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Member since: 2001
Number of posts: 24,742

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Yeah, I have two rants at once....eating Lay's during Lawrence and complaining about both?

Hating Lay's salt and MSNBC response hurdles

Geez....take out the over-salting of Lays products which were good as were and take the hurdles out of leaving responses for show on MSNBC. it should not be rocket science. Too much work.

And has anyone outside of Washinton, D.C. heard of The Washinton Enquirer? Is that like the L.A. weekly?

Classes freshman Republican pols must be required to take

Before taking office....civics, U.S. History, Women's anatomy, the Constitution, Robert's rules, world history, world religion, and civility and manners.

Name truth telling journalists and reporters

I name Tom Hartmann

Bush vs Gore

Why wasn't it in the original poll?

Who is his "adult" handler?

Surely a freshman needs to pass this shit to someone higher up? Look higher up for the same idiots in charge.


Direct line to cowards

Bah bah Bibi

Good riddance. At least he never got Saddamed by the U.S. The first Republican loss of the year?

Men have teflon

Lots of practiced liars out there. A truth teller and usually a woman has a more difficult time deflecting the scum.

Imploding like the Republican Congress?

No one person can ever meet that bar.
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