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Profile Information

Name: Dave Allsopp
Gender: Male
Current location: Washington, DC
Member since: 2001
Number of posts: 13,957

About Me

I co-founded Democratic Underground with Skinner in 2001.

Journal Archives

Pic Of The Moment: The "Distraction" Distraction

Eric Cantor: Stem Cell Research Just A Distraction From The Economy

Rep. Foxx Says Congress Has No Business Reforming Health Care: It's Just A 'Distraction'

New border gun rules a distraction from Fast and Furious scandal, Issa says

Rubio calls Obama gay marriage announcement a distraction from economy

Sen. Coats: 'Nuclear Option' a Distraction From Obamacare

GOP Sen. John Cornyn: Iran nuke deal a distraction from Obamacare

Pic Of The Moment: Internet Reacts To GOP Senator's Reaction To Nuclear Deal With Iran

John Cornyn, Texas Senator, Says Iran Deal Is Obamacare Distraction

Pic Of The Moment: Hypocrisy Watch

GOP senators on filibustering appointees...

Pic Of The Moment: House Republicans Declare War On... Reduced Spending And New Jobs?

ACA slows growth in health costs

G.O.P. Maps Out Waves of Attacks Over Health Law

Pic Of The Moment: Pro Tip: If You're A Congressman Who Votes To Drug Test Food Stamp Recipients...

Coke-Busted GOP Congressman Just Voted to Drug-Test Food Stamp Users

Boehner on Cocaine: One Law For Us, Another For Them

Pic Of The Moment: Here's How WalMart Are Thanking Their Employees This Year

Is Walmart's request of associates to help provide Thanksgiving dinner for co-workers proof of low wages?

Pic Of The Moment: The GOP's Long-Term Obamacare Problem In A Nutshell

Nancy Pelosi Guts David Gregory's Republican Talking Points and ACA Lies

Republican alternatives To ObamaCare - by Tom Tomorrow

Pic Of The Moment: Sign The Pledge If You Want To Keep Your Old Non-ACA-Compliant Health Care Plan!

Pic Of The Moment: Rep. Elijah Cummings Blasts GOP Health Care Hearings Farce

Cummings: "Nobody" believes GOP wants to fix HealthCare.gov (video)

Pic Of The Moment: Scam Artists

Another Health Insurer Caught Falsely Cancelling Thousands of Health Plans

Major Insurance Company Faces Lawsuit For Allegedly Tricking Customers Into Canceling Their Policies

Anthem Blue Cross is sued over policy cancellations

Special Investigation: How Insurers Are Hiding Obamacare Benefits From Customers

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