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Member since: 2001
Number of posts: 23,236

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Dogs do not come with a snooze button

The only way to control soaring healthcare costs is to have single payer

However, Republicans, some Dems, and a lot of people who get employer covered insurance won't support it.

Ever have someone annoy you while you're trying to watch TV?

My confession: This is what I say often in my locker room.

"What?! This f**king scale is broken. How can I have gained two pounds!?! I go every day!!!""

Beginning to think that rank and file Republicans really don't want the presidency

If you look at polls today, Republicans would still choose Trump and/or Pence in 2020. Which leads me to believe that the Republican base really doesn't want a candidate that can appeal to anyone other than them, and they're okay with that. They're okay with winning enough elections on various other levels, congressional seats, governorships, state legislatures, etc. where they can either thwart the Democratic president and enact their policies on a state level, e.g. restrictions on reproductive rights, concealed carry, etc.

While Democratic candidates work to represent all Americans and their various levels of interests, Republicans want their candidates to appeal to them and only them. It's Representative Democracy vs. Advocacy Democracy.

Quiz: Hillary Clinton did what 15 Republicans could not do. What was it?

This should be easy.

What the hell happened??

Can't watch the damn NLCS without Trump doing some bullshit. What did he say now?

When the Chicago Cubs last won the WS, there were only 46 states in the union

Alaska and Hawaii are the obvious ones. What were the other two states?

Chris Wallace is favoring right wing hot button issues off the top

What's next questions about the War on Christmas?

You're welcome, Cleveland. From a Yankees fan

We gave you Andrew Miller.
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