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Member since: 2001
Number of posts: 36,740

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Welcome to DU, Basic LA!

Glad you're here! It's a very glad moment for our country, and comes at a very welcome moment after the fiasco that has redefined America as a rogue nation of torture apologists. May just start rehabilitating us in the eyes of the world.

Well - maybe a little...

And mine! And all his cigar-loving friends.

He smokes cigars (thankfully - outside!) and has often talked at length about the uniqueness of the Cuban soil that just happens to grow the finest tobacco leaves on the planet. When he's interested in something he usually starts studying it at great length and intensity. Not a smoker myself so I wouldn't know a good cigar from a bad one - except, to me, they all just smell stinky. But I DO LOVE all the cool cigar bands!

Welcome to DU, ArsSkeptica!

Glad you're here. It's just stunning - the heartlessness of this! What the hell is WRONG with people? And these are the same people who can always be counted on to do the loudest bellowing in the room about what faithful exemplary God-fearing "Christians" they are. I'm so sorry to hear this ridiculous convolution of logic and compassion that you're forced to deal with, madamesilverspurs. This is NOT how it's supposed to be.


Damn. My kids loved those books.

We had so much fun reading them aloud.

Rest in Peace, Norman Bridwell. And many many thanks.

Didn't read it.


And it was truly YUMMY!!!!

I'm getting in line for that one!

"He's a skid mark on the underwear of democracy."


DANG, iscooterliberally, outta the ballpark with that one!!!!

Thank you! That is all.

He even forgot his little water bottle this time!

GREAT one indeed!

I'm so pleased to see this Cuba news. Dammit, it's about time.

And a strong, brilliant, warm, creative, compassionate, hot-looking wife!

For all the abuse that man takes, I'm glad he's got Michelle to come home to at night.

He's doing VERY well! And I'm VERY pleased. Proud of him! Pleasantly surprised, for sure!

I'm seriously impressed with what he did today. Never thought I'd see this - expected the U.S. to just keep on dicking around on this issue. Ironic as hell that everybody who's whining and blowing about the thaw toward Cuba and the blah-blah-blah about "human rights abuses" there and all that - um, weren't they the same weasels making all kinds of lofty-sounding excuses for our torturing people? Who are we to talk?

AND he maneuvered shrewdly enough to get a boatload of new judges approved, too.

AND - if that's not enough - there's STILL more. His Pompous Arrogance ted cruz gets to go home with goat shit all over his face.

Isn't that GREAT?!?!?!?!!

LOVE it, LOVE it, LOVE it! I'm very proud of my President and I'm actually feeling a little bit more invigorated! Maybe the next two years won't be so bad for our side after all. I'm liking this. I'm REALLY liking this!

I'm beginning to think Barack Obama will wind up being one of the top five all-time greatest Presidents ever. Right up there with FDR, Lincoln, and Truman. He's done some pretty impressive and ballsy stuff since the November nightmare. Not sure who else would be in the top five, but I'm tempted to say Bill Clinton just because it'll piss off the haters some more! ronald reagan will be noticeable in his absence - from MY list anyway. He shares the bottom slot with george w. War Criminal.
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