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Welcome to DU, izzybella!

I wonder about that, myself. Could she sue? This could well be argued as slander - it's spoken. As opposed to libel which is written. (Simplified definitions.) But then again, she's a public figure and I don't know all the dynamics involved. I was about to say I thought maybe because she's a public figure she can't sue, but I remember when Carol Burnett sued the National Enquirer and won a ton. And Gawker just went under because they were sued over a Hulk Hogan video they ran with.

MAN you can say that again, my friend.

I wasn't there when she died, but I got to the hospital a few minutes later. However, she was pretty much gone several days before, when she took quite a radical turn for the worse. We all knew it was just a matter of time, so I can remember feeling more of a sense of relief, and release, that night, right after it happened. It had been a very long and miserable downward spiral for her.

I will say it was a jolt to walk down the long hall of the hospital ward til I reached her room, and the door was closed. Every other door all the way up and down the hall was always open so the nurses could come in and out. Hers too, at least til that night. That alone gave it a real sense of finality.

My deepest sympathy to John Fugelsang and his family.

Oh totally! I have a dog myself and we would never hit her.

We like positive reinforcement of the good behavior rather than the punishing of the bad. It works a lot better and saves a TON of grief.

And it's just plain nicer, anyway. That's how we did it with our kids, too. Encourage, reward, reinforce the GOOD behavior rather than punishing the bad. It just spawns more negativity to opt for the punishment option.

I wouldn't weep if Andrea Mitchell suddenly were fired, demoted, or retired.

We could survive nicely without her and her deep-down and sometimes not so subtle Hillary hatred.

Welcome to DU, Old Terp!

Joy Reid has been impressive since she first started, but she has become demonstrably better since she's reemerged at MSNBC with a show on weekends and weekday fill-in duty. She's REALLY good now. She tolerates NO bullshit or rudeness or blabber-mouthing.

She's WUNNNNNderful!

And I notice a small number of other MSNBC hosts taking a page from her - and NOT letting the assholes come on and filibuster and talk over and avoid the question and start changing the subject and dodging and diverting and distracting and just generally being rude. She steps all over them and makes them stop in one way or other. INSTANT behavior modification. INSTANT correction of bad behavior. INSTANT. Which is how it should be.

Btw - as to your question about whether there's a school for this shit (the CON misbehavior, that is), yeah, there is.

Most of the knuckle-dragger "think tanks" and foundations and institutes out there on the far wrong do indeed try to find young, up 'n' coming and of course, ambitious prospects to grow, nurture, and groom to go on the air or build big-time bylines or other positions of media prominence.

But more specifically, there IS one in particular, that's an entity all in and of itself, not just as a department of the American Enterprise Institute or Americans for Tax Fairness or the Heritage Foundation or whatever highfalutin crap name they come up with to disguise their evil intent. It's called the Collegiate Network:

"Graduates of Collegiate Network newspapers have become professional journalists, including the editor of National Review Rich Lowry, CNN and ABC News correspondent Jonathan Karl, New York Times columnist Ross Douthat, and author Dinesh D'Souza." !!!!!!!!!!!!!


I read about it long ago. It shits out all kinds of new spawn that attempt and sometimes succeed in getting hired at big time media outlets AND BRINGING THEIR CON AGENDA INTO THEIR JOBS WITH THEM.

I read somewhere that this little blonde cutesy-poo on the Food Network, Melissa D'Arabian, is also a graduate of the Collegiate Network.


Well, fuck it, sheshe. I care!


Glad you posted this! It's going to become more and more urgent as time passes. And I don't know how much time we realistically have left. There are those who believe the critical mass point has already been reached.

I see it as I walk my dog in various parts of West L.A. I don't see nearly as many bees as I used to. Apricot tree down the street hasn't fruited in about three years. We never used to have humidity here. Now, we do (although not right this minute - drought dontchaknow). But dammit, people, I see trash and litter and cigarette butts and wrappers and Starbucks cups and lids and water bottles and such - strewn along the gutters. All that crap washes into the ocean and fouls our nest, and feeds the Pacific Trash Gyre. And all that plastic shit winds up in the stomachs of fish and sea birds and other creatures. I read awhile ago that within a few years - I think they said by 2020 - one out of EVERY FOUR fish caught for human consumption will be found to have plastic shit in their stomachs when they're cut open. Just fabulous, 'eh?

What the Fucking HELL are we doing to our beautiful Earth?????

And Thank God he's so forward-thinking and far-sighted that he'd take this step!

Just another reason why we need rather desperately to keep the CONS OUT of the White House. Preferably in perpetuity, but I realize that might be a little bit too much to hope for.

He's doing pretty well so far (written at 45-minutes in).

He DID come back after that Katie Packer "Never Trump" woman who kept saying "Democrat mayor, Democrat governor," and Democrat this and Democrat that, and he didn't say anything while she was on. (Which I think is a mistake.)

But in the next segment he came back on and actually made a small point about it.

Unfortunately, I think the thing he and the others on the air there need to start correcting that deliberate misstatement AS IT HAPPENS. NOT in the next segment after the offender who made the misstatements is gone. You stop it right then and right there. Just the same as you correct a disobedient dog. Right then and right there. While it's fresh and current. You don't wait til sometime later on, when the dog that misbehaved won't be able to associate wrongdoing with correction-for-wrongdoing.

For a second I thought he was one of the Comic Relief writer/producers, Bob Zmuda!


His photo is in there and he's clean-shaven with hair pulled back in a pony tail. But just imagine him with a beard and long hair - which he used to have once-upon-a-time. He was a big, hairy, bearded, long-haired wooly guy.
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