people who voted "Leave" are now wondering if they maybe should have voted the other way...

Nobody thinks about consequences anymore. Nobody thinks about the ramifications of extreme measures like this. Nobody!

Reminds me of what happened here in California in 1978, when nobody thought about the consequences of ramming that Proposition 13 bullshit down everyone's throats. Nobody listened to the cooler heads who tried to explain things in full and come up with alternatives that were much more workable. It spread like a cancer across the country and caused the "I Hate Taxes" revolt that still has a big hold on too many people. And NOBODY has successfully beaten that back. NOBODY realizes what those taxes pay for - like, for example, all the things they like and approve of, and that in many cases they've come to depend upon.

Here, too, the same thing. They voted with their hearts instead of their heads. They voted for the feeling, the quick fix, the dumbed-down assumptions, the pleasure of making an in-yer-face statement just for the sake of being in-yer-face, the "nobody tells ME what to do!" crap, the purported "righteous indignation" of IGMFU. And that won't serve them at all. It won't serve any of their needs. But it WILL serve them, alright. On a platter.

Oh brother...


What is blowing my mind this morning is seeing, in the coverage, reports that people who voted for Brexit didn't fully understand what they were voting for.

But we've never seen that before, in history, have we?

You make several really good points here, Number23.

You saw things through a very clear lens. You WERE right.

Yes. You're correct. He wasn't on the no-fly list at the time of the massacre.

But he HAD been on it previously, and certainly within the last five years. That's what the Feinstein bill stipulated - at any time within the last five years.

Thank you, ThinkCritically.

Thank you, bernie_FTW! And Welcome to DU!

Very elegantly stated. I forget who said it but - the only thing that stands between us and the GOP is the Democratic Party.

I Love This Man. Andy Parker.

Very soon after his daughter was blown away by a gunner, live on morning television, he said he thought gun apologists should be "shamed" into making changes.

I heard that and started jumping up and down with joy. Literally. That is EXACTLY what we need to do at this point. They need to be NAMED. And they need to be SHAMED. The public needs to know who they are and how fiercely they stand in the way and refuse even to discuss things. They need to be dragged out into the proverbial public square.

NAME 'em and SHAME 'em.

I still want to know which Congressmembers refused to meet with the grieving Newtown parents awhile back.


22-part. Enough for an entire TV season.

Whatever the case, they totally bigfooted The Donald.


How about un-gag the doctors.

Now, it's actually a law that's preventing doctors from discussing gun ownership with their patients, if there are guns in their homes, how it's a health and safety hazard.

I attended a lecture by a UCLA researcher who said the absolute hardest part of her job was data collection. Policy-makers are hampered by the lack of data collection because statistics cannot be collected and trends cannot be detected or tracked. It's not even possible to STUDY gun violence because data collection is obstructed.

Besides, I didn't know some 2nd-Amendment-Remedy Congressperson was allowed to practice medicine without a license - which it can be argued he or she can do, by legally muzzling doctors from fully and honestly serving their patients this way.
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