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aaaand roll the Ferguson story

(cut to Trooper Johnson) (close frame of him speaking) "Peaceful protests by day..... (cut to "rioters" throwing tear gas back at heavily armed cops) "dangerous dynamic in the night". No images of the peaceful protests.

MSNBC reporter "There were peaceful protests and then SOMETHING HAPPENED and the police started lobbing teargas and concussion grenades ... we are not sure what happened but something happened"

The male model script reader who replaces Willie Geist mid show repeatedly interrupted both Ed Rendell and Eugene Robinson when they even sort of ventured off script with "We don't have all the facts" "An investigation is being done".

Switch over to Fox & Friends" - Douchebag "There now reports of up to a dozen people who saw the incident just as the Ferguson Police have reported" ---uh they haven't issued any report on the actual shooting.

I have been following much of this on my iPhone but today I am home with my sick daughter. Now I see how this story is being framed for mass consumption.

If I may - Michael Brown and Bowe Bergdahl

All the same voices (meaning all of the media) who are telling us "Whoa there! The authorities are investigating themselves and when they complete the report we will HAVE ALL THE FACTS" didn't want an investigation (like DoD policy dictates) on Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl. That was a "clear cut" case based on a PR program to get the opinions of his old unit mates in front of your eyes and ears. No investigation needed. Just slam the case closed.

We have been consistent in demanding FACTS on both of these public matters but there is a difference. The Bergdahl situation does include some national security issues and is being handled by policy and procedure of the DoD. The Ferguson situation does not include any security element and is being done not only one of the sides in the incident but a clearly unprofessional and probably corrupt police force. The citizens of Ferguson can do an investigation too (and not just the elected officials) they just need the reports. Sure the Ferguson PD has no problem releasing a "full report" on another incident, the convenience store, that was clearly meant to shape the story so they should have no probably releasing the information that they have on the killing of an unarmed man by a public official.

The problem with WE DON'T HAVE ALL THE FACTS is that WE don't, they do.

Obama's break from vacation: How unusual is that? (Omg Terry Schiavo mentioned


But, it must be noted, the two-day hiatus was on the books before Obama decided to launch airstrikes in Iraq and before rioting in Ferguson erupted over a policeman’s killing of an unarmed black teenager.

Most of them involve President George W. Bush, who spent a lot of time at his ranch in Crawford, Texas, almost treating it at times as a second White House. Mr. Knoller cites these examples:

President Bush left his ranch for the White House on March 20, 2005, to sign legislation aimed at keeping alive Terry Schiavo, the young woman with severe brain damage who became a national cause célèbre. Then, he returned to Crawford.

In August 2005, Bush cut short a ranch visit by two days because of hurricane Katrina.
In August 2007, Bush interrupted a ranch stay to attend a Summit of the Americas in Canada. He then returned to Crawford by way of Minnesota and Kansas for other events. <----- fund raisers???

Remember SEQUESTRATION? Comm. Va has new $882M budget shortfall due to less DoD spending

There is a total of $2.4B short - the first part was due to bad capital gains expectations made by the Va Dept if Planning and Budget.


RICHMOND —Gov. Terry McAuliffe (D) on Friday announced a $2.4 billion projected budget shortfall that he largely blamed on cuts in defense spending mandated by sequestration — a situation, he said, that will force the state to rethink how it generates tax income.

MSM doesn't seem to know what to report on the second press conference

I keep refreshing google news CNN and Fox but it is just the same articles of the robbery and short articles about now finding out that Wilson didn't know Brown was a suspect.

They got caught selling Jackson's smear story all day.

Who is Hannity going to hitch his wagon to next?

Cliven Bundy
Rick Perry
Ollie North - fake payola theory on Bo Bergdahl
His whisper buddy Netanyahu

Now Ferguson Chief of Police Thomas Jackson

The guy on my car radio just explained why police forces have been militarized

You can probably guess who the guy on the radio was.

Do you remember the bank robbery in Los Angeles in the '90s in which men in body armor out gunned much of the LAPD? It was then that law enforcement needed to upgrade their equipment.....

And so on

He was speaking of the North Hollywood shoot out Feb 28, 1997

See, it makes perfect sense!
Except that the 1208 program was initiated in 1990 and changed to the 1033 program in 1996.

Ok who needs a bit of a chuckle at Fox News's expense?

Greta Van Susteren Makes Obama’s Ferguson Comments About Benghazi

As I wrote in my last post, in which Fox host Laura Ingraham used the wrongful arrest of two reporters to attack Obama, it’s a testament to how praiseworthy Obama’s statement was that Fox needs to scrape the bottom of the credibility barrel to find reasons to attack him over it.

But you have to give Van Susteren an E for effort. She blogged about Obama’s statement in a post titled, “President Obama is right but he needs to “practice what he preaches” (I wish he felt this way about the Benghazi investigation!)”

Van Susteren wrote:

President Obama is right — we need “open and transparent” but I don’t think he thinks “open and transparent” applies to him and to his administration. Getting information out of the Obama Administration about Benghazi (and other investigations) has been like pulling teeth.

Pulling teeth? In May, Politico reported there have been 13 hearings, 25,000 pages of documents and 50 briefings.

Read more at http://www.newshounds.us/greta_van_susteren_makes_obama_s_ferguson_comments_about_benghazi_08152014#oDETUr14oRkeKEmo.99

See! W *did* win the war!!

It's the same military equipment it's just in a different country than we emptied the Treasury to buy it for. Specifically the Missouri part.

On a related note - what was the plot line of "Red Dawn" again?

RW media seems to be toning down Ferguson pro-police coverage

I tuned into the local RW radio station here in Richmond on the way home last night to hear the typical DO AS YOU ARE TOLD and exaggeration of the looting and non-peaceful protests. This morning, totally different tone. The morning guy still referred to "the unrest" by he was actually critical of the Ferguson police chief- " it was just too much" "didn't learn his lesson from the first nights" and even question the heavy military equipment presence.

Look at the top Fox News article below. Yes "Protests turn peaceful" is BS but the article's content is vastly different than the RW storyline of the last few days. Just an observation.

ON EDIT- even the Morning Joe crew was beside themselves over the picture of the cop "He is pointing his gun at unarmed protestors!!!" on top of the vehicle from a few days ago. Mike Barnackle actually did bring up the "militarizing of police forces" yesterday but was quickly talked over to stick with the standard RW - blame the protestors - theme.

Ferguson shooting: Protests turn peaceful as Highway Patrol takes over security

The latest protests had a light, almost jubilant atmosphere among the racially mixed crowd, more akin to a parade or block party. The streets were filled with music, free food and even laughter. When darkness fell --the point at which previous protests have grown tense -- no uniformed officers were in sight outside the burned-out QuikTrip convenience store that had become a flashpoint for standoffs between police and protesters.

"You can feel it. You can see it," protester Cleo Willis said of the change. "Now it's up to us to ride that feeling."

"All they did was look at us and shoot tear gas," said Pedro Smith, 41, who has participated in the nightly protests. "This is totally different. Now we're being treated with respect."
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