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But accurate!

MAN, pResident Arrested-Development-at-Age-Five.

Welcome to DU, Alice11111!

My problem with him has been - you usually can't tell if he's even awake or not.

He was awake?

That's the only impression he's ever left me with. Throughout debate season, whenever his name came up, I found myself immediately wondering - "is he awake yet?"

The Ignorguration? I'm ignoring it.

Besides, my kid's band has a big show that night. Gonna be getting ready for THAT, instead. And ... awwww ... sob! I'll miss all the coverage too... boo-hoo...


Lots of women I know are going to the Women's March the following day, though - either in Washington OR locally!

OMG - so sad!

I do think about that kind of stupid - and how it's the only thing I can think of that

justifies voter suppression.

Anybody that willfully and spectacularly fucking IGNORANT should NOT have the right to vote. Get your ass INFORMED, DAMMIT!

I saw a tweet referencing a Facebook conversation that's just as - um - noteworthy.

One Obama-hater who hates Obamacare was bubbling over with delight and gloating and shitty sportsmanship about the utter bliss of seeing Obamacare on the ropes. Whoever he was chatting with pointed out all the people who are gonna be thrown to the wolves, back to the bad old days when they couldn't afford to see a doctor even when they urgently needed to. Paraphrasing here...

A: "Meh, Obamacare is bad/horrible/terrible/shitty/icky/stupid-Democrap/blah-blah-blah/fill-in-the-blank-here."

B: "But what about all those people who NEED that insurance help. Don't you need it, too? Aren't you on it, too? Doesn't it help you?"

A: "No-no-no, I'M gonna be okay! I'm good. I'm on the Affordable Care Act. It's that horrible/stupid/terrible/sucky/shitty/icky Obamacare that needs to go! It's not helping ANYBODY! I'm on the Affordable Care Act. I'll be fine."

Jesus, Mary, and Joseph...

Happy Belated Birthday, dear Blanche!

I don't know what makes me sadder - seeing the absolutely STERLING Obama/Biden team step away from power and into the history books, or seeing the almost staggering, versatile, brilliant, experienced, compassionate, supremely well-informed, and super-prepared one-woman talent pool whose many gifts and talents in the public service arena we will now be DENIED. Because Hillary was, let's just say it, CHEATED out of the job. This is another stolen election. But this time, it was stolen by the rovians. This time it was much bigger and far murkier: Vladimir Putin and his operatives.

Welcome to DU, HopeAgain!

Well, it looks as though we'll be waiting til Doomsday, since he's now declared he will NEVER release his tax returns.

This is such a horribly sucky precedent (fitting - for a horribly sucky so-called "pResident") - because future Mitt Romneys and the rest of 'ems who'd rather not have to show everything can point to him and say "SEE? HE didn't do it and he went all the way to the top. So why should I?" Or as my friend the GOP loyalist insisted to me - "there is no LAW that a candidate has to produce his/her tax returns..." Well, I don't give a fuck about whether there's a law or not. It's a long-running, long-understood, and long-complied-with convention that candidates do so, for transparency's sake, so it's all out in the open what kinds of conflicts or funky stuff or corner-cutting may be in there that will - repeat - WILL (not would. WILL) compromise a potential Commander-in-Chief.

Welcome to DU, CCExile!

YES. YES! Why wait? No reason I can see! Hey, did James Comey wait? As conventions and the expert advice of HIS BOSS made clear he should do? No! Since he didn't wait, neither should we. Good for the goose? Then good for the gander, too.
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