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Member since: 2001
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Lapdogs, not watchdogs.

This is good stuff. Even while not likely to succeed.

STILL. It's fighting back! It's making a stand. It's taking a stand. It's saying "ENOUGH!" It's fighting in every conceivable way, from every and any angle possible. The other side sure doesn't hesitate. They find every imaginable way to screw things up and block and interfere and otherwise ruin and wreck. Why can't we do that?

Seriously. Why can't we do that?

Why do we have to be nice?

Nice gets you rolled.

Nice gets you played like a cheap violin.

I don't wanna be nice anymore.

Welcome to DU, dalton99a!

Quite a few intriguing "solutions" here, to asshole encounters like this.

Let the consequences begin!

Welcome to DU, jack69!

Or maybe if not a big stick, how 'bout a good swift knee to the groin?

EXCELLENT resource material!

Good to have! The numbers don't lie. The trump effect. Liar, sexual predator/"role model'. Fuck! I hope women get militant from coast to coast!

Thanks for posting these, WhiteTara. I made a copy of them.

Best interviewer on the air.

I LOVE how she suffers no fools.

GUYS: Here's a link to some contact info re: boosting Joy Reid and more...


I was pretty doggone tickled when I stumbled upon this. Note the NBC News and MSNBC contact info.

I just made use of these myself! Thursday I wrote to MSNBC President Phil Griffin with my objection to Greta Van Susteren's show. Confessed that I did try. Watched two and a half days' worth of her new show, and gave up halfway through Wednesday's hour. I had seen enough by then. More than enough. I just couldn't stand anymore. And in this new political climate, I decided that not to speak up is simply not an option at all, any longer. I also cc'd Rachel Maddow on it.

I tried, Rachel. And I'm sorry. You're wrong in all those Greta promos of yours, that they're currently jamming down our throats. I don't like it. It doesn't work. She doesn't work. She doesn't belong on MSNBC. I'm outta there. If I'm home at that hour, the TV will be tuned to something else. And I won't come back til somebody else has that time slot.

Welcome to DU, TicaTwo!

And the WOMEN shall lead!

Always remember: even GOD Almighty needed a woman to make His greatest Gift happen! He could have sent Jesus into this world with all kinds of thunder, lighting, and splashy fanfare riding on a fiery golden chariot drawn by blindingly-white winged horses and an advance team of archangels playing trumpets, or some such thing. But nope, that evidently wasn't good enough. He seems to have preferred the "good old-fashioned way". And you can't do that without a woman becoming a mother.

Just think about it.

Even GOD has a mother.

And even God needed a mother!

Welcome to DU, NYETNYET!

That's great to hear, and thank Evan for me, too!

And the longer they protest, drag their heels, or try to ignore, the fishier it smells.

If you were truly innocent and well-meaning and honest, wouldn't you be shouting from the rooftops about your innocence, and be embracing all attempt to get to the bottom of this, and clear their names and confirm that they're on the up-n-up?

After all, they've often said to us: "if you've done nothing wrong, then you have nothing to worry about."

Well... ?
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