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Member since: 2001
Number of posts: 20,368

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Just came back from Amsterdam, NL. My thoughts...

My first thought was how happy, well-adjusted, and normal everyone seemed. Everyone is on a bike. Young, old, families, you name it. Everyone is on a bike. Teens seem happier, normal, well-adjusted. They are fit, and very few are obese. I stayed in an area outside of the main city called Leiden, and it seemed like any other nice American suburb.

I say all of this because Amsterdam has legalized, open marijuana laws, as well as legalized prostitution. Yet, you do not see any of the negative effects on the population as a whole. You don't see strung out people on the street with needles in their arms. You don't anyof the ugliness that our media conditions us into believing.

Contrast that with my trip to Portland, Ore last year. There, all drugs are illegal, and all you see are homeless kids all over the street. We are being fed massive propaganda in order to fear and shame us into passing laws that damage our society.

"There is no tomorrow!"

He's hookin'! He's hookin'! He's hookin'!
Damn, Rock! Come on!
What's the matter with you?

- Tomorrow. We'll do it tomorrow.

There is no tomorrow!
There is no tomorrow!
There is no tomorrow!

Americans are far more likely to be killed by another America with a gun than they are by ISIS

Yet, there's no freakout. No demand for government action. No new gun regulations. Nothing.

Please explain.

Big Ten

'nuff said.

In 2016, will the Repubs have to hold a pres. primary debate in a prison or will they...

allow the candidates to participate via video remote from their jail cells?

Why did Rand Paul cross the road?

His hair piece blew off in the wind.

White Privilege is voting against your economic interests

You do because you believe that non-Whites are inferior and any assistance programs in education, health care, housing, mass transit, etc. only serve to degrade your status as a White person while elevating the status of the non-White person.

IOW, living under economic hardship and turmoil is preferable to seeing an African American get a decent education or be able to get healthcare. White, non-college educated, lower economic class, American males ARE THE group that gives Republicans their power. What draws them to the Republicans is their stance against the expansion of government to help the poor, the working, and the middle classes.

This demographic group understands that there are indeed benefits to being a White male, and government is a direct threat to that privilege.

24 hours from now. From right now...You know what will happen??

Do you know? Do you know? Do you know?

Best workout movie montage ever!

Apple should be sued over the data leak

Data security is their responsibility. They made the app with a security fault.
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