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Profile Information

Name: Jerry E. Johnson
Gender: Male
Hometown: Minneapolis, MN
Home country: USA
Member since: 2001
Number of posts: 136

Journal Archives

Hi DU Folks - any chance I could get a bit of advice??

Hi Everyone, I've been a member here since 2001 - I am not a troll. I probably have the record on this site for just lurking. I've been going to this site pretty much every day for all these years to get updates on what's going on news wise and to read opinions. Sorry for being weird, but I just recently decided to post more, but as you can see my postings are still pretty low.
But I've been fighting the good fight for quite a while now. Most of my old friends from high school from my redneck Wisconsin upbringing are so anti-Obama that they can't see straight - even though he's the one actually looking out for them. It's amazing that my parents and 1 brother see through the bullshit and know that Obama is on the "workingman's side" as my dad says. I've lived in Minneapolis for 27 years after I graduated from River Falls - I got a good dose of political punk rock in college and I've always voted Democratic. But my old friends didn't get that experience. I just got into an Obama argument on FB where I have a friend that says he's the worst of all the worst liars and if I bring up anything about Bush, he says - Let history judge him, don't just blame Bush for Obama's failings. I know, I could tell him to just go to hell, but I don't want to do that.
Have any of you had this article from Politifact tossed at you?


I've read that Politifact has a right wing bias - that has to be right, because reading the reasons that most of Obama's "lies" from the article seem to be really twisting stuff.

SO - I don't want to be a total Obama toady - for sure, some of Obama's statements do involve stretching the truth a bit (like so many other politicians). My thought was to point out that Gee, if Obama is lying, he's stretching the truth to help people. That's the majority of what I see in that article.

But any other input from anyone? If you have any advice I'd love to hear it.


Did you see this clip on Chris Hayes tonite regarding if the Supreme Court takes up Obamacare again?

Would the conservatives on the court decide to totally contradict themselves? Honestly, it wouldn't surprise me....... But check it out!


These quizzes are kind of fun - "How Republican Are You?"


I identified with Democrats 94% and surprisingly 90% with the Green Party - 62% Socialist. The rest were well below that. Pretty good questions to ask too.

Ok - I'm going to throw this out there...... Will the Enquirer be right about this?

The Enquirer was pretty accurate with the John Edwards scandal. Any thoughts about this?

WITH a White House cheating scan­dal set to explode, President BARACK OBAMA and his wife MICHELLE are hiding a divorce shocker from America!

Only weeks after Obama publicly humiliated the first lady by snapping a “selfie” with a dishy blonde for­eign leader, the first couple’s shaky 21-year marriage has collapsed following a disastrous holiday trip, sources say.

The two locked horns in a series of ugly fights during their recent Hawaiian getaway, but sources say the death blow came when Michelle learned that the Secret Service has covered up Obama’s cheating – twice.

Tea party declares war

The barbs continue to fly between House Speaker John Boehner and tea party groups—and the two sides appear to be entering an all-out war.

“The speaker’s being absurd,” Heritage Action CEO Michael Needham said Friday onThe Daily Rundown.

On Thursday, Boehner blasted Needham – but not by name – for organizing the defund Obamacare ploy and later claiming the group knew all along it couldn’t do away with the law altogether. “Frankly, I just think that they’ve lost all credibility,” Boehner said of the far-right conservative groups. “You know, they pushed us into this fight to defund Obamacare and to shut down the government. Most of you know, my members know, that wasn’t exactly the strategy that I had in mind. But if you recall, the day before the government reopened, one of the people that – one of these groups stood up and said, ‘Well, we never really thought it would work.’ Are you kidding me?”

Here's the full article - from Morning Joe - but it's still good though!


I just don't get tired of this stuff - I wish the Repubs only more of this. Pass the popcorn indeed!

Obama health care promise named 'Lie of the Year'

Source: NBC News

Fact-checking organization Politifact has named their “Lie of the Year,” and it’s bad news for the White House and the Affordable Care Act.

President Barack Obama’s often-repeated assertion that “If you like your health care plan, you can keep it,” won the ignominious honor for 2013, the group announced.

In a blog post, Politifact– which is affiliated with the Tampa Bay Times – said Obama’s promise was “impossible to keep” and has resulted in a “real hit to his credibility.”

Read more: http://nbcpolitics.nbcnews.com/_news/2013/12/12/21880402-obama-health-care-promise-named-lie-of-the-year?lite

Wow, really Politifact? Sounds like a crock of shit to me.

Birthers are asking about Malia and Sasha Obama’s birth certificates:

I apologize if this has been posted before - but man, I really thought things could not get more dumber. Wrong again! (Or is this satire??)

"It’s refreshing that racism is over, according to Conservatives on the Supreme Court, and the Republican National Committee. By the way, where are Malia and Sasha Obama’s birth certificates because right wing birthers would like to know. In addition, they are asking for their baby pictures, I suppose to be sure they were actually born.

I’d like to apologize to our readers ahead of time for the following. It will hurt your brain."


Has anyone heard Bill Hicks rant on Pro-Life people and abortion?

Brothers, sisters come together! Hee Hee
You're not a human until you're in my phone book!
Great stuff!

Any Hardball fans here?

I know Tweety gets a lot of shit here and he does deserve some of it, but I really do enjoy Hardball. I think Matthews has been on a good streak lately. I think it's good to hear where the middle of the road type Democrats are - with both him and Ed S.
What do you folks think? Or does he just suck?

When Did the GOP Lose Touch With Reality? By David Frum:

This article has probably been posted here before, but I just found it. Interesting article by David Frum. When I've seen him on TV he does seem sane for a Repub.
On FB, a lot of my relatives and old High School friends are bagger types and most of my newer, other friends in Minneapolis are progressive.
Do I feel like getting into a bagger argument? It's fun sometimes, but it never changes anyone's mind.

"I’ve been a Republican all my adult life. I have worked on the editorial page of The Wall Street Journal, at Forbes magazine, at the Manhattan and American Enterprise Institutes, as a speechwriter in the George W. Bush administration. I believe in free markets, low taxes, reasonable regulation, and limited government. I voted for John ­McCain in 2008, and I have strongly criticized the major policy decisions of the Obama administration. But as I contemplate my party and my movement in 2011, I see things I simply cannot support."


What do you folks think? Worthwhile to put on FB?
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