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Member since: 2001
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With Clinton, that might only erode her support.

With a Trump--who might actually be BEHOLDEN to Russia--they might be in control of the presidency.

The main reason I come to Democratic Underground:

Intelligent analysis by aware people. With just a little critical thinking, the information shared here is practically an education. Thank you all. All.

It should not be just cyber attacks.

It would not be the first time the Republicans worked with a foreign actor to affect an American election.

(That post was sarcastic)

(I am pretty certain that poster does not believe that the death penalty acts as a deterrent.)


Trump's negatives were seen as positive characteristics by his supporters. The negative coverage of Hillary had a SUPPRESSIVE effect on those who would have supported her. The media has been giving negative coverage of Hillary FOR DECADES, but she is still popular.

He's just keeping it one hundred.

'Lots' of 'sources' 'weren't 100 percent'.

How many people take a rifle to 'look into' a business? Show of hands?

As long as "Poor Representation" cannot be allowed as grounds for mistrial.

There should be a stipulation:

If you INSIST on self-representation, that CANNOT be grounds for appeal.

Democrats eventually went populist and Republicans went states rights, flipping their alignments.

That is your take away on this? Holy fucking shit.

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