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Member since: 2001
Number of posts: 19,397

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Post your theme song

The one song that sums up your personal philosophy about life.

Here's mine:

Patriots vs. Seahwaks with Patriots winning it all

Bet the house and the kids' college education on it.

ARod has an air tight defense

His post-season stats.

ARod: "Your honor, are these the stats of someone that uses steroids? "

"I am waaaayyy over due for a pedicure"

They don't call them "Bear Claws" for nothing.

Imagine a President Christie with the power and apparatus of the NSA behind him

Imagine the damage that a politically, petty-minded Chris Christie could do with the spying program that the NSA is currently doing.

We all owe Snowden our gratitude for exposing the NSA program.

So, uh, what were the results of the traffic study?

Esp. after going to an awful lot of trouble to get the study done.

Cannot wait for Morning Joe tomorrow morning.

I think Joe haz a sad.

Cats playing hide and seek

Forget about finding Maru.


Public speaking is difficult see Michael Bay


If you walk around in shorts during the artic vortex, then you should pay a $250 fine.

for being a braggart.
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