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Le Taz Hot

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Gender: Female
Hometown: CA
Member since: 2001
Number of posts: 21,072

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Just got back from the La Raza Event

here in The City That Shall Not Be Named. Ah, fuck it, I'm not involved with the local Party Loyalists anymore so, Fresno. Anyway, we didn't organize quick enough to have a table so we just were outside where people drove into the parking lot with signs, fliers, wearing out Bernie T-Shirts and talkin' about Bernie. (OK, the Spanish speakers were talking about Bernie it was my job to stand there and look beautiful ) Anyway, I mean how hard was that? It didn't have to go through any committees, we didn't have to "unify our message" we didn't have to check with the local party loyalists to clear the event. Screw that. If you want to get out and campaign for Bernie it's just a matter of picking a time and place and do it. Doesn't cost anything except time. Now THAT'S a grassroots campaign!

Does anyone have a link to Bernie fliers in Spanish?

I'm attending a La Raza event this morning and need fliers in Spanish. If anyone has a link or has something that you have translated yourself or CAN translate something and send it to me I'd be appreciative.


ON EDIT: Thank you for all who responded. I got EXACTLY what I was looking for. Now have Spanish and English Bernie fliers ready to go.

You guys are absolutely BEYOND awesome!

I have to laugh . . .

The local (city that shall not be named) for Bernie group has asked me not to post anything negative on their board. The negative part I posted was that the local Democratic Party (who cannot get a Democrat elected in a county where the majority is registered Democrat) put the brakes on the local organizing efforts because they, essentially, didn't have their shit together and they don't want anyone else organizing the local efforts if they can't control it. Anyway, I've been asked not to point out the local party efforts to control the local Bernie campaign by asking me not to point out the local party efforts to control the local Bernie campaign on a board controlled by the local party.

This is fucking insane.

More on those pesky Superdelgegates

who could tip the advantage to Hillary despite the popular vote as they make up 20% of the delegate count.


"These superdelegates are Democratic members of Congress, high-ranking members of the Democratic Party, state governors and former presidents and vice presidents .

Superdelegates are simply "unpledged voters." Their vote represents their own choice, rather than the wishes of the voters, and these unpledged delegates can pledge their votes as they see fit.

Superdelegates have to consider how to use their votes carefully. They may:
•Vote in step with how the voters in the majority of states voted
•Vote in line with Democratic voters nationwide
•Vote in favor of the candidate with the most pledged delegates, even if it is just a slim majority.

A superdelegate can also choose to vote his or her "conscience." This is one way of saying that a superdelegate may not vote the way the majority of voters do, but on the candidate he or she feels is best. "Superdelegates are supposed to vote their conscience and supposed to vote for person they think would make the best candidate and the best president."



This is an older article about Clinton in 2008 but the principles/als remain the same.

At this point, it doesn't matter if Hillary is or is not guilty of security breaches,

politically, she's toast. Seriously, the MSM has got it's bone and they're not going to let go of it and the Republicans will run with it. It's all we're hearing about her now, what will it be like if she were to get the nomination? The right wing crazies will be out in droves to vote AGAINST her in the General. Just one more reason she absolutely should NOT be the nominee.

It looks like Hillary is losing her shine with the DNC.

Her campaign can spin all day long but they understand trajectory as well as anyone else. That's why the DNC is floating Biden and Gore trial balloons. So, her support is and has always been: 1) Yellow Dog Democrats, 2) the DNC Party Machine, and 3) Wall Street. Yellow Dogs and Wall Street will continue to back her but when 1/3 of your support is sniffing elsewhere AND your trajectory continues in a sharp, downward motion, you're in serious trouble.

My local news just covered Bernie.

(Channel 30 - ABC) This is the first I've seen of any local coverage about Bernie. They talked about his rise in popularity and the NH polls They played a small clip of Bernie in L.A. where he's saying that the millionaires and billionaires can't have it all. (One of my favorites.) It seems the difference, at least locally, is that NH poll. They also mentioned Hillary's email issues.

Things are getting very interesting.

Pictures! (Dial-up Warning)

OK, I've FINALLY had a chance to breath (and sleep - remember sleep?). Here's what I took:

This is waiting in line. I got there 3-1/2 hours early as I wanted to be near the front. As you can see, I was!

One of the 2 local news trucks:

The line at first.

St. Bernies for Bernie: LOL

This is when I first sat down. You can get an idea of how "yuge" this stadium is:

This is a shot of the audience turning on the Flashlight app in their cameras all at the same time:

And after that I became so engrossed in the speakers I forgot to take pictures! LOL! (This is why they don't let me operate a camera.)

Where did Bernie Sanders go after the L.A. event?

Why out to the "overflow," of course, to speak with the people who couldn't get in! I had NO IDEA this went on. Just found this on FB.


That was fucking AWESOME!

A sea of young people OF ALL RACES! Really great, effective speakers including Bernie's new press secretary. They had a young Hispanic woman talking about immigration, they had a nurse talking about today's endorsement by the NNU, several others and, finally, Sarah Silverman talked a little bit and then introduced Bernie.

My ears are still ringing. I've got LOTS of pictures but it will take me awhile to d/l them and post them here. There's a great picture of a St. Bernard wearing a Bernie T-Shirt so it was St. Bernards for Bernie. LOL.

This is L.A. so there was gay, straight, transgendered, you name it, all groups were well represented there. I'm telling you the young people have absolutely taken over this campaign and, speaking as someone who has been doing this forever, I'M TIRED and y'all need to take over now. But I have your back.

ETA: So, I haven't been able to figure out how to get the pictures off the iPhone onto DU yet (new phone) and I'm getting ready to drive back home but AT SOME POINT I will get the pictures up. Probably closer to tomorrow morning.
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