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Member since: 2001
Number of posts: 22,667

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Things like the Brexit is why I own gold and silver.

I'm not 100% invested in precious metals, but I have some. There are global systemic risks that are far outside of your control that can fuck up your investments in a heartbeat no matter how cautious you are as an investor or saver.

Brexit has a very strong Game of Thrones feel to it.

Winter is coming.

Horace and Pete n/t

My theory on why the media is turning on Trump

Trump is not spending money on ads. In the Republican primary, that was okay because Bush, Rubio, and Cruz were all spending money, but now that the general is here, Trump is not doing any major ad buys. He relied on free media coverage in the primaries and thought he could do the same in the general.

Because he's not spending any money, the media's coverage will grow increasingly negative and even hostile.

--On Edit--

Please don't read my post as somehow being pro-Trump. Far from it. The point of my post is that favorable/unfavorable media coverage is tied to how much money the candidates spend on ad buys. If Trump were dumping millions into ad buys, his coverage would be a lot more positive than it is now without him changing anything.

July 4th, the best and most underrated holiday of the year

In looking at holidays, July 4th is perhaps the best of them all:

1. No gift giving, so no need to spend money.
2. No big meal preparation. Yes, there are BBQs, but it's not expected nor required.
3. The weather is nice
4. In most areas, there's a FREE fireworks show.
5. No expectations to spend time with family members that you don't like.
6. No feeling isolated because you are alone.
7. No big game(s) on TV to distract you.

Happy 4th everyone!

Dear Hillary Clinton, name LeBron James as your Vice President and you will win Ohio going away.

Clinton/James 2016.

Homeland Security should investigate the NRA as an arms supplier to terrorists.

If the NRA uses its influence to prohibit the government from denying weapons to terrorists, then the NRA is aiding terrorism in the same fashion that Iran aids terrorists.

If Bernie does not concede and endorse Hillary, then he does not get to speak at the convention.

If he won't do that, then he does not get to speak at the convention. He lost fair and square. He lost by a much wider margin than Hillary did in 2008, and she conceded and endorsed Obama prior to the convention.

Bernie has every right not to concede, but he does not have a right to speak at the convention.

I'm watching the Madden 2016 Bowl on ESPN 2

I may need some help.

If Congress wouldn't act after children were mass killed...

They won't act now. Not this Congress.
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