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The Punch-Ourselves-In-The-Face squad has decided--

Not to punch too hard this time.

Who's paying?

Who’s paying? You and me.

But, apparently, not Donald Trump.

It was a big deal to "some people" that Barack used a teleprompter.

Those "people" didn't seem to have that criticism of Republicans. I'm sure that comment by the OP was a jab at "those people".

Think before you speak.

Look before you leap.
Don't go off half-cocked.
Never judge a book by its cover.
Don't judge a person until you have walked a mile in those moccasins.

If you don't think, how do you know that you are right?

Because children are ter--


Yes. To save the planet.

He must have lied on his entrance forms...

...and stated his I.Q. was lower than it actually is. This incident proved it was higher than allowable.

It's abiut being sympathetic without asking for sympathy.

Read the post again. She should admit that she had pneumonia, but say that she didn't feel bad enough to stay home--which is, based on her going to the event, completely true.

Her allies should be the ones saying that she was being tough and going to pay her respects despite being sick, which just about anyone should sympathize with, having gone to work or school while feeling sick. The campaign has already promised to release more information so that is fine for "coming clean'. If the press and the orange one continue to bring up her health, they should just say she was sick, yes; everyone gets sick.

They should coordinate; this is politics.

Not bury it.

Reframe and turn it into a sympathetic positive by putting her in the shoes of any other person.


But those are details and easily brushed aside with big-picture strokes. As long as they don't get overly defensive and don't bring up Trump, this could easily be turned into a positive for her.

As far as keeping reporters 'in-the-loop': Not worth the effort. They would inevitably support Trumplethinskin's claims of her health problems and ignore that bit of malpractice that is his own "medical report".


It just seems like such common sense. But the politicians are going to overthink it and become too defensive. Just make it a sound bite that the lame and lazy news channels can run.
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