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Member since: 2001
Number of posts: 22,829

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A almost perfect convergence of multiple failed policies

This past week saw an almost perfect convergence of multiple failed policies.:

1. Past failures to even indict LEOs for killing African Americans
2. Militarization of our police force
3. Open carry laws
4. Inability to control the sale of assault rifles
5. The never ending war in Afghanistan
6. Poverty and income inequality
7. Last but not least, rampant racism in our criminal justice system

If we were an introspective people, we could solve these problems.

Corgi Kibbel Dancing

What's the difference between taking paper documents home with you and keeping them in your house

and having a personal server?

Security? Paper is much easier to steal than email data. All you have to have is access. That could be a maid, a repair person, a family member, heck, even a pet can be trained to do it. Also, there's no digital trail to follow to see who would have had access.

Are you telling me that no CIA, Dept of State, or any other person with access to classified information never took anything home with them?

Anyone here watching AMC's Preacher? If not, you should be.

Great show. I'm in love with Ruth Negga. She's great as Tulip.

"Dude, stop farting. That last one may have blinded me."

Dog: "I told you not to sit there."

Simple solutions to the whole Hillary email story

1. Don't allow government officials on any level to use personal devices nor personal emails to conduct official government business. They can only use government issued devices.

2. Build a robust data management system(retention, back-up, disaster recovery, archiving, data security, etc.) for all user generated data.

Problem solved. Move on.

Bulldog gets new bed

Ah, What's the vintage on this wine?

Democrats: The White Working Class Isn’t Voting for You, So Stop Pandering to Them

Here’s the thing about white working-class voters: they have been fearful and reactionary for a long time—since before Brexit, or the recession, or NAFTA—hell, since before the Lost Cause. And liberals have been coddling their tender sensitivities for just as long. Yet they always vote for the other guys. And they’ve never needed an economic crisis or a failure of institutions to feel that way! Weird, I know! Remember the 1950s? The greatest economic boom in history, the time when the white working class had it better than they ever had before? Strangely it did nothing to at all to slow the raging anti-Semitism, homophobia, and fear of “communists” exhibited by the white working class during the McCarthy Era. Just as the widespread, sustained prosperity of the 60s and 70s somehow didn’t keep them from voting for Richard Nixon and George Wallace in huge numbers, or from rioting against school integration in the North. Huh.


Another point that the article misses. African Americans and Latinos are also largely working class, but they don't get lumped into the same demo. The racial implication here is that they don't work like their White counterparts do. They don't face the same economic anxiety like their White counterparts do. They get government support whereas their White counterparts do not.

Cat shaming doesn't work

Comes across as Cat bragging more than shaming:

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