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True, but seems to me one shouldn't forget one thing.

Those "concessions"? Actually, nobody HAD TO grant any of them. Numerically, if you combine the DNC committee members and the Hillary committee members, that group decisively outnumbered the Bernie committee members. So they could easily have overruled any motion, shut everything down, and refused to discuss or negotiate or compromise or try to seek any improvements. That did not happen. Many changes were made. Bernie had lots of good news to deliver to his supporters about how much of an impact his group had on the platform committee, and how many changes they effected. Several rounds of that, as a matter of fact. He even said it's the most progressive platform ever. I'd take him at his word on that. If anybody'd be able to assess that, he would.

I believe she's a former legislator.

Former state senator from Missouri, I think. First distinguished herself during the Michael Brown shooting in Ferguson MO, but since then she's grown more and more overbearing and in-yer-face. And while the general vibe has been to try to tone down all the vapors and the heat, she seemed grimly determined to amp it up the other way, just piling on the negativity and the irritation, just hellbent on trying to stir shit up.

It's a shame, because the Democratic Convention reached a really nice turning point today - what with Bernie's gesture in the Vermont delegation, and the effusive acknowledgement of all those Bernie supporters - noting that state-by-state, one of his surrogates had the microphone to salute him, praise him, and announce his vote totals. I believe it was Nina Turner who groused yesterday that there'd been no acknowledgement of their side or their people. I honestly don't see how the facts back that up, especially today. EVERYBODY was part of the party. Bernie was celebrated in all 50 states and territories and DC. Cheered, given his place in the spotlight, plenty of Q&As with his supporters who the floor reporters seemed to seek out to the exclusion of anyone else, including Hillary supporters.

I kept waiting for somebody to shush those rude hecklers who yelled over John Lewis, Elijah Cummings, and Cory Booker. SUCH disrespect. What was so DOGGONE important that they felt they had to be rude like that? SHAME on them!!! If they got ejected or had their credentials yanked, I'd jump for joy!

This was a genuine feel-good evening with a big-time gesture by Bernie at the end. Do we always have to have somebody peeing in the pickle barrel? We get so few upbeat evenings like this, particularly in the news. Why ruin it? Why should a few try to ruin it for the vast majority of attendees who had so much to celebrate - while making history too?

Even someone who simply MUST yell all the time - has to stop and take a breath every so often.

I'd say so! I mean - LOOK who they've got...

Welcome to DU, Ms.Lib!

What a spectacular day to be a Democrat, and to revel in it here, 'eh?

Let's see... last week by this time... they were still trying to climb out of the Melania plagiarism hole, and Chris Christie was trying to lead a witch burning. Oh yeah, and we'd seen the sheer pageantry of Chachi, the Duck Dynasty guy and a bunch of other people we'd never heard of. I'm whelmed.

I KNEW, THIS week, we'd get a week of "THIS is how it's done." Riffing off Michelle Obama: they were busy going low. We've gone HIGH!

My heart still belongs to "Hollerin' Howard"!

Still. The doctor is STILL in.

Welcome to DU, st17011864200074656!

That's quite a screen name, btw.

Glad you're here. STELLAR day to be here! We Dems made history today!

And hey, the 90s were a good decade for us, too.

I cried, too.

Geneva Reed-Veal, Lucy McBath, and Sybrina Fulton. I wish there'd been time for all of those moms up there to speak, but I understand the constraints. They had a LOT to do today!

DANG!!! What a day! What an evening!

Yes. We were here.

I still can't believe I've lived to see this! In my lifetime! And believe me, I've had my doubts.

No kidding. I was transfixed.

I can't imagine going through that.

I hope people see and listen to these stories. You'll get a different picture of Hillary - a larger picture - than you had before.

Welcome to DU, helmedon1974.

Good points here.

Good points all over this thread. I will say this about her vote on that Resolution - I'd bet whoever we've supported, we all can agree on the sheer audacious in-yer-face and rather insulting irony from those other guys. We have an opposition nominee whose running mate cast the same vote - but in HIS case, it's okay. And the other nominee even says so, shamelessly. It's the most flagrant card-carrying double-standard sexism on glaring display that I can remember seeing, in a long time. And I'm old.
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