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Member since: 2001
Number of posts: 40,377

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That dragonfly is Spectacular!

Thanks for these, SCE!

Awwwww.... this is sweet! Both episodes!

Thanks for these, TexasBushwhacker! Great stuff! And I think we all need sweet little things like this to watch and feel renewed - after what we all saw from Paris on Friday night.


That was a sweet gesture.

Thank you, SCE!

I think we all need this, after this past Friday.


Thank you, Coolest Ranger!

Really appreciate this! I've been waiting all my life for a competent, qualified, and highly-experienced woman candidate to surface, so I could vote for a woman for President. And we finally have one! And at a time when women's rights are on the ropes, it seems more gravely important than ever.

(And btw, you don't have to be a POC to have been the target of abuse and snark and nastiness from some in the Bernie camp. I'm a 60-something white woman and I have the attack scars to prove it.)

Welcome aboard!!!

Probably an arm and a leg. Times thousands.

And quite literally.

THIS! ^^^^^^^^


SUPERB, sheshe!

Hillary is exactly that! And you're pretty doggone superb, also!

Thank you for such a graceful statement, Cirque!

It's so encouraging to see all this evidence that we can unite - against one common enemy. And if not completely, now, then definitely in the future - especially facing the general election, when we're going to need unity the most.

I'm already on record as saying I will vote for Bernie if he beats Hillary to the nomination. And I still feel that way.
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