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First signs of winter!!! And the Zen!

But I also love that fresh cement response! Hell, they're all good!

Get. Yer. Ass. To. The. POLLS. AND VOTE!!!!

If you have to be carried there on your deathbed, DO IT.


I've always been fascinated by the foreshortening and the drapery in these paintings. Just so compelling. Nothing like church art. LOVED IT when I was a kid. STILL love it today. That's the main thing that made church interesting - for me as an art student. LOVED the goo-gaws. Loved the stuff. The paintings, the sculptures, the bas reliefs, the frescoes, the trimmings and trappings and carvings and stuff. Tons of it to look at and meditate upon and trip out about. I used to love the Latin Mass because so much of it involved quiet times, priest up there at the altar doing his thing with his back turned and the rest of us could sit quietly and meditate and gaze at the statues and paintings and objets d'art and breathe in the incense-scented air and just kinda lose ourselves in it. LOVED that. It was really rather trippy.

And then things changed and all of a sudden the priest was more actively involved, turned around to face the congregation with what he was doing, and the congregation was then involved in about an hour's worth of gymnastics. Stand up! Sit down! Kneel! Stand up! Sing! Kneel! Stand up! Sing! Sit down! Sing! Kneel! Turn around and shake hands with everybody! Sing! Grab hands! Kneel! Sit! Kneel! Stand! Kneel! Stand! Sing! UP outta your seats, get in line for Communion! Pass the plate! Stand up! Kneel! Stand up! Sit! Stand! Probably a subtle strategy to keep us all from dozing off, I'd suspect!

I vastly preferred the quiet, contemplative, meditative atmosphere of the old way they did the Mass. You could be pretty much alone with your thoughts for an hour. This is just me, of course. But I liked the other way better. Way too busy! Too much commotion!

I heard an interesting discussion about this recently - about showing the true cost of war.

War "coverage" has been so antisepticized, so tidied-up, that nobody understands the true nature of the beast that is war, and what it does to the human body, to limbs and organs, skin and bone, to combatants and non-combatants alike. Nobody gets it. And we're not supposed to! Otherwise, nobody'd want to go over there to face those horrors for real.

PLEASE DON'T FORGET the Herculean efforts bush/cheney went to - to muzzle news coverage of Iraq. Absolutely NO coffins were EVER to be shown or photographed, absolutely NO coverage was permitted of the return of our fallen troops to Dover AFB - the first place on American soil most of the dead make their return. People were FIRED for taking photographs and publishing them or leaking them online. FIRED. You could lose your job if you tried to get the word out. Your boss was thoroughly cowed under the national security goons and would let you go in a heartbeat if you didn't conform.

That's the one thing that really touched me about Barack Obama as President. One of the FIRST things he did, when he was newly installed as our Commander-in-Chief, was to get his ass straight over to Dover AFB late one night, to greet the flag-draped coffins of soldiers who'd been sacrificed to that meat-grinder over there. He granted permission if anyone wanted to cover it, and nothing was hidden - even in the dark of night. And it was very simple. Very little fanfare. Just the CiC standing there on the tarmac to pay respects to the returning war dead. Every one of them. We NEVER, EVER saw bush/cheney do that. We weren't supposed to know about icky messy things like dead soldiers' bodies, or throat-gripping lines of flag-draped coffins - that kept coming and kept coming month-after-month. Outta sight, outta mind. BASTARDS.

I know one thing about the GOP. They LEARN from history. They fully and completely got it about not showing the costs of war to the masses - because the masses will be horrified and stop supporting the war-making. It was well-known back a few years - that when CBS Evening News anchor Walter Cronkite, widely hailed as "the most trusted man in America", had finally seen enough and turned against the Vietnam War, the war was lost. Because the people saw it at their dinner tables every evening, watching the network newscast and the correspondents out in the rice paddies and death and the carnage and the destruction, and the mournful elder anchor back home in New York, who spoke for them all - and turned against the war. It was key to America's changing view of Vietnam and what triggered the anti-war movement's call to action and helped grow its momentum. And it prompted then-President Johnson to concede - "if I've lost Cronkite, I've lost the country."

Cronkite never shied away from telling hard truths. Recall his half-hour “Report From Vietnam” on Feb. 27, 1968, in which he declared the Vietnam War a “stalemate.” It was a verdict the veteran war correspondent didn’t relish delivering, but Cronkite, who had recently returned from reporting on the Tet offensive, now believed that the war was unwinnable and indefensible. He felt “conned” by Lyndon Johnson, Brinkley writes, and “sickened” that his network had swallowed the Pentagon’s spin.

“The aftershock of Cronkite’s reports was seismic,” Brinkley adds. President Johnson reportedly said, “If I’ve lost Cronkite, I’ve lost the country.”


So... taking careful note of this event, that turned the public decisively against Vietnam, the GOP knew that as long as the public got to SEE stuff, it'd know too much and would be harder to control or manipulate. Therefore, their takeaway was - DON'T SHOW THAT SHIT!!! Paint a happy picture! Tell 'em to Go Shopping! No muss, no fuss! War is cool! War is great! War is a cakewalk! Won't even cost you any money! War makes you BRAVE and BAD-ASS! USA!-USA!-USA! Nothing to see here! All is well!

That's why maybe we should see a whole bunch more of this nitty-gritty, not ONLY the beheadings, but everything our poor troops will face over there. Their heads aren't the only body parts at risk. Just ask Tammy Duckworth. Ask Max Cleland. Ask our own Defense Secretary, Chuck Hagel, who even now is still walking around with shrapnel in his body from when HE was in Vietnam. Can we get realistic about war? It's NOT for the faint-hearted. Frankly, in my opinion, it's not for ANYBODY.

Welcome to DU, moonbeam23!

Glad you're here! That is MOST interesting! I do love Elizabeth Warren, and I want her mindset dominating our political landscape. We have to tilt the playing field BACK to normalcy. And the Wall Streeters need to be IN JAIL.


Fits on a bumper sticker, too.

So that will reach some of the low-information voters out there, and those unable to wrap their "brains" around anything but the simplest and most briefly-worded concepts.

FUCK him.

I'd say "FUCK him in the heart." If he had one, that is. An assumption that is not at all a safe bet, in his case.

The very same.

I remember that. I remember how angry so many of us were. And we all talked about it. Some of us tried to get attention for it. NOTHING. Nobody wanted to listen to us. NOBODY. Not the media. Not our Dems. NOBODY.

Uh-HUH! I remember that. They rounded up all the Saudis and skeedaddled 'em straight out of the

country. Got them OUTTA there. THAT DAY. AFTER the FAA closed down the airspace. Somehow, they still managed to get a flight out. Hmmm... maybe they knew somebody?
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