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Welcome to DU, FuzzyRabbit!

Glad you're here! Great story. I remember when Daniel Schorr was a correspondent you saw on the "CBS Evening News" all the time. That was when it was okay for the gents to be older and look a little rumpled. Nobody was blow-drying their coifs or spending much time in the makeup chair back then. Not even the men.

Anybody remember the "new" fad in TV news during the 70s? The "happy talk" anchor team? They'd try to seem friendlier and more accessible, the transitions between anchors (usually male and female) were more easy-breezy, and it was no longer an event when an anchor(man) cracked up or laughed out loud about something on the air. Now it's commonplace. Almost gossipy. And "gossip" has developed into a King-Kong-Meets-Godzilla with an entire universe of its own.

Fair enough.

But I stand by my opinion. I don't want war toys on our city streets. It's just flatly inappropriate. I have been around enough kids to know that if you give them an exotic new toy, they're going to want to play with it. And they'll find any excuse to do so. In addition to that, the overkill - he wasn't the only officer so outfitted or equipped. I can only imagine facing a whole wall of them! And yes, it would be intimidating as all-get-out. I wish all I thought they were - was "exceedingly silly."

The sad thing here is - ordinarily, I do not fear the police. Why should I? This is America. I have two things in my favor - well, three these days. 1) I'm white. 2) I'm female. And 3) I'm now - um - older. I doubt anybody would feel threatened by looking at me. But seeing the police arrayed as that officer was - fills me with terror and dread. How easy would it be, with all that added and outlandish and over-the-top, militarized or military-issued - excuse me but I AM repeating it: "Heavy Artillery" - to inflame a situation out of control? One single plastic water bottle flying through the air the other night and a totally peaceful assembly went straight to hell.

I think those extremes are totally unwarranted. PARTICULARLY when you stir them into a cocktail of general and widespread distrust, a climate of "stand your ground" that has produced VERY bad results involving other white-versus-black confrontations in other communities (it adds up. It's cumulative. And it tends to be taken as a very distressing trend), continuing and exacerbated racial tensions, a local majority-white constabulary with a poor track record for dealing with a majority-African American community, local and state government as well as law enforcement that does not look like the community it is honor-bound to serve, and the fatal shooting of an unarmed black teen. I think it's just asking for trouble. I think it's looking for, and even planning on, trouble. In effect, there's mutual distrust. Going to and coming from both directions.

And I won't take offense despite two attempts above to delicately flirt with same.

They sure like to smile for their mugshot photos in Texas, don't they?

tom delay - same thing. Look like you're proud of it, pal! Then when it's broadcast far and wide, there you are, smiling as though you were posing with Santa Claus at the local department store during Christmas season...

But don't look guilty! Don't look ashamed. Don't show weakness...

Great point, 99th_Monkey. When Walter Cronkite reached critical mass on the Vietnam War,

and turned against it, that was the coup de grace for Dinner-Hour-News-Watching-America. I believe there was an anecdote about LBJ lamenting the loss of Walter Cronkite as some sort of ally, because he felt that's what soured much of America against the war.

That was back in the day when a prime time network news anchor's nickname was "The Most Trusted Man in America." Know ANY mainstream news anchors, nowadays, who could justly say they've earned such a nickname?

I used to be proud of my former profession, as a news anchor/reporter myself. Now, not so much. Now, some of 'em don't even know their third-grade grammar basics anymore. I heard one network-level reporter saying that some people or efforts or some such plural "have went." "Have WENT"????? AAAARRRRGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHH!!!!!! And THAT gets to rise to network-level cable/television?

Dear God.

No wonder America is so ill-informed anymore.

Rapidly becoming my favorite commentator, His Rudeness is.


A really gripping read! Thanks so much for posting this, big tree!


Like the way you put that, TeeYiYi!

We are indeed all human beings in skin sacks. If you ripped us open, it'd all look the same, and be the same colors. Same bone colors. Same organ colors. Same heart color. Same lung colors. Same intestine colors. And certainly same blood color.

Aw, dear ProfessorGAC, all our sympathies!

I'm so sorry. Damn. So sorry to hear this.

Hugging you.

Fair enough!

Wherever she wants to write her own ticket, I hope she gets there! Makes me think of the Maya Angelou mantra - "I RISE!"
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