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Playing it up for the rubes is important...kind of.

Actual redemption? Not that important for "Republicans".

Most likely nothing.

Which makes him so mad! "I'm cute, dammit!"

Dearh penalty for not being white and male.

Fascist, not Communist.

At great risk to their...

...trust funds.

The movement is called "Black Lives Matter".

It is not "Only Black Lives Matter". Nor is it "Black Lives Matter More". That is because, for hundreds of years and until rather recently, black lives did NOT matter. Lynchings (and whites were lynched for daring to suggest that black lives mattered) have been a family picnic event in this country.

Everyone criticizing the name and saying "All Lives Matter" can go choke on something.

That was good.


Inherent asshole.


If this is ruled a suicide AND they say there is no surveillance video, expect unrest, violence, and more racist things like what has already been shown in this thread.

I am against the death penalty, but I can understand the urge.

That being said, the accused or condemned's family and friends should also be given some fair treatment. I don't think it's on par with the victiims' side, though it must be very difficult.
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