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THIS ^^^^^^^

Fuck the Supreme Court, women's rights, social security, medicare, the Affordable Care Act - AND EVEN LGBT RIGHTS.

You think marriage equality is a done deal? Set in stone? Cast in bronze? Supreme Court has spoken and that is simply that?


I would warn my LGBT brothers and sisters - never mind what Rachel Maddow says. She's WRONG. DO NOT take this victory for granted and DO NOT let down your guard. Because it is NOT over. Any more than Roe v Wade was over when the Supreme Court okayed THAT. Lo these many years later, that supposedly "settled law" is now in tatters. If a CON gets into the White House a woman's right to choose will probably be killed off completely before the second term. You watch. Is it THAT worth it, to stay home and pout because good enough wasn't really good enough, and it had to be perfect and perfect didn't carry the day?

NONE of this is over. NONE of this that we've all fought so hard for and pushed for and advocated for and argued for and petitioned for and marched for and protested for and rallied for and emailed/called/texted/faxed for. As long as there's a very healthy and well-funded and well-backed opposition that doesn't like it and will NEVER go along with it, this is NOT OVER!!!! And LGBT activists and the rest of us on their side will have to fight this and stay vigilant and protect the ground that's been gained - for the rest of our lives. Because the enemy intends to do that til death do they part. And they think God is on THEIR side, because maybe maybe part of the Book of Leviticus is.

It's NOT over. And it won't EVER be over until the last of them dies out. And probably not even then, either. The opposition will never rest. So we can't afford to.

Welcome to DU, For Freddie!

Glad you're here! I'm currently kinda stuck on "The King's Speech." LOVE that movie, although "The Queen" was wonderful as well. I have been a fan of all that for a long time. A sucker for old fashioned, Old World pageantry, I suppose. Poor Prince Charles got a bad rap during the 80s and 90s through the whole marriage thing with Diana. He was always classy about it and kept a low profile, and just sucked it up and took it while she was out boo-hoo'ing in public all over the place.

And everybody took her side. I felt so bad for Charles. After all - it does take TWO to tango. And he was the one who really had to be the straight-laced figure, mindful of all the decorum and royal family crap. He was heir-apparent, so he wasn't the one who could have any fun or kick up his heels or get rowdy the way his younger brother Randy Andy could. He had to behave. MUCH more was expected of him, and he had to be the serious one.

Poor schmuck couldn't help it. Cursed by the lavish blessings and privilege of his birth. He was still stuck upholding all that tradition and obligation and the royal image that fell on him more than on anybody else because after his mother dies or retires, HE's IT. But as time went on, after Diana's death, I was happy to notice that people started to recognize that he'd assumed an even larger and more personal role in his sons' lives, and remained very present with them at all times. Eventually people began to see what a devoted father he was to Wills and Harry now that he was their sole surviving parent. They also slowly became aware that stuffy ol' Charles wasn't really such a bad bloke after all. That really made me happy.

And now he seems to be happy, too. He's with his first love. And nobody cares anymore! The people are fine with it now. His subjects eventually completed their mourning of Diana, and moved on from "all that," and kinda got over it. And THANK GOD they did! They got used to Camilla, who made a very careful and gradual step forward more publicly into his life, and soon enough, the people accepted her presence at his side. And Charles and Camilla finally got married. Like they probably should have done to begin with. They never stopped loving each other, even though she originally wasn't keen on life in the royal fishbowl. Besides, nobody much cares anymore. They're all 100% absorbed in the new "shiny objects" - Will and Kate, and their little boy and their brand new baby girl, and whoever it is Prince Harry might be misbehaving with, this week. Everything's kinda mellow now and settled back down. Which is how it should be.

It's a VERY fascinating evolution that appears to be happening.

I'm thinking back to all the various elections and campaigns, and ...

WHEN has it EVER been more about the issues than about the personalities? Not very often. If that were the case, Dennis Kucinich or some such idealist would have been President. I remember interviewing politicians who wanted to talk about the issues or SAID they wanted to talk about the issues. But it was always something a lot more superficial - and that "issue" did nothing but gain momentum.

For Pete's Sake, we had Occupy out there in the freezing cold all over the place. That was a HUGELY critical issue. Got nothing. Put almost TOTALLY on ignore. Michael Moore's films, for all their critically important focus on the issues - are still considered on-the-fringe. The anti-war movement - back during Vietnam, four students had to get shot and killed by itchy-trigger-finger National Guard troops before it got widespread attention. Back during the run-up to Iraq? The objections to THAT - got nothing. Even with masses of people. Put on ignore. I remember a weekend-long rally and march through the streets of Manhattan, against the Iraq War, the summer that the GOP CONvention was in town. The march went on for most of an entire day. Damn near took over the whole city. And NO coverage except on C-SPAN. Didn't even move the ol' proverbial meter. NOTHING.

It's only very lately that something like this has been able to catch on. AND get noticed.

YAY! Back atcha, hrmjustin!

And the new "sovereign state" will want the money you still owe for letting your cattle graze on

what will then be ITS land.

Well how 'bout that.

How 'bout that. It all falls down.

(With apologies) Another brick FROM the wall.

I had a two-minute, across-a-crowded-Kings-Road-boutique romance there.

Flirtatious dude with wavy sandy-blond hair behind the counter. Cutest thing I EVER saw! Still remember.

Adrian Forracker - wherever you are... (and I apologize for misspelling your last name!)

That's TERRIFIC, Coolest Ranger!

Congratulations! Science fiction? Sounds like you too will boldly go where no one has gone before! You're following your dreams!

NICE, roguevalley!

London feels like home to me, too. Visited there when I was in high school. I cried like a baby when we left. Couldn't stop. Didn't really know why. Just bawled! Never had that reaction about anywhere else I've visited.

Samuel Whittemore. Colonial Bad-Ass.

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