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Gender: Female
Hometown: New Jersey
Home country: USA
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Here's a similar sentiment from DU-er Plaid Adder:

...(W)hy is it that so much right-wing political humor just plain doesn't work -- even for its target audience?...I think..(it)...has to do with the basic conflict between comedy and authority...(D)isrespect for authority is the foundation of real comedy...

Mocking the powerful has the positive effect of reminding everyone that though these figures may be powerful, they are not superhuman, and can be resisted/outwitted/defied; it also has the therapeutic effect of validating the anger and pain we feel as we suffer for these people, and reminding us that in fact, it's not us, it's them.

Mocking the vulnerable is just bullying, and all it does is pander to the audience's worst instincts. Right-wing pundits in the main either don't understand this rule, or have a seriously warped understanding of who's vulnerable and who's powerful...

And here are some thoughts I had about Jon Stewart, Steve Colbert, and their ill-fated competition, Fox News' Half Hour News Hour:

I've come to realize that when Stewart and Colbert claim to be in the fake news business, they're faking. The method in their madness is that they simply point out how fake the REAL news is.

Last night's TDS featured a segment where CNN turned Anna Nicole Smith's "Fridge of Death" into an investigation of the contents of the CNN break room refrigerator, followed by a segment on a group who likes to swim in the northern Atlantic in the winter. The story that's supposed to be "real" news feels fake; the story that sounds like it must be fake is real. And THAT'S why we laugh--even when it's the Dems who get skewered.

The Half Hour News Hour seems to believe Stewart and Colbert are funny because they spend most of their time insulting conservatism. It tries to retaliate by insulting liberalism, but nobody's laughing -- why? It's because the Half Hour News Hour is rooted in fake news. It can't condemn liberalism without exposing its own sins, so it can't help but congeal into a cringe-inducing caricature of neocon media. I mean, where does Fox News get off poking fun of Obama's media hype when they just finished trying to destroy him with a FALSE story (the madrassah) that they STILL haven't retracted?

Right-wing humor is restricted to mocking the vulnerable because it can't mock its own power structure without holding it accountable. Left-wing humor is rooted in pointing out how dangerous, phony, hypocritical, immoral, or just plain illegal the inherent authoritarianism of conservatism is. And while that may present a problem for "professional" political comedians, we "amateurs" are doing just fine!


Who the hell do they think they're kidding?

...(O'Brien said,) Youre a Republican, you ran for Congress in 2010...You have a rep in your group who worked for the Bush administration; you share office space with Republican groups. How do you answer that claim of being partisan when you claim that youre not?

I answer that claim by first saying this is an American issue... Taylor replied. I understand the...people will say, youre a Republican. Well, Im an American first...before Im a Republican.

Well, if you're a American before you're a Republican, how come you didn't do twenty-minute commercials about George Bush II taking credit for this:

Or this?

After all, the military made those things happen, not him!

And since you consider intelligence leaks to be so loathsome, did you stand up for these folks?

It hasn't been that long ago since you ran this game on us with John Kerry. This time around, however, we understand what it's really about: you are trying to take Obama's foreign policy/military success off the table since the Republicans have nothing to counter it with. But we've learned from Kerry's mistake of refusing to "sink" to your level. So much for your "American issue." Swiftboat us once, shame on us; swiftboat us twice, shame on YOU!


DING DING DING! WestSeattle2, you're our grand prize winner!

"...For the Mormon, loyalty and the welfare of the church are more important than the principle of honesty, and plausible denials and deception by omission are warranted by an opportunity to have the Mormon organization seen in the best possible light."

So that's it.

Something has been bothering me about Romney that I've been unable to articulate. I thought it might have something to do with his Mormonism, but didn't know enough about Mormonism to find out. Well, I didn't realize how I right (or perhaps I should say right wing) I was.

Mitt has brought back so many memories of George II's arrested development: his absence of conscience; the lack of self-control and empathy; the paranoia; the "living in the moment" manipulativeness; and of course, the knee-jerk lying. But what's disturbed me most about Romney is that he seems to be operating on a entirely different level -- and it turns out to be a heavenly one.

