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That's on my Twitter page now, too.

Frankly, that wouldn't surprise me.

You may be correct on that. The 78-cent figure was the last one I heard, but these things change from study to study and research finding to research finding. I forgot where I found that - sooooooooooooooo much research I'm doing at the moment. Soooooooooo many notebooks I'm filling, taking notes on speeches I've heard, political meetings I've attended, interviews I've monitored, etc. I'm building a folder - printed stuff AND in my Documents file, under the heading of "STRATEGY - RESOURCES." Another way I have something in common with Hillary Clinton: we both like to read things that are printed out. Started it to bring some "fact sheets" with me to guest on a friend's podcast, but he caught the flu and had to reschedule.

SHEESH, Blue_true, I've only been at that for about a week - and I'm already snowed under!

Either way you slice it, it's still most definitely "We-Send-More-Than-We-Get-Back" for us here in California. That whole Calexit thing is starting to grow on me. We sure can use that money HERE. The rains lately have helped stave off the drought, but fucked up our roads, and there's also the dam and spillway up in Oroville. WE can use that money HERE.


Proud monthly donor here.

A friend of mine tried to insist that on me.

Remember that phrase-that-pays from ol' Nancy Reagan: "just say NO!" And that's exactly what I did.

FUCK 'em. Whose side are they on? I'm tired of being told I have to be so understanding and sympathetic to these assholes - who absolutely ARE deplorables and have earned every letter of that word. Do they ever make like they're going to return the favor and try to understand and sympathize with our side? We all know the answer to that one.

One's allegiance to, or support of trump tells me everything I need to know about these folks. And none of it is good.

Yes. We do. We're what's called a "donor state."

That's the name given to states that send more tax money to the federal government than they get back in services and federal funding. For California, the last figure I heard was - 78 cents. As in: for every DOLLAR California sends to the US Treasury (i.e.: IRS), we only get 78 cents back.

What a GREAT point, logosoco!

"In this age of information, ignorance is a choice."

I bet every one of those deplorables has a cell phone (and YES. I think they've very much indeed earned that name - BECAUSE they willfully ignore reality and truth. I bet every one of them has a computer. And a TV. And a radio. Which they deliberately tune to shitshows like Pox Noise and limbaugh-and-clones on hate radio. There ARE other choices. I bet they're much more likely to watch Alex Jones than Rachel Maddow. Nobody is holding a gun to their heads and forcing them to consume that shit, much less forcing them to believe any of it.

They willfully ignore what this country was and is meant to be about. I'm surprised they haven't headed out to where the Statue of Liberty is positioned - with pick axes and chisels and crowbars, to pry off the plaque from her pedestal. The one that reads "Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free..." Yeah. THAT one.

I just did, on mine.

Welcome to DU, Newcanuck.

That quote is more relevant now than ever before. In my lifetime as well.

It CAN happen here. We're watching it play out, live and in person, NOW.

Welcome to DU, Poplife.

You make a very good and very painful point.

Our dear President, Barack Obama, often tried to point out in his speeches and other remarks - "this is not who we are."

I noted that statement, and appreciated it. But as time went on, hearing those same words started to make me feel sad. Because, watching the teabagger contingent, the trumpsters, and others turned loose on their communities to act out in all kinds of embarrassing, angry, ill-informed (maybe that should be WILLFULLY IGNORANT AND PROUD OF IT) and mean-spirited ways, I've come to believe that - this actually IS who we are. This is what we've become. Too many of us have allowed those inner demons to come out in the open and dance in the streets. We used to suppress those inner demons. They used to be closeted. This used to be things you did NOT say in polite company, and you rightly were shamed for them (or ashamed to even entertain such thoughts). No more. Now, that shit is out 'n' proud, reinforced by outlets like Pox Noise and hate radio from coast to coast and rewarded by that "amen chorus" from Hell. Given respectability and a voice. And a seat at the table. Horrifyingly enough, they now enjoy the seat at the HEAD of the table.
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