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Does that make me a wolf-ette? A wolf-erine? Whatever the case, it damn sure makes me somebody who wants to overturn Citizens United!!!

It wouldn't surprise me if they did more than that.

I have a suspicious mind when it comes to the GOP. They'll stop at nothing. They did their best to keep on stealing elections after bush v Gore, especially since that one actually worked. It wouldn't surprise me at all if we found out later on that the glitches in the rollout of the ACA last fall were bugs deliberately hacked into the system by GOP nogoodniks. Just remember - they VERY BADLY, VERY ARDENTLY, wanted this to fail. And they were determined to help that along, at whatever the cost, whatever it took. Why would they not try to sneak a few kinks into the programming? I'm sure they have a team of hackers busily trying to fuck with it even now.

I don't put ANYTHING past this bunch. They'll stop at nothing. Certainly no ethics or morals or truth-telling or conscience-bothering will get in the way. I think we have ample evidence of that.

#37 @ LA. Yep. The ratings are down at the bottom of the list.

They changed formats on what used to be KTLK with Stephanie Miller, Randi Rhodes, David Cruz, and folks like Bill Press in the overnights. For awhile they even had Mike Malloy on there - which was VERY exhilarating! But no - it had to be messed with, and vile turds like limbaugh, that-guy-whose-name-rhymes-with-Vanity, and other gas giants were slotted in and the whole branding of the station was changed to - - "The Patriot."

The station is STILL at the bottom of the list. As a matter of fact, in the latest ratings, the March Neilsens, they dropped another tenth of a point. I believe it was from .6 to .5 so they don't have much left to lose. Lots of blapping and flapping about how corralling all these wrong-wing hate-mongers together would finally up the ratings. Yeah, so much for THAT! Working like a charm! (NOT!!!) The top station on the list here in L.A. was a Top-40-type FM station with a 5.1 and even that was down several tenths. The limbaugh station is securely in the basement. Crappy signal to start with and now crappy programming to go with it. That's the only consolation - he used to be on a clear channel AM station - NOT the name of the megacorporation in this case but in signal strength. Nobody else on that frequency for hundreds and hundreds of miles. You could hear it at the very least from Santa Barbara to the Mexican border and at night - just about anywhere in the West. Now limbaugh and fiends are on a station you can't even hear in parts of Los Angeles.

Well, isn't that what they are?

Armed, extremely dangerous, and flaky as all-get-out.

danuh perino?

How 'bout just shortening it to "DUH" perino? Anybody remember when she went up to the podium to take questions and got stumped by the Bay of Pigs? Had no idea what that was. She later admitted that even her boyfriend at the time was chagrinned: "oh dana…" But she was spokesperson for duhbya, so the fact that she herself was such a dim bulb sorta made her fit in better, I suppose.

Damn straight!

Dammit - I've heard Democrats in speeches and writing in columns and blogs - "we've been too nice. We've been too polite." WELL, NO DUH!!!!!!!!! Ann Lewis said so. Donna Brazile said so. This was back during the early bush/cheney years. Heard it again and again to the point of nausea. Tell me something I don't know! But MAN - put them in the ring with ANY republi-CON and they curl up and melt and defer and back down and turn belly up all over the room.

Donna Brazile is the poorest and most miserable excuse for a political infighter that I have ever seen. WORTHLESS. She ran the Gore campaign with all the brass knuckles you'd expect to find in a piece of kleenex. No wonder the bad guys got close enough to steal it. NO WONDER!!! She frickin' got RUN OVER. And it infuriated me again and again when I'd watch CNN and their idea of "fair and balanced" on any given panel of talking heads was a republi-CON Congressperson, a CONservative columnist, somebody from the Heritage Foundation or the Cato Institute or the American Enterprise Institute - and Donna Brazile. Made me want to throw up. And all she could do was to offer a hundred different versions of - "well, they do make a good point…" or "well, yes, I agree that…" NO spine. NO backbone. NO spit or vinegar. NO resistance. NO objection or even an attempt at one. NO NOTHING. A plate of cold leftover pasta would have put up a stronger front than she ever did. She probably consumes same only after taking her teeth out first. Heaven forbid she make any waves. Or try to draw any blood. Or even try to win a point in a debate with the enemy.

Abso-freakin'-lutely! Get in their faces and hang it around their necks

like the millstone it is. Make 'em wear it. Hell, make 'em GAG on it!!! Don't let people forget. And wash over 'em like a frickin' tsunami - that doesn't let 'em even come up for a breath of air!

Keep 'em busy. Jab! Jab! Jab! And NEVER STOP!!! That's what I learned in sparring class when I was a karate student. Keep 'em busy. Whatever happens, keep punching. Even if all you have is one arm or one fist to punch with. Keep 'em busy! Frustrate them, overwhelm them, and wear 'em out. Our sparring teacher would remind us of one of the matches he fought. In another division there was a guy who had an injured arm. All he could do was jab. But he jabbed like there was no tomorrow. And he won! Outlasted the opponent, just wouldn't let up, just wouldn't stop coming. Wouldn't stop jabbing.

I would hope she would teach a few other Dems how to mount one of those tornado-style

campaigns! I'd actually hope she could teach MORE than a few Dems what to do! That's what we need. Fast, overwhelming, and devastating. Hit 'em and hit 'em HARD - so fast they're knocked off their pegs and need to take a moment or two to figure out what just hit 'em. And by the time they do, the head-start is way too far ahead and well-reinforced.

YOIKS! I just went there. The delusion and baggery is really rather frightening.

Looks to me like parts of this country have been overrun by a bunch of paranoiacs. Any rabble that invokes the names of pat buchanan and alex jones and sheriff arpaio in positive terms needs to have its collective head examined.

I feel as though I should go bathe after reading through there. again!

No worries. I just know because my kid worked with Gerry Casale about nine years back.

All the things he's doing now, he was actively inspired to do from his time working with Gerry Casale. Gerry was the ORIGINAL bass player for DEVO. When he started working on a "kids' version" of his own legendary band, he chose my kid as the new DEVO's bass player. Which just gives me the biggest thrill!!!
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