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Member since: 2001
Number of posts: 23,834

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You know what's really terrifying?

The next Republican president. Below is the progression since 1968:

Nixon -> Ford -> Reagan -> Bush I -> Bush II -> Trump -> ???

The trend line is not looking good.

Where were you during the Bowling Green Massacre? #RememberBGM

We all remember where we were and what we were doing during BGM.

I recall where I was vividly. I was on my honeymoon in the Bahamas with my new bride, Scarlett Johansson. We were having lunch at the pool when the news broke. We abruptly ended our vacation and flew back immediately to the U.S. to help in the relief effort.

FYI, Bowling Green is a subway stop in Manhattan, NYC.

It's where you get off to go to the Statue of Liberty.

Jonathan Turley makes me want to vomit

He's a law professor at GW, and he's taking Trump's side on this. He's saying that Trump's order is constitutional, and that Yates was wrong in what she did.

Morning Joe is doing all that it can to normalize Trump.

Beware guard dog on duty!

Finally, some good news. We can all go to Canada! WooHooo!!


Trump is persecuting us. Terrorizing us, and we are in a war with him. That qualifies us to get into Canada!

Because we all need to smile...esp. after this weekend

Dear "There's no difference between the two parties" people...

Do you fucking see a difference now?

"Leave me alone. I'm trying to watch Chris Matthews!"

It's only been one week, but it feels like 5 years already

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