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Member since: 2001
Number of posts: 34,948

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Love this!!!

Welcome to DU, StevePaulson!

Glad you're here! DAYUM this issue stirs people up. Unbelievable. Sometimes I just don't know what to say, or what to think, about this one. This is one of those times when I'm mighty glad I'M not President.

I think pretty much the same thing about Libertarians.

The ones I've met are republic-CONS trying to sneak around in sheep's clothing. If they don't want to admit they're GOP but still share most of the basic views, they'll say they're libertarian. Just a fancy-sounding excuse and it doesn't fool me for a nanosecond.

Love this story, TeamPooka!

What a treat for you! How neat that you got to spent that quality time with him. How cool is that!

That's a mighty nice example of how he was with people.

He was "just Jim". I interviewed him once and was thrilled. My mom always referred to him as her "boyfriend." When the "Rockford Files" would come on, she wouldn't want to be disturbed. "I'm watching my boyfriend." I told him about that. And he feigned a little dejection. He told me, with a sigh but then a chuckle, that every attractive woman he met told him the same thing - that her mother was in love with him.

Great inspiration always helps me get there, my dear!

You provide some of the finest!

NOW you're talking!!!!

These boots are made for punishing! You can even shred that stupid YELLOW flag while you're at it. Yes, let's all remember - their "big, bad, fearsome" Don't-Tread-On-Me is YELLOW. Of COURSE! What other color would be more fitting for these cowards? Cowards. YES. COWARDS. That's what bullies usually turn out to be.

I refuse to wear cowboy boots. Don't want to risk being mistaken for a dubya supporter

OR a perry supporter for that matter.

HOWEVER, I do have my Uggs - that turn me almost literally into an all-terrain vehicle. I can do some serious stomping with those. And I'll make sure to walk through dog shit and not wipe it off before I begin. So I'll be ready! (She said, with eyelashes batting like hummingbirds' wings!)

And even though I don't wear heels too often anymore, I still have 'em. And some of 'em have rather pointy toes and rather spiky heels. Hell, even my lower-heeled ones could leave a mark.

I suggest Somalia!

GREAT place to deposit a bunch of racist teabaggers and other assorted republi-CON slime. Anarchy run amok over there! No rules! No laws! No regulations! No gummnt (or whatever they call it)! And all the guns they can eat over there, too! And all those masses of poor - to be exploited all over again! Hey, they can party like it's 1799!

Boy howdy.

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