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Member since: 2001
Number of posts: 21,182

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The very low tech world of "All the President's Men"

I re-watched that movie, and I could not believe just how low tech everything was back in 1972. There's a scene where Redford is trying to locate the head of the MN Republican party. He pours through phone book after phone book trying to find him.

I found him in .07 seconds: http://mngop.com/keith-downey-re-elected-mngop-chair/

This is what happens when you mis-treat kitty!

DJ Kittehs

The best way to get responsible gun control measures passed

If all African Americans and Latino Americans started buying guns en masse. If there was a real movement to get African Americans and Latinos to buy and own guns, then, and only then, would there be the political will by the White majority to pass responsible gun control measures.

Why are we more afraid of ISIS when we have mass shootings on a regular basis?


What's it like to work from home with cats

Obviously, cats do not comprehend the concept of productivity in the work place.

Louis CK: being broke

--On edit--

When he says, "you have soo much money, here's more." That's the Republican economic philosophy in a nutshell.

The Republican party's 2016 presidential nominee will be....

Marco Rubio and his VP will be John Kasich.

Bank on it.

The perfect selection for the next House Majority Leader

A Border Collie dog that can get these asshats in line.

Hey Mad! Dallas needs a QB?

If you pray for him, he will come.

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