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My implication was along the line of...

...welfare recipients and how some of these Republicans want them to be drug-tested because they are receiving tax-payer money. His salary was provided (arguably) by taxes upon people. It was a bit flippant.

However, that is a lot of money (uncorroborated) being spent: Where did that more than $40,000 per year come from? Was he worried about blackmail? The possible corruption and compromised state of his position should still be investigated, keeping in mind any statutes of limitations, of course.

And I am only concerned about his illegal activity and how he might have tried to prevent his exposure.

If prostotution is illegal, he was using tax-payer money for illegal activity.

And using his position to create policy. Corruption is in there somewhere. Where is he getting all of that money?

Blame the owners.

"These are my gladiators; see them display!"

But we know who crime usually supports.

What kind of crap is this?

"Tell you what. I'll make you a deal. I'll help you get almost every "Leave my guns alone" DUer on your side; every one of us, working towards the common goal of eliminating or drastically reducing both gun and non-gun violence, on one condition;

Never once mention guns.

I could elaborate, but I'm not going to yet. I want this to be in good faith and honesty."

There is fairly strong regulation. Peoople are still very stupid.

The law states: Must be 21 years old; drinking and driving is a crime (by law, but we all know how the law is and is not applied); a bartender can sometimes be liable for serving persons.

Do any of those legal responsibilities have any analog with guns?

I am recalling...

...that the celibacy was instated because people asked for blessings (on the crops or births, et cetera) and the priests asked for sexual favors from daughters. The church did nothing until the people got sick of that, stopped attending church and stopped the tithing, which impacted church finances.

But I could be very much mistaken.

Chucklehead has said it's not his job to inform the public by correcting lies.


Piece of filth. (He is not the only one. Journalism is dying.)

Is Fucked toad trying to impersonate a journalist?


My post was a waste, but took up less space than yours. I don't know if it took less time, though.
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