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Le Taz Hot

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Gender: Female
Hometown: CA
Member since: 2001
Number of posts: 18,632

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For those delighting in the GOP meltdown, please remember

that the shutdown is causing very real, very tragic consequences out here in the real world. SOME government employees will be getting back pay whenever the government starts back up; however, mortgage companies, property owners, utility companies and credit card companies are not real understanding when it comes to not being paid on time. There are also thousands of us out here, classified as "intermittent employees," who will NOT be getting back pay. Because of our status, if we don't work we don't get paid and that money can never be recouped.

So while some of the partisans here are jumping up and down with glee that the GOP is burying themselves, some even HOPING that the debt ceiling won't be raised as it will further help the downfall of the GOP, please remember those of us who are being financially devastated by these actions.


What happened to my post count?

I went from like 37,000+ to 15,000. I was gone for a week or two so could have missed an announcement. Thanks.

Adventures in the Bible Belt

So, last week I was visiting relatives in a particular Bible Belt state. I don't want to name the state because I hate broad-brush strokes AND I also met some VERY good, progressive people in this same state -- an important point to remember. Having said that, below are some things that made me realize I wasn't in California anymore:

-I had the wife of a relative tell me, and I quote, "The KKK should just go out and shoot Obama so we'd be rid of him once and for all."

-Same wife of relative, who, btw, goes to church EVERY Sunday, stated that it's a good thing Meals on Wheels was being stopped because those people should get out and work anyway and stop expecting free handouts. (The stupid literally, hurt.)

-I saw the Cheerios commercial where the dad is African-American, the mom is (supposed to be) white and the little girl is a mixture of both mom and dad. Commercial says Cheerios are good for the heart and little girl puts cheerios on her napping dad's heart. In the Bible Belt version, the mom is also African-American. Why was it necessary to offer up a different version for the Bible people?

-Driving down the highway there was a sign that said something like, "Parents, teach your sons to respect women." The sign had a picture of an African-American male. I just looked it up. This particular state has an African-American population of 7.4%. Not-so subliminal messaging.

Not saying we don't have racist assholes in California as we most definitely do. I just don't ever remember the racism being so, well, OUT there.

This is an area where the TeaKlanners are very well represented and I've got to say, they are some scary, scary people.

Find the Demographics, Social and Economic Status for Your Congressional District.

Thought some might find this interesting.

With My Congressional District, you can view statistics covering age, employment, education, and much more. My Congressional District is powered by the American Community Survey and Census Application Programming Interface (API):


What if Elizabeth Warren Votes "Yes" on Syria?

I LOVE her. I'm more excited about her than I was with Dean. I think she would make a MAGNIFICENT president. But if she votes "yes" on this debacle, I'm sorry, it's a deal breaker.

What do others think?

Did DU eliminate the "Star Members Who Are Ignoring You" feature?

Not a biggie but I liked to look it up every now and again. Thanks.


Need some no-fridge, no-microwave food ideas. UPDATE

I'm going to be in Southern California next week for training and I'll be staying at a hotel in which there is no refrigerator and no microwave. The only thing there is a coffee maker. There are two restaurants on premise but eating out every day for every meal would be way too cost prohibitive. I'm looking for ideas for food that I can take with me that doesn't require refrigeration or serious cooking.

The only thing I can come up with is "Luncheables" (I've never tried these but I can't imagine they'd be very good) and the tuna-in-a-pouch and crackers thingie. Can't bring much in the way of fruits as it just doesn't travel well (I'll be traveling Amtrak/Bus). I also don't care for Ramen.

You guys ALWAYS have good ideas. Anyone have any suggestions for this situation?


So, I'm back from my trip. I ended up bringing WAY too much food but everything I packed (thanks to you guys for the ideas) was PERFECT! I brought some wax-encased ghouda cheese, really good crackers, apples, peanut butter, bagels, tuna salad and chicken salad with crackers, yogurt-covered pretzels, and a couple of packs of those Quaker snack bars. That provided meals for breakfast and dinner and I ate out for lunch. I did splurge on Wednesday evening as the hotel I was staying in had Food Truck Night and I treated myself to some Fettuccini Alfredo which was yummy. Also, the place they sent us to for training had all kinds of choices for lunch. One day I hit a place serving Armenian Food and another day I went to a Syrian food restaurant with THE BEST chicken I've ever tasted. I spent total of $74.00 all week and probably $20.00 of that was spent tipping the shuttle driver for 5 days.

Thank you ALL for you suggestions as I know I would NOT have come up with as many ideas without you.


Check in here if you're sick of people telling you to "check in here."


To DUers who are residing in the UK right now:

It may yet be too soon but I'm curious as to what UK residents think about officials at Heathrow detaining Glenn Greenwald's partner today (yesterday?). Also, what has been the press' response? Is it a ho-hum story or is it front-page news or maybe something in between? Again, it's probably too early to answer this but I'm just curious as to how this is playing with the natives.


So, I'm shopping for the perfect stock pot

a couple weeks ago and I'm trying to find one made in the U.S.A. Went to my local hardware store where I buy my cast iron pieces but all they had was crappy stuff made in China. Same problem with Sears and Penny's. So I call Williams Sonoma and yes, they have a wonderful line that is made in the U.S.A. -- All-Clad. So I go over there and she shows me the most beautiful stock pot I've ever seen. I mean, I'm JONESING for this thing. Here's a link to it (I can't post pictures):


So, without looking at the price I said, "I'll take it!" She starts ringing this thing up and I'm thinking maybe $150-$200. She rings up $450.00. At this point I had to sheepishly admit that it was over my budget and said I'll have to come back another time. $450.00. for a pot. But DAMN is it a beauty! (I did manage to find it online for $319.00 but still . . .).

Just thought my fellow cooks might appreciate this story.
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