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Military-style accountability to the private sector, too.

I am so sick and tired of the bean-counters running everything. And running it into the ground. Unrestrained! I see it happening in my former industry (radio) - the bean-counters have just utterly ruined it. Penny-wise/Pound-OBSCENELY-foolish. And Oh God, we CAN'T impose regulations or restrictions or oversight upon these people. Free-market! Free-market! When that's exactly what we need. The runaway vultures HAVE to be contained. Penned in. Restricted. You CANNOT just do whatever the hell you want in the so-called "free market" when it starts to hurt other people. When it starts to impact people adversely and cause harm, or greater risk of illness, or direct threats of exposure to potential DEATH.

Health care services MUST NOT be a FOR-PROFIT OPERATION!!!! Not EVER!!!!!!!

Dammit! Does EVERYTHING have to be something you can make money off of? Is that REALLY all we care about? All that makes the world go round? Our entire reason for being? Seriously? Does it really have to be that way?

THAT is something I wish we could do something about. This is our "National Ebola Affliction." The Ebola virus of the Almighty Money-Grab. It infects and sickens and kills.

I'm watching the report about the Carnival cruise ship. Well, THAT's gonna impact the bean-counters. They couldn't stop in Mexico. Had to turn around and head back out to sea. Clean the ship thoroughly (we hope). That took more unplanned, unscheduled time out of the routine. Unhappy inconvenienced passengers (and, I'm sure, quite unnerved and some maybe downright scared). Probably gonna impact cruise travel, too, because paranoia is stronger and faster-spreading than even the Ebola virus.

The bean-counters are just gonna have to bite the bullet and take it in the shorts here. Maybe you're gonna lose some money. TOUGH. As far as the hospitals go, maybe you need to go the extra mile(s) and spend the money and do it right and make sure everybody's well-trained and well-supervised and well-supplied and well-informed, and well-covered, staffing-wise. And YEAH, that's gonna COST. Tough shit. That's just how it is. Maybe you shouldn't be in this particular venture just for the money anyway! Maybe this particular venture shouldn't be just about making money in the first place.

Hmmmm... are we talking about single-payer?

And what really burns me up is - we had some ALLEGED change-of-heart after Hurricane Katrina, too. We had SOME people begrudgingly admitting that well, yeah, you do need a central command. You do need to spend more on this stuff. You do have to do preventive stuff and things that might cost more. And that's just how it is. But the backslide from that after the danger was perceived to have passed. And people forgot. And people stopped caring.

Sadly, Hurricane Katrina's other short-attention-span lesson, that was taught and then quickly forgotten - was the demonstration of a VERY GRAVE need for a smart and effective central command. The organized big government involvement especially as the crisis crossed state lines and individual states were overwhelmed by the need and couldn't keep up or adequately respond. And here, of course, in THIS case, we have a freakin' Keystone Kops situation - where the "big government" has been crippled by savage funding cuts, they've had to make do with less (ALL KINDS of less - staffing, research, supplies). And instead of going on all-out offense from the get-go, they nickel-and-dimed it. Did the minimums, as far as precautions, recommendations, as little as they could get away with - that still might be sufficient. As little to inconvenience, as little to generate costs, as little as possible so as to keep expenses down. And look where that's gotten us. If we'd gone full-tilt-boogie, spent the money, done the training, aggressively spread the information - AS SOON AS THAT GUY, our unfortunate "Index Patient" Mr. Duncan, was hospitalized - the nation's entire hospital system should have been placed on Red Alert.

This mentality we've gotten into as a nation over the last 30-35 years - this stupid, reckless, short-sighted, cheapskate Penny-wise/Pound-EXTREMELY-foolish, just-do-the-minimums, playing catch-up, waking up only after the horse is out of the barn, day-late/dollar-short, cut-cut-cut-cut-cut-cut-cut, it's just horribly horribly screwed. And it's just gonna wind up screwing us.

