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Member since: 2001
Number of posts: 23,011

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Enough of that ish. Let's get pumped for next week. Take it away Elton John!

You don't all have to sleep atop one another. There are beds right behind you.

Ever wonder why Charlie Rose keeps his set in the dark?

Hey, what time is it? n/t

Pick Warren and lock up the race entirely. Pick anyone else and Trump stays within the MOE.

If Warren is the VP, Hillary locks up the race. Why? Because Hillary would have the establishment AND an excited base with her through the election. That's the Obama coalition+. Trump and the Republicans are toast.

Pick anyone else, and the base is not excited. Which means that Trump lives within the MOE, and anything can happen.

My prediction as to how Michelle Obama will respond.

She will take the high road and say something like, "I have no problem with anyone using my words in a speech. I only ask that they live up to their meaning. That they just don't recite them, but use them as a part of their core philosophy."

When Melania said, "Ich Ein Berliner" in her speech last night. I knew something was amiss.

And then when she said, "we have nothing to fear, but fear itself". I said, "hey wait a minute".

Bring back Michelle Bachman!

I prefer the original. She was crazy when crazy wasn't cool.

This is like a Pat Buchannan wet dream come true

I recall vividly the freakout over Pat's speech at the 1992 convention. Today, the entire Republican convention has become Buchanan's speech.

Any Harvey Birdman fans here?

Best show about working in the legal industry ever. Some of Stephen Colbert's best work

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