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Member since: 2001
Number of posts: 281

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Yes. Yes you did.

Rock on.

(Looks around.)

What? No one's going to take the bait?

Regarding the Grimes vote:

I don't know if this has been brought up but, what if her non-commital statements are because she did NOT vote for Obama?

Add a graph of CEO income and see the impact.

Difference "white poverty" and "everyone else" in poverty:

The cop interviewed speaks protectively about the (white?) poor people there turning to drugs, drink and dreams because they are poor (and brings to mind all those local factories "outprofited" to some foreign country full of foreign people).

But when blacks and other groups of poor, they seem to be portrayed conversely: They love the drugs and drink too much, so they sit on their butts and sponge off everyone with the welfare checks.

Gee, change the name and year...

...and it's all about Bush.

Use the same audio but add a parade of right-wingers who have demonstrated how they live--like David Vitter and his "wife" (he has said that his wife would divorce him if gay marriage ever became legal; I'm taking him at his word)--and see how that performs.

"We're here for your children!"

That is awesome!

I'm pretty sure that...

I'm pretty sure that, with Republicans: Men get paid; women get threatened. Generally.

The truth hurts.

There is beauty in that picture.

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