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Member since: 2001
Number of posts: 36,244

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No kidding!!!!

And don't anybody forget it!!!

You ROCK, sir!

All our best from California!

Oh I want that SOOOOOO Bad!!!

I would love to see him properly punished for his shitty selfish obstructive SORE LOSERMAN behavior. Man - how big a three-year-old IS he, anyway? I didn't get MY way! So I'm gonna CRAP ALL OVER YOU!!!!! Wonder if these assholes are the same kind of gray-haired virtual juvenile delinquents dick cheney was talking about when he declared after Selection 2000 that "the adults are back in charge." Adults My Ass. I've never seen bigger, more childish - no - INFANTILE, spoiled-sport, snot-nosed examples of poor sportsmanship and sour grapes and sore losers in my life - than the modern-day GOP.

And Dear God there's sex in it, too!

And is nobody covering it?

MAN, if a Democrat was involved they'd be all over it every day around the clock - til Doomsday.

I confine my Sunday news show watching - to DU.

The rest of 'em are too busy dumping on President Obama all the time. Just fucking TIRESOME!!!!!!!!! I'm just DONE with it.

Aw, man - that again???

SOMEBODY clearly sent a blast-blog around or whatever they're called now - to instruct all these assholes how to respond when ANYTHING global warming comes up and confronts them. Notice how they're all saying the same thing in response - "I'm not a doctor..." or "I'm not a scientist..." And doesn't it follow then, if that is a given, then they should just simply S.T.F.U. about it?

It's just amazing the way all the little sheep in the GOP so dutifully follow the same script. You pull the same string in their necks, and you get the same cloned, xeroxed, prefabricated and prerecorded automated response. It's like they're all a bunch of obedient, well-programmed little robots. I half expect to see a key in their backs. I used to suspect there was one in the back of dan quayle - in the wooden way he moved and gestured at the podium, and cocked and/or moved his head in various deliberate and robotic ways. There was all kinds of body language like that from him. You could almost hear the gears grind every time any part of him moved. I always wondered who was in charge of the wind-up key.

Aw man...

And I'm fully expecting DEBBIE to go dancing along like nothing's wrong, and we've got 'em in the bag and there's no reason to reach out to 'em cuz they'll always be stuck voting Dem. She'll ignore the rising tide the way the anti-science dickheads are ignoring global warming - until she and the DNC wake up someday and realize the water's up to their hips.


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Welcome to DU, sgtbenobo!

Glad you're here! Dear lindsey graham strikes me as little more than john mccain's shadow or squire or gofer or some such thing. And with about the personality heft of a shadow, too. Like john and his little pet pooch. Anybody who takes lindsey graham at all serious as presidential material seriously needs his or her head examined.

Man... we need all the oppositional research we can get!

I really want to start connecting the dots with these fringe and extremist groups as generally repulsive as the Nazis - and whatever can connect all the way to the GOP and its leading "lights." I'd love to see it just get so ugly around them that most of America starts to shy away. Make 'em stink so bad even the teabaggers don't want to be associated with 'em.
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