The only "consolation" I suppose you could say - would be -

the executives and policy makers WILL be the ones hurt, when they see their hospital losing money. That's all they care about anyway. Whoever it was who told the nurse in the ER to just send the guy home and NOT isolate him ABSOLUTELY was on FULL "Penny-wise/Pound-EXTREMELY-foolish" mode. I'd bet whoever it was - thought only of how much more that might cost.

Here's what you have to keep in mind, as a filter, with these people, to understand the deep-down: Just imagine the mentality governing a private hospital (which is - a FOR-PROFIT hospital). The overriding concern, Number-One, Priority-One, would be governed by a single key question: "do you know how much that's gonna COST????"

The bottom line here is always the bottom line. Costs. A private hospital is ALWAYS going to be MOST concerned about profit. MORE profit, LESS spending. CUTTING COSTS TO MAXIMIZE PROFITS. And when their profits start dropping - that will hit the folks in the executive suites - to some extent, anyway.

They're not gonna like the "buddy system" guidelines that are being imposed. That means staffing up. If one nurse was sufficient before, IT AIN'T THAT WAY NO MORE!!! And that's not for free. Tough shit. It's gonna COST, whether the damn bean counters like it or not. If Ebola treatment means those nurses are confined and may not be allowed to treat other patients, that means you have to find some more nurses somewhere and bring 'em in to take care of the other patients. You have to add staff to cover all the nurses and doctors who might now be under quarantine because they treated a gravely ill Ebola patient and were at dire risk of direct exposure - so they have to be taken out of action for at least 21 days. And that, too, means you have to hire more. That means adding on the expenses. And more supervision. And more supplies. More equipment. More specialty-protective garb. More safe disposal protocols and mechanisms and supplies and people to take care of that part of it. They're not gonna like that, either. Because that all means extra expenditures - extra COSTS. TOUGH SHIT. They're just gonna have to face it - it's just gonna COST, whether they like it or not. Which will cut into their profits. And that's how they'll be hurt. And in my opinion, that's just too damn bad. I wish there were a way to punish them individually for being myopic cheapskates. People will DIE because of it. One guy already did, as we know. Just so they can keep costs down.

Health services SHOULD NOT BE A FUCKING PROFIT CENTER, DAMMIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

peggy noonan was reagan's "Monica."

Without the cigar or the flash of the thong underwear that is. It was all very chaste, I'm sure. No sarcasm here. But her unrequited LOVE for him, her shameless, slobbering idolatry of him - was just disgraceful. Disgusting. Embarrassing! A grown woman fawning like a love-sick pre-pubescent losing it at a justin bieber concert, having near-fainting spells around him. I'm surprised she wasn't on her knees just anyway. Not so much to give blow-jobs, but fervently worshipping. I read her book "What I Saw at the Revolution" and gawd it just reeked. Why don't you just crawl into his crypt and cuddle him up in there, peggy? You'll finally be alone with him as I'm sure you fantasized about, so often, back in the day.

dubya had his fawning nymphs, too. His "Three Graces" - karen hughes, harriet miers, and contradicta, fluttering around him like little fairies in a Disney movie, fawning and fussing over him and waiting on him and flattering him and worshipping him and hanging on his every word, probably stifling deep sighs of great unrequited longing all the while (especially the two "old maids." karen hughes is married)... SHEESH...

Well, I suppose we could just leave it to the private sector...

What's the accountability there? And they'll charge you through the nose for it.

Welcome to DU, PNW_Dem!

Glad you're here! Yeah, quite amazing that it did happen in Florida, isn't it!

"Stand Your Ground" my ass.

Easiest way to know how to react: whatever Pox Noise says to do - do the opposite.

An occasional Shepard Smith reality-based commentary notwithstanding.

Totally. After a week of we-sure-do-need-this!

A little balm for the soul.

What struck me as really hilarious were the comments.

