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And mine!!!

Fuck 'em.

That's all I've got for the "republicans were quick to take umbrage..." Hell, they take umbrage to everything and anything that doesn't conform to their narrow views. Fuck 'em!

Just Fuck 'em.

Dayum - you're on a roll, MynameisBlarney!

I like your "Talibangelicals" term too!

EXCELLENT!!! I like your thinking!

Well, there is this...

From the handy dandy CON rag, the national review:


Same piece-of-shit outfit that, during the 90s, featured john derbyshire's article exhorting the murder of the then-teenaged Chelsea Clinton because she might grow up and get into politics, extending the Clinton legacy.

Glad the Clinton campaign people were on the ball, and on their toes. I would hope EVERYBODY on our side, from the Sanders, O'Malley, and even Webb campaigns stays sharp about this. These jerks WILL be back. They WILL try again. In any and many other ways - as many as theyThey WILL stop at nothing. Take that to the bank. I'm kind of surprised at the Planned Parenthood people for being gullible and letting their guard down, and getting played like that. Were they all living on some other planet for the past few years or something??? They of ALL people should have been wary as hell. ANYONE involved in women's health and reproductive health matters needs to be vigilant as can be.

As Mad-Eye Moody always warned Harry Potter - "CONSTANT VIGILANCE!!!!!!!"

Oh just give 'em time!

Btw - I love your term "frightwingers"! Hits the bull's eye!

It is indeed another load of BS.

One would think that after SO many investigations and SO many "scandals" that turn out to be a big load of NOTHING, the enemy might just give up. Yes I know they're desperate to find something, anything, to ruin the Clintons, but hey - after awhile, when everything comes up in zeroes - one would think they'd give up.

CRIMINY! They went through the Clintons' underwear drawers and bellybutton lint from Arkansas to Washington and back, for more years than Bill was even in the White House, trying to dig up something-anything. They PERSECUTED these two people nonstop. They hurled every phony allegation imaginable at them, up to and including "Hillary murdered Vince Foster"; and richard mellon scaife threw untold unlimited millions of dollars at anybody who tried, via his shifty little "Arkansas Project," aside from the, what? SEVENTY million dollars the GOP spent on investigating All Things Clinton on multiple fishing expeditions and witch-hunts of every sort. And all they were able to find that would even minimally stick was a ridiculously-stupid illicit blowjob. One that made them look as bad as Bill Clinton did - if not worse.

The whole impeachment business they spewed at him was a blowjob in and of itself.

One would think they'd eventually tire of this useless waste of time and move on to other things. Hell, there are all kinds of things they could investigate just in the Trump and bush departments that would keep themselves going for decades!

TRUE!!! We cannot take ANYTHING for granted.

Especially since there's too much that we're up against.

Bwaahaaahaaaa! Could well be!

But I suspect there's more than one such restaurant in that neighborhood!

Well, of course it isn't. Especially if one is pushing an opposing candidate!

So then, seems to me what we need to do is force it onto other media.

Like going to the Facebook and Twitter pages of each of the MSNBC shows/hosts and posting it there, with the question - "WHY AREN'T YOU COVERING THIS???"
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