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Member since: 2001
Number of posts: 20,026

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International Varieties of DU

DU is an American based political message board. What if Skinner and EarlG franchised it out to other countries? What would a UK DU board look like? Or a French DU message board? Or a Brazilian one?

SPOILER ALERT: Emma wins the Game of Thrones

Her dragons...er...hu...kittehs have spoken.

Shakespeare's Cat

Silent thread for Eric Cantor's career.

Fine. I'll say it. I like to breast feed in the Olive Garden.

Yes, I am a man, and yes, I don't have any babies. Also, yes, it does make for awkward situations when I try to breast feed babies of complete strangers.

Regardless, I said it.

Isn't Sarah Manning's Baby Daddy on "Orphan Black" the same guy that's hooking up with

Daenerys on Game of Thrones? Dude gets around.

Game of Thrones: Interesting theory about cousin Orson Lannister (SPOLERS)

Right before the fight between the Mountain and the Viper, Tyrion recounts the story of his cousin Orson Lannister who spent his entire day crushing beetles which bedeviled Tyrion who was desperate to know why but never did.

There is a theory going around that cousin Orson is really George RR Martin. That the show runners are Tyrion, and they are trying to understand why Martin is killing off so many characters. BTW, The cousin Orson story is not in the books,

Below is a further discussion of the topic:


What do you think?

Saw a woman reading "Game of Thrones". The first book in the ASOIAF series. She was 22 pages in.

That poor, poor woman. She is four books away from screaming "WHERE IS BOOK SIX?!?!?!?!" "I NEEED BOOK SIX!!!!!"

Is this irony: Tonight, the Heat lost because of the Heat.

If not, then what is it?

Quincy Jones, Bridge Over Troubled Water

On edit: Valerie Simpson is the lead vocal. That's Simpson of Ashford & Simpson.

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