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Not necessarily, unfortunately.

That old saying "politics stops at the water's edge" disappeared with the onslaught of republi-CON Obama hatred. Used to be they all shut up about the top guy when they went overseas. But not anymore. They'll trash him anytime, anywhere, for any reason - whether it makes sense or is even minimally fact-based, or not.

The Dixie Chicks would have been flayed alive anyway, even if they'd spoken out in America. There was such powerful machinery in place to have bush/cheney's back that you didn't have to go overseas to raise hackles back here. You didn't have to be the Dixie Chicks. Hell, people were denounced, threatened, and fired here just for taking a mere photograph of a flag-draped coffin coming back from Iraq. Anybody who tried to tell the truth was muzzled, ostracized, fired, threatened, called every name in the book including traitor, Saddam-lover, al Qaeda-lover, and lambasted with "why do you hate America?" All you had to do is pull out the "noun, verb, and 9-11" and you could whack any truth-teller across the teeth with it.

Welcome to DU, ncjustice80!

Good to have you with us as well. I wish policing the world were the UN's job. On paper, seems so. But in reality it reminds me a little bit of that Monty Python skit where the one guy paid to have an argument with another guy and it turned into arguing for the sheer sake of arguing.

Welcome to DU, both of you! 3rdwaydem and KingNebuchadnezzar!

Glad you're both here! Seems like this was entirely predictable. As shitty as Saddam was, he kept things fairly stable in that area. And I always felt it was kinda nice that he would be there keeping the Iranians busy so they couldn't turn around, unencumbered, and hassle Israel or anyplace else. It was a policy of containment - letting Saddam do the dirty work. He kept everybody nervous and reacting - TO HIM. And as such, they were too busy reacting to him to turn outward and start stirring things up around them. He kept them preoccupied and well-menaced, and they all had their hands full and were looking over their shoulders most of the time. And it probably could have gone on that way - in a VERY uneasy "truce" of sorts, for awhile. But NO, we had to take out that "balancing" element. Now the Iranians can stir up anything they want, and there's no ruthless nutcase on Syria's east end to keep that bunch in line anymore. Radical operatives who might have felt suppressed and forced to lay low are now unrestrained, running amok, and that entire part of the world is destabilized and a mess, with more disruption growing by the minute. There's no iron fist keeping relative "calm" in Iraq any longer - it's all gone outta control and utterly berserk over there now. You pull away the cork stoppering the bubbling pressure underneath it, and BOOM!!!!!

Uhhh.... wait a minute... lemme think...

I remember now! Nice to meetcha! I'm Gimmie Freestuff! My husband was recently the governor of Virginia! And he's busy trying to flush all this legal hot water he's in - over onto me now. Thought we could get away with it but oh well... But hey, thanks for the free Rolex that I didn't have to buy him for Christmas, and the Ferrari was a nice ride, too, while it lasted. Free Market! Free Market!

I don't register anywhere either. So much the better.

And I'm leaving well enough alone!

Stay classy, ricky-boy.


Just desserts. And they hadn't even gotten to the food service part yet, either!

That may have to be my favorite! Doctors' Strike!!!

And btw, Love To You, SCE!!! Always!!!

Excellent list, Lithos!

Might also consider McCartney - Beatles to Wings to Solo. Granted, Wings was NOT a bigger band than the Beatles, but a famous band nonetheless. Who could possibly top having been in the Beatles? McCartney would fall into the band-to-band category.

Same thing for John Lennon. Band-to-band. Beatles to Plastic Ono Band.

As would Robbie Robertson and the guys. From Dylan's backup band to The Band in their own right.

There's also the Traveling Wilburys:
George Harrison from the Beatles.
Jeff Lynne from ELO.
Tom Petty from himself and the Heartbreakers.
Dylan. Well, from Dylan.
Roy Orbison. Well, from Roy Orbison.

But definitely Timothy B. Schmidt. From Poco to the Eagles.

Those who eventually assembled Crosby Stills Nash and Young.

David Crosby from the Byrds.
Steve Stills from Buffalo Springfield.
Graham Nash from the Hollies.
Neil Young also from Buffalo Springfield.

Also, well, there was Buckingham Nicks (famous in college radio at least) - the two namesakes of which went on to Fleetwood Mac. (Lindsey Buckingham and Stevie Nicks).
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