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Let's just face the truth: A significant number of Americans (at least 40%) are plain shitty people

And they have enough political power to control entire states and elect people to Congress who can at least thwart progress on the economy, social issues, the environment, immigration, etc. There's a reason why Trump is president, and that the Republicans control the entire federal government and most state legislatures. Shitty people vote for shitty people like themselves.

President Obama's two elections (yes, he was elected twice, but each time with a narrow majority) gave us this false sense of who we are as a people. His character, grace, intelligence, and handling of the job is not representative of most of the people in this nation. He's the ideal, and we, as a people, are no where near him. Too many of us are anti-intellectual, racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, and just plain ignorant.

And save the, "Democrats don't reach out to the White working class" , bullshit meme. African Americans and Latinos are more working class than White people are, and they reliably vote for Democrats. Also, save the, "Bernie would have won" meme as well. Shitty people are not going to vote for a Socialist. If they would, we would have more Bernie Sanders on multiple state and local levels not just Vermont, BTW a state that just elected a shitty Republican governor, Phil Scott, who said: "Private prisons needed because full cost borne by state."

Who we elected, on all state and federal levels, reflect who we are as a people on a collective level. Shitty.

This is why cats hate dogs

Dogs: "Hey, What you guys looking at?"

Fox News to air Donald Trump special hosted by TMZ's Harvey Levin

The one-hour special, called “OBJECTified: Donald Trump”, will air Friday evening at 10 p.m. The special will feature an interview with President-elect Trump filmed in September, when he gave Levin a tour of his home and offered “stories behind each memento” there.

Some of the stories will include how Trump had an “unfulfilled dream of becoming a Hollywood movie mogul, and the decades old advice from a former President that planted the seeds for his presidential campaign.”

This is going to be the longest fours years of our lives.

The Blue/Red states divide, or as it should be called: Adapatable vs. Rigid

So, as usual, whenever the Dems lose big on election night, the inevitable gets blamed. Liberals are out of touch with working class Americans (or more precisely White working class Americans). Liberals live in elite bubble blue states like NY, CA, Washington, Mass., etc. The rust belt states and Southern states feel left behind economically, politically, and socially. Liberals care more about social issues like marriage equality, trans-gender bathrooms, feminism, and Black Lives Matter than they do about the factory worker that lost his job.

What this kind of analysis leaves out is the current state of the world, not just America. We live in a globally, competitive capitalistic world, and we cannot turn back the clock. We no longer live in world where high school level, or less, skills can get you a middle class living. Heck, the concept of a middle class is foreign to capitalism. No where in the definition of capitalism does it mention creation of a middle class. The middle class is largely a government concept. Created by the government forcing owners of capital to negotiate with labor unions for better wages and benefits.

To be competitive in this global system, you have to adapt. You have to be willing to learn new complex concepts every 2 or 3 years. In addition, you need to live among or near the better talent in order to learn and master your skills. Because Liberal blue states don't impose a rigid social structure and welcome diversity, people in those states get to learn and live among the best talent.

For example, if the county clerk in your state is cheered when she defies the law and won't grant a marriage license to a Gay couple, you send the message that the LGBTQ community is not welcomed in your state. So, those members re-locate to NY, SF, LA, etc. where they can live and love openly. In addition, they take their skills and talents with them. There's a reason why NYC has Broadway, but Alabama does not.

Hell, even conservatives know this. That's why Fox News is headquartered in New York city (literally right around the corner from Broadway) not in Brownback's Kansas. And, speaking of Brownback, what highly educated couple are going to want to raise children in a state where the governor slashes education spending at all levels? That couple is going to move to Northern Virginia where there's a vast collection of some of the best state colleges in America.

So, instead of shaming Liberals, the folks in the red, rural counties should learn from them. NYC once had factories as well. The Oreo cookie was invented in a bakery in Chelsea which later closed down. The Liberals here developed that building for other uses. We didn't sit around and wait for the factory to re-open.

Why don't White American women want to protect their reproductive rights?

Why are they so freely willing to hurt women of color? Someone please explain this to me.

The best case scenario is that he will be as bad as George W. Bush

If we make through this Trump administration with a huge terrorist attack, another war in the Middle East, inept handling of a natural disaster, and an economic collapse on the same scale as the Great Depression, then we should consider ourselves damn lucky.

Bush II was horrific, but Trump is far, far worse. I'm not optimistic in the slightest regard. I have no hope that he will moderate. In fact, I know that he will not moderate. I know that he will be awful, and we as a nation may never recover.

My advice is prepare for the worst. The very worst. Protect yourself and your family to the best of your ability. Support those in need and be active every single day.

Things are going to get bad, really, really, really bad.

I'm donating to DU.

Who's with me?

--On Edit--
My next donation will be to Planned Parenthood.

Some Corgis will do anything to make YouTube.

Then again, Chris Farley did the same thing and became a major movie star:

What you need to know about email de-duplication

I work in a field called Electronic Discovery, and we deal with processing, reviewing, and producing emails all of the time. De-duplication of emails has been around for years. There are several existing applications that can quickly de-duplicate an email set. The process is described below:

Yes. De-duplication is usually performed by comparing cryptographic hashes (e.g. MD5, SHA1 etc.) of documents to each other. The calculated hash values are based on the binary contents of documents and do not take into account external metadata that is stored in the file system. Therefore, two files with the same contents but different file names would produce the same hash value.

Most e-Discovery service providers would allow you to use a custom hash that includes your choice of metadata fields in addition to document contents for de-duplication. For example, you could choose to include the file name field in your custom hash if you would like to make sure that documents can be considered duplicates only when their file names are also identical.

You can read more about it here:



I post this so that you will have reference materials to combat your right wing relatives at Thanksgiving when they go off about "rigged" system and you cannot review 650,000 emails.

Anyone remember the site, Hillaryis44.com from 2008?

Well, their true colors have been revealed. They endorsed Trump. I shit you not.

November 2nd, 2016
HillaryIs44 Officially Endorses @RealDonaldTrump For President
Since 2007 we have been the preeminent Hillary Clinton support site. For years we called ourselves a “pink aircraft carrier” willing, able and ready to defend and support Hillary Clinton. After 2008 we compared ourselves to soldiers in “winter quarters” willing, able, and ready-for-Hillary the moment she declared herself a candidate. Today we endorse Donald J. Trump for president.

Our readers deserve a fuller explanation as to why we, who have supported Hillary Clinton for so long, now endorse fully and urge every American to vote for Donald J. Trump. We will begin with a brief revisit of our history in order to make clear our support for Hillary Clinton has been unquestioned. We will then make the case for Donald J. Trump.


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