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Member since: 2001
Number of posts: 474

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The only one who can stop a christian with a gun...

Is Jesus with a gun.

Jesus, where were you?!

There had better be grounds to fire cops!

She might be late to the table...

... But she brought a good dish.

Almost everyone in the country.

Including many, many businesses. A large number of businesses will not, and they should receive assistance if it is a legitimate hardship.

How many were not spared for similar or better reasons?

Such as innocence?

I'm at work;

Can someone bring out the list of people who pointed guns at cops and weren't shot?

My understanding is...

That, to be a Christian, one must believe that Jesus is the virgin-born son of their god AND is the savior of mankind. I think that Mormons believe that Jesus is the son of man, but is not the savior of man. If that is the case, Mormons are NOT Christian.

I could be mistaken.

Part of his career was destroying companies and ruining peoples' lives.

A horrible person.

Do not keep naked pictures of yourself on your phone.

Send them to me.

I'm not saying it's impossible...

But I would say the odds are even.

"It's pretty good odds that the jury was well represented by blacks, being in St. Louis. "
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