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Why aren't there any threads about the vote being rigged in Oregon tonight?

So, when Bernie wins, it's always a clean win, right?

Notice no one is complaining about the vote being rigged in Oregon tonight.

Wonder why.

21 days

This will be officially over.

And we get our board back.

Explain to me how Bernie gets the nomination after tonight


The people who are supporting Trump is because they want to be Trump.

It's really not his policy positions nor his demonstrated leadership. It's because they want to be him. They want huge homes, trophy wives and children, private jets, TV shows, etc., and they think that voting for him will bring that stuff to them.

Take the Religious Right for example. Some conservative pundits why Evangelical Christians supported a vulgarian like Trump. Have these people ever been to a mega church? Don't they know about Prosperity Gospel?

Since the 1980s, Capitalism has been sold to the American people as an economic system where everyone can get rich. This is why we've seen so many bubbles over this time period. Candidates, from both parties, have preached the Prosperity Gospel, and the results have been deregulation, less taxation, mass speculation, and a widening income inequality gap.

Trump is the aspirational candidate in this election.

At this point, Bernie Sanders is helping Trump.

Sanders is diverting precious time and resources that could be used to go after Trump in order to continue a campaign for a nomination that cannot be won. He's driving up Hillary's negatives and giving false hope to his supporters.

Is this fatal to Hillary's campaign? No. She can overcome it, but it's a waste of time and resources.

Republicans who face a present or future election are supporting Trump.

Those that are not are not supporting him.

GDP Thread Blames Apartheid in South Africa on Hillary Clinton

I. kid. you. not.


So, you want the SDs to go against the will of the voters based on polls six months out?

esp. in a year where polling data constantly changes as elections near. The SDs confirm the choice of the Dem voters. End of story.

This is why you cannot trust cats

Can't just move in another man's girl like that!

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