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Le Taz Hot

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Gender: Female
Hometown: CA
Member since: 2001
Number of posts: 21,736

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UPDATE: Links for tonight's debate for those without a tv service.

See below for several ways to watch if you don't have a TV and/or TV service.

So, about this meme that you have to have bazillions of dollars

to compete in today's political environment. If that was the case, Jeb would be winning by a landslide, Meg Whitman would have been California's Governor and Carly Fiorina would have been one of it's Senators.

Keep fighting, Bernie supporters, it's been done before and we can do it again.

Question for Iowans

I have a question for you Iowans;

Yesterday, we had a Phone Banking for Bernie Event at my house and we were calling Iowans. Probably about 75% to 80% of the calls went unanswered (or answering machines). Would you say that is because people are looking at their caller ID and, not recognizing the number (or being an out-of-state number) people are just not picking up? I know you guys must get inundated with calls for all the candidates and I'm sure the closer to the caucusing it gets the worse it gets but, in your opinion, is phone banking to Iowa voters effective or is it considered more along the lines of a PITA?

Thanks in advance!


Confessions from a Hillary Shill

Good afternoon. As of today, I am officially a former "digital media specialist" (a nice way to say "paid Internet troll") previously employed by Hillary Clinton's campaign (through a PR firm). I'm posting here today as a confession of sorts because I can no longer continue to participate in something that has become morally-indigestible for me.


The real problem for me started around the end of September and the beginning of October, when there was a change of direction from the team leader again. Apparently, the higher-ups in the firm caught wind of an impending spending splurge by the Clinton campaign that month and wanted to put up an impressive display. We received very specific instructions about how and what to post, and I was aghast at what I saw. It was a complete change in tone and approach, and it was extremely nasty in character. We changed from advocates to hatchet men, and it left a very bad taste in my mouth.

Just to give you an idea, here are some of the guidelines for our posting in October:

1) Sexism. This was the biggest one we were supposed to push. We had to smear Bernie as misogynistic and out-of-touch with modern sensibilities. He was to be characterized as "an old white male relic that believed women enjoyed being gang raped". Anyone who tried to object to this characterization would be repeatedly slammed as sexist until they went away or people lost interest.



The rest of the list will sound eerily familiar.

Is there a Live Stream of the Clown Car Debate?

No TV. Thanks!

Bernie Sanders Holds 19-Point Lead Among San Diego Democrats

California’s presidential primary isn’t until June 7, but Bernie Sanders can feel confident about his chances in San Diego County. The 74-year-old Vermont senator has a commanding lead in a week-old online poll run by the county Democratic Party.

“Out of the 627 total votes cast so far, Bernie Sanders is in the lead with 55 percent, followed by Hillary Clinton with 36 percent and potential candidate Joe Biden with 7 percent,” the Blue View party newsletter said Thursday.

“The remaining candidates garnered less than 1 percent each.”


This is SAN DIEGO -- a conservative part of California. Here's a hint on how conservative: Both Darrel Issa and Duke Cunningham are from the San Diego area. Since Clinton is WAAAAYYYYY far to the right of Sanders, you would think they'd be leaning Clinton, but nope.

Millenials will put their support behind a candidate they believe in

They voted FOR Obama in 2008. Obama pissed on them and their efforts the second he took office and then he wonders why they stayed home in 2012 and 2014. Bernie's got them excited again and because of a 50-year history of walking the walk they know he won't make a sharp right turn as soon as he gets the White House.

These kids aren't beholden to a political party. Many have a great disdain for BOTH major parties. I register voters at every Bernie event and in California they can vote in the Democratic Primaries if they're a registered Democrat or a registered Decline to State. By a 3:1 margin they are choosing Decline to State.

So this is it. These kids don't swear blind allegiance to any political parties, but they will throw their considerable support (the Hillary camp is making a deadly mistake in dismissing them) behind a candidate if they believe in him/her. So the lesson to the Democratic Party is to start putting up BETTER CANDIDATES because the millennials are NOT going to come out to support someone who they see as representing the status quo.

A Word About Polls

Much has been written about who is polled, by whom, and how the numbers are presented (i.e., cherry picking to ensure the snapshot is advantageous to your candidate). But the inaccurate representation is when only Democrats are polled. Those numbers will always have Hillary in the lead because those are The Party Faithful, what we used to call Yellow Dog Democrats. They'll vote for whoever or whatever the Democratic Party shoves up there because they have the correct letter next to their name.

Conversely, Bernie's support is from all over the political spectrum. He's getting progressive Democrats, Greens, independents, disenfranchised, and yes, Republican and Libertarian (I've re-registered them personally) and those are the people who are not included in these polls. I believe Bernie is MUCH closer in state polls and nationally than we're being led to believe.

Campaigning for Bernie -- An Easy Sell.

Seriously. Other than the occasional "he's a commie" and a few taking exception to our "Black Lives Matter" poster talking to people about Bernie, just sticking to the issues, taking cues from the campaign has been such an easy "sell." Most people have at least heard of him by now but there are still people who haven't. Talking about free college tuition, restructuring student debt, raising the minimum wage to $15.00, and doesn't take corporate money, you can see the surprise on their face and hear it in their responses. "Really?" It's so easy our new volunteers are engaging much sooner than has been my experience in the past. It really is amazing.

WaPo: The candidate breaking through in the Democratic debate? Bernie Sanders.

Hour one:

For the non-Hillary Rodham Clinton, non-Bernie Sanders Democrats participating in the first debate on Tuesday night, there was one goal: Get noticed. A look at the candidates being searched on Google during the debate shows that one candidate managed to do that.

Bernie Sanders.

<See graph at link>

Sanders repeatedly saw spikes in Google interest after he spoke. After his intro. After he talked about guns. After basically everything else he said. About an hour after the debate began, Jim Webb attracted some attention after he complained about not having an opportunity to speak. But it was Sanders that drew attention the whole time.

What's more, Sanders actually overpowered the long-term king of Google, Donald Trump. During the debate, Sanders continually attracted more Google interest than Trump.


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