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Member since: 2001
Number of posts: 20,603

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In your state, how long does it take

to travel from the farthest point North to the farthest point South and from the farthest point East to the farthest point West.

Choose the most efficient mode of travel.

Final thought on the Superbowl, Seattle DID NOT almost win...

Rather, they almost STOLE the win. Seattle had a 10 point lead, and their "stellar" defense let up 14 points. That's where they lost the game.

All Pete Carroll cost them was a chance to "steal" a game that they should have lost.

If the NFL expands to London, then that team's name has to be..


No more football

Thanks Obama.

Today's dessert is Red Velvet Cake

Reverse Racism destroyed in 2:34 minutes

Bet the house, your kid's college fund, your retirement fund ALL of it on the Patriots

winning the Superbowl. Final score: Patriots 43 - Seahawks - 27

(On Edit: I am not a Patriots fan. In fact, I hate them, but I am predicting that they will win.)

Funny how everyone loves govt when there's a major emergency like a massive snow storm

No one quotes Ayn Rand when a major blizzard is coming. They demand that govt spring into action.

Ninja cat rule 1: blend in prior to the attack

As a NY Yankees fan, I truly enjoy watching the Patriots be hated by the nation

I too think that deflategate is b.s., but I do love seeing NE fans dropping down a peg on their sanctimony. No longer can they claim some sort of moral high ground in sports.

Now, they're just like the Yankees. Win at all costs, morality be damned.

Welcome to being hated Pats fans!
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