For the record, I define any religion that involves the worship or studying of Jesus Christ to be a form of Christianity. And for the record, I've always defined Rethugs who insist that God blesses their brand of politics as being particularly reprehensible. But again, Romney is bringing something "above and beyond" to the game, and thanks to you, WestSeattle2, I understand what it is:

The Romneys are masters of lying without sinning.

It's why Mitt doesn't even attempt to be embarrassed when he's caught in a lie. It's why Ann has said, Its Mitts time. Its our turn now. With or without the endorsement of their Mormon elders, the Romneys are not operating on the basis of right or wrong, good or bad, true or false: there is only what will get them into the White House versus what will not. Since ANYTHING they say or do is pre-emptively absolved, they don't trouble themselves with guilt or accountability because their God doesn't require it -- and their God has decided that Mitt should be President...


Mitt needs help making Venn diagrams -- LET'S SHOW HIM HOW!

This is a how a Venn diagram works:

This, published by the Romney campaign, is NOT how a Venn diagram works:

Its lack of accuracy is beside the point. Venn diagrams are not flowcharts -- the intersection of the circles is supposed to represent the elements that the circles have in common. Like this:

Mitt obviously needs our help. So here's a diagram blank you can download:

I purposely made it 600px wide so you'll have room for lettering -- please shrink to about 400px before uploading. So let's give Mitt and Ryan a hand -- and you're welcome to do some for Obama/Biden, too!


This has been going on Down Under for a while

Here's a DU thread on the subject from 2005:

Air New Zealand and Qantas have...come under fire for the policy that critics say is political correctness gone mad after a man revealed he was ordered to change seats during a Qantas flight because he was sitting next to a young boy travelling alone.

...(A)n air steward approached him after take-off...and told him to change seats with a woman sitting two rows in front. The steward said it was the airline's policy that only women were allowed to sit next to unaccompanied children. "At the time I was so gobsmacked that I moved. I was so embarrassed and just stewed on it for the entire flight..."

Women should find this policy to be equally offensive and discriminatory -- how dare you presume to conscript me into impromptu baby-sitting duty just because I'm a woman! And may I point out that I might be a pedophile myself?

If the airlines really cared about the safety of unaccompanied minors, they'd seat them where the flight attendants could take turns sitting with them, even if it means sending an extra one along...oops, unless the policy discriminates against MALE flight attendants, too! But even that would be better than the airlines "depending on the kindness of (female) strangers!"

P.S. Why does this always happen AFTER takeoff? Shouldn't the flight attendants know where their unaccompanied minors are sitting beforehand?


Bon Jovi hold the distinction of doing both one of THE worst rock videos EVER

...and two albums later in 1987, one of the best...


You just proved that my comment makes sense.

Obama is not bullying the bullies. He's just standing up to them. Which is what you should always do with bullies. Obama standing up is the only thing bullies fear.

I was speaking of bullies in general. The last thing bullies want is a fair fight because what they fear is that they don't have what it takes to win. So they "solve" their "problem" by preying upon those who appear to be either too scared or too vulnerable to fight back.

Mitt thought that defeating Obama was simply a matter of damning him with Bush II's sins and reminding everyone that he's not white. His big mistake was not realizing that he has far more vulnerabilities than Obama, who naturally started preying upon them in self-defense. And what is the Romney camp's response? To paraphrase the very title of this thread, "He's fighting back, AND he's winning -- NO FAIR!!!"

Bullying is wrong. Bullying back is not: It ISN'T immoral or unethical when you have no other alternative.



You're making the EXACT SAME MISTAKE that McCain did, Mitt!

2008: In appointing Sarah Palin as his vice presidential running mate, John McCain has taken his own trump card off the table. The only real weapon hes had is Obamas youth and inexperience --and hes flip-flopped by choosing a running mate who is even MORE youthful and inexperienced!

2012: By refusing to publish his tax returns (something that presidential candidates have been doing for decades), Mitt Romney has taken his own trump card off the table. The only real weapon hes had is the support of independent and swing voters disgruntled by Obama's lack of "change" -- and he's thrown it away by refusing to display the most basic level of financial transparency!


Three knockdowns in a round, and the boxing match is over, right?

Not in the Olympics...And note how he keeps trying to grab his opponents legs...


But this story has a happy ending -- the decision was reversed and the referee fired.


Along with my unabashed admiration for roughly sixty minutes, you have a choice of:

Unless you'd rather have something that's actually useful:

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