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Member since: 2001
Number of posts: 38,940

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LOVE these, SCE!

I needed this today!

LOVED her!

Stiller and Meara. I loved them on the "Ed Sullivan Show"! They were so cool!

Rest in peace, dear lady! You put smiles on millions of faces!


What a BRILLIANT letter.

Required reading!


Damn right!!! That's all I can say.

It doesn't matter what anybody else thinks, in the first place! It's nobody's damn business, and it's certainly not for them to judge.

Indeed. I bet we'll be seeing it again!

I've kept a copy, too! I know when I'M gonna haul that one out!

Tastes delicious!!!

Much love to you Nance Greggs. We miss him, too.

Thinking about you. I'll be doing that all weekend.

What???????? JeffR? We've lost JeffR?????


I'm just finding this out now. BUMMED!



Fly with the angels, JeffR.

THIS ^^^^^^^^^^

You said it all, WHEN CRABS ROAR. You said it all. We human animals have it, too, although it's been long suppressed.

Such a CAT!

Shoot! I've seen that same behavior from all our cats - the long stretching of the forearms and clawing and gripping at the carpet or the scratching pad. The rolling over and scratching their backs on the grass or, as indoor cats, the carpet or throw rug or cat mat. Or digging their noses in, upside down, as though to scratch their noses or snouts. I've seen our dog do that, too.

A happy ending for sure!
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