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Profile Information

Name: William Rivers Pitt
Gender: Male
Hometown: Boston
Member since: 2001
Number of posts: 57,961

Journal Archives

Ten Years Ago Today

"No More Games. No More Bombs. No More Walking. No More Fun. No More Swimming. 67. That is 17 years past 50. 17 more than I needed or wanted. Boring. I am always bitchy. No Fun – for anybody. 67. You are getting Greedy. Act your old age. Relax – This won’t hurt."

Here's to ya, Doc. You broke my heart...but you went out with one of the greatest parting lines in history.

"Relax - This won't hurt."

...and then bang. Your way. Your way, always.

"Tonight I will drink to you all evening long." -- Barleyjuice

So here's some surrealism for your morning coffee

My daughter Lola's favorite toy right now is a little figurine of Santa from the old Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer TV show; he looks more like an elderly cobbler than a traditional Santa, to be frank, but whatever. The toy has a button on it, and when she pushes it, the Santa spouts lines from the show. She pushes the button all the time.

Meanwhile, I've got the Beastie Boys' "License to Ill" on in her play area. She likes to dance to the beats, and I'm not worried about the lyrics because she doesn't understand them. Soon enough, I'm going to transition her to The Meters, but not yet.

Finally, she has been singing her favorite song - the ABC song - incessantly.

This is what my house sounds like:

"Livin' at home is such a drag Merry Christmas H-I-J-K your mom threw away your best porno mag the island of misfit toys W-X-Y and Z you gotta fight for your right to Merry Christmas!"

Who needs drugs.

This guy did it right.

You may have heard of the "parking wars" in Boston that take place after significant snowfall. You break your ass to shovel a spot out, and when you drive out of it, you place all manner of items - chairs, trash barrels, pianos - in the spot to claim it as MINE so no one parks there.

It is a sacred tradition, and only terrible jerks violate it...to their peril. People flip all the way out when their spot gets stolen, especially during winters like this, when keeping the spot clear involves back-breaking labor (Where am I going to put the snow? Oh, I'll just walk every shovelful 100 feet that way, no biggie). People who steal snow spots have had their windshields caved in, their cars keyed, their tires slashed. It's a no-fucking-around situation.

This guy did it right.

‘Guy Took My Spot ... So I Put the Snow Back’

Vengeance is indeed a dish best served cold...and the fact that the car had NY plates is what makes this art.

Stop. Just f-----g stop.

This is my road.

Thanks, winter. We've had enough now.

The distilled essence of New England this winter

My road:

Lola of the tundra

Angry White American Man

A song in memory of Deah Barakat, 23, Yusor Abu-Salha, 21, and Razan Abu-Salha, 19, killed on Tuesday, February 10th, 2015 by a deranged man. The particular form of derangement suffered by the killer, Craig Stephen Hicks, is a sort of anti-theist variation of the "disenfranchised white American male with illusions of grandeur" syndrome, and this is what I'm attempting to explore in this composition.


He was 46 years old, he had 2 parking places
He got angry if one of the residents took one of the visitor spaces
In the apartment complex that might provide one little clue
That this middle-aged man had accomplished little that he set out to do

He spewed anger at all of his neighbors and he hated religion so much
Maybe that's why he moved to the Bible Belt, because hatred is such a good crutch
He spewed anger about all religions with his back against the wall
Why stop at just hating one of them when you can just hate them all
Another angry white American man with a gun
Another angry white American man

He was 46 years old, he didn't live among his peers
Neighbors mostly younger by about 24 years
Neighbors from all over, some in religious dress
But what in hell the man was thinking, we can only try to guess

He was 46 years old, his neighbors had a meeting last year
To talk over what they might do about this man they feared
He carried a loaded pistol, no telling what might inspire
Him to pull it out one day and fire, fire, fire

-- David Rovics

FBI Probes Rash of Fraudulent State Tax Returns Filed Through TurboTax

FBI Probes Rash of Fraudulent State Tax Returns Filed Through TurboTax


"Kentucky puts temporary hold on all e-tax returns"

Kentucky is putting a temporary hold on processing all electronic tax returns because of fraudulently filed tax returns through TurboTax, The Kentucky Department of Revenue announced.


The party's just getting started, methinks.

...and boom goes the dynamite. (TurboTax)

TurboTax Temporarily Halts E-Filing In All States Amid Fraud Concerns
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