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Member since: 2001
Number of posts: 369

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I used to drive by a house that had both the American and Confederate flags on a pole in their yard.

Michigan, yoo so fuhnneh!

My recollection of one aspect:

The US Supreme Court stepped in when it was out of their jurisdiction, usurping Florida's normal process before it got to Florida's State Supreme Court. They decided that to proceed with the recount would injure one participant--Bush--ignoring that NOT continuing would injure one party--Gore.

Also, the USSC opinion stated that their decision could not be used as precedent, when the main purpose of the decisions by the USSC is to be used as precedent.

I thought "Lone Wolf" only applied to American right-wingers.

"Unstable individuals".

Everyone else is organized to fight against the American way.

Ignoring context when the context is the previous sentences.

Could I get you a nice, fresh cup of shut up?

I'm getting so sick of the conflation that...

...I'm starting to lean toward the opinion that, no, they don't.

It has got nothing to do with Jenner's sex:

It is about his politics. If Jenner came out as a practicing polygamist beastialist, Santorum would be ready with the same lip-service, so long as Jenner was a good Republican.

What has been Frothy's stance on sexual issues in the past? Where was his condemnation if Vitter and so many other republicans and their hypocritical moral failures?

It's all about Republicans saying:

"Be afraid of big government because it spends all your money and doesn't support the right kind of religion." And they pay lip-service to Medicare because they realize their base in the welfare states (the taker states) like it, even though they don't seem to understand where it comes from.

Then not followed by Democrats telling these "people" why they actually do like big government.

I'm not a sociologist, but...

I'm going to make a wild leap in logic and suggest that a possible reason for the "riots" is police violence.

"violence against property and police is a well-acknowledged strategy of revolutionary groups"

Also a not-so-well-acknowledged strategy of agents provocateur seeking to discredit popularly-supported movements and actions.

(Fun with hyphens!)

Substitute "black" for "gun"?

When was the last time someone's skin "accidentally" shot and killed a child?
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