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Member since: 2001
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Left wing nutty

Let's be leftwing nutz. I'ma Christian and I think Satan has taken over small rural towns in the South and Midwest. Easiest marks for him are the uninformed. Satanic voices slander their opponents with lies. The loudest small town conservative leaders are former car and insurance salesmen.
Corruption and good ole boy biz continues under tables and in expensive hotels. Talk about illegal aliens...look at Florida.
Voter suppression and poll messing plus huge amounts of money in ads to hypnotize the masses was spent. It all profited the corp heads, not you.
Corporations and billionaires don't want to be your pal, they just want your money, vote and acquiescence. They don't care if the swill they are packaging is empty calories and overpriced. They don' care if they break environmental rules if they can easily pay the fine. They don't care if you are loyal to their brand or not.
It's all just business. Period.
I think we nuts could find common ground against corporations if we just thought about the injustices we have in common.
Left and right wing teapartiers wanna have tea?

Late in the series

It's more than disappointing and a real question why this administration wasn't more vocally pro-active about its good record before this election. There's a question about why O didn't sign an immigration bill executively. There's a question why he worked to compromise w the pinheads in Republican office all these years. He'll be known as the first black president and to the ones who follow, some of his record but so far, it won't really matter to most Americans. I hope he'll grow some balls before he retires to Rancho Mirage in Thunderbird Cove.
I also hope some of the old Dem strategists like Leahy and Shrum finally retire.

No belief in the hopey, changie thing

People who aren't politically minded anymore (like me) could give a rat's ass about arming (yet again) Middle East citizens fighting whatever rebels call themselves at the moment. And who the fuck can tell who the players are? We've left billions in WAM and lost thousands of American lives over there for what? Morality? Bush/Cheney Inc. are rarely mentioned as the instigators of that huge fuckwad and pretend they had nothing to do with kicking over the hornet's nest. Let's just retire from being the world's savior and pay attention to national weather terrorism that causes more havoc and destruction on a yearly basis.

And the NFL crimes? When did that org become more powerful than justice or the law? Certainly there plenty of beefy guys to pay millions to who can take orders and catch a ball and don't hit people. Why do we reward criminals?

The next president will be left with the continuation of Bush/Cheney's fuck-up and no speeches about hope and change will color anyone's view this time. Good luck.

I agree

This country is so biased towards Israel. Let the President and press talk about all the facts, on both sides. Tired of sending so much monetary and press support for Israel.
Good for Chris Hayes to argue the other side!


Why does a crime turn into a war? So tragic to bomb another country over a crime of kidnapping and murder and so illogical. Do we have any intelligence left in the Middle East?

This is such overreaction

Really? An older woman who admits she said the "N" word years ago loses a lot of her advertisers and book deal because of the admission of that in a civil suit that she will win or lose? When rappers and Blacks currently use the word all the time, she's punished financially for being a less than intelligent white woman growing up in the South? I think it is real overkill and while I could care less about Paula Deen, this is all ridiculous. If you don't want to watch her shows or buy her products ,don't spend money or time on them. I personally feel Rush and Fox et al much more deserving of losing money and sponsors. Grow up. it's a word.

Fair warning

Ok, I'm past the shocked feelings from watching the devastation and back to practical...do insurance companies still insure homes along Tornedo Alley that have no basement shelter? Why should people keep rebuilding in this kind of area, reminiscent of insecure environmental areas and conditions like New Orleans?
These people live with this kind of weather and devastation. They had warning the day before. Why were those kids in school? Why didn't people just move out when warned? I'm sorry for those who lost lives and homes but intelligently speaking, these weather conditions occur every year and because of global warming will happen more intensely.
This is not God-made or planned...it's weather, hot and cold coming together and Oklahoma is one of those states that expects tornadoes. These teary stories are part of human condition and news media knows how to milk them.
I like that people come together, despite race, religion, politics etc. in tragedy but it's too bad that it takes a tragedy to produce that love and caring.

And BTW we wreak this kind of devastation on foreign countries without the sympathy for those killed.


I give credit to the FBI for finding their photos and the quick search for them and find. It's a relief that the suspect is now in custody and will able to provide more information. But really? It turns out that a negotiator could have been brought in a lot sooner and there could have been less firefight considering he was one man against so much more artillery and men. This whole police procedure seemed more military oriented.

As glad as I am about the final outcome and we still don't know if he'll live to tell, I kept wondering about the whole procedure.

John King now the Susan G. Kolman org of the news

Bet he had a bad night and hangover this morning. Hard to get past reporting lies.

This report got lost in the other news

This report, in a quieter week, would have been a news story, not only because of what the final report stated but that it took 12 years to make some somewhat soft but pointed accusations about Bush Inc.
Connecting that story and the Bush lowering of American laws on torture and terror can explain some of the knee-jerk conclusions on who is a terrorist and whether justice should be different for the "other".

Connect the dots. Bush/Cheney's years in office still have impact on our lives today. Obama has continued some of the same policies. Until we have elected politicians who have the courage to do the right thing for the people, history will repeat itself.
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