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Paul Krugman speaks for me, too.

He did, back during bush/cheney, as well.

Welcome to DU, Luka Boyd!

Now that's an interesting argument. If he's so legit, let's see if he wins a do-over.

Too bad it won't work that way. It should. But that's just me.

I keep thinking about the woman who insulted Michelle Obama as an "ape in heels."

Same woman thinks that NOW we're about to have class and dignity back, in the form of the incoming First Floozy. First "First Lady" we've seen naked...

And yeah, I've got the blues pretty big time. Planning to be VERY VERY busy all day, away from the news (hello, Food Network, providing the noise from the other room while I'm crafting!), and my kid's band has a local gig that same night. So I won't hear or see any of the coverage that day. Probably will miss it the next day, too, since that's the L.A. march. Then, there's a Democratic group hosting several elected officials including Ted Lieu, the increasingly righteous Congress rep for my district, who I've certainly liked but am now getting to LOVE! I plan to thank him for boycotting the "Ignorguration".

I was driving home from an errand, and found myself sitting at a stop light, slack-jawed, shaking my head. I Cannot Fucking Believe that donald fucking trump is actually going to be the fucking president. CANNOT FUCKING BELIEVE IT.

This whole thread should win a DUzy!


I noticed a lot of her stuff is of the "knockoff" variety - a cheaper version of some haute couture item, changed ever so slightly to avoid accusations of outright plagiarism.

There was a side-by-side comparison I once saw of a pair of high-heeled sandals that were almost-but-not-quite identical to a really high-end pair, but the tassels on the end of the ankle laces was ever-so-slightly smaller than on the pricey pair. As I recall, it was a magazine feature on "how to get the haute couture look for less".

Link is here:


But the Raw Story item about the betting on IMPEACHMENT is sweet!

Something particularly gratifying to see in the article's title.

"GOPer Who Vowed To Stand up To Trump Flees Constituents At Community Event"

The money word here is "Flees." You read the body of the story and the action described doesn't quite lead to "he flees the constituents." He did exit stage right before the event was over. Too bad it wasn't 36 minutes prematurely rather than a mere six minutes.

Nevertheless, using a vivid verb - that lends more meaning, suggests or infers more meaning, can really steer someone's thinking. Saying somebody left six minutes early, and saying somebody was fleeing constituents asking too many questions - they both may be true. But the "somebody was fleeing..." definitely paints a clearer pictures. Points you in a deliberate direction. Invites you to think of it in a more derogatory and unflattering way than merely to say "somebody left six minutes early." You can really manipulate perception that way.

I used to notice, for example, that if you said "President So-n-so says blah-blah-blah...", that has subtly but decisively different meaning than to say "President So-n-so claims blah-blah-blah..." The word choice of "claims" puts a whole different tinge on things. One way of stating something can be harmless and straightforward. Another way can be subliminal and manipulative - directing your thinking and the impressions made on you in a very calculated way. Depending on strategic word choices. You can cast doubt by saying "President So-n-so claims...", lending just a flicker of a negative light, whereas "President So-n-so says... " sounds a lot more declarative, more definitive, with far less doubt. You can manage perception that way. Perception management. It's KEY. And that's why our Dems HAVE TO-HAVE TO-HAVE TO get the messaging right, stronger, clearer, more clever (so it sticks in the mind), and more powerful.

Word choices are sooooooooooo key. I swear, sometimes it feels speaking in code. Frank Luntz understands this. kkkarl rove understands this. I think that bastard Steve Bannon and his pals understand this. Alex Jones understands this. Roger Ailes understands this. Brent Bozell understands this. Ralph Reed understands this. Drudge and limbaugh do, too, and Andrew Breitbart did. A whole bunch of those manipulative, calculating, sneaky-ass bastards on that side of the aisle understand this. Or they've learned it through the careful tactical tutelage of some CON think tank. Sure wish WE had that.

I am very encouraged that the Indivisible Guide is out. It's a VERY good beginning.


Unfortunately, the bad guys have had the benefit of decades of head start, though. Ever since the Powell Memo back in the early 70s, a blueprint for conservatives and business and the US Chamber of Commerce - on how to thwart the anti-establishment "60s" mindset that let the heathens and "dirty hippies" in and allowed them to overrun the national psyche. Took 'em decades, but they overran the burgeoning left and took over - as we now see manifested across the country, in most of the power positions locally, statewide, regionally, and nationally.


But knowledge is power. I'm gratified as all-get-out that President Obama and former Attorney General Holder have made this a top priority, once our president leaves office. And not a moment too soon. We HAVE TO be on our toes.


And thought-provoking. They come up with some great ones.

"Build that wall!" Around THEM.

Let them start feeling those walls closing in on them. Let them feel the sweat under their collar and abject FEAR at the thought of the upcoming midterms.

May they spend every morning of this next Congressional term - reaching for the Maalox bottle on their nightstand, immediately upon awakening. I wish them LOTS and LOTS of Tums for the tummy. And Alka Seltzer. And Pepto Bismol. And some handy Imodium, too, for good measure! (Both sides! Both sides! )

Let the discomfort begin.

I just thought of another one: "First Floozy."

As I've already read in multiple places: she's the first "First Lady" we've seen naked. And it wasn't inadvertent, either, like the side boob long-distance shots the Enquirer runs of Kate Middleton in a mis-aligned bikini. She posed naked. Willingly. And got paid to do it. Modeling jobs dontchaknow.
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