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If the diaper fits...

Baby Trump

Bigly baby!

@bluegal on "why did it take until now for these women to come forward?"

In a series of tweets on Thursday, Frances Langum a.k.a. Bluegal, associate editor at Crooks and Liars and co-host of The Professional Left Podcast, laid out why the women confirming what Trump has bragged about for years are doing so now, and lo and behold, it's not some super-duper conspiracy against the howler monkey.

(1) I notice it's only men asking "why did it take until now for these women to come forward?
(2) It didn't "take until now." Trump lied about these women on national television on Sunday night.
(3) Their coming forward is a RESPONSE to that lie. Not some design to bring down his campaign (he did that on the bus in 2005),
(4) For someone burying the pain of that assault, Trump RE-OPENED their wounds by lying about it during the debate. The pain comes back.
(5) In order to keep some sort of normal life, you silence your memories so you won't feel the pain of what happened to you.
(6) But if the ahole who did that to you essentially brags about it (in the tape) and then lies about it (in debate) the pain roars back.
(7) Trust me, at that point you're re-living the attack in vibrant images. And the pain is very very real. At that point... silence?
(8) Silence is impossible. The only defense is refute the lie. Again, the women are not plotting against Trump. They are responding to him.
(9) But this is what patriarchy never understands. Trump always assumes negative emotions toward him are the fault of the other.....
(10) It was the same today with the @nytimes - he THREATENED to sue them. They responded with "oh yeah? See you in discovery."
(11) and IMMEDIATELY Trump sees himself as the VICTIM of an unfair press. But HE started the fight!
(12) and HE started these revelations of HIS past behavior when he looked at @andersoncooper Sunday Night and said "I never did."
(13) Patriarchs never understand that displaying that hubris? Is the strongest truth serum you can put before your victim.
(14) So when someone asks why these women are knocking on Trump's door now? It's because he invited them. The end.

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