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Le Taz Hot

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Gender: Female
Hometown: CA
Member since: 2001
Number of posts: 21,746

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WaPo: The candidate breaking through in the Democratic debate? Bernie Sanders.

Hour one:

For the non-Hillary Rodham Clinton, non-Bernie Sanders Democrats participating in the first debate on Tuesday night, there was one goal: Get noticed. A look at the candidates being searched on Google during the debate shows that one candidate managed to do that.

Bernie Sanders.

<See graph at link>

Sanders repeatedly saw spikes in Google interest after he spoke. After his intro. After he talked about guns. After basically everything else he said. About an hour after the debate began, Jim Webb attracted some attention after he complained about not having an opportunity to speak. But it was Sanders that drew attention the whole time.

What's more, Sanders actually overpowered the long-term king of Google, Donald Trump. During the debate, Sanders continually attracted more Google interest than Trump.



We need to contact members of the Progressive Caucus

and urge them to endorse and use their super delegate vote for Bernie Sanders. It's time for the members of this austere body to put up or shut up. They need to overwhelmingly hear from US! Please spread the word for this action. Here's the membership list


Conference Call Information

I've been in on 2 recent conference calls with the campaign and I wanted to share some of the information with Bernie supporters as we can ALL help in this endeavor.

First off, as you know, there are Debate Watch parties scheduled all over the country for October 13. Yes, the idea behind the Debate Watch parties is to hook up with your fellow local Bernie supporters, BUT, the REAL goal is to start upping the campaign's volunteer list. They're saying those numbers have been stalled for awhile and it needs a kickstart. SO, if you're holding a Debate Watch Party or if you're attending one, make sure that there is some way people can log on and sign up to volunteer WITH THE CAMPAIGN. Even if you have a separate sign-in sheet to volunteer for the local group, that is separate from signing up with the campaign.

Second, they want us to immediately follow up for the weekend of the 17th and 18th with a voter outreach event ensuring that we put all those new volunteers to work ASAP. It doesn't matter what it is, tabling, voter registration booths, we're doing an "All Signs Point to Bernie" Event (thank you to one of our DUers for that title -- I can't remember which one because I'm getting fucking old!) honk-and-wave event on Saturday. Remember, we want to engage people into the local and national campaign and keep them engaged.

The second part of the Oct 17/18 is to make sure and list those events on the www.berniesanders.com "Events" page and MAKE SURE people sign up on that page. They're trying to see what they have in the way of support and break it all down geographically.

They are anticipating an AVALANCHE of new people after the debate and they're asking us, the people on the ground, the organizers, to be ready to USE that new influx of people.

We're about to enter into Phase Two, boys and girls so hold on, it's about to get wild!

I need help coming up with an Event name (UPDATE)

I'm trying to get people together at the same time and place to come out with whatever Bernie signs they have (I'll have some available at the Event as well) and do a "Honk for Bernie" sort of thing for about 2 hours on a busy intersection. I need to list it on the Events page and I can't for the life of me think of a clever/creative title for it. You guys are always so creative I wanted to invite suggestions from my fellow DU Bernistas.

Thanks in advance!

So, Joanie Baloney's suggestion won out for:

"All Signs Point to Bernie" Event

Thanks so much for all who contributed. The Event is now on the Events page.

October 13 and October 17 Events

Last Friday I was on a conference call with campaign headquarters and the emphasis was on two dates:

October 13: Debate Watch Parties
October 17: Sidewalk "signing" for Bernie (I just made that title up -- call it whatever you wish)

I think we all remember the "yuge" July 29, event where simultaneous get-togethers were planned all over the country and it was a great success. Well, they're trying to do sort of the same thing for the above 2 dates. The October 13, date is self-explanatory but they wanted us to ensure we harness that enthusiasm at the Debate Watch parties and do a follow up on October 17. Basically, pick a busy intersection and break out the Bernie signs (either from the Bernie store or homemade signs) and do a "honk for Bernie" sort of thing. And IF you're planning on either/or of these events to list them on the www.berniesanders.com website on the Events page.

We've got 2 watch parties (for once my group is NOT putting on one of them because neither my partner nor I have a TV) going on here and then our group is going to follow up with a "Sidewalk Sign and Honk for Bernie (I really do have to come up with a better title) at a busy intersection here from 10:00 to 12:00.

I've done this kind of thing before and it's legal as long as you stay on the sidewalk and don't impede vehicle or pedestrian traffic. If it looks like I have a large group coming I call the local Police Department (non-emergency number) and let them know who we are and when and where we're going to be. Usually all that happens is that a patrol car will show up a couple times an hour just to make sure we're behaving ourselves. Anyway, just a little information for those who haven't done "signing" before.

Bernie Sanders supporters are planning on car pooling to Las Vegas on the 13th.

I've been hearing a lot of buzz, including people from our area, who are already planning car pools to Las Vegas. At first, the plan was to show up en masse to protest DWS's Hillary-friendly debate schedule. It's now morphing into giving a more balanced representation for Bernie since the debates are going to be front-loaded with a largely Hillary-friendly crowd who will swoon and cheer wildly over every word.

I'm thinking this should be a "thing" with Bernie supporters coming from not only Nevada, but from other neighboring states. (ARE YOU LISTENING MY FELLOW PRUNE PICKERS?) I'd love to go but I'm tabling for Bernie that day.

Got some interesting news today about the October 13 debate.

The word is out the DNC is HEAVILY stacking the debate audience with Hillary supporters. And remember, it's the DNC who deems who can be in the audience. And I'm guessing CNN has already decided that Hillary has "won" the debate.

Can I just say that I'm old enough to remember the last time The Party Establishment locked out dissenting voices -- Richard Nixon became our president.

Check out our new Bernie Buttons

This was the brainchild of my partner who made it happen.

ETA: We GIVE these away, we don't sell them.

We are sharing our templates for our Bernie Mask.

Full Disclosure: I got this idea from a picture that was going around from the MN for Bernie group. We just copied the idea. Print it out onto card stock, cut out the outline and use an exacta knife to cut the inside of the glasses and forehead out. The space at the lower-left of the mask is to put a label over with your group's name, etc. We taped a stick on the back using packing tape and voila! Mask!

Here's a link to the picture on FB:


So, between starting hate websites, doing "opposition research" on Bernie,

Alert stalking DUers, and trash talking here on DU, I have a question. When do Hillary supporters have time to, you know CAMPAIGN?

Seriously, I'm on social media, on DU and Kos, I'm all over this city doing campaigning for Bernie and not ONCE have I seen a table, a sign, a button, or a bumper sticker for Hillary. Not one.

So, Haters for Hillary, her numbers are going down down down in the polls. Don't you think you might want to change tacks and actually campaign FOR your candidate because clearly what you're doing now (or not doing now) is not working.
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