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Member since: 2001
Number of posts: 20,999

Journal Archives

Why the L.A. Clippers lost

Microsoft products tend to crash at critical times.

Big Kitties Need Love Too!

Here's the real lesson for Americans to learn from Deflate-gate

Deflate-gate, steroids in MLB, Lance Armstrong, and the housing bubble of the early 2000s are all object lessons for ALL Americans to learn one simple truth: Uber-competitive people are going to cheat to win. Plain and simple.


And, if they get around the regulations and we catch them later, like Armstrong, we strip them of their "wins".

I want to welcome N.E. Patriots fans to the NY Yankees fans world.

Congrats guys. You are now just like us. How does it feel?

If we end the drug war, how would that work?

I'm all for ending the drug war for various, obvious reasons. My only question is how would we regulate the purchasing of drugs? Through a subscription from a doctor? Over the counter? How would this work?

Jimmy Fallon & Jack Black Recreate "More Than Words" Music Video

I guess this was supposed to be funny, but they're better than the original. This is awesome

We are not going to get the progressive change that we want until White Working class Americans....

get over their racist instincts. Elizabeth Warren or Bernie Sanders could win the presidency in a landslide and very little substantively will change. They would be met with an obstinate federal legislature who would get elected by pandering to racial fears.

Um yeah, this won't go well. Not well at all.

"Isiah Thomas returns to N.Y. basketball as Liberty president, part owner"

Isiah Thomas is returning to New York basketball, despite a checkered reign with the Knicks that ended ignominiously in the aftermath of a 2007 sexual harassment scandal.

Thomas has become president and part owner of the New York Liberty of the WNBA, the team announced Tuesday.


Is this the greatest sports weekend ever?

Everything is happening all at once!

Sorry, but if you did your job as a parent, your kid would NOT be rioting in the streets!!!

The responses to this thread make me want to vomit.


To say that she's a great mother is utter nonsense. Being a great mother/parent means your kid stays in the house while rioting is going on. That's a lesson that should be instilled from day one. Next, she resorts to violence to get him to go home. Again, a good parent gets her kid home without hitting him in public which only teaches him that violence and public humiliation are acceptable forms of behavior.

This woman is a disaster as a parent.
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