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Le Taz Hot

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Gender: Female
Hometown: CA
Member since: 2001
Number of posts: 21,064

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Update on our Fresno State Tabling

So, we started Tabling for Bernie at California State University, Fresno on Fridays about 3 weeks ago.

The first Friday was us three co-chairs plus 2 volunteers and I and another co-chair donated the fliers.

The second Friday was the 3 co-chairs and 7 volunteers and I donated the fliers.

Today, without counting the 3 co-chairs there were 18 volunteers and two of our volunteers had fliers made on their own dime and brought them today for us to distribute.

We've registered several people to vote.

We have close to 150 people now on our volunteer list and should now have enough volunteers so the Fresno State table will pretty much run itself. And the ideas that these guys have come up with are phenomenal. I'm going to be sharing them in a Thread as soon as I can catch a breath.

Anyway, just like the national campaign, once you get the ball rolling for Bernie, the whole damned thing takes care of itself. I have honestly never seen anything like it.

What About A Weekly Activist Thread?

I was thinking about posting a weekly invitation for DU's Bernie supporters to share what they've done that week for the campaign, whether it's watching a video or two or organizing events. I think it gives us a way to connect and it's a way to share ideas. I've gotten 90% of "my" ideas from other DUers.

What do you think? Useful or preachy?

We ARE Bernie's 50-state strategy.

Traditional American politics say if you can sweep all Super Tuesday states, you've already won the nomination. Traditional thinking says that you have to have LARGE money to compete in all 50 states and even the most well-funded candidacy can't afford to go full-bore in all 50 states.

But there's nothing traditional about Bernie's campaign. Bernie doesn't have unlimited money and his top people are only getting paid a salary. They're not getting ad buy percentages because there ARE no ad buys. Yet, this has been, arguably, one of the best-run campaigns I've ever seen and that's because the campaign knew that WE could carry him to the nomination. And we can.

From the beginning, the campaign announced, basically, that they didn't have the time or money to organize us or fund us so it was going to be up to us to pick up the slack. If you've spent more than 45 seconds on social media you know it is BURSTING with people and groups posting their events and ideas for the campaign.

The result is that he's leading in New Hampshire and Iowa, he's in South Carolina and headed for the Super Tuesday states. Nobody, and I mean NOBODY saw this coming.

So, this is it. We need to keep doing what we've been doing. I don't care if your state primary isn't until June, KEEP CAMPAIGNING because if we can keep this campaign alive throughout all 50 states, we can achieve something the "experts" said couldn't possibly happen -- win the Democratic nomination.

Tabling for Bernie today at the local university.

I had set the table upright, that's it. No signs up yet, no fliers out yet, just a table. Not even a tablecloth (I had my Bernie t-shirt on), when they started coming over to me, "Yeah! Bernie Sanders! He's my guy" and words to that effect. In 3 hours we went through 230 fliers and got 44 volunteer sign ups. In three hours.

I was going to get pictures but these guys were 3-deep at times waiting to hear more about Bernie, waiting to get fliers, waiting to sign up to volunteer and I couldn't catch a breath before I was talking to another student, and another, and another. We also had about 10 people register to vote as well.

The Journalism professor came by and thanked us for being there. We told him we're going to be out there every Friday (the students asked us to be there on Mondays as well) so he's going to come by and interview one of us for the campus newspaper next week.

I swear we were like our own little rainbow coalition out there as one of our volunteer organizers is Hispanic and Spanish-speaking, one is African American and me, the little old white lady.

So . . . if you're looking for opportunities to Table for Bernie and if you have a college or university in your town, this is a GREAT way to do it. The only thing that cost us any money was what we spent on flier copies. That's it! I donated the table & chairs, one of the other volunteers had the Bernie signs and voter registration forms and the rest of the time we just talked to people.

I can't begin to tell you how tired and energized I am all at the same time.

Next week, I promise, pictures!

About the Des Moines Register and Loris polls.

The first has Bernie behind by only 7%, the second has Bernie behind by 25%. So, anyone an expert on reading poll numbers, sampling, etc., and interpreting why the hell there is an 18 percentage-point difference between the two polls?

I mean, 4 points, 8 points, I can almost get, but 15? I'm confused.

Very cool Cesar Chavez quote on my FB feed just now:

Once social change begins, it cannot be reversed.
You cannot uneducated the person who has learned to read.
You cannot humiliate a person who feels pride.
You cannot oppress the people who are not afraid anymore . . .

Cesar Chavez

Wow! Does that apply here or what?

Petition for CNN to have Jorge Ramos Moderate the September Debate

What a GREAT idea! (Hosts: I THINK I got this in the right place.)

petition link

I just had to share this with the Bernie group.

OK, so you guys know how bad I am at posting pictures so I'm just going to steer you to the FB link with a great picture of one of our Bernie volunteers yesterday at the La Raza event: (I have permission from mom to post this.)


Why the Millinnials are following a 73-year-old Democratic Socialist

that most people have never heard of. This is it. Listen to them. Talk with them. These guys are so much smarter than we ever were. They're tuned in to social media and can access internet sources that most of us can't even begin to access. As such, they know bullshit when they see it and they look at all the candidates running and know they're being pandered to They know that none of the Establishment candidates mean anything they say. Bernie isn't one of those candidates and these young people are smart enough to recognize honesty and sincerity when they see it. I'm not at all surprised that they're overwhelmingly supporting Bernie Sanders.

Edited to correct spelling error in title because apparently, that's the most important thing about this OP.

Sanders Wins South Carolina AFL-CIO Endorsement

The South Carolina AFL-CIO executive board passed a resolution supporting U.S. Sen. Bernie Sanders’ candidacy for the Democratic Party presidential nomination and recommending his endorsement by the state and national labor organization.

“We call on the AFL-CIO, union members and working people everywhere to unite behind Bernie Sanders and elect the president Americas’ workers desperately need,” the resolution said. The resolution “strongly urges” the national AFL-CIO to endorse Sanders.

Erin McKee, president of the South Carolina AFL-CIO, said the executive board member who recommended Sanders said “nobody in a very long time has stood up for working people and labor like Bernie Sanders has.”

South Carolina is among the first four states in the nation to hold primaries or caucuses to begin the process of selecting the Democratic Party presidential nominee. The action by the South Carolina executive board made it the second state, after Vermont, to back Sanders.

Forgot the link:

And apparently, this is old news -- I went by the dateline in the article. I think I'll keep it up anyway.
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