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Member since: 2001
Number of posts: 359

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One of the many reasons that I am pro-abortion is...

There are too many people on this planet.

Right now, I do believe that it puts Americans first..

...on the chopping block. The rest of the world's workers are next to be sacrificed at the altar to the almighty corporations.

What people seem to forget:


Congress people are already supporting legislation they don't see, let alone study. How many of these congresspeople will sign onto fast track legislation when a superPAC promises support in their next campaigns?

One of the things I think of...

...when I see stories like this is the attitudes of, "Just go along to get along," and, "There are reasons for rules." Some people will see this as a moral or religious view being overbearing or boorish; I see it as those concepts--morality and religion--as tools for control.

That's hot.


I would have just wandered through them and bopped them around.

Wow. Hilary is a great innovator!

Never before has a candidate had pictures taken in the presence of other humans.

They usually just use stock photos from web sites.


I would assume it is a sardonic comment...

...In light of some people opposing gay marriage and adoption with the usually religious objection that a child should only be raised by one man with one woman.
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