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So gratifying. We're lucky. He is turning into a Great President. He will be in the top five.

Well then, there shouldn't be a problem, since all sexually active men

just automatically and always take precautions, without fail, correct? All rapists certainly are thoughtful about that, aren't they?

Furthermore, condoms are NOT universally free. Plus, some women have so little money that they have trouble buying FOOD, much less a pack of Trojans. And if she's already trying to look for a job, bargain for child care, and take care of kids (particularly if she's a single head of household), maybe she doesn't have time to drive to some inconvenient place to pick up free condoms.

Furthermore, birth control meds are sometimes prescribed for other reasons than for pregnancy prevention. Several young girls in my daughter's classes - and as I recall, mine, too - had them prescribed for severe cramps and drastically irregular periods. This was long before any of them became sexually active. If the pill was available over-the-counter, at any 7-11 for example, does anyone doubt that women would readily exercise that option?

This is not the only place outside the DU bubble where it's noticeable.


I too find it interesting that this view is not just an observation based on happenings here in our little DU world, Sheepshank. Of course, there's usually a sense of "maybe it's just me, but..."

However, it's not just a case of Hillary people here on DU who are supposedly just whining about somebody being mean to them, either. No longer. Like it or not, confirm it or deny it, this is becoming a thing. This and the OP both appear to be independent, objective testimony. I'd venture to say nobody from here (or from anywhere within the Hillary camp, for that matter) ordered or forced either of these bloggers to write what they did.

Guys - we all need to remind ourselves repeatedly from WHOEVER'S camp - that we ALL face THE SAME common enemy. The enemy is the GOP. NOT various segments of Democrats.

Family feuds are NOT helpful.

Hey, I would imagine a few of us have done that by accident.

I certainly goofed once in the Bernie Sanders Group, when I replied to a post - to reply specifically to THAT post. I just didn't have the presence of mind to check up at the top of the screen to see which forum the thread was in. D'OH! It's easy enough to do if one is momentarily not paying attention. Taught me to make sure to check which forum. I apologized, of course. It's a habit that just sorta has to be formed. I'm working on it myself, trying to be more contientious about that.

Btw - thank you for being so courteous!

Oh God! I hope so!

Fingers crossed! Prayers said! We can't afford to lose these magnificent cats. Or any of these other rare, endangered animals.


Where have you been?

I got a post hidden for complaining about it, not all that vocally, either, and the snark and insults and personal attacks against me among the jurors just in that DU jury alone were so nasty and pointedly personal against me that I'm trying VERY HARD to forget so I can eventually find my way to forgiving. I have seen it ALL OVER THIS SITE. For MONTHS.

You haven't seen the attacks on sheshe2, on BainsBane, William769, DemocratSinceBirth, even on people like 1StrongBlackMan and bravenak? Holy cannoli, how they pile on bravenak, and she hasn't even declared for Hillary! But she too has pointed out that the Bernie people have jumped all over her so viciously that she's changed her mind about voting for him. Reading some of that shit she's had to deal with here, week after week, I'm not one bit surprised. I see the "get snarly with me, bait me to answer questions..." here ALL THE TIME.

But I realize something else, too - that I may not be clearly understanding your post. On first look, it sounds to me like baiting, but I could be misreading it. Sometimes that happens when all we're doing in discussion boards like this is reading flat two-dimensional words on a screen. No spoken words, and thus, no vocal inflection, no context, no nuance, no clearer meaning. So I may very well simply be misunderstanding your post, and for that I apologize.

But to answer the question you pose - YES. MANY of the virulent brickbat posts I see here from Bernie people are EXACTLY like what's described in that paragraph in your post. I ABSOLUTELY have seen it. Over and over and over and over and over again. I myself have the virtual scars to prove it. Sometimes I feel like this place is a "Jurassic Park" movie. You venture out - into the "jungle" and you can be repeatedly set upon by packs of hungry velociraptors. I suppose I shouldn't be surprised that this observation is being made in other places on the internets than just here at DU. But that HuffPo piece really was illuminating: "Aha! You mean it's NOT just me? DU isn't the only place this is going on? Same complaints arising from elsewhere, too? Shit! I thought things were being exaggerated, or that it's just this little insular phenomenon here within the confines of our unique little DU hangout here." But this tells me it really is as bad as some of us here think it is.

That's awfully easy to say - when one is not confronted by pharmacists who claim their religion

says they don't have to fill your legal birth control prescription,
or when one hasn't been knocked up during rape,
or when one wasn't homeschooled by parents who taught abstinence-only,
or when one wasn't in a school where "sex education class" was all about abstinence-only,
or when bedroom busybody governors and state legislatures didn't continue their assault on women's reproductive rights (and don't stop til they get anti-contraception legislation turned into law,
or when one's only source for birth control is Planned Parenthood (which in many ways is pretty much on the ropes),
or when CON governors and state legislatures refuse to implement the ACA and/or state exchanges,
or when one works at companies like Hobby Lobby that whine about their "sincerely held 'beliefs'" override their female employees needs for contraception in their employer-provided health insurance package,
...and the list goes on.

But yeah, I suppose you could say birth control is "available."

Whoa - look where rand paul is.

Wasn't he last year's "Second Coming"?

Speaking of the "...but to derail Hillary" contingent:


Works for me, DMM!

Thanks for posting this.
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