And the MANY different, complex, and sometimes downright flowery ways people came up with to describe said chuck todd. A man my husband refers to as Fuck Turd. So I glided down the comments and excerpted the litany!

a fucking Republican jerk.
This guy is no more a journalist than my chihuahua doggie.
a republican shill
a big ego
This guy IS an a$$ clown
I really, really dislike this smarmy MF'r.
He thinks he's "the smart one".
a miserable wretch
Todd is not the sharpest knife in the drawer when it comes to public policy and political strategy. He is a bearded ass with a microphone in front of a camera.
his ratings aren't any better that Gregory's.
I can't see him as a likable person.
"Ass clown". If the shoe fits!
Stenographer is too kind a term for Chick. The one I would use is unfortunately seen by many to be gender-specific and starts with the letter "p".
an even bigger a$$clown
a snide, smug asshole afraid to answer legitimate and direct questions.
pompous ass
he's a complete idiot.
Too bad he didn't take the opportunity to seriously genuflect and show some humility to those he's trying to attract to his new role on MtP, rather than come off like the pompous ass many of us already take him for.
Rightwing sycophants like Todd like to brag about how much they luv the social media space, until they get called out for being the phony pretentious fucks they really are.
I really dislike this man's arrogance.
Why didn't NBC just bypass the middleman and give John McCain his own show.
he has absolutely zero talent, and even less personality.
a so-called journalist
one sanctimonious prick.
this supercilious fraud
What a tool.
even worse than David Gregory. And effin smug too!
the bearded wonder.
Chuck Todd = Unfair and Unbalanced and Egomaniacal
I can't wait for this asshat to be escorted out the door. Press the meat is no better with him than it was with the other wingnut.
Ordinarily one must interview Mitt Romney to find such an appalling lack of self-awareness...

And that's just as of 45 comments. Not much pulling of punches here.

Man - they do NOT like this guy. Gee, can't understand why, for the life of me...

DAYUM. What a statement from the judge! Both sad and true.

Glad that gun-goon got what was coming to him. He MURDERED that kid. For no good reason. In cold blood. Lock him away for LIFE so he won't do that to anybody else EVER again. And I hope they took away ALL of his guns. That probably hurts him more than anything else, even moreso than a verdict or sentence like this, knowing the sense of entitlement, irrationality, paranoia, and phony victimization that this jerk embodied.

"Stand Your Ground" my ass.

I just don't see the sense in the opposition.

WHAT is to oppose? There's nothing like a train ride to appreciate the scenery you pass through. And our country has some really exquisitely beautiful scenery! Especially running up and down the West Coast. You go on a train and you can get up and move around whenever you want, relax, read, zone out, just enjoy. Fear of flying? No worries here, and you STILL get from place to place faster than by car! But the thing is - you're relaxed! Train travel is the ultimate in relaxing travel, seems to me. It avoids the congestion of the roads especially in these times of not bothering with our infrastructure and so much of our road-and-highway system is in disrepair (OH NO!!! CAN'T RAISE TAAAAAAXES!!!!!!!!). You're saving on gas and not using as much. At least for the time being, anyway, you don't have to go through those humiliating searches and long lines going through the gropers and the metal detectors.

And I would also pose this question: HOW DOES IT FEEL to look at other countries with their high-speed rail and other forward-looking, futuristic developments and their investments in state-of-the-art transportation solutions - and then look at ourselves and wonder WTF? WHY don't WE have that? WHY are these other countries passing us by? WHY aren't WE doing that, and showing the world how we do it better and smarter and slicker and all the rest of that. WHERE is the leadership America is purported to have in the world? IF there really is such a thing as the FABLED "American 'Exceptionalism'", then WHERE IS IT? If we're out there pumping our fists and ugging "USA USA We're NUMBER ONE We're NUMBER ONE" - just exactly what are we "NUMBER ONE" in, anymore? And I don't like the answer it's starting to point toward. That America is NUMBER ONE in backwards? That America is NUMBER ONE in stupidity? That America is NUMBER ONE in short-sightedness and poor judgment?

We need MORE trains. Of the COOLEST kind. We should be leaders in THIS, too. Instead of showing the world how what we're REALLY leading in is greed, gluttony, and willful ignorance. As the dude said in "Animal House" - "Fat, drunk, and stupid is no way to go through life, son."
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