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Member since: 2001
Number of posts: 35,393

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Great job, denbot!

Sounds like you solved several problems at once!

FABULOUS!!!! I grabbed it for my Facebook page!

After I scraped myself off the floor where I fell down laughing, that is...

Welcome to DU, Protalker!

Glad you're here! Intrigued by your screen name, I must say. Are you in talk radio?

MAY be Diet Dr. Pepper, but frankly, she looks drunk as a skunk in that shot.

True and concise summary upthread by Ineeda: "that woman is an idiot."

Welcome to DU, Curtis!

Glad you're here! It's just been the most maddening, frustrating, sad, disappointing, and rather (sadly) illuminating experience. For those of us (I say "us" because one of those naifs was yours truly) who thought, naively, that the election of Barack Obama to the presidency meant we actually, somehow, had turned a page on racism in this country. I thought it meant MAYBE we really had grown up as a nation and left that shit behind. I was sure that America had finally gotten over it, or at least made a solid, recognizable start.


My disappointment is as big as the galaxy.

Sounds like something we could all say about our own Omaha Steve.

Sleep with your colleagues in the Heavenly Friars Club, Robin Williams. Glad we still have you for awhile, Omaha Steve!


Also makes you wonder if Mike Brown was running and the cop was running after him. Ten shots counted??? The medical examiners said there were Brown was shot six times. So four shots evidently missed - maybe because they were both running and it was harder for the officer to aim?


NOT you, trof!!! "Asshole" is the word I thought of when I saw "rand paul is an..." A what? "...an asshole." rand paul would never be a asshole. He might be a Class A asshole. But not a asshole.

He would always be an asshole. And there we have our grammar lesson for today.

LOVE your videos, sheshe2! Hilarious! And very nice punctuation!

Welcome to DU, both of you, jcboon and ANOIS.

Glad you're both here. This is a pretty sad and sentimental thread. We love Omaha Steve! His writings and postings and musings are so special and worth savoring. And you're still in time to read some! He'll leave a big hole in all our hearts when he leaves.
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