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Member since: 2001
Number of posts: 276

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Gee, change the name and year...

...and it's all about Bush.

Use the same audio but add a parade of right-wingers who have demonstrated how they live--like David Vitter and his "wife" (he has said that his wife would divorce him if gay marriage ever became legal; I'm taking him at his word)--and see how that performs.

"We're here for your children!"

That is awesome!

I'm pretty sure that...

I'm pretty sure that, with Republicans: Men get paid; women get threatened. Generally.

There is beauty in that picture.

So much irony in your statement.

Two words:


But this would be discrete.

A young girl might not want to seem uncool while sticking a stick or paper in her drink that was handed to her by one of the cool guys on the football team at a party that anybody who's anybody is at.

"You think Bobby's gonna put something in your drink? He can get any girl he wants so don't flatter yourself! Who invited her, anyway?"

But a girl could just swirl her finger in her drink and "look sexy".

It's almost hard to tell which is the real reason they do it:

Bohner: Is it legal?
Camp: I think it is.
Bohner: Hmm...There's got to be another reason.
Camp: It's unscrupulous...
Bohner: That sounds promising. How about unpatriotic?
Camp: Oh, definitely.
Bohner: That's a bonus!

The first sign might be the incentive for some killings.

"My only threat to you is my capacity to be great."

Because stupid people believe stupid things.

Actually, lots of "smart" people do, too. And some stupid people believe intelligent things, as well.

Wait, what?
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