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Gross misstatement in that official's statement:


Not an accident.

And if you're okay with cops murdering handcuffed people, that's all on you.

You guys are missing what really motivates the corporations:

Money. Profit.

If oil prices are high, the corporations make more money. Right now, they are worried that they can't gouge the world with high gas prices.

"Hey, the demand for gas is outpacing production--never you mind our refineries we just shut down for no reason. Now pay up."

With the Saudis flooding the market, they can't really do that. However, if the U.S--and others--had invested in alternative energies a long time ago, the Saudis would be begging in the streets (figuratively) while the alt-energy fat cats flaunted their high-tech limos.

Oil would be cheap because no one would be buying it.

You know what would "solve" this oil price problem?

Alternative energies. Too bad work on it wasn't started fifty years ago when the energy problem was first articulated. U.S. companies and executives could be saying, "Whatever," as they recharge their high tech, electric limousines.

Ya think?

"The former Florida congressman said Democrats are respected and considered objective, but Republicans are not."

I'm fairly certain that...

..."Stupid", "Fox", and "watcher" are somewhere in the description.

Tide goes in, tide goes out; you can't explain that!

Attend, but don't participate:

So they can "inform the public".

Goforth was killed:

The witness was a woman who was romantically involved with Goforth at the time. During the investigation of the killing, Cloport had a sexual encounter with that same woman.

Meanwhile, journalistic writing is dying.

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