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Does the two-Party system help or hurt our country ??

It seems to me that the two-Party system has evolved to the point where it is nothing more than a way to divide people into camps, without regard to what is best for our country. It doesn't matter if one Party is right and one Party is wrong, the gridlock makes it impossible to accomplish anything for the people, no matter how much it is needed.

The majority of this nation would probably support Social Security and Medicare for our seniors. Also, they would probably support a reasonable and rational defense budget. And they would support helping our young people with their education. Just as they would support raising taxes and spending money on keeping our roads, bridges, and infrastructure in good shape.

But there are a lot of expenditures that they would not support with a wide consensus. These are areas for debate and cuts, if necessary.

However, it has now reached a point of partisan politics where it is difficult to get money for any type of program, including Social Security and Medicare. One Party is against all forms of taxes, no matter what they might be needed for. And they have the political power to gridlock the system and to create hardship for all of America. This is our present two-Party system.

Unless something is done, we are on the road to ruin. Somewhere, somehow, someone has to compromise.


Memo to the "secret" Republican...

You are still anonymous. Nobody knows your name. You are safe.

Nobody knows that you will continue to vote with your Party, even if they vote to give taxcuts to millionaires and cut food stamps for poor children. Nobody will blame you. They will blame your Party leaders.

Even though you may disagree with them on some "small" issues, you know they cannot be as bad as the evil and liberal Democratic Party. It doesn't matter if your mother depends on Medicare to survive. You are still with your Party as they vow to destroy it.

Remember that time you lost your job and you had to draw unemployment for over a year? You didn't want to, but you had paid into it and you deserved some assistance while you were looking for a job.

Soon, you will be able to sign up on your Social Security. You have worked your entire life and you need it. It will keep you alive in your later years. You will not have to live with your kids or ask your family for help. It's too bad that your Party wants to dismantle it. It's really a very good program for everyone, Democrats and Republicans.

But you can lay your head on your pillow tonight and sleep well knowing that you and your friends make it possible for more taxcuts for the wealthy and less food stamps for the poor. You should not worry that God has a very warm place reserved for you if perchance, you do not awaken in the morning. Isn't it nice that God forgives?


"He's just an entertainer...what's the big deal?"

Every time this drug-crazed pervert goes over the line with his misogynistic, racial-slurring, bull crap, we hear Republicans come forward with the excuse that it's no big deal, he's just an entertainer.

The expiration date has run out on those excuses for this ass wipe. There are no more defenses for his sick political charade. We can look for the Republicans to run to his defense tomorrow.

This simple "entertainer" is paid over $250 million dollars to "entertain" his simple-minded listeners. Let's be honest. He is nothing more than a paid propagandist for the Republican Party. And they think he is worth every penny of it.

He came out yesterday and today on his radio show and called an American citizen, by name, a "slut" and a "prostitute" for wanting her insurance to pay for her birth control pills. He said if the taxpayers are going to have to pay for her birth control, then she should have to post her sex acts over the Internet so he and everyone could see what they were getting for their money. I suppose he may not be on the air tomorrow? He will be talking to his lawyer.

Not only did he slander this young college student, he slandered about 98% of the American women who have used birth control. They are all "sluts", in Rush's opinion.


How the Republicans tore down our country

We don't have to go back very far. Only to about the 1980's.

It was at that time that they decided government was evil. Never before had they been so bold at stating their long held belief about government.

They took simple economic theories printed on napkins and made them a national policy. Their aim was to destroy the beast called "big government" by starving it to death. If there were no taxes, they would have nothing with which to feed the beast.

So they deliberately lied. They told the people that they could cut taxes and it would bring in more money to the Treasury. Simply because, businesses would have more money to expand and create jobs, thus bringing in more tax revenues. But, unfortunately, it did not work that way. They created huge debt and deficits, unlike any we had ever seen in history.

However, America did get sort of a reprieve in 1992 when Bill Clinton was elected. He was lucky to come in at a time when technology and computers were revolutionizing the American economy. By the end of his second term, he was able to balance the budget and forecast a surplus far into the future, without using SS funds to fund the government. Of course, the Republicans jumped on the bandwagon. They were partners in balancing the budget they argued. Of course, every single Republican voted against the Clinton economic plan in 1993 and said that it would create a terrible economy. Once again, they were able to lie themselves out of a hole.

But they were desperate. This money belonged to the people, not to the government, Bush argued in the 2000 campaign. They had to take back the government by hook or crook. They ended up taking back power by crook and decided to double down on the voodoo economics that had failed so terribly in the 1980's. Not only that, they would get rid of every regulation possible to make it easier for business to make their fortunes without the yoke of "big government". They had already reformed welfare under Clinton, before they impeached him. So they were well on their way to destroying the "beast" of big government.

Every conscious American knows what happened under George W Bush and the Republicans, who were in control of everything for 6 years. Terrorism, wars, pestilence, lies, and neglect of our Constitution, torture, rendition, etc. We all know what happened, even if some prefer to continue in denial. The Democrats were weak and helpless during this time. They offered little resistance.

Then, when Barack Obama was elected in 2008, many thought there was hope to turn everything around. Unfortunately, the mess created was so deep and destructive, and the willpower so weak and timid, that we were unable to make the progress that the country needed. We made some progress but it was minute compared to the need. The Republicans fought every effort to make the changes necessary.

