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Member since: 2001
Number of posts: 384

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In a time when racism is falling out of favor...

...Who thinks people will admit that the flag they want to fly at the state capitol is all about racism?

Some people may be unaware about the real reasons for the Civil War, but most people who claim "Southern Pride" for their support for that flag are LYING.

There is this new invention called a "cup"...

They were worried about having to use a mop?

I admit that I haven't read it very closely...

But is there any god-damned reference to homosexuality or marriage in the original constitution? Or the first ten amendments?

To those referencing race:

These are escaped convicts, not the first arrest of a SUSPECT. So, here's a hearty


Not meaning to offend you, but Pastafarianism, in case you don't know...

And the Flying Spaghetti Monster, are a spoof of religion, in general. That poster is, most likely, on your side. As am I.

Fuch This Shit.

Change "accidentally shot" to "recklessly shot" and let's work from there.

Understandable mistake.

"a history of indiscriminate policing tactics that disproportionately target black and Latino men...

Does no one else see the oxymoron/irony/stupidity of that statement? Indiscriminate discrimination?

A dick from S. Carolina, then.

I said this about Frothy Santorum and it applies to Fainty Graham: It has nothing to do with anything other than Jenner being Republican and famous. As long as they can ride the coattails, they don't care about the dress.
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