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LOVE it!

She was so commanding - impressive as hell! As for him - uh - forget it! He was ridiculous. This guy thinks he's going to win - and carry out - the Presidency just on the sheer force of his personality. For a guy who's spent so much time on prime time TV shows, he sure isn't ready for THIS kind of prime time.


DANG! Totally nailed it!


Oh MYYY...

Yes. That's one device. And Welcome to DU, GopherGal!

You put your hand at their back, as though you are The Host, The Presider, The First-Among-Equals. It's a device.

It's the only way he could pretend he was Mr. Bigly.

Whoa! John Podesta - just speculating with Chris Matthews that Trump may not do the other two debates?! Whoa!

Watching him, and certainly the side-by-side comparison of him next to her

I flashed on what Tony Schwartz, the REAL writer of "The Art of the Deal," said weeks ago about Trump - that he had "the attention span of a gnat," "an attention span of three seconds," and even more vividly, "the attention span of a nine-year-old boy with ADHD." And MAN, that last one really held, tonight. Watching how poised she was, how adult, how composed, strong, in total command, and this dude over there was fidgeting, mugging, sniffing, grimacing throughout, it was so obvious. There was NO QUESTION which one of them was the adult in the room. They were on totally different planets. Rachel Maddow talked about how "he never stopped moving." Eugene Robinson talked about the contrast in temperament, how you wouldn't find much that was reassuring in having watched Trump. Quite the opposite as you watched Hillary Clinton.

Steve Schmidt made several references to Trump "running out of gas." "Babbling." "Incoherence." "Jibberish." Sheesh.

I noticed that, too. Thought it was significant.

Hillary went immediately to the edge of the stage to greet or acknowledge or extend a hand to the small crowd that immediately started building in front of the stage where she was approaching. And there was Bill Clinton, bending way over to shake hands and connect with people a few steps away. And Chelsea, and her husband. Donald Trump huddled with his latest wife and kids and then the group of them exited stage left, looked like. What struck me about that was - surrounded by his extended family up onstage closer to the podiums than the edge where the throng of people gathered - I wondered if he did that because he only wanted to hear from people who would tell him how great he did. The Clinton contingent, on the other hand, made a bee-line straight for the audience. They weren't afraid to face the crowd, based on the job she just did.

Win. She's going to win, and YOU, Donald, better shut up and accept it.

Show some class for once. We'll see you in November.

Shit - Chris Matthews graded it 5 - 0 for Clinton. A shutout! "She cleaned his clock tonight." Referring to the film "A Few Good Men," he said "she was Tom Cruise, and he was Jack Nicholson."

"Absolute and complete incoherence" - Steve REPUBLICAN ANALYST Schmidt, on Trump. "Somewhere between incoherence and babble...just fundamentally unprepared and incoherent." Schmidt also said Hillary looked great, strong, masterful, vigorous, as far as the stamina question. He said a lot of Gary Johnson voters were leaning that way, but few of them gained any encouragement to lean toward Trump, from tonight. He noted that Hillary really scored with the whole "stamina" thing, saying that she looked "terrific, tonight, she looked strong, she looked capable."

She looked like a million bucks. And yeah, he looked, as Schmidt observed, like a runner who was running out of gas "as we hit the at about 45-50 minute mark in this debate." And WHOA! He as much as predicted her poll numbers were likely to go up in the next week or so because of this, as more people who had still been undecided might now more easily start making up their minds. Mentioning GOPers not comfortable with Trump, he said "there's nothing he did tonight that's going to pull them into his column."

Wow - even Nicolle Wallace, another GOPer, said "we held Hillary to high standards and tonight she exceeded them."

I think she's cool as a cucumber, knowledgeable, not speaking in slogans, and smart as a whip.

And yeah, she's kicking ass. Beautiful smiles. While he's over there being rude, butting in, and mugging, smirking, and sniffing!

She looked GREAT!

I have no answer for that. But I do have a GREAT op/ed that sure spells it out.


I thought they were gonna have the audience shut up.

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