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My, my, my, somebody's had a LOT of work done.

His face is as phony and manufactured as he is. Another aging rich person turning himself into a gargoyle. SHEESH! There's a VERY appropriate saying about how - as you age, you get the face you deserve. Well, knock yourself out, steve-o!

Um… it has EVERYTHING to do with the good people of Georgia.

Enough of them vote for this shit. Enough of them vote for schmucks who rush to push forward this shit. Enough of them vote to send schmucks who want this shit into positions of power, locally, statewide, AND to Washington.

And, sadly, enough of those who COULD vote and comfortably outnumber the aforementioned - to keep those same schmucks OUT OF POWER - turn apathetic and stay home on Election Day.

What ALL of us everywhere should be asking:

WHENEVER the following shit issues forth: "...for turning a blind eye to the more than 300,000 Coloradans whose insurance pans were cancelled due to ObamaCare, despite promises from President Obama and Senator Udall that they could keep them.”

SERIOUSLY, GOP? Since WHEN did you guys start caring about people getting their insurance cancelled?

I swear - is this all they know how to do?

Start screeching "Impeachment!!!!" every time there's a Democrat in high office - presumably "in their way"?

Interesting comment from a poster whose sig line includes the motto

"don't spit in the soup. We've all got to eat."

Happy Easter to you, too! And to everybody!

Such a nice day! Just happy all around! The boys are still in town (next tour doesn't start til Friday night), daughter and boyfriend are coming back tomorrow from Coachella, my best friend's in town, sunshine and not too hot, heard from my sister, really a lovely day! And the birds are all back, eating the birdseed I scattered, and there are eggs in the little nest tucked up in the eaves near the front door! That little nest suddenly appeared a year ago, and soon enough there was a little bird nesting in it. The eggs hatched conveniently right around Mother's Day! The babies grew and thrived and left about a month or so later I think, and it's been empty since then. BUT! Now somebody else has moved into the nest and it's the same species. We think it's either the parents again, from last year, or it's their hatchlings all grown up! Good times!

Everybody's happy and having a really lovely mellow enjoyable stress-free day (for a change!)! We usually have a houseful of people, but still, blessings great and small! Wonderful way to celebrate the Resurrection!

Proof positive that the GOP does NOT actually hate and despise those good folks who

"just want free stuff." And I think they should be heartily congratulated for that - AS OFTEN AS POSSIBLE!!!!!! Shove it down their damn throats! With a pleasant smile!

LOVE the "Separated at Birth (the soft fuzzy edition)"!

Happy Easter SCE!


Sweet little guy. Glad he was rescued! Hope he found his way home!

I worked in radio for years and we all knew NEVER to get too comfy. Or, at least those of us who

were realistic knew that, or sensed it from time to time. NOBODY was safe. I watched one general manager's head roll down the hall, along with his executive assistant (who was thought to be bullet-proof especially since, in a position like hers, she knew where all the bodies were buried!). Figuratively-speaking of course. But heads rolled. I think I shared the story here about how one mention in the ARB Talkback (a service from ARB at the time, in which they provided stations with not just numbers and rankings, but in the Talkback, a listener review adjunct with verbatim comments, one of which was especially complimentary toward me personally) saved my job for about a year. EVEN THAT wasn't enough. Even knowing the PD personally at another station, from having worked with him VERY successfully at an earlier station, wasn't enough. Even having a hand in the increase in ratings in MY timeslot, that didn't help. Radio was a notoriously insecure business as far as job "security". And the more sensible and realistic (or seasoned and many-times-fired or screwed-over) of us in it recognized it. But now EVERY business, every industry, everywhere, is like that.

I found it a good habit to update the resume IMMEDIATELY, AS SOON AS I LANDED A NEW JOB. Update it IMMEDIATELY. ALWAYS make sure it's as excruciatingly current as possible! In whatever form, whether it's on LinkedIn, or Facebook, or printed out on paper. You never know how long it's going to last. I've known people who got fired within weeks, or yes indeed even days, after being hired. I've known people who got fired even after they moved halfway across country for the new job. Even after they moved halfway across country and the new job's management paid for their move!

Always gird your loins. Be ready to sell yourself to somebody across town - ALWAYS be looking. Even if you think things are good at the moment (a rare state of affairs, all told). ALWAYS have your antennae up, ALWAYS be on the lookout. ALWAYS be networking. It's just a good self-defense habit to do. It's easier to be a survivor that way.
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