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Member since: 2001
Number of posts: 40,364

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Hear hear!

With all due respect, without the Bernie supporters, it would be a lot more peaceable here.

And people wouldn't be leaving for less combative havens.

But, I do know people who just cannot hold their shit in, and have to find a bathroom - ANY bathroom - IMMEDIATELY. Guess you couldn't hold it til you got to the Bernie group?




PROUD and THRILLED to support her.

There's always gonna be somebody who just simply MUST pee in the pickle barrel.

Same here, my friend.

It's an honor for sure.

THIS rules!

Wonderful post, BainsBane!

Just wonderful!

Hello, ProudToBeLiberal!

Glad you're here in the Hillary Group! Wade on in - the water's fine! Let us work together on helping her go all the way to the Oval Office!


Couldn't agree more, with the deepest regret.

It is terribly sad, blue neen. I found my way here in early 2001. DU got me through bush/cheney. It got me through the first days after my mom died. I miss the way it was. People were a lot more civil to each other and there was an overriding sense that we were all in this together. Now - it's deteriorated so badly that I no longer feel at home here.

SUPERB rant, as usual, Nance. Needs to be said, read, and spread.

Yes! Positive Vibes Day!

May there be good feelings all around!


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