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I agree with Trump. If he's president Mexico will build a great wall between us.

So will Canada on their border. Asia and Europe will build walls on our east and west coasts.

The rest of the world will just wall us in so that we cannot escape.

Sorry, Bernie. The Supers are not switching to you.

The Democratic party has Super Delegates in order to ensure that elected Dems and other top Dems have a say in who wins the party's nomination for president. This encourages presidential candidates to build relationships with other Dems.

Say you're a Dem senator from a red state or a swing state. The Dem's nominee for president can either make or break your candidacy for your election. Shouldn't that Dem senator have a say in who gets the nomination. Look at the Senate Republican candidates freaking out over having Donald Trump at the top of their ticket.

Bernie also likes to cite the Supers switching to Obama as it became clear that he had a majority of the delegates prior to the Dem convention in 2008. What he fails to mention is that from 2004 through 2008, Obama campaigned for and raised money for several congressional Dems in the 2006 mid-term which resulted in huge blowout wins for the party in that year. Another example is Elizabeth Warren who fund raises and supports other Dems wherever she can. In contrast, Bernie has not raised a single dime for any other Dem.

Progressive senators like Sherrod Brown, who represents a major swing state, OH, knows this. He's a super delegate, and he supports Hillary. He needs support from the national party to hold onto his seat.

In our system, a president has very limited power to get anything done domestically. S/he needs congress to draft and pass legislation in order to get anything accomplished. You want to make public colleges free? That bill has to originate from the House of Representatives. If you don't have a majority there, it's not going to get done.

Be prepared. Tonight will be bad for Hillary.

Keep in mind, this is a delegate race, not a states race. If Hillary meets her target of 38 delegates, she wins.

Sanders is a blow hard, but like all blow hards, he will run out steam. If Hillary wins NY, then the race will be over. It will be officially over on the 26th.

My advice to you is to remain calm. Stay off GDP tonight. Binge watch something on Netflix and get prepared to party on the 26th.

Rachel Maddows reports regularly on how people are living in states under Republican rule

From LGBT civil rights in NC to Flint MI to abortion access in TX, etc. It's a staple of her show. So, yes, she does have every right to point out when national Democratic candidates for president aren't helping other Dems get elected.

What Joffrey Baretheon would look like if he wasn't poisoned

Where will Republicans and Independents vote in Wisc., an open primary

Bernie's upset win in MI was due in large part to Republicans and Independents voting in the Dem primary, but now that there is a stop Trump movement going on, how many of them will vote in the Republican primary and stay out of the Dem one?

When it's just Dems and it's a primary, Hillary wins and wins big.

More vetting Bernie Sanders. Bernie admits that he's a Socialist, not a Capitalist.

If Paul Ryan is the Republican nominee, who would you be more comfortable with, Bernie or Hillary?

If Ryan emerges from the Republican muck as the nominee, he will be damn hard to beat. I see the Republicans rallying hard behind him, and he just has to soft pedal his positions to get over.

I wouldn't be confident that either Hillary or Bernie could beat him, but I do think that Hillary would be stronger. Bernie's political past, his positions, and his age would be easy fodder for the Republicans to tear him apart. Yes, Hillary has her problems as well, but she would be better at fending off the attacks and taking him on.

Trump won't be the Republican nominee for president. Neither will Ted Cruz.

Trump will drop out of the race sometime between mid-May and early June. Cruz won't have enough delegates to win on the 1st ballot which will throw the convention wide open.

The consensus choice will be Paul Ryan.

Vetting Bernie Sanders

In the 1970s, Sanders became involved with the Liberty Union, an anti-war political party in Vermont. In 1971, Sanders’ platform involved the legalization of all drugs, while in the following year he wrote in an op-ed that Congress should “institute public ownership, with worker control, of the major means of production.” Several years later, in 1976, Sanders told the Bennington Banner that a “sane society” required that “capital has to be controlled by the people.”

Sanders also served as a presidential elector for the Socialist Workers’ Party in 1980, something that he acknowledged in a 1988 television appearance. The group at the time was a Trotskyist party that pressed for the abolition of capitalism and the peaceful establishment of socialism.


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