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At least Rachel Maddow and Lawrence O'Donnell mentioned it last night.

Lawrence also pointed out that the LA Times gave Hillary its endorsement yesterday, too - something I'd missed. Glad my hometown paper did that, but that one is not a surprise. The Cincinnati Enquirer endorsement most definitely IS.

Guilty as charged. Can't count the times I struggled into work not feeling well.

Couldn't take a day off. Didn't dare. Fear of being replaced.

The only time I ever took a sick day was when my voice crapped out and I had nothing to speak with. Kinda hard to be on the radio when your voice isn't there.

We were talking about this the other day when the boys in the band came by. I said "I've had to work when I was sick." Our drummer piped up immediately - "that's exactly what my mom said."

Welcome to DU achsadu!

I have come to hate her smug attitude. Once upon a time I admired her simply because she got where she was in what used to be very solidly a man's world. But as I've observed her coverage in the last couple of years, it's just burned. Just BURNED. The bias! The total flagrant bias! She cannot bring herself to make even ONE positive comment about Hillary without overrunning it with negatives jabs, asides, comparisons she'll pull out of anywhere to try and cast Hillary in a bad light. She seems to want to go out of her way to cast Hillary in a negative light. Consistently and perpetually.

It's nauseating. I won't watch her anymore. Wonder who'll replace Ashleigh Banfield now that she's moving to Headline News?

No kidding.

My husband and I were both watching this morning. Saw LOTS of replays and freeze-frames. MAN this looks fishy as hell.

We kept saying - in the immediate aftermath of the shooting, "look, below his feet - there's no gun. WHERE's the gun? There isn't one!" And then a few moments later, "well how 'bout that - look, there's a gun. Gee whiz. How convenient..."

I'm so glad this video was released. Also casts even more suspicion on the cops for withholding their video for this long. They still haven't released it. I'd like to know why. What? Do they need more time to doctor it?

AND I want to know who that cop in the red t-shirt is. He's the one who seems to have done the planting. I want him identified. I actually want more than that. But let's start by learning who he is.

That's for sure.

Don't know if anybody saw this but it's a GQ column that sure speaks for how I feel about all this.


And, for a chaser, it has a 17-minute Keith Olbermann segment (mentioned in the essay itself) listing DOZENS of moments, issues, lies, and other assorted bullshit that's come out of Trump's mouth or from his actions and deeds that underscore what a shitty prospect he is on Election Day. Just shitty.

I've been fuming for awhile about the voters in cases like this. I've long wondered - "who the fuck VOTES for these shitty, ignorant, sexist, racist, xenophobic and totally unspooled paranoiacs?" None of them would be in any positions of power without THE VOTERS who stand behind them and push them forward onto the rest of us and somehow, bewilderingly, inexplicably, find these miscreants fit for public office. Like, for example, who the hell VOTES for a certified idiot like Louie Gohmert? Who the hell votes for a Bronze-Age thinker like James Inhofe?

It's the VOTERS whom I fault the most. This needs to be said. Glad at least GQ and Keith are saying so in print, and out loud.

EXACTLY why he needs to be defeated!

Exactly why.

No one's EVER cut him down to size. About time that started. He could use some public humiliation.

Welcome to DU, mdillen!

It's a damn shame they let him go. He's needed now, more than ever, to show some spine to the quisling press. He's saying what needs to be said. Thank God SOMEONE is.

SoCal! Westside.

Go synergie! And thanks for that sponsorfeedback.com!

That's a terrific resource!

Welcome to DU, ColemanMaskell!

I wrote a letter and mailed it out yesterday.

9 21 16

NBC News
30 Rockefeller Plaza
New York, New York 10112

To Andrew Lack et al:


I felt compelled to write this letter to object, in writing, on the record, to Andrea Mitchellís never-ending negative reporting of Hillary Clinton. I guess the poor woman just must not be able to help herself. Not even a positive story goes by without a nasty little jab.

MUST she ALWAYS accentuate the negative? Has someone told her to do this? Or is this just simple, straightforward BIAS on her part?

Doesnít matter to me anymore. Iíve learned to switch channels at 9am Pacific time, to Ashleigh Banfield Ė or whoever else is on CNN, if I want news coverage. I now even tune away when Mitchell is on someone elseís show as a guest talking-head. Her BIAS is a TURN-OFF.

I watch MSNBC to see liberals and liberal views treated with more respect. Guess thatís changing. Well, then, so does my channel.

Iíve finally had ENOUGH. JOY REID for 9am weekdays!

Adamantly Ė

calimary (I signed my name, though)

CC: CNN, Ashleigh Banfield, Brian Stelter, New York Times, Hillary Clinton 2016

I actually mailed out six letters. One to NBC, and the other five to those CC'd at the bottom.
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