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The penalties have to be staggeringly huge. That's the only language these banksters understand.

Hit them where it'll hurt them. And hurt them the most.

The "penalties" are so meager that some of these institutions won't even feel it. They need to FEEL it. Like kerosene-enema feel it. The deterrent needs to be a really serious deterrent. That inflicts mega-pain. And maybe can't be bargained down, either.

I think they oughta be taken to the frickin' CLEANERS.

Hope those punitive damages are HUGE. TEN figures. Let 'em bargain it down from tens of millions to a few million dollars for that poor woman. There should be BIGTIME penalties for being that mercenary, THAT shitty.

Welcome to DU, PinkPotus!

Glad you're here! I would guess Harry Reid would be there next to you saying the same thing. Actually, he did. The interview Rachel Maddow did with him recently showed that. That was one point he made. That he found more women coming into the Senate actually made things better. There was more that got done. There was more effort actually to do the actual work, rather than posture and strut and filibuster and bullshit and run out the clock for the sake of petty grievances and getting even and other infantile vengeance scenarios like the men did.

THEY have always presumed to speak for us. And that won't change until we get more of US in there speaking for us. No man can tell me what to do with my body. NONE. Because at its most basic, they can't possibly know or understand. It's just not possible. Not even for my own husband, although he is of the same mindset especially on this issue. Plus, he has a daughter (ours) and understands what SHE faces versus what confronts our son. My husband's a very liberated man. He's also one of those who wonders how the hell our marriage is somehow soured and endangered just because a couple of gays down the street can go get married too. And our marriage will be 40-years-old next year. LOVE that dude of mine! I don't think I could live with somebody who didn't feel that way. I'm the lucky one.

Actually I'm one of those who would go stealth while the above suggestions are implemented. While that's being efforted, to pull the momentum toward enlightenment, I'd be underneath, pushing - by strategic legislating, if you will.
Like sneak language into EVERY bill, the way the bad guys do. Language that would undermine the efforts to take women's physical sovereignty away from us. I'd say attach it like a hidden IED in EVERY piece of legislation introduced by the GOP. EVERY piece. Whether it has to do with reproductive or health issues or not. Time for the Trojan Horse effect.
1) Dismantle, neuter, and ultimately do away with the Hyde Amendment.
2) Legislate the penis and scrotum. Yeah? You want the government shoved up our vaginas? How'd you like it shoved up your dick?
3) Take away our contraceptive coverage? Well, then, there goes YOUR coverage for Viagra and Cialis and whatever else gives you a four-hour hard-on.
4) Insert language, EVERYWHERE AND ANYWHERE POSSIBLE, that nullifies even a whiff of this "conscience clause" crap. THAT bullshit has to be done away with, too. FLATLY, CATEGORICALLY, AND WITH TOTAL FINALITY.
A) Because we're a SECULAR government.
B) And because if your "conscience" doesn't allow you to DO YOUR JOB, then clearly you're in the WRONG job!!!

I'm one of those who believes in "taste of their own medicine. See how they like it." I'd like to see how men would feel if THEIR bodies were suddenly under siege all the time. Maybe it's time they learned about this.

I think we have to fight this on multiple fronts. Good fighting and nasty fighting. Hit 'em everywhere, on all sides, from all directions. Whittle THEIR supports away. Whittle THEIR laws away. Chew through their infrastructure til it's compromised and weakened and rendered toothless. Roe v Wade is ON THE ROPES. We have to fight harder and meaner and more relentlessly.

Face it. The bad guys won't stop in this takeover attempt of theirs. That's why WE CAN'T AFFORD TO!!!!

I do, too. With the burning fire of a thousand solar flares.

For years I've been saying "when MEN can get pregnant, they can tell me all about it. BUT NOT UNTIL THEN!!!!" Because it's simply NOT their purview! You STAND In THESE SHOES. Then and ONLY THEN you can make all these dictates and pronouncements to me. When you've walked this walk. When what happens to your body can be literally life-threatening (as both my pregnancies turned out to be). It's the woman's job. It's the woman's body. It's the woman's choice. And no other.

This is NOT up for discussion. This is an ABSOLUTE. This is a NON-NEGOTIABLE. It's just that simple.

Loved it, but it's awfully hard to top that one line he gave in an earlier dinner -

Referring to john boner - "Orange really IS the new black". THAT JUST ROCKED!!!!

I really love this part:

"What am I really against??? Women bleeding out on their bathroom floors and babies being found dead in dumpsters."

Yep. You said it, Meemie. THAT is what we're going to get more of, as the radical wrong keep whittling away OUR sovereignty over OUR OWN BODIES. Unless we stop it. Seriously.


Poetic justice. Maybe the elephants will hang his head in THEIR trophy room?

I know exactly how you feel! The BS and all that - and personally, what went into making

the Viper Room show Thursday night for my son's band the success it turned out to be! HUGE job. Even bigger stress! But it was great! So MY personal essay is in the Lounge. We have a bird's nest tucked up under the overhang at our front door. It's that time of year again, and we are watching the hatchlings grow! GREAT new photo I posted in that thread just a few minutes ago!

Check it out! Post 21!



I've always marveled at how smooth and supple the master sculptor renders flesh. Makes cold hard marble breathe life and warmth and softness! Just AMAZING.

Update! We have FOUR birdies. L.A. has some drizzly rain today but they're sheltered nice 'n' dry!

AND THEN!!!! They heard their mother squawk from a nearby tree... and on cue:

TaDAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!! Rhymes with "MAAAAAAAAAAA! (Bring me some FOOD!)!!"

Or maybe they're trying to sing one of my kid's band's songs?
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