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Member since: 2001
Number of posts: 23,628

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CNN: TPP vs RCEP? Trade deals explained

The Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP) is composed of the 10 member states of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) and six states with which ASEAN has existing free trade agreements.

The RCEP countries make up 46% of the global population and are worth 24% of global GDP.

However, the deal lacks the protections for labor, human rights and the environment set by the TPP.

IOW, with almost 50% of the world's population working with China, the US will become increasingly isolated economically with consumers and labor getting the worst of it.

Let's create a shadow EPA

Okay, so Trump and the Republicans want to effectively shut down the EPA? Fine. Here's how we should respond:

1. Create our own private EPA composed of top scientists.
2. We can perform our own tests of the environment for infractions
3. We'll also have lawyers on staff to sue corporate polluters
4. We'll work with those states that have their own EPAs.

Nothing can stop progress and science.

I analyzed 2012 NY state presidential campaign contributions for my Data Science Visualization class

Here's what I learned:

1. Barack Obama got quadruple the number of donors than all Republicans combined, and there were 11 Republicans in total in the race.

2. Even though Obama got 4 times the number of donors, his total amount was only $6.5 million higher than the Republicans $51,381.561 to $44,858,263

3. Also, Obama had a much lower average donation amount than did Romney.

Final conclusion, Obama relied more on getting more donors donating small amounts whereas Romney relied upon a smaller base of donors giving larger amounts. Obama had to work much harder just to stay slightly ahead of Romney as far as NY state contributions.

How does one put "professional applauder" on one's resume?

Travel to place to place applauding every utterance by pResident Trump.

Damn, NHL team, Dallas Stars, troll Sean Spicer

Is there a thread or link to photos for all demonstrations worldwide?

Trump has truly united the world.

Yes, it's a carrot party.

I will call Trump, "Yuri", from now on.

See the 1987 movie, "No Way Out", with Kevin Costner for more details.

It would be fantastic if this group performed at the 1/21 march

This whole thing feels like Joffrey Baratheon's ascension to the throne

An unstable ruler. Cries of illegitimacy. All we need is a Stannis.
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