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If you are independent, why do you want to vote in a party's primary.

To me it's like "I don't want to be in the union, but I want to vote for the union president".

How to detect the Trekkies in the room

Say these words and wait for the reaction

I've done far worse than kill you. I've hurt you. And I wish to go on hurting you. I shall leave you as you left me, as you left her; marooned for all eternity in the center of a dead planet... buried alive! Buried alive...!

When the Republicans lost in 2008, the angry ones formed the Tea Party, and got Republicans elected

to local, state, and federal offices. They built up so much influence that they got John Boehner kicked out. Got Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio into the presidential primaries in 2016.

I say this to all of the disappointed Sanders supporters. Being angry and doing nothing about it, leads to depression. Being angry and using it to effect positive change, leads to the things that you want.

--On Edit--

When Republicans lose, they organize and double down on their goals. When progressives lose, they get depressed and go into hiding.

So Hillary has won the majority of pledged delegates, correct?

Thus, if there were no SDs, she wins. If you allot SDs by states, she wins. If you count SDs, she wins.

She wins in every combination. Do I have that right?

If BS supporters cannot handle the AP, how in the world can they handle the Republicans?

--On Edit--

Fixed my title so that it's a little clearer.

Bush II was a complete and utter disaster as a president. The worst in my lifetime.

I was damn lucky to survive. Literally, I was in NYC, a quarter mile away from ground zero, and I was unemployed when the economy collapsed in 2008.

Bush II would be a superior choice over Trump. If you cannot be motivated to vote against Trump, then I really cannot help you.

People are upset because the AP reported on what was known since March

Cries of conspiracy, rigged elections, hatred of Super Delegates, etc. In reality, a number of SDs held off their support and gave Bernie the opportunity to plead his case. When the Dem primary voters voted against him, the SDs threw in their support of Hillary.

We have lost some of the most amazing people this year

And the year isn't half way over yet.

Is saying that you don't have thin skin...

evidence of having thin skin?

Trump is a documented sexist pig. So why is he getting ANY support from women voters?

Let's say that the Republicans nominated an African American or a Latino who is on record making ugly, bigoted, racist remarks. Would such a candidate be getting anything more 4% or 5% of support from those groups? Of course they wouldn't.

So why is Trump enjoying ANY support from women? Thoughts?

--On edit to add--

1.) This has nothing to do with Hillary. If Bernie or Biden or Elizabeth Warren won the Dem nomination, Trump would still get 40%+ of the women's vote.

2.) Trump embodies every ugly trait of a sexist, almost to a caricature level. He doesn't like to hire women, and when he does, he judges them purely on their appearance. He dumps his wives when they age for younger, prettier women. He even makes creepy statements about his own daughter.

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