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Rogue One: Best Star Wars movie ever. Better than Empire.

Go see it. If you're a true fan, then you will really love it.

--On Edit--
What made it the best movie in the entire franchise was that it's the only one that truly conveyed what was at stake and the real sacrifices that had to be made in order to defeat the Empire. The other movies (notably the prequels) were all cutesy and fuzzy.

The connection between Trump and the BREXIT vote is: government austerity

When democratic governments stop spending money on its people to directly improve their lives and cuts such spending which creates economic hardship and pain, then the public's faith and trust in government erodes. And, as the economic pain grows, populists leaders who offer a scapegoat (historically a racial/ethnic minority) find political success.

LeBron James wears a safety pin on the cover of S.I. What's the significance?

Since last month's presidential election, the safety pin has become a symbol of solidarity with those Americans who fear they'll be disenfranchised by a Donald Trump presidency. The pin is intended to show that the wearer is a safe person to turn to.


LeBron is a better human than Jordan who did jack shit when Jesse Helms was Senator from NC.

--On Edit--
My original post got my racist Southern White Senators mixed up. I meant Jesse Helms, not Strom Thurman. Racist White people all look alike to me.

Tillerson has a direct, financial interest in lifting all sanctions against Russia.

Literally, he stands to make millions, maybe billions, of dollars if sanctions are lifted against Russia.

But, Hillary made a speech once, so...

Everyone needs to calm down. The Russian hack story will go away within the next 48 hours.

Nothing is going to be done. No one is going to hold Trump nor the Republican party accountable for this in any way.

Trump and the Republicans are now in debt to Putin and the Russians. Deeply in debt.

Our greatest worry now is what form of re-payment do the Russians want, and whatever that payment is, defaulting on it is not an option.

Mick Jagger, 73, welcomes baby no. 8 with 29 yr old girlfriend

Mick Jagger has welcomed his eighth child, his publicist confirmed. The 73-year old rocker and his 29-year-old girlfriend, American ballerina Melanie Hamrick, welcomed a baby boy Thursday in New York City.


I'll do the math for you. When she was born, Mick was 44 years old. When his new son turns 18, Mick will be 91 years old.

The coming corruption investigations and civil lawsuits involving this admin will be epic

If you're in school or about to go to college, you may want to consider majoring in forensic accounting and auditing. Understanding the who, what, and where the money went to will be a skill that will be in high demand.

This is a great time to sell stocks and lock in profits. Stay in Cash.

Really. It's a great opportunity. People always sell when the markets crash, and buy in when the markets are soaring. The exact opposite of what they should do.

When you see a huge rally like this based on complete bullshit, you sell your stocks and lock in your profits.

Boxer drops (no so) subtle hint to its human

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