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Member since: 2001
Number of posts: 35,372

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I do too (appreciate your Shirley Chisholm signature)! She was the first person I voted for,

in the first primaries in which I was old enough to vote. My dad thought I was out of my mind. Well, even back then, I wanted a president who looked at least a little bit like ME (as in = FEMALE). Even back then I didn't have full confidence that old and middle-aged men understood the world the way I saw it. That she was a black woman made her even more interesting to me because I felt it was time that blacks had more of a voice. What if one of them could be president someday? Why not start now? And a black WOMAN - even better!!! Because - Hot Diggity Dog, would that kind of candidate EVER see the world from OUR eyes, for a change!!!! Even back then I saw the world as much more than just a bunch of middle-aged white men. I thought that meant we'd never really get a grip on our nation's many and varied problems as long as we had just only that one main mindset at work on them. We needed OTHER thinking. We still do.

And Dear gwheezie, I'm so sorry for your loss! Your beautiful tribute to your man is so touching. Reaches deep down into all our hearts - into the hearts of ANYONE who would read that. I hope his passing was painless and swift. But I also know only his body has passed from your life. His heart and his spirit are still clearly by your side.

As it goes here on DU, you do not mourn alone.

That'd be funny if it weren't true.

This proud union member says CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!

YAY!!! Wonderful news! Happy Anniversary!

That's WUNNNNNDERFUL!!!! And 53 more!!!!

LOVE it!!! Very true.

No cat is an island. At least until they realize they can't work the can opener...

(Then they're alone as can be, and VERY needy of human help and intervention!!! Hear that, libertarians????)

Welcome to DU, flt rsk!

Glad you're here! Good little tidbit you pointed out, too, about Dan Rather. He joined the Marines. Offered to put his own ass in harm's way. Let's see bill kristol and dick cheney and the rest of their miserable little fellow neocon members of the "YOU FIRST Club" do that. If I were in charge, I'd make it mandatory. You start mouthing off about how we HAVE TO go to war, war, war, war, war, on TV, cable, radio, blogs, video, personal appearances, interviews, speeches, on the floor of the Senate or in the House, or whatever, and you are thereby REQUIRED to enlist, and go see real live combat for yourself, Up Close 'n' Personal. And you wouldn't be allowed to advocate for war unless you personally had done active duty in one. Our current Secretary of Defense, Chuck Hagel, is GOP. But he's still walking around with shrapnel in his body from his tour of duty in Vietnam, so him I can respect.

Great job, denbot!

Sounds like you solved several problems at once!

FABULOUS!!!! I grabbed it for my Facebook page!

After I scraped myself off the floor where I fell down laughing, that is...

Welcome to DU, Protalker!

Glad you're here! Intrigued by your screen name, I must say. Are you in talk radio?

MAY be Diet Dr. Pepper, but frankly, she looks drunk as a skunk in that shot.

True and concise summary upthread by Ineeda: "that woman is an idiot."
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