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Member since: 2001
Number of posts: 20,299

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Google: We'll make you smarter ... if you share your data

Google CEO says technology like Google will guide people to better, smarter decisions.

"The evolution of Google is to go from you asking Google what to search for, to Google helping you anticipate, to make you smarter," Schmidt told CNNMoney. "You let Google know things, Google will help you. Will you use it? Absolutely, because it will be cheap or free."


So, Google will manage your life. Google says "you've had enough chocolate to eat. Don't spoil your dinner." Google says, "it's time for you to go to bed. You have to get up early tomorrow."

On the night of the 2000 Presidential election, Nov. 7th... (My 20,000+ post)

I ran through the highs and lows of that night. I went to bed with the news that Gore was going to challenge the final results, but I knew right then and there that he had no chance. There was no way that he was going to get an honest vote count out of Florida with Jeb Bush. Heck, the entire establishment moved heaven and earth to secure his election.

I went to bed that night pointing to my Gateway desktop computer and saying to myself, "the internet will be our salvation". In 2000, most of the web was a conservative wasteland except for a few sites. My favorite at the time was Media Whores Online. (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Media_Whores_Online). It was a liberal blog that exposed the media slant for W.

From MediaWhoresOnline, I found Bartcop, another great lefty website that delivered the liberal, unvarnished truth. Bartcop became the first website that I joined and I posted frequently. In 2001, it was Bartcop that pointed me to an up and coming political forum called DemocraticUnderground.com'

I joined and chose the username, Yavin4, the name of the rebel base in Star Wars, Ep. 4. I chose it because darkness had taken over the Whitehouse. Both the Clintons and the Gores re-located here in NY, and in some ways, I felt like I was on a rebel base.

Over the years, I've posted here more than any other forum. The founders of this site and the community have really built a family-like atmosphere. Yes, we say inappropriate, hateful things to each other from time to time, but that's what happens when you bring highly passionate people into one place.

In the end, let me say thank you for 20,000 posts, and I look forward to 20,000 more.

I \u2661 the Lounge! n/t

The DU Sports forum member beat Michigan

If we formed a team, we could probably beat Michigan.

Some don't understand the phrase, "Dog Bed"

Oh Canada! Our home and native land... Ooops!


Breaking kitteh

Did not know that dogs and cats came in...

a matching set:

The Only Existing Amateur Footage of Alderaan's Destruction

The Empire continues to deny that it had anything to do with the destruction of Alderaan. I say B.S. as the amateur video shows below.

Don't let the empire get away with genocide!!! Remember Alderaan!!!!

No Red Sox. No Yankees. No ratings. Good luck MLB.

All you Red Sox/Yankees bashers have gotten your wish. A baseball post-season without either the Yankees nor the Red Sox for the first time in 20 years.

Guess what else this post-season won't have: ratings. I predict that the ratings for this post-season will be the lowest in MLB history. America is not going to watch the Oakland A's play the KC Royals on a Tuesday night.

Red Sox/Yankees brought passion and fire to the post-season. This year, all that you will have is a bunch of no-name teams with no-name players playing in non-descript towns.

Maybe now some of you bashers will finally understand why ESPN and Fox put the Red Sox/Yankees in prime time.
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