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Member since: 2001
Number of posts: 37,575

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That he's a moron?

"...the senator with the snowball" (he left off - "for brains").

Come ON, Oklahoma. tom coburn (who Bless Heaven has left office), and james inhofe? SERIOUSLY??????

Dang, I remember those same shows!

And yes, I do believe the original series was on Friday nights.

I can still remember one of the "TV Guide" covers from that era - in which the argument would, today, be termed "Team Kirk vs Team Spock." He was on the cover and the question next to his photo was "Is It Sexy To Be Smart?" The argument outlined in the cover story was about the two conflicting camps of Star Trek fans - those who were hot for Kirk, the brawny swaggering attractive dude who could fist-fight as well as he could love up the ladies, versus the calm, detached, cerebral Spock, presumably unreachable and therefore even more irresistibly attractive. I was on the "Team Spock" side. Brains over brawn, every time.

SHIT - I just realized, I'm leaving people off the list of "Star Trek Lost", shall we say.

Not only Scotty and Bones and Sarek, but Sarek's first wife (and Spock's human mother) Amanda, Christine Chapel, and of course, Gene Roddenberry, who was nicknamed "The Great Bird of the Galaxy." BUMMER. Slowly but surely we're losing them. Glad we still have them on film, videotape, and disc.

Oh man, don't you know it!

Shit - as I'm writing this, I realize I left off Jane Wyatt - Amanda Sarek, Spock's human mother. She's gone, too. "Logic, logic, I'm SICK TO DEATH OF LOGIC!!!!!"

Mine too.

Safe passage, dear sir.

Indeed. Now with Scotty, Bones, and his Vulcan father, Sarek.

"...second star to the right, and straight on til morning."

Live Long And Prosper.

LLAP - I just got it. DUH!!!

Sure beats a whole helluva lot that's on TV already.

Bring it on.

Great post, Bosonic.

Fabulous photo! We still have George Takei.


Miss him already.

Damn. That's Scotty, Bones, Sarek of Vulcan, and now Spock.

Fly high and prosper, Mr. Nimoy.

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