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Member since: 2001
Number of posts: 308

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Let's get Christ back out of Christmas.

He should wear a shirt that says:

Be a journalist.

I don't know what happened, but...

All I can think is: Of course you believe the frat; they ALWAYS admit to rape right away.

(Just in case; and I'm not saying I believe or disbelieve; it's just seems like typical victim-blaming.)

You know what:


Republican criticizes Democratic first family, not remembering previous Rep. first family.

Not surprised.

What's a little institutionalized murder gonna bother Dead Intern Joe?

Now, muddy his ability to watch the gladiators and someone must answer!

Indictment by the GRAND JURY, means:

We believe your charges have merit and support a full trial to determine guilt.


So, I was right; you do not know.

Even in your statement you state the DA "will move to indict". SUGGEST TO INDICT to go to full trial. The DA is not supposed to determine GUILT, but is SUPPOSED to present the best case on behalf of the state; the PEOPLE.

That did not happen here. The opposite occurred.

This is pure speculation, but:

Wilson said he fears for his life because of anonymous death threats; does anyone think that Dorian Johnson has received death threats that are NOT anonymous.

I believe the Empire is portrayed as fascist and human-superior chauvanist.

Enslavement of non-humanoid species was part of government practice after Palpatine was "Emperorized".


What would have happened if, between the time of the call and the moment the cop arrived, the kid had taken his hands out of his pockets?
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