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Member since: 2001
Number of posts: 22,561

Journal Archives

"River Ghosts"

Reedy River
Greenville, SC
Thanksgiving Day - 2016

(Sony A7- Rii)


Near the North Greenville Amtrak station
Greenville, SC
November 19, 2016
Sony A7-R2

Under the Church Street Bridge

Greenville, SC
November 20, 2016
Sony A7-R2

On Their Father's Magic Carpet Made of Steel

Sunset in drift smoke from the Pinnacle Mountain fire in upstate South Carolina. Photo from a Poinsett Highway bridge over the tracks near the Amtrak Greenville-North station.

Sony A7 R2

Adobe Creative Cloud/Google Nik users: GREAT NEWS!

The new CC-2017 update (PS/LR/BRIDGE) kicked out my Nik plug-ins this morning (11/7/2016). Of course, I totally panicked and my B/P increased significantly. Imagine my surprise when I called Adobe and they very graciously offered to restore third-party Nik (Google-owned) to their Adobe products.

What the hell is going on? I had three employees at Lowes trying to help me yesterday in Brevard. The South Carolina DMV is actually a pleasant place. And now Adobe admits that third party plug-in software exists, and actually helps install it if you have it downloaded.

Life is good!

An anodyne: Totally non-election subject matter (photos)

Mountain House: South Carolina

Secluded Cabin: South Carolina

Garden Bell: Mountain Bridge Wilderness, SC/NC

Last Leaves: Caesar's Head, SC

Reedy River: Greenville, SC

Reedy River: Greenville, SC

Morning Street Scene: Greenville, SC

What would Texans Ann Richards and/or Molly Ivins say?

OMG, I miss them. I can just imagine their pithy comments on Donald Trump and the GOP train wreck. But the good die young (or too soon), and the incredibly bad seem to be immortal.

I hope no DUers played the "1 Drink per Trump Sniffle" game last night ..

If you did, you probably are not reading this the morning after. Trump sniff counts ranged from mid-80s to mid-90s. Too bad Dr. Hunter S. Thompson is not around to diagnose Trump's problem(s)!

Two more of my faves from the Chihuahuan Desert (White Sands National Monument)

Dune Shadow


Two discredited US geopolitical theories from yesteryear (in pics)

The Domino Theory

The Bamboo Curtain
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