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Member since: 2001
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Stop giving the Pauls so much credit:

Their xenophobically isolationist stance is intended to avoid helping ANYONE. Their attitude just HAPPENS to have aligned with many, many people who yelled that invading Iraq was not just wrong, but stupid.

Those two should not be praised for this.

So, who were they trying to impress...

When they said they were ready to for there?

The terrorists:

The terrorists had a history of brandishing weapons and threatening law enforcement personnel and made statements that they were willing to die, which could be inferred as a threat of deadly violence; Not a "gun-happy" response.

Anyone who thinks Trump wants to be President:

Just like Carson, he has a book to sell them. And another when his campaign ends. (Maybe after his third party run.) He probably thinks his ego would be a great President, but he doesn't want to deal with those politics.

All that will matter is how 'right' the judge is.

White people should be outraged, too.

And, obviously, they are. Whites are being unjustifiably killed by cops, too. I am not trying to state or deny any kind of equivalency, here; it is merely factual that it has been happening. But these right-wing whackos getting away with this--being coddled by the 'authorities'--should enrage everyone.

Until solid evidence comes out to the contrary...

I am going to assume it is a sympathy ploy by the cop or supporters because I am so very sick of cops getting away with so much bad behavior. (I purposefully did not use "criminal" nor "illegal" to describe their behavior.)

Radicalized by the police and judicial system.

Was he arrested?

The fourth paragraph posted:

Stating the situation about the clinic in an incendiary way. No need for the paragraph at all.
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