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Le Taz Hot

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Gender: Female
Hometown: CA
Member since: 2001
Number of posts: 19,680

Journal Archives

"President Barack Obama heading to Fresno for drought discussion"

FRESNO, California (KFSN) -- The White House confirmed to Action News President Obama is planning to visit Fresno next Friday, Feb. 14 to learn about the historic drought first-hand.

It will be President Obama's first visit to Fresno.

In the upcoming days, the White House is expected to reveal the details of the President's trip to Fresno, including setting a time and place for his visit.


In a statement (Rep. Jim) Costa said: "We've been wanting the president to come to the Valley for a long time. The federal agencies' willingness to work with the governor and state to deal with our short-term water problems is absolutely essential. I expect the president to talk about how he's going to cooperate with the governor to address problems not only in the Valley, but throughout California."


MSNBC's "Women to Watch in 2014."

Apologies if this has already been posted but I'm just now seeing it.

There are a LOT of interesting possibilities on the list. Some you may agree with and some not. The good news is that, not only did our local candidate, Amanda Renteria just out-fundraise her tea party incumbent opponent, she's #27 on the list. Woo hoo!

Interesting read:


I received a letter from Amanda Renteria (D running for CA-21)

asking that those who are on FB "Like" her FB page. Here's the letter:



I knew that this campaign was going to be something great, but I had no idea how quickly our supporters would band together to start building the grassroots foundation weíll need to win in November. Thank you!

Hereís some more amazing news: we were able to outraise my GOP opponent David Valadao last month! This is huge news, but you can be sure thatíll put us on Valadaoís radar -- and heíll be sure to come out swinging this month. Itís so important that we donít lose our steam in this critical moment.

Thatís why Iím asking you to like and share my Facebook page to spread the word about my campaign for Californiaís Central Valley. Are you in?

(Here's her webpage from which you can link to her FB page): http://www.amandarenteria.com/

I know that if we stand together we can fight back and win for Californiaís Central Valley.

I canít thank you enough,


Ah the outrage du jour.

Some people thrive on it and feel they simply MUST share with whoever will listen. Here's a concept: It is possible to like the Coke ad without liking the product. Really, not that difficult.

Anyone in the Fresno area today (1/25/14)

(yes, we ARE part of California), there is a candidate forum (City Council) today at Fresno City's Old Administration building at 1:00. Doors open at 12:30. As far as I know, it's free. This is a series being put on by one of the unions (not sure which one). Today is for City Council District 1 and 7. I'm not in either one of these but I'm going to attend anyway. I'd really like to see some progressives running for local office this time. We usually get a "choice" between right-wing nut job and milquetoast almost a Democrat.

I'm also curious to find out if they're going to be holding these for all races, i.e., Congressional and Senatorial.

To the younger women of DU:

Why do you think women's rights and the women's movement don't resonate with younger women? Yes, there are pockets here and there but nothing like during the suffragette movement or the women's movement of the 70's. Somewhere along the line the message of empowerment was lost and we managed to move BACKWARDS. So, these are some of my questions:

1) Why isn't there a significant women's movement for the 21st century?

2) What do we need to do to resurrect the women's movement but adapt it to the 21st century?

3) What can we who fought the fight in the 70's and 80's do to help?

I really am anxious to hear your perspective.



Meet "Alaska"

Some of you may remember my post about a starving feral kitten I brought in after I saw her on my patio on Thanksgiving day. We named her "Alaska."


I FINALLY figured out how to do pictures and I wanted to show you her progress. She's a LITTLE better in letting us touch her but still not crazy about the human touch. Here is Ms. Alaska in pictures

This is Her Highness right after she came indoors:

Here's her and my older cat, Erica, who is the one who enticed her to come in. They're BFF's:

And here is the latest of her snuggling up to Erica in my not-yet-made-up-bed. You can see how much she's grown and she LOVES "her" Erica:

Thoughts on What Education "Reform" Has Achieved

Teaching people to be academics guided and encouraged people to engage in analysis and be capable of independent thought. It was replaced with rote "learning" to ensure you were a good little worker bee who never asks questions, even if you could figure out what the questions actually were.

Humanities were eliminated because humanities put you in touch with the human part of you. They put you in touch with your heart and if you have heart you may have empathy and develop a social consciousness. This is a dangerous path because you might not be able to blindy hate the (fill-in-the-blank).

Civics was eliminated because it was important that you are unaware of your rights or what was being done to you.

Just some musings this Saturday morning.

Edited for the correct spelling of "achieved" in the thread title about education.

Should DU send something in rememberance of MFM?

A donation to a charity/cause? Flowers?

He was such a huge presence on DU, I just feel we should do something.

Any suggestions?

EDA: I only interacted with him a couple of times and I know he had a lot of friends here on DU. Anyone know if he was into any kind of causes/charities?

Christie's Press Conference to be aired on CSPAN at 11:00 am EST

Here's the link for when the time comes.


(For those of us without TV service. Don't know if the other networks will do live-streaming but I know CSPAN will.)
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