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Member since: 2001
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I wonder

If the AME church members were happy today about same sex marriage becoming nation wide law?

This feels a bit like when MLK died

I was a little kid when Martin Luther King was assassinated but I remember the feeling of the country in disbelief and sadness. I know his death had a larger impact but the feeling for me is again of good people living their lives assassinated.

Gather creative minds

I don't think this has to be totally about government, police and clergy. Get some urban planners to do some pro bono. Organize moralists, spaces that can be turned into stores and restaurants. Bring people out and crime goes down. Spend some money on making stuff look better and gathering friendly.

When can I go to Cuba from U.S.?

Just a question.

Gads, I almost miss how stupid he was....

Except he left so much damage.

A great ad would include a lot of world citizen testimonials

How powerful would that be...in all languages of all the people helped by her work and foundation money. More effective than the Wonder Woman costume.

Opportunity to loot....on a bigger level

It's bidness as usual. Lining their pockets with undisclosed donor's money. I don't know why we get so pissed off watching black kids robbing a liquor store of a case of Gatorade and yet pay no attention to the huge amounts slipping into undeclared and declared political candidates.

Beautifying poor areas

This is a very basic and dummy answer of improving a poorer area of a city, but how about more plantings of trees, green areas, veggie gardens and flowers. Visually, green areas give more pleasure and security to dreary areas. More citizens are on the streets taking ownership and care of the plantings. More responsible citizens gather togetherness in those areas.. Closing off street to traffic for gatherings, open markets, and selling of crafts and foods attracts citizens. Put kids to work planting with guidance from garden groups.

Just a simple idea. Not rocket science.

Take a valium

Ain't gonna happen.

Comparing Obama to Reagan

Is like comparing The good Roosevelt to Al Capone
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