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Woodstock happened after I returned home in April '69...

...and was waiting to get out of the Army that October.

Myself and a lot of friends went thru a lot of changes while in Vietnam. I had no questions about the war when I went in - my country called and I went.

However, I became very anti-war once I was in country. For the first time in my life, I smoked marijuana. I smoked a lot of marijuana. I studied Buddhism. I read Herman Hesse's "Siddhartha". I wore a small jade Buddha around my neck with gold holdings. I let my hair grow out. I was an unkempt soldier. I was invited to Tet dinner by a Vietnamese family, which I went. I was lucky to get out of the country alive and with a good discharge. In my three years, I changed rank nine times - from E-1 to E-2 to E-5 - to PFC to Spc4 to PFC to PVT E-1 to PVT E-2 to PFC E-3 in my three years.

I remember how a couple of "white" GI's got beat up pretty good when we got the news that MLK Jr. had been assassinated. Many whites were afraid to be out alone. I knew nothing of Eugene McCarthy, only what I read after my return and later in life. I did not know that so many young people were protesting for us back here in the States.

After my first tour was over in Sept '68, I got orders to go to Fort Lee, VA but I did not want to re-acclimate myself to the Army life again so I volunteered to go back for another tour. However, I kept my old orders for Fort Lee to show my family where I was headed when I went home on a drugged and drunken leave. They never knew that I was going back to VIetnam until I was back in the country, probably with the longest hair of any GI in Vietnam. That was a big deal in '68. I was forced to get it cut.

Ironically, when I was escorted out of the country, literally, I was sent to Fort Lee, VA to finish up my last few months in the military. I had few duties except to march in a few parades for the generals and big shots and keep the barracks clean. I do remember leaving behind in Vietnam a large poster for my friends, with "WAR?" painted on it, in blood red, and with song titles and quotes from the White Album...

For several years, it was a difficult time trying to adapt to "real" life again. I hitchhiked around the country as a way to gather myself and try to get back on the right track. Everything was so boring.

All heart and no cattle...

Liberals are bleeding hearts. They tend to believe the best in people.

They believe that people on food stamps need the food. They don't think they are just scamming the government.

They believe that folks getting unemployment checks would prefer a job. They don't think they are lazy and are just laying back watching their favorite TV shows.

They believe that every child should have a good lunch at school. They don't blame the parents if the child comes to school hungry.

They believe that most immigrants are looking for a better life for themselves and their families. They do not believe that they are all criminals or drug mules.

Liberals believe that government should help those in need. They do not believe that government is evil and can do nothing right.

On almost every issue that is debated, liberals give the benefit of the doubt to those that suffer or are in need. They do not vilify or criticize from a superior or unsympathetic position.

At the most basic level, this is the difference in today's political Parties. One has a heart and one does not. Words and rhetoric cannot cover up this most basic human flaw.

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