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There's also stocks and pillories.

You know those wooden things that were erected in the Town Square? Where someone would be placed in public shame-display - caught between two pieces of wood with three holes cut in it, each piece of wood with half-holes. Their hands stuck through two small holes on either side of a larger hole. In the larger hole went their heads. And then the two pieces of wood were locked together to imprison the hapless punishee in place for full exposure to public derision and scorn and rotten-tomato-throwing. And they were made to stand there in that bent-over position, for whatever length of time was their sentence for various kinds of schmuckery.

Although I don't think that's a bad enough penalty for some of these assholes. Heck, for MOST of these assholes!

I DO, TOO!!!!!

I LOVE my President! I'm so proud of him! And I wanna see MORE!

Watching MSNBC, steve "I thought sarah palin was a great idea" schmidt, all I could do was shout "FUCK YOU!" repeatedly at the TV. He actually had the gall to say "well now we'll never know" (if the GOP was going to cooperate with the President provided he was doing whatever-the-hell it might be this hour that they want). FUCK YOU, schmidt! Just exactly WHERE have you been for the past six years? On the Planet NEPTUNE?????? WHEN did your team EVER reach out to this man? WHEN HAS your team EVER reached out to this man? WHEN have they EVER attempted to get along with him and find common ground with him? EVER? Answer - FUCK NO!!!! So to even try to pass off the talking point that - "well, we woulda..." AW SHIT. FUCK THAT!!!!! Just FUCK that! And FUCK THE GOP, TOO!!!!

All five of our babies are rescues. I've heard this before - that rescue pets know how fortunate

they are. And they appreciate it more. I could believe it, for sure. Especially looking at our dog and four cats!

Goldie, for example:

To everybody behind the GOP Big Lie Machine - I say FUCK 'EM.

Just FUCK 'EM. Don't even worry about what they think or how much they gnash their teeth or how much they threaten. Or how much they act out. What? Maybe some of those "second amendment remedies"? Let 'em overreact. Let 'em try to cut the funds or otherwise pee in the pickle barrel. Let's hope OUR side is smart enough to stay the course. The extremist shit is gonna backfire.

I'm with cheapdate. FUCK 'EM.

The GOP is not gonna like anything this President does. They don't like his acting on, or moving forward on, THEIR OWN ideas. (Example: the so-called "romneycare.") FUCK 'EM.

Americans like guts. He's showing that here. Anybody remember when george w idiot went around in 2004 campaigning for election, and he kept saying "you may not agree with me, but you know where I stand" ? Anybody remember that? THAT is powerful. And people appreciate it. Sometimes they're even won over by that. It also goes to the problem our side has - of people saying "WHAT do Dems stand for? Why should we vote for you (GOP-Lite) versus the full-on GOP - where we know where they stand. Hell, even if Mary "the Dino" Landrieu loses the run-off and that seat turns red, fuck it. She hasn't been a reliable Dem vote in awhile. At least we'd be rock-solid sure of what we were gonna get pretty much nonstop, rather than someone supposedly on our side who waffles around lots of issues we care about as Dems, and then votes with the bad guys.

Yeah. We stand for something. We certainly stand for THIS. Sometimes you just have to take a stand rather than trying to thread any needles or balance on the head of a pin or whatever metaphor you want. Pick a side, or an argument, AND STAND BY IT. Or reject it and say so. To riff on a slogan from James Carville, "It's the Certitude, Stupid."

Besides, we will have the Latino vote locked up. This will be VERY good for voter totals and may be enough to out-gun any attempts to suppress the vote because there's just too doggone many of them who WILL be able to register to vote and jump all the hurdles that are being put in front of them to vote. And we have to make sure we REMIND AND REMIND AND REMIND AND REMIND everyone about this, ESPECIALLY Latinos. We have to make sure they're fully aware which side stood with them, and actually did something to help them, and which side huffed and puffed and threatened anarchy and other assorted adult-size spoiled five-year-old snot-noses throwing temper tantrums and other acting-out, because they didn't get their way.

VILE woman. That one then, and this one now.

I saw that and said "Oh, boo-hoo. Cry me a river."

OMG! NO MORE FRAT PARTIES!!!! Oh the HUMANITY!!!!!!! Oh sob! No more precious frat parties! I suppose we're now supposed to accept the "sanctity of the frat party" or some such bullshit. (I'm now on a mission to pervert and hijack the word "sanctity." It's been used and convoluted by the GOP for far too long, to justify bullshit and more 13th Century thinking.)

Oh Forcryingoutloud!!!! They worry about not being able to go to a frat party anymore? THAT is the downside???? SHEEEESH!!!!

Priorities. All crooked, upside down, and backwards.

How 'bout the fraternities start worrying about losing their charters and not being accepted on campus anymore - not being able to THROW frat parties anymore? How 'bout "Your DAMN FRAT ENDS. HERE. NOW."

So can we keep kicking this anyway? Maybe it'll go even farther?

Wonderful news, cyberswede!

Thank you for sharing it with us! Always good, and nourishing to the heart, to see, read, and hear stuff like this. Kinda helps restore one's faith.

He's just like clarence thomas.

Use that ladder to climb up and make something of yourself. Then pull the ladder up behind you so nobody else gets that advantage that you just enjoyed.

FUCKING HIDEOUS DISGRACE. The both of them. Selfish pricks. And they sure do like to congratulate themselves on their "Christianity."
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