So, there you have it. A short history of how the Republicans tore down our country and are looking for an opportunity to finish the job. America was such a great country with such hope and opportunity. The people bought the lies and were not vigilant and they lost it.

Obama inherited an economy that lost 750,000 jobs in his first month in office.

If he had not turned that around, we could have lost over 27 million jobs in the last 3 years.

There was no guarantee that it could be turned around. After all, the stock market was dropping like a rock, eventually getting down into the 6000's. The banks had collapsed and the world economy was teetering on the edge of the abyss.
That is no exaggeration. It was not a "normal" recession.

But we did not lose 27 million jobs. In fact, the Obama Administration has created almost 2 million new jobs. It's true that many states have cut police, fireman, and teachers in efforts to balance their budgets and those jobs are adversely affecting the unemployment rate.

To say that it could have been worse is true. The voters will have to decide if they think the Republicans could have done better at stopping and turning around the trend of losing a possible 27 million jobs. Mitt Romney is saying that he could have done a better job at turning around the depression which his Party mostly created. When pressed, Romney admits that he would continue the same policies of George W Bush that got us into this economic catastrophe. The voters need to go into the voting booths with their eyes wide open.

The greatest accomplishments of Ronald Reagan.

He said the famous quote, "Mr Gorbachev, tear down this wall!" It was so inspiring and full of oratory. It was almost as great as Bush Jr's bullhorn moment, "They will hear all of us now!" Abraham Lincoln could not hold a light to these great orators.

And the wall did come down. But not until George Bush Sr was President. Still, his followers gave the Gipper all the credit. Reagan single-handedly defeated communism and brought down the Soviet Union.

Also, Reagan said that "government was not the solution, government was the problem." Then he went out and proved it. He ran up the largest deficits in our history at that time and cut taxes on the wealthy, which started our slide into huge deficits. His supply-side theories, written on a napkin, became a bible for economic conservatives.

Then, when Bill Clinton raised taxes and balanced the budget in his eight years in office, everyone knew that it was because Ronald Reagan laid the foundation for it. Reaganomics finally worked - under Clinton.

America was the "shining city on the hill" to the Grade B actor turned President. His followers adored him. America would once again be the most powerful nation on earth. We would use our military wherever it was to our advantage. As he did when he sent in our Marines into Lebanon to quell the violence. 241 Marines died in their barracks from a car bomb, as they lay sleeping. Then Reagan withdrew the remaining forces and lobbed bombs into the Lebanese countryside, just to show them how angry he was.

But he didn't stop there. He was intent on stopping communism from spreading across our borders to the South. His accomplices, Oliver North and Robert McFarland secretly sold arms to the Iranian terrorist government so they could get spending money to spend in El Salvador and Honduras. When it was discovered, he feigned ignorance.

Then, when Bush Jr came into power, after stealing an election in Florida with the help of the US Supreme Court, Reaganomics became prominent once again. Taxes were cut and the military was put on a wood floor and fed corn all winter to fatten it up like a bloated hog. The balanced budget disappeared after the first year of new Reaganomics and we were at war once again. Supply-side was once again the economic religion of the right-wing conservatives.

Like Reagan wanted, Bush Jr and the Republicans removed as many regulations as possible to free up the markets. The market was God. After all, government was the problem.

Then the stock market crashed and the economy collapsed. The big money Reaganites were sweating bullets. Their money was disappearing. They came crawling back to the hated "government" begging to be saved from themselves. And the government saved them.

Those are just a few of the greatest accomplishments of Ronald Reagan. He is now a myth. If he were alive, he would walk on wine and turn it to water. Every Republican wants to be like Ronald Reagan. Don't dare criticize this great president.

Role Reversals

Good morning all good Republicans!

Has the Democratic Party become the Party of tax cuts and lower taxes for everyone? Has the Republican Party become the Party of big-government spending? If we look at the numbers in recent years, we might think so? It is the Democrats that have balanced the budget. It is the Republicans that have spent us into oblivious decline.

Is this a permanent change or just a temporary necessity? Since the Roosevelts of the last century, Democrats have believed that government has a major role to play in making better the lives of the common citizens. The Social Security program was revolutionary. It was socialism at its finest.

Some might suggest that this would not be the first time the Parties have switched roles. Lincoln was a liberal in his day. Democrats were more conservative. After the Progressive movement about 100 years ago and after FDR, the Democratic Party became more liberal and the Republican Party became more conservative.

Are we returning to those days? This President has stated that he does not believe in programs such as WPA to help our economy. Rather, he has shown that he has more faith in taxcuts to stimulate our economy. His Party has followed him on this new path. Granted, he has mostly asked for taxcuts for the middle-class, those making less than $250K per year, which in reality, is about the bottom 97% of Americans.

Does it bother you that the Democratic Party is no longer the Party of bigger government? Because, by definition, less taxes mean less government. The argument that the SS tax cut is coming from the general fund means that money in the general fund will not be spent on some other program. Even if it were to be put into the SS fund, something else would have to be cut, because deficit spending is no longer permitted by either Party.

Look in the mirror. How does it feel to be a Republican?

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