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Member since: 2001
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I'll kick this! And recommend it!

Wanna be able to find this later.

Love it. Impossible not to smile when you hear that!

He'll always be a demigod around casa de calimary.

My kid the rock band front man loves BB King.

I had the pleasure of interviewing him when I was still working. There were several of us lined up waiting our turn in the waiting room that day. He arrived, and greeted each of us before the interviews started. He handed out this customary little souvenir - a little lapel pin of Lucille, his beloved Gibson guitar, with his name on it. He worked his way down the line of us. When he got to me he looked down at my unavoidable belly. I was HUGELY pregnant with what turned out to be my son. He smiled, his eyes twinkled, and nodded at my stomach and said "and YOU get TWO!" Michael still has his little pin, and treasures it (and I still have mine, too!). He loves it when I tell that story!

Two words tell you the bottom line of this story. paul wolfowitz.

jeb bush has paul wolfowitz in his foreign policy advisor team. This early in the game. That bastard is already installed and all dressed up and ready to steamroll back into the White House to finish what he started and prove himself vindicated about Iraq. Probably already has business cards printed up.

And that's all you need to know about what to expect from a (GOD FORBID!!!!) jeb bush presidency.



Well worth a revisit. I loves me some Rude Pundit, too!

Welcome to DU, Punx!

I hate to break it to all those teabaggers who whine and yowl at the town hall meetings "I Want MY AMERICA BAAACK!!!!"

Well the America you want back is probably the Beaver Cleaver-era America, of the 50s. When Dad could be the only member of the family who had to go out to work every day to support that family. When his single paycheck could support a family of four in a nice house in the suburbs and Mom could stay home and run the vacuum and make cookies in her nice housedress and pearl necklace til the kids came home from school. She didn't really need to go out and get a job because that one single paycheck was enough to cover everything they needed. That was back in the era of STRONG UNIONS. UNIONS made that single decent pay check with benefits and pension possible. UNIONS. UNIONS made it possible for one breadwinner per family to be able to support that family singlehandedly. And look forward to a fairly comfortable secure future because the UNION had a pension plan, too. UNIONS made that lifestyle possible. Made that nice neighborhood possible. Made that nice community possible.

DAMMIT!!! Nobody connects the dots anymore!!!

Gee, teabaggers, I bet you didn't realize you were such strong UNION supporters, did you!?!

Infuriating. I wonder if THIS will FINALLY get some attention.

It just sucks that - to get anything accomplished - somebody has to get killed first. More like many somebodies.

We need more of this. Start the drumbeat.

Sometimes, guys like paul ryan make life easier for the rest of us.

Any questions about economic issues? Anything you don't understand? Go check out what paul ryan has to say about it. If he's for it, that means there's something WRONG with it. If he's against it, then it's worth supporting. He's actually a very useful barometer on these things.

I was watching MSNBC this morning re: the college student who confronted jebbie yesterday

about his brother creating ISIS. And she had a great point. Jose Diaz-Balart had a grinning obviously-thrilled-to-be-ON-TEEVEEE!!!!! Newsweek "reporter" on, too. And he was happily yapping about how jeb handled it well and basically it's settled now and we can move on... and it was so exciting to be right there witnessing that confrontation... and Oh boy! And ol' Jose was pointing that out: there YOU are! We can see you right there in that scrum. And I thought - WHY THE HELL WEREN'T YOU ASKING THOSE QUESTIONS, GIGGLE BOY??? You were standing there smiling nervously because you were watching some kid with the nerve to tell the wannabe emperor he's parading around with no clothes on - basically doing YOUR job. Isn't that YOUR job, ed o'keefe? You "work" for the frickin' WASHINGTON POST, don't you?????


Not sure what to do except keep making noise about it.

To everyone and anyone. Especially our purported representatives. You know that saying that keeps popping up when the pipsqueaks with teabags hanging in their faces who keep slamming the President of the United States? And they've gotten a boatload of attention about it, too. And attention. And media coverage. Punch UP.
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