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Dang! I remember those, too!

They were start-laughing-til-you-start-snorting funny! I always enjoyed the monologue, too. Remember how that came to be taken more and more seriously because every night, because it was kind of a whimsical wrap-up of the day's events? When one was mentioned in Johnny Carson's monologue, one could safely assume one was now on the national radar screen, pop culture or otherwise. And one nod from him would launch a comedian into the stratosphere. He was THE man in those days. If you made enough of an impression in your debut appearance that he would invite you over to sit down with him, you were MADE. When I worked at NBC Burbank, he was spoken of almost with hushed tones. "Mr. Carson." Who was widely-recognized all over the compound as singlehandedly generating 25% of the network's entire year's revenue. His "Tonight" show - alone - propped up the whole damn network! He had a prime parking space by the ramp and steps heading directly into the building where the "Tonight" show soundstage was located. There was a sign in front of it that had a big black star on it. And when his Delorean was parked there, EVERYONE steered clear of it. Nobody ever stopped and ogled. And certainly NO ONE dared to touch it.

Yeah, come to think of it, I think I read that, too.

It was a LANDMARK moment in comedy. I swear - that clip ran in EVERY anniversary show. People looked forward to it and evidently they wrote in about it, too. It was always one of those "back by popular demand..." things. No anniversary show was complete without it. That, and clips like when Dean Martin and George Gobel and, I think, Bob Hope. The one where, every time Gobel leaned in at Carson's desk (cuz he was in the chair next to the desk, where every big name or the newest guest always sits. Everybody else moves down onto the couch with Ed McMahon), while holding his coffee cup or drink cup I think it was, Dean Martin would ash his cigar into it. Because Gobel would have looked away - leaning in the opposite direction toward Johnny Carson there behind the desk, instead. Always got big laughs, year after year. I think that might have been the clip in which Gobel drops the random one-liner "did you ever feel like the whole world was a tuxedo and you were a pair of brown shoes?"

When I was a kid, I looked forward to those anniversary shows. I couldn't wait to see the Ed Ames clip again - 'cuz that's the only time they'd play it.

Ahh... good times.

Oh yeah - on edit, congrats, sweet kpete, for posting past the 44K mark! Impressive! We need sharp eyes like yours - and a whole lot of 'em!

"If there had been no ronald reagan, would the USA have had to invent him?"

I dunno. Probably. This was a gift straight from Satan's bowels. The CON-wing prayed for something like him. A spokesman/salesman who could effectively sell their putrid, anti-social, anti-Christian gospel of greed and gluttony and selfishness. They didn't have much of that before reagan. Then, reagan arrived on the scene in California after the ground had been left fertile and plowed and ready to accept the seed-planting of the Joys of the Mercenary Class. And he silver-tongued and sweet-talked the message straight into people's lizard brains. All that's left, after the damage he did and the destruction he begat and led and inspired, is a sense of nearly-futile and half-hearted relief that we won't see someone like him again. His kind of impactful figure happens once in a generation, or maybe once in a lifetime. And it'll probably TAKE a lifetime, or a generation or more, to reverse the horrors he set in motion. Particularly when I don't see ANYBODY but a small handful onstage now who can champion the opposite message to roll back the reagan disaster. People like Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders - and that's only two. There AREN'T all that many more.

Welcome to DU, belzabubba333!

Glad you're here! I'm old enough to remember Ed Ames, whose clip from his appearance on Johnny Carson's "Tonight" show that you see in this thread too. Despite his career as an actor (on TV's "Daniel Boone") or popular singer (he had a hit or two back in the day), he will ALWAYS be remembered for THIS.

WKRP was a great one, too. For those of us in rock radio, it really rang a bell. God bless Les Nessman! AND the Band-aid that was always on his face, too!

Yep. Exactly. That's certainly how it went down as I remember it. It was agonizing!!!

The big brakes - applied straight from the top. reagan diddled and fiddled while afflicted victims and sufferers farther down the food chain burned. It was another demonstration of the politics of "The OTHER." It's THEM what has this. Not nice (read: white) people like us! Who gives a rat's ass. It isn't coming into OUR neighborhood. Why the hell should WE care?

And then, indeed, "OTHERS" started getting it. This nice white lady who was married to a successful actor (Paul Michael Glaser), Elizabeth Glaser, got it from a blood transfusion during a difficult birthing. She sickened and died, but not before trying to help some Americans start to wake up about the threat if HIV. There was also this nice little white Midwestern boy named Ryan White (ironic surname!). Innocent as can be and not even old enough to start pointing toward his sexual orientation yet (or making insinuations about it). Got it from a blood transfusion.

VERRRRRRRY S-L-O-W-L-Y, America started to wake up and come around. And then reagan and his little coven couldn't avoid it anymore. FINALLY, in the last months of his reign of terror, he FINALLY started coming around. But so much precious time had been lost. reagan was the very embodiment of the argument we hear now from the CDC and NIH - that if they hadn't been hit by such relentless, voracious, and short-sighted budget cuts - FOR A WHOLE DAMN DECADE - they might actually have been able to work up some sort of vaccine in that time, with time for clinical trials, even! reagan was the very embodiment of this. In effect, he was a "patient zero" of that HORRIBLE and utterly SINFUL willful neglect. It was WILLFUL neglect because it was considered a gay disease, and they brought it on themselves with their sinful sexual behavior and blah-blah-blah... and the blacks. Yeah. Them TOO! Aberrant behavior. Explains it away nice 'n' clean and short 'n' sweet so it can fit on a bumper sticker and the ill-informed and dumbed-down can absorb and embrace the simplified and sanitized concept much more easily.

Just one more reason why I STILL hate ronald reagan. And I still love riffing off of the late great Bette Davis, who uttered that memorable quote about the passing of her enemy, Joan Crawford. "One should never say bad things about the dead, one should only say good. Joan Crawford is dead. Good." Substitute Joan Crawford's name for ronald reagan's, and you have my sentiments in their most accurate representation. The only good thing about ronald reagan is that he's dead. And his cockeyed policies and slickie-boy Madison Avenue ways of promoting and selling them - can't hurt anybody anymore. It's harder for his remaining acolytes to further his message when their "great leader" and figurehead is no longer there catapulting the propaganda for them with his slick, photogenic, "adorable" and winsome, falsely-harmless, "aw-shucks" nice-old-dude schtick. They don't have another like him who can sell it like that anymore. They sure wish they did, but their Salesman #1 is GONE. He could spoon feed you rat poison and you'd like it and ask for more because he could make it SOUND SOOOOOOOO good, and SOOOOOO wonderful and SOOOOOOOOO red-white-&-blue all-American win-one-for-the-ol'-Gipper super-patriotic good. Nobody can do that anymore the way he did. All they've got now is also-rans and wannabes who just can't do it the way he did, and just don't have it the way he did. And for that I thank Almighty God, every day!!!!

Well, it's probably a point of pride by now. He CAN'T go back now. He CAN'T change his schtick.

That would be admitting that his critics on the left were correct. And DEAR GOD IN HEAVEN he CAN'T do that!!! He's saving face at this point, and trying desperately hard to justify his way of doing things. I'm sure, with the ratings evidently NOT improving now, on HIS watch, he's very painfully aware of what's ahead. He knows his neck is probably on the block. Unfortunately, with his attitude and his "journalistic" (I put that in quotes, and use that word advisedly when applied to a chuck todd type) world view, he does not have the tools OR the motivation to change anything. He is probably dug in. Probably reasons that it's THIS particular schtick of his that got him this far, so why change now? Besides, this dude strikes me as a glaring red-white-&-blue "blame the OTHER guy" type of guy. He CAN'T abandon that and save face. He can't bring himself to change his attitude, especially after betting the house on his own cockeyed theory of "journalism" that's filed under the heading of "it's not MY job!" Because to abandon THAT would be to tell the whole world including his critics (whom he desperately wants to prove are wrong) that HE HIMSELF was wrong. That HE got it wrong. That HE botched it. That HE is doing the job WRONG. That his whole mentality that he brings to his "work" is WRONG. He can't admit that.

We are surrounded by people who don't DARE admit they were wrong. They just don't DARE. They CAN'T. Can't afford to. What would their friends say? What would the neighbors think? What would the all-important Pox Noise contingent think? Their egos and everything they've sunk into their own CON worldview and their CON agenda won't let them. They CAN'T admit they were wrong. Because then they'd have to admit that their entire agenda and worldview is also wrong. They CAN'T go there. They can't face the truth. Just being around the science deniers and "no such thing as global warming" gang and "humans didn't do it" crowd oughta tell you that.

Welcome to DU, Ykcutnek!

Glad you're here! I may be slow with this - I'm still staggering around trying to regain my equilibrium after attempting to read through that transcript. Trying to make sense of that word stew of his just made my eyes cross! DAYUM - the guy can't speak extemporaneously to save his life! The disjointed half-sentences, the hesitations, the back-circling, SHEESH!!! I feel like I need to go out into the fresh air and shake it off for a moment before coming back inside to try to fight my way through the muck.

I just think they all oughta be glad calimary is NOT the new president of NBC News. He'd be my first firing. Followed by the whole booking staff on that show. HOUSECLEANING DESPERATELY NEEDED. Draining the swamp in that department is an essential. An emergency essential! If they don't do something to salvage the ratings, "Meet the Press" will soon no longer be considered worth saving. They're gonna have to do something semi-drastic to grab and scintillate public opinion. And rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic isn't the way. YET ANOTHER CON-leaning host. YET ANOTHER panel stocked to the ceiling with CONS and GOPs and RNCs and GOP-sympathizing columnists, pundits, and other assorted talking heads. Yeah? That old shit - AGAIN? Oh, you add in a couple of new names. I see! Never mind that they're more of the same. Bring in a big name - AHA! Hey, we could probably get ANYBODY who's genuinely intriguing and appealing - but we went with, guess what? ANOTHER CON!!! Cue joe scarborough. Oh WOW that'll give us a level playing field!!!

And that, when they couldn't lure Jon Stewart in, they didn't try something with someone else along those lines. Maybe get a Jon Stewart-like individual? Maybe try to woo Bill Maher? What about Stephanie Miller? REALLY shake things up - bring in a woman as well as somebody with a different kind of credibility - a straight-up satirist! I still like Rachel Maddow, too. I STILL think the way to go if you're ONLY going to promote to MTP from within - move Maddow in as host. Make her work-week a Sunday-through-Thursday week. Fridays off, the same as Lawrence O'Donnell has. But then take what would then become an open two-hour block of Maddow's and O'Donnell's - and turn the whole thing over to John Fugelsang and turn him loose. To create something completely new and different. Not just the same damn thing AGAIN with merely a superficial change of suit and facial hair. To get out AHEAD of it and show some leadership and some cutting-edge thinking for a change. Maybe if they want to get more young people tuning in, they have to start approaching this whole business completely differently. WHAT ON EARTH Is different from the pack - merely with a chuck todd in the host chair instead of a david gregory. STILL with the same basic programming strategy that will STILL appeal only to the same shrinking CON-leaning audience. HOW IS THAT NEW AND DIFFERENT AND CUTTING-EDGE? HOW IS THAT ANY DIFFERENT? Isn't that just more of the same? Isn't it just another example of manifesting insanity - doing the same thing again (and again) but expecting a different result?

SHEESH!!!!!!!!! When will NBC get it? The emperor STILL is out marching around in public, stark naked. Doesn't matter that they directed him to march in a new marching style, or redesigned his crown or his goatee, or had him lose some weight. He's still out there sashaying around in public, naked as a jaybird!

Oh dear God...

He hasn't paid anywhere NEAR the dues one needs to pay to land a slot like host of "Meet the Press." NOWHERE NEAR READY!!!!!!

Aw, damn. So sorry to hear this.

YES it's okay to let us know about guitar man's passing. One is always a DUer, somewhere down deep. Our hearts are with his family and his spirit.

Neither can I!!! Hmmm... Who'll be the smug one then, chuckie-boy?

If this trend isn't reversed BUT FAST, he's sunk. Because they can't follow one ratings disaster with a second ratings disaster and let it ride like that. In hopes that it'll somehow magically turn around. Yep, do much the same kind of thing, over and over again, but expect a different result.

I'm counting the days. And I will relish it when it comes - and it's probably inevitable. I don't see how this arrogant putz salvages such a mess. Plus, you don't often get a long, generous run over many months or years to try to turn things around as far as what may be an unstoppable downward trend. He's evidently bringing in worse ratings than david gregory's. That's NOT why they yanked david gregory and made the change - to get a result like THAT!!!
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