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Just desserts. And they hadn't even gotten to the food service part yet, either!

That may have to be my favorite! Doctors' Strike!!!

And btw, Love To You, SCE!!! Always!!!

Excellent list, Lithos!

Might also consider McCartney - Beatles to Wings to Solo. Granted, Wings was NOT a bigger band than the Beatles, but a famous band nonetheless. Who could possibly top having been in the Beatles? McCartney would fall into the band-to-band category.

Same thing for John Lennon. Band-to-band. Beatles to Plastic Ono Band.

As would Robbie Robertson and the guys. From Dylan's backup band to The Band in their own right.

There's also the Traveling Wilburys:
George Harrison from the Beatles.
Jeff Lynne from ELO.
Tom Petty from himself and the Heartbreakers.
Dylan. Well, from Dylan.
Roy Orbison. Well, from Roy Orbison.

But definitely Timothy B. Schmidt. From Poco to the Eagles.

Those who eventually assembled Crosby Stills Nash and Young.

David Crosby from the Byrds.
Steve Stills from Buffalo Springfield.
Graham Nash from the Hollies.
Neil Young also from Buffalo Springfield.

Also, well, there was Buckingham Nicks (famous in college radio at least) - the two namesakes of which went on to Fleetwood Mac. (Lindsey Buckingham and Stevie Nicks).

Me too, Drunken Irishman.

Me too. Sick and tired of it. So if you're not happy with him, then the solution is - step up next to his haters and grab a rock and you all start throwing rocks at him together then. The enemy of your enemy is the President? Happy now?

Welcome to DU, NoRWNJ!

Glad you're here! This kind of development and adaptation to ongoing harassment, violations of privacy, and outright persecution (in some cases even stalking, threats, and assassination!) is inevitable. Women simply will NOT go back.

DAYUM, girlfriend.

That is an absolutely riveting photo essay. Pictures speaking hundreds of thousands of words. THANK YOU for this compilation! A true Think Piece, in every sense of the word.

I'll miss you, too, redqueen.

Maybe at some point you'll change your mind and check back in? Leaving a light on for you, just in case.

Well said, yourself, freshwest! It's amazing to ponder even wanting the job.

And it is illuminating to observe the different public strutters flattering themselves into thinking they're presidential material - and arrogant enough to expect millions more to agree. Seriously, sometimes I think anyone who wants to run for president would have to have the ol' noggin examined. Why would you want it? Heck, EVERYBODY's pissed at you all the time, including those ostensibly on your own side. It's the Ultimate Thankless Job.

I also like the way he stops and thinks about it. Puts a lot of thought and analysis into it.

Isn't the type who juste knee-jerkedly picks up the sword and starts waving it around, stirring things up. I like the cool, reasoned approach. I'd much rather keep the temperature on simmer (or below, even), rather than at a rolling boil.
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