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Member since: 2001
Number of posts: 20,299

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When will you realize...

Vienna waits for you

Official list of Colorado Rockies World Series Championships

Peyton Manning is an overrated hack

Hell, his crappy younger brother has double his SB wins.

Derek Jeter

'nuff said.

That's how you go out, baby! That's how it's done!!!

Walk off, GW hit!!!! Derek Jeter!!!

All you jealous, douchebag haters can just go suck it!!!

Spot the Kitty!

"Hey 19, That's Retha Franklin"

She don't remember
The Queen of Soul

The only effective way to stop people from committing acts of terror is to fight poverty in the...

Middle East. If the oil rich nations would divert a small percentage of their wealth to ensure a large and thriving middle class in the Middle East, then the radical Islamisist would not be able to get a foothold. If people have a job, a roof over their heads, education for their children, and other modern conveniences, then they're not going to follow some whacked out Jihadist.

The Middle East has more than enough wealth to build a large, thriving middle class. There are thousands of public works jobs that need to be done in Yemen, Iraq, Pakistan, Egypt, Syria, etc. Put people to work on infrastructure projects, pay them a good wage, and we'd never have to drop another bomb again.

End poverty in the Middle East and you end terror in the Middle East.

Stephen Soderbergh re-creates "Raiders of the Lost Ark" as a Black & White silent movie

The feature is linked on his blog, and the movie actually looks fantastic:


Just came back from Amsterdam, NL. My thoughts...

My first thought was how happy, well-adjusted, and normal everyone seemed. Everyone is on a bike. Young, old, families, you name it. Everyone is on a bike. Teens seem happier, normal, well-adjusted. They are fit, and very few are obese. I stayed in an area outside of the main city called Leiden, and it seemed like any other nice American suburb.

I say all of this because Amsterdam has legalized, open marijuana laws, as well as legalized prostitution. Yet, you do not see any of the negative effects on the population as a whole. You don't see strung out people on the street with needles in their arms. You don't anyof the ugliness that our media conditions us into believing.

Contrast that with my trip to Portland, Ore last year. There, all drugs are illegal, and all you see are homeless kids all over the street. We are being fed massive propaganda in order to fear and shame us into passing laws that damage our society.
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