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Member since: 2001
Number of posts: 22,607

Journal Archives

Good advice to save the day .. and keep the B/P down.

Our Town: Christmas Eve

Greenville, SC

Seasons Greetings from a Fire Lookout Camp

East Butte Fire Lookout
Deschutes National Forest

Liberty Pedestrian Bridge - Greenville, SC

The 10,000 acre Pinnacle Mountain Fire (Upstate South Carolina)

The bad news: It is now within about three miles of my house.

The good news: This area is forecasted to get 5-6 inches of rain, starting late today, over the next three days. That will virtually douse any and all wildland fires in this area. I call it "auto mop-up."

The really good news: My mountain neighbors are finally heeding my warnings of the last few years about the fire dangers of this area. Nothing like the smell of drift smoke in the air to help sell the "Firewise.org" concept! My new bumper stickers come this week: "FIREWISE YET?" I'll post pics when I get them.

Pics: Sunday, November 27, from Caesar's Head State Park, SC (Sony A7-R2).

South Main Street

Greenville, SC
November 23, 2016

"Life on the Edge"

White Sands National Monument
New Mexico

"River Ghosts"

Reedy River
Greenville, SC
Thanksgiving Day - 2016

(Sony A7- Rii)


Near the North Greenville Amtrak station
Greenville, SC
November 19, 2016
Sony A7-R2

Under the Church Street Bridge

Greenville, SC
November 20, 2016
Sony A7-